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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1965, p. 2

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crvuvvdtf hwmitaloitlit at cmictmb ami district memo rial 6iul- she will leave for fcrrmaca all list ytn aubjert of hfr retirch whu be tba corrlitioti of ha- teulolocieal wndlnas between mother had new born infant klw flfidlfcm cannot be dlwlo- w until after the presentation the iapr iivr oils is not the first urn aba has bn so honoured lat aiitfiut while employwl at qurtwiy iioplul she trav- lud la stockholm sweden to rtit hr findings on a rare ty of blood disease before the sntnutlonal congress of har- kdjloloicy thu paper concerned a little ki6wii form of leukwnia leu- kwala u a disease which nor- biilly attacks the white blood tlla and no aire for it is kufrwd at present in this ease un creifeneder while doing routine testa on the uftd of a patient dlaeov- mrd ajbaoraalltiea la both the ymd nd white iu she found cbrtqcn i th inmutur rd nlla ttsually tnaf founj la whlu ealla awordlftg to ura craifeaader rbas tauolej are rmrcb toulinud altar mikh seuehlng through raedieal literature she was able to identify the blood condition as a form of leuktunla first described by in italian doctor in losfi thii form was the first cats identified in canada she f-i- it is strictly a che mical procedure with no bear ing on heredity she hones to continue her research in an at tempt to discover whether it can be explainrd by some de fect is ulrarxllular metabo lism jlofeivir one caie does not prove anything and it is simply speculation she atal d mrt crvifeneder a nativa of austria rsnu to canada nine years ago and now uvea in ac ton she is a graduate of the university of belgrade in may of this year she join ed the staff of georgetown hoa pital acton garageman wed in gtuelph ceremony in a doublering ceremony in the church of st james the ap ostle juflph carolyn ijouue erry and harry william uc uaac were married by the rev thomas m appleton the bri de is the daughter of mr and mr frederick e perry 73 glasgow st n guelph and the groom is the son of mr and afrt alexander uxuaac us alain st n acton and works with hu father at the highway garage the couple are making thrlr bom at 104 jplar ave art on for the cermony the high altar was decorated with white khjuu uunu roe and wll candles john sawford played uie organ r leonard hunter was soloist the bride wore a floor length gown of white chiffon over cord ed silk the fitted bodice fcatur ed a v neck and was trimmed with uce appuquea and stud ded with rhinettones with long lily point sleeves the skirt was trimmed with lace appliques studded with rhlneatonrs with swiss net bows lite back fea tured a chapel train a rhinestone and pearl tiara held her full length veil of swia bcl with appliquel and rhinestone jiar veil belonged ti her alater and was cmbrold- ruh ciomcityowm hlralb yhuitlday july hs jack i trad by her fcrandwolhar she carried a trailing cascade of red rosea and while button chry un thaa urns with trailing wy with detachable corsage and a shower of red ribbon us iron of honour was airs rarfcara hunter of windsor sis ter of ike bride qrideaoialds were un kreda hurren alias sharon perry uiie lynn perry of guelph and lira patricia kropp of hanover all slaters of the bride and ulss knti kara of guelpb they wore floor length gowns of peacock blue pesu de sole with matching lace jscketa and blue shoes in their hair thy wore wedding ring headbands of the same materia with mat ching lace bows they carried cascades of while shasta mums and showers of trailing ribbon their crosses were a gift of the bride the bride was given in mar riage by her father groomsman was kenneth mc isaac brother of the groom ushers were brian perry brother of the bride guelph terry wilson acton and ronald clow umehouse the reception was held in the church when guests were received by the wedding party ura perry wore a pink linen dress with coal to match pink shoes and a corsage of white carnations the- grooms mother wore a blue lace ensetnhle with navy blue accessories and cor