Halton Hills Newspapers

Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1965, p. 8

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s replace blades r r halton council open deer season okays four halton juniors will compete in ontario meet in tub mail bag scores slow action in mail strike settlement mrr jonei 1hoto new summer sport at the arena i ftou skaitno has become popular tummer divert ion for young people tf n fiff t ectiv ty at georgetown fnarrnorial arena fcm th building was tor sirurtid tin i akfttirvcj got l on every tueujay thurtday and saturday n ghls w th a i vo ba d tl o dadbats being featured on saturday 14 home runs spark junior girls ball game sanlar laagu july 20 1 uri town i in lstrrn j uint d un to tin ttirir f 9 t 7 at halloa county council appro- lir arlon ixputy ilinr it hr hr hair yi an allrlcullurr c omimttrr oodwin and inilulnal loin m lroiir a pitrhins nounmrnilluon that thr coun mlulorwr j hurm in rithrr 1 oukrn y jwrtlcipalf in in open iirrrmr ltlur or mr j looklrv taro ljnu ton within the huron dlil hoirr it availahli at ihr tunr n hum ji ii olf lie tht countlri or wrllmt rorcrton i 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exhibition at thr in wilton 1dcaate thrrr urro no home tcntatlonal i lowinc match to twins rlln on thr winn ii djrr 31 byno st july xtvh 1806 hear air editor tber hu been aome undue ciilkum of tne boataj employ ec4 for tolnt on strike to let what they u juuy entitled to i hv ut rid tf other condition urujc- wbitah they jj mtut work and i bow blitv thry tr iiunji for ttx little with- the tnfficient high charus mcfur jrf uuiidwn and larry cuapbej tutd jtovcrmneat w hvc jj aod ih boreij pitching team rehed the icuil ioala bvfexeday what ue woiiicj be- t ml ernie alexander fend john brinjt elimliutrd t ptli the cowrnfeent hd wuaon q limil 1 led for the jrov4lt the county khn shtwtiiljt wty uf time lo deal with the u junior rarmrr held lsyjrifl tram of aud hrownxldge lr4liiti of the poul worker champloiu when they erntdked hrt jack turnr aad but aa luual the ikrw ittjon of firt prtw it th one eutipu haie van vlirt earned a aejthe official in dealing with tiod b4d in ouflph recently toad 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in ii jnd vi rm llioinphon earrnd a third a 1 the ims ball tiuiii of dentil sinclair wayne lit lop hutch lucharduin doufi co rdalr itarlri van sickle r rank iter tation harold ttiompon keith the workers had no hesitancy cornea from 810000 to 81bjxx a year althouxh a penaiooef and depe on null service i heartily endorse the action uk en by th poetal iplnyeee it oat delay bmau be 8 thins f the past in dealing with the needs ei uie workers ycura truly ed a peters georgetown memorial arena roller skating tues thurs sat 8 to 11 pm thls layotoav kuokt skati to th fabulous deadbeats tof to kwtllak cxmamo more skates harris floral aktawcmihti 0 vev occallow dle cvi rlamii 10 ualn tl h t 7sm now open silver spur park wktim viuacf staok coach wdli indian viuacis eonv kldw hooting caui1y aichi1y hoftusack kidino facilities for picnics and camping to reach tit camp travel ihrouoh batlirvalad one concet on north tlien wait lo lluj 6lh line admjislon jl 00 tt cam listen here i in a tinir that hi an a a tie tacd cl r all the a and uw one run make the differ rnce trtuin tit win and a os cor jr town cli an 1 sp rts manaccd a 2tt to uin over i hr ant state lann insurance norn shn plfh f ill 7 innink for thr t you meet the nicest people i be held thu jcar near nrwma ket on thr display committer eltt be clenrcetown a deputy llteevr wm hunter kwitiri ting drpuly heeve wilfrid ir tllll maccnrmack eorce mr intyrr itob i rr junior boy cerald fcdff rlakr morrow rrg morrow text may be two months it camp so successful uhilr thr lovcr coiinjr i for s susan wrlstrr hit i inda i in i jennifer i nsunrth and t lary ild viatr each hit one senior league standing t its v i 4umne- ii wt the jujy vm ywca day aucuit nrnt year i camp held monday wednrs i ttej and vviilny at terra tot i ta conienation area wn a i coiplrte mcrrsi with a full i attendance almost every day he weather too cooprral i ecjf w acuities brine held i lnaoori in thr pavilions only llwfre fvhh a capacity of fifty child t9 the attrndancr dropped to fooriy five only for one wrrk wlo this brine due primarily to holidays so popular wax the ufcamp with the children that many alerted on for another vefk after they had tamjled i the first week i fun ach mornlnc the children reet picked up at nine o clock at either the delrex plata or tha georgetown dairy and i wrtufiht home aealn around four i oquck in addition to using the tcrffetown dairy as a pick up apai the y camp benefitted j frojri the dairy by the sift of fljrae milk