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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1965, p. 1

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ads hut pay yea aa aseca ea ed la tfci wwfcft cteeetflesi panes ay an and me arihaww tfie home newspaper for georgetown and district oataria tharaaey my 4x0 par aai taajb caay mat urn caate i minimum mjil postal workers still at their jobs phots morns saxe was town businessman 50 years a lukinaauub in intv tied- he kmu1 fcervazcsl uru and arum for alianou io uakuagrs snd during the first yrt uoftts ae u died at war srted 4- sa interpreter or tbe uortora lltueftttsl toronto the government buf little to do as strike continues tnwct tins appeared in front 0 qootvetowa pott of rtws wk and puull ffom brplon erwj u y f orgetown creamery 00 guelph street until hi nltrfnil when he movd to toronto 12 ye ut ago hani near kies ruun he nmr to canada in 102 follo wing a short umf in hngtsnd lie worked for lime si th arton tannery bwiiiw inter toronto wrff on duty on xantuy nd tuidy strik ol postal mnployoe- riad not ipieed hare up to pfwv km juuilrrwn w on tha job wodntdy efbf dclining to cross petkal na rti hut two days ol the wek an ex tmpw of h t-on- 1- w by a local posti jim wdliarru nam committeemen rotariarts dinner meet vote 54 to allow aaore house building in delrex mayor declines signing says must have bylaw approving building pleas prior lo fab rvpuititu or jua young vu the tripila a s 4 majority vote holiday feuukoriaiaj gearfe- tovai uayor and clerk to sign an airuot with delrex iv- viopnti ud which would redden uil building to the urns and put 175 of iaduttrul lind under without a by uw sulbarixinf this and the mayor has further stated that while a 5 4 ma jority u sufficient to author te preparation of soeb a by law a thftvequartc majority of the tvtnan council must sp- eouuiuion bad indicated iti tlvr executive for the rominjf 6lre for the town to own in 1 year ronsuti of hd iturman pre duslrtal land and thu ui intent jo mrmiltan vice pre 1 a 71 vte town twtwfsbip lh agrewnnt prove th by lw or ja other ajtwr tot oh the ground wordi ttx ajrent stipulated feat u toiut be slftned by all pities by uidnight that day otherwise it li null and old uayr clbbtu after mg cmittmm at the touaeil taaatlbi that tpfutid u k4 frtftwl uilwixuo to aj propoul by which tjm towd 4a apbaal 11j00 ta aoquira ta ladoatrial latl delud to su bii fcignatur to tb agr mat that evening m told the 1i1j liter that aa had wnsulted town solid tor r a hclaoh h tuesday bbonunt and the solicitor con- i hia opinion and that no eould be aigned town worlc staff in for busy summer monday uw the start of eurtace treatment pro- 1 on various roads through out lb town the work u being dost by armatrong bros aiba on ahe aommer aehedule u ts3w atotm aewerini projtct including a 1700 foot atorm sewer in the edward sbuy byron area a streleh orchard blvd 1000 foot in adwintf hwn e beth st twrkt and s00 feet oaj prince oharlei dr la addition stage 3 of the no- 1 highway reconstruction will be undertaken the atretch revway to maple ave u tnpteted to cost approitimale- ly a quarter of a million dol urt moat of which is paid by taw ontario depl of highways deapite all this work the usual maintenance will hae to handled by the town work tore the new agwwsvenl if auc eeuful would end a long tale- mate by whkh the delrex firm owner of a urge parcel f uatdrvelopad land in east georgetown has bn unable to prtjcw wtui rldtqual build ui a i tiftvad is ittm wwn tb dm nrt pur ekaad the ptapriy ptwla at rti ai 4cnl iamluatrlal and enunreiat aa- amtnt which baa not been the cat for tome yean liahi points or the agreement included sale of 173 acres of industrial land to the town for 100 an acre and a 5- year option to purchase more such land at 55 000 an acre kor this the town would re lease the arm from its ratio requirements the firm in turn would have to provide more services than the 144 agreement calls for paved roads aidewalks sanitary and storm severs waterraalna street signs curbs gutters and sodding would be required the public achool board would have the privilege of purchasing seven specified lots at 3 000 per lot and the se parate scihool board would also be able- to purchase school lands at the same price orderly r develop- went would be mxjnlained by a number of clauses in the afreement tve delrex firm would have the option of repurchasing any of the 173 acres which the town would own at the ori ginal price if not previously sold providing industrial con- eonstruetion is completed with in twelve months the which haa been going on forgoa nine years he said tttere rah o window breaking which government and the postal wor hai plagued the town in recent ers brotherhood for a return to work at 5 am wednesday wrrkl but later that night striking damage h been done it rttolayfrm ia uolrl wind creat crou paralr whool lhe lumiha and 8 catbaii the industrial eaplosion which wu a b lht ljor0e scou a tsnnery in town a knitting buujioj 1b bad reild ii u takia pu j1 around oa- k aveedle factory was snother t she t uk upoer band prk oa sunday lilerw x u toronla j ru ejuej hoy luley warns marsbail tadd analung hare w w mw mmma of the slrlnj directed by captain elgin wish community he was one i eulprlts that atr actio and namd a majority orcorlett the baod played a va a the founders of the unlver will be taken aa malicious da rted program particularly i uty avenue synagogue which mif of property cannot be cotnmlttr to look after the upcoming season 1 activities were announced at thu weeksted in the creamery buuneu rotary club dinner meeting and took a rourw at thrlnta chairman of hasler seals no agricultural college guelph to fit him for his bulnphs car rt le rktabhslietl creameries in acton and georgetown anjt lit lr a vet a family of four thudrrn airs u kirhman ui na of brooklyn ny mrs sam gmburv pearl of downivtew percy of georglown and klrj u hlruhman leona of lorest hill ii wtfr dora dird in 1u35 and a un david in 1061 lie auo leavra one sutrr mrs u aa krlovky of preiton 10 grandchildren a memorial service wai con dueled in beth tirdee synago gue on rriday by llabbi ub- min ami cantor solennan with intrrmrnt in dawct ud crmeirry six lorooo men l i oho had been students al the and crippled children is hrnie pearce director of communi anokuub lb tvreiwtatimf the i ty lervice t jim turn bull in gzit 0 sf yo 1 ui i iiy ii xpuuml thll bhd d voulh u hud ju bull- tow fm school werr pllbr kn uktdii mirth to hcu j gormii rforflown u nairnmaam momi ah csuhlla lpibutlv inuiki l churmin al lh sf nlor i ai ilr in j u i ilillrin ui lojrt i fr willi dlre ttv indiutrul i cltucn dinner bud buhoiwfv ork hr lirlprd undrlbium and ai iurnlt j li i n rr lu m fll n lh old ijlon farm on uln slrn i south wher t uropran im tulranlk u a bil nonl in tfcr du i udtnl nob bunu taurrr j ln tamlihml axo ralph llwl crrtr pi i r i v council seals have been lost i president ken boheruoo and and won on tbls conttovrrsy sergesnt at anna robert gou has been fault on both des sunday concert by now the time has come to for ilorne tcotl band get the past overcome george town s ugaauo