sage of carnations in the ven ing a reception was held at the steel workers hall the couple left on a trip to wlagara falls and ottawa the bride wearing a pink suit with white and pink accessories guests were present frw windsor guelph eden mills klichener hanover boston heepeler milton hamilton li uahouae and acton axwflhovst postponed three times church picnic is held at last the sunday school picnic got over after being postponed three times it was finally held on tuesday july so at stanley park erin it was a lovely day and seventy eat dawntaumpluaut dinner of all kinds of goodie at two oclock the races were run off in change of margaret brownridge race results are boy a 5 and under donajd ruddell glenn aleclure girls marilyn uc- nabb dale wickaon boy ft-0- rioky critehell normim tin- dale girls janle critchell jo anne wilson boys 1012 ken mcnabb dennis mcclure girls ann mcclure barbara brown ridge boys is and over stuart nurse murray brownridge girls lola menabfa thelma carney ladlej shoe kicking sandra morrison doreen wick aon men david austin tom ruddell wheelbarrow race bruce uc clure end son dennii john me- nabb and son kenneth sack race ken austin tad doug bud- dell plate rc harvey nurae and daughter janet david and ken austin ytnd your own shoe donajd mcclure and thel nit camtyjfcfurray brownridge and lola me nabb blowing bal- loon ann -heglure- ken- mc- nabb a peanut scramble end ed the race before everyone had left tjie dinner table superintendent oharlea austin paised around jar of coloured candle and each nenov made a gtieaj u fo how many were in il cloieat guesaer was fred nurae with 30d arbwtbedujdrerribnjoy ed an hour swfcm and aplaah- lng in the water ur and un frank wilson mr and mr clayton wilson and mr and mr graharff reeve motored to new glasgow njgtoettend the weddlntfof their niece mia charlotte wil son mra reeve waa bride- maid for her cousin they ape nt dellghi scon papfcr wkjj pink yellow aqu purex tissue 4 scotkin napkins 2 39c mace mats sev u 39t cutrhewaxpaper255c woxpapcrrefill2- 45c sconies- 4 k 100 scott towel holder 45 masots canntoc of 24only tl aw o g soft drinks 12 d sunny morn iga coffee hajowooo charcoal monaboj ccxoumo papchmtnt margarine mccains frozhw chicken chips grade a predrened young r f t over w r- w a neaay ior me over pjj turkeys 39 roytl guil rlnduit 75 un mty it ipit or whou primrou alpin or trungui oppj sliced side bacon j perk tenderloin 99f beefsteakettej 55 funny fic drink mixes 10- 99c sljksly honty pod fancypeai4 69c mjwi houk hit coffee 149 hospitality family sue apple pie 39c sudden beaury hair spray tr99c head shoulders shampoo 77c savi them extta tapes for free ofts er eatons merchandise cmtificayes jjj psoouce of usa canada no 1 gram sweet salmon flesh cantaloupes jumio ml 2ri juicy vlncis fi0ry red oranges 2 89c duarti plums firm green can no 1 gr local grown can no 1 fresh lettuce 2 29c sweet corn 99 39c ahrullly m rclv ntr n 10 tp ctnflitfa pki tullary mjlr rtcclve ut ktra 40 vp with aleut 11 foilwkac rll rlv 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lut week ur jnd lira ward brown rldse and family apent a lew day ai waaaie bitch mr and uri harold bailey and family holidayed fo two weeks at halibutton anduln den cottgratulationi to mr and uri gordon wlnitltld- orf the urtb ella farm cow wins ton of gold certificate in the herd of kenneth e1u ti sons hornby the jersey cow boxanna generation flat- hie slaasa ktcellent hujust beauawarded ton of gold eertulute on the pro- dueilon of 518 lb of fat in 18 days she is also a win ner of ihree jlver uedals and it a daiijehur of lie su perior and century sire brampton sixth generation lauoi- two weeks seeing many delight- of their daughter oajjlly 32 to qualify for this award a oow mutt produce ttt least 2000 1w of fat in 4 consecu- tlve years halton cooperative medical care plan ayi i all surgual operations i doctor calls paid fnun plrat-vlatt- i x rays i conhnatnehts akaeamutlals services i also includes malar medical individuals or employes groups may enroir at any time of the year 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