every day jhu camp has been ao sue- eeaafut that eonalderatinn la btntf fiiven extending it into sraaa tt toun a s 4 2 0 drlrex y ash z t 0 sunnurkf it 1- 2 n statr rami irn 2 1 1 town ipholst 2 t 0 senior home run standing susan wehster fl susan qtlinn 7 i inda paul 7 dcans aay style has a way of relasing listeners whether they re bending over a steering wheel flahtlng rush hour traffic or bending over e hot stove trying to makehash look like cheteaubrund bills bottom use diary of philosophical notes hit inexhaustible supply u clpoemsand hie easy way ol r presentation make listening 4 4 4 a crrat deal of success is due to thr following counsel ion senior counsellors su aan ijndry rick ijndry jo hanna gordon hriitinr mc lltre annr nix unda llownt and cathy young junior league july 32 junior counsellori time haar homp run utrf ltlp ortirr meyer susan pnrr cindy coop er karrn irr jeffrey allan ilikki gunn and scott dourui some of the counsellor wor ked the whole month while some worked just a wrrk taveffrom fire two tractors on the s bennett farm on the 7lh line near ilallinafad were spared from damage friday afternoon by the prompt action o oeor getown ire department fire chief erwin lewu thoufiht the fire may have been started by the tractor in the held of straw and dry erin it took the are depart ment only a few minutes to douse the burning atraw and legion notes by john young hie spanking now furniture llpifi promised and long overdue ilia arrived and i must admit imwas worth waiting for it tdjov much lo add to the com t and appearance of the new- enovated clubrooms tide cjitrancc haa now t completed and the painters a till buty up to pre time h interior work i4 be provincial command ser officer visited breach 120 day and was available for views with vet rany membera who have not paid their 1d65 duea may icaie them with the fcteward on duty in the clubroom at any timo and he will issue you a receipt there is a itrength tn numbers nd to remain that way we must not lose a menjber through de fault of dues it is quiet around the branch with so many of the members on vacation and plants enjoy tng their holiday shutdown pe riods to all members and their families have a very pleasant vacation and to any leglqn members vlslllng our town this summer drop in and say hello ln a game that count d in thr win column for superior roods ovrr thr kinrttr bruiser the amr hrgan as a tir stayed fairly clost until the last when thr superior broke for their 38 to 21 victory debbie paul and i ynn johnston tallied one home run apiece for the krul sem beth hi chard son and jackie dutton each had 4 ho mer molly henderson and de nise urrl 2 and pally monck ton 1 for thr rood team beth richardson wai chosen as itar of the fiouir dairy queen had thcmselvfes a winning game when they met jackson a iiargaln centre the score was 10 to 10 janice lug lis jackson s pitcher and laura smith had one home run each counting for homers on the queen a team were sue streei 2 bev gummer 1 judy draper 1 am kathyjlince 1 star of the game was the queens pit cher judy draper who went 5 of the six innings star of the beaver lumber murray motors game for the se cond week running was the beaver pitcher connie leavltt connlo pitched a good consls- tename and also counted for thoonly home run for her team unfortunately in spite of her efforts the beavers went down to a resounding 17 to 2 defeat all the motors girls seemed to be hitting steady ami only one home tun was tallied here too it went to tho 2nd baseman ma rilyn slgurdson star of the gfl tne present be twee tween 4 05 and 8 30 p m uonday through friday a thoroughly enjoyable expert ence saturday too 6am lo 11 so am qoh ontarios ramilv station on the hornby tower golf course 18 hole championship course 7000 yd rem tltm tmi finest pay as you play greens in ontario club house offers all facilities fj brand new iplit level club house in beautiful tree shaded setting fac lit c include lockers show ers lounges 3500 sq ft ban quel room with parquet floors and snack bar banquet room available the year round for staff parties wed dmgi league parties etc ac commodation for 250 to 300 quests pencross greens club house snack tai and coo course open at 6 am wkk ends and holidays all8783424 reserve your teeoff time in advance and do your waiting in bed daily greens fees week days 2 00 students 1 00 meek ends and holidays s3 00 students 1 00 located on the 7th line just a few minutes from georgetown hew i v ohm big reductions now in effect on our entire stock of brand new 1965 chryslers plymouths vauants come in and talk trades and terms motor sales ml ovriph si i no 7 htghway 77m11 l- v- a- j livw jjftmfosfeh

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