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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1965, p. 6

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brides father officiates at allenby mcfarlane wedding f studio alcvilfl mi and mitt coiln auinly th brides father omelatedj at a wedding on july 17 to ti wrnacle united church belle ville vhen utrityn gertrude uckarus and colin allenby wr taarrled the brid li the daughter trf hv and mrs uoryan q alekarlana and livfd in town when br father was minister at st johns united lie la now tb minister at tabernacle the trooni ii the ton of mr tho- kau allenby and the late urt allenby ol belleville standards or white gladioli and lighted tapers were uiedj to decorate the church clifford twaplar was orfianlit and the wide a brothrr murdoctt lie- parian e sang two selections the brldt was fclven in mar rtfe by her uncle ut c d ifurdofk toronto she wore a traditional floor length white gown of real silk organu with a fitted b 3d ice accented with reembroidered alencon lai the akirt was enhanced with an apron of lace with a chapel train cauffht at the aide with matching bows her had dress wu a four tiered veil fal ling from large rose of frosted silk orgi nia she carried cas cade bouquet of white sbdl i all and ivy centered with pink rosea un leslie peasey halifax us was her sitter s matron ed honour she wore a floor length con of turquoise peau j aoie vlth an overaklrt of matching frosted allk organis te brideomalds misses jane and gay mfarlane aiders of the bride mlu jane aitehe on and jjiws joan and sandra low nitsfarof the groom were ajmlljrry gowned to the matron w honour they carried iden ural nosegays of whle jladl 1j larry wilson wu groomsman and ushers were lslle peasey halifax jerry lovr nephew of lb frooti terry parker to ronto and garth fitepbeison belleville at a reception afterwards lb bride a mother wore a while irccaded ahealh with withlije lacltt white aril tur qtioise acesaorlea and a cor alf of vhe an turq mlsc tinted muos 11 bridegroom a alster mrs jerry low also re eelved wearing a own of cor a corded aillt with matching coat and white accessories and a torus of white and rorsl tinted carnations kor 8 honeymoon trip which took them to niagara falls and halifax the bride wore a tur quoue dress and matching coat white accessories and a corsage of pink aweethrart ros guests attended the wedding froes georgetown copper cliff toronto llarrle st cathannci parry sound hespeler peter borough montreal and hill fax mr and mrs allcnbv uill live at 31 paitonu itd doum view prior to her marnacr thr bride was guest of honour it ahowers given by her sister in law ttrs jerry low and by ulsa jane altcheson and mrs g if oore at the forvnrr s home her mother wu hostess at a trousseau tea acton acton may soon havranum ber of new homes erected last week council ipprocd instil lation of sewer and water srr vices to one section of a il divlslon which wtlt include 70 building lots r thb moftmtown weald thuuoav jul tth htf pag e 17 tt f i hornby etobicoke couple in automobile acddenv on saturday mornlni mtlojo sua aa elderly coupla trap fstcbicoka det with an unfarto- aut attddait on no- s 8ld- soad when ibey ran into hy- to pola wbicb broka off at the bottotst with tba impact tha caapl wcra taken to th south pl hoapataj for traatmfeol tha driver at uw car swc twenty atltchca to bis chin and bis wife still rvraalnj in lb booplul tv aoddent iu eau d by l b in the thx x ui and uiit jo skea knrl taoilly rn joyed two week at midland annwcrury trtin to ut and ut hooarcbef wko will clebatd tltrir wedding sjinl txy on july fco luutcd birthday greetings to lmvu cordingley who crubrat rd bis birthday on july zl annlvrrury jrrungs to ut and ut kumr iuily who will ealebrau their wadding annl kmry on widay july jo ur and lira harold trranor fcr tndlng a few days at uoatn4 in norlhero onurlo i girls fastball team tie omagh for lead with thre games left in their schedule georgetown girls utball tesjh has a 7 win 4 lou record they added the sixth lut tliursday with a handy 2014 win over oakvllle and the u venth by beating omagh 1013 uonday marilyn kaglea pitched four innings of score leu ball to pacej the winners she allowed only two oakvllle runners to reach base mary hantjy pitched well too in her debut in pitching circles thla year rest georurtown hitlers were pal dsvison 4 including a ho- me run gail pries judy shrppard 4 carol devereaux 3 susan qulnn 3 and ann marrhment with a pair oakville scored all their runs in the last three innings at omagh monday george town broke loose from a 44 tie at the end of the fourth with a 7 run barrage which clinched the game marilyn kaglea pitched the whole way for tim georgetown and omagh ar now tied for first place i the leacur the dairy queen has hosted the georgetown team to milk shakrs after each win may be one reason they are doing to well this season two georgetown musicians at summer band camp rev james mcfaul 81 formerly minister at omagh boston puneral tttvice wit held on llonday in knox preibyterlin church oalvllle or rav ja mi nevln mcfaul 81 who died on friday in oakvllla- trafaljar boapltil he had urved or more than 40 yeara ai a presbyterian mln liter iri ontario chuhhea he retired ilx yeara ao while ml- slater at bolton and omagh cburehea prior to that he bad aerved in baeton tottenham milton stratford parla and oak vllle ur mcfaul wai barn tn nor thern inland and ante to ca- mda m 1008 he ctaduatcd from the unlverilty or toronto injdib and nun knox college the following year he aerved u a gunner in france with the 3rd battery during world war he leave ma wife sarah oater and a daughter mre jamea nee- lln of ottawa interment wax made in ever green cemetery hilton follow ing monday aervjce two young people from cr orgetown cyntlua lambert and uarty wherlrr are attrndina the ontario youth muitc ramp at thoralra lodg neavrrton 1hey will be taktnff insfrur lion from a number of well known bandimtn including ar thur hlluard who 1 hrid of tle muilc department at rrnriif harvey secondary school york townlhtpr and rmntcnl rttrrr tor of georgetown citlirn hand ovtr 240 boyi and flirla from all over ontario will train at the camp thla lummer in it third year of operation it vponaored on a non profit h all by the canadian numlma era aaaoclatlon ontario chap ter a different flurst conductor la brought in each week to con duct dally rehrariali which cul mlnate in a final concert each sunday for the four wceka dur atlon of the camp thrie inclu de john murdlf director of the amnul ottawa technical kclinol band horace heard music co ordlnator for rt calharlnca aeboola kenneth llolllrr head of muilc at nelaon secondary school oakvllle and lieut derak stannard director of mu ale or the royal canadian re giment band london in addition to full band re- heariali cynthia and marty will be offered the opportunity of performing daily in small enacmbles and atage bandl a variety of aporta awimming and evening aoclala round out the buiy achedule at thla lake slmcoe reaorf three young local people join bahai on itiuraday july 15 the italia i of georgetown held a apedal meeting to welcome 3 young people to their eommun ity the new bellevera are min catharine sane 50 charlea st vlia iaye miller 12 shelley st and mr jim glbboni 22 mac krmie drive thli gathering look place it the home of mr and mre don miller 22 shelley street and during the evening there wu much discussion on the pattern and purpoie of dahal living aa a memento of the occasion the three young people were each preaented with a copy o dahal prayers lunch and ilngiong occupied the rest of the avejilng everyone wins by following the bargains in the heralds know your merchant contest see rage 9 and atvacy waakj aoma lucky paraort will win a kpttclai 1000 prlu this is safe farms produce more safe farmers live longer mdkc up your mind right now no ifs or bins abour ir your farm will be 1 sifc farm from here on in dont take chances with faulty muhmcry dont leave firchaardous debris abour be careful with livestock be sure wiring is ldcquuc lighting in proper condition everyone gains from accident prevention on the farm make this farm safety inventory kitf machines in good r6jalt kttfp all 2 turds and safety devices in place stop msckinn brfori uociogglnjl oltliii or adjusting them lon i wear loosr noppma cloth ujf around machinery ohtatatf ttactors safely start trattori aaioothl turn corner sloul aoul dilchei banks nd fcoit routmi always tucii to thr drawbar m ttt tw thy toou tow thk job ltuke aii74 your toots are in cood safe rondiuon krep them in a sjfr pi so tnd baadla with care wach youi step to p ft vent palls keep udders and steps in good repair wiih no loot rung makr sure they are easily accessible in case of emergency md dn t piu thinly oh stairways sttak yo animals when approaching them kttp them calm by acting witb calm self assurance yourself kp bulla lti a safe pen ua good housekeeper hate a place for everything and krep etrrythinfi in rs pi are re eiresiohyetr don t smoke around the barn pour bsolln outdoors to prvat th accumulstlon of eiplonvr vapours lry clean outdoors dont use kerosene to start ares hie careful with mate he 1 aphy firxt aid promptly 1vrn minor injuries may be dancerous if tbey ar ut trald immediately keep first aid kits in the house in the barn and oa tb tractor treat all guns as ip they were 10 ad ed keep turn unloaded except when actually uaing tbm aim only at targets ou want to shoot m know and oftey all traffic laws follow safe driving practices obey all traffic ugu bhm pcnson penson farm equipment niw holland sales a seavice t r 1 gr0atown across from bill bally w tr first in grawlattd farmino i77a30b bill bailey the oil man distributor of texaco fual oil oaaollna lie k i 1 ototcetowrj phofje 1774031 allltchalmara for all your farm equlpmant naadi reid equipment and supply co r r 2 6w0at0wh 1773360 utter mltk in pure pax steens dairy nsuurlmx dairy pradutfa 10 walar sirtal 7j431 murt allison your massiy krouson dalr farm and industrial equipment r r 1 oamrsatowh 1773291 the georgetown herald for all the news beaver wlmm 11 wawr strml gajrfltowh call ouf farm urresintattvf don garbutt don ii ex pane need in aituttrvg tb farmer with his building supply needs call him for quick lorvic at georgetown animal clinic 10 olmlph it i77j741 r gaskin dvm v zavitz ovm oinic 6pm lo 8 p m mon wed fn hours 9am 10 11 a m salurday sj b mackenzie son ltd i ilumill and ruildino w w materials 1 m jawai s r772207 i aujuont master feeds stewarhown dial 1773512 oaeroatowrt we deliver john t armstrong insurance john t akmstrono paul c akmjtrono all llnl bf liurae ineludlho fire uf auth and liability 3 malr sh jim sytsma farm equipmemt your new holland and ford deajar jrloovi r r 1 rrampton jfettawrtrt t raalioiiiispahlai fiw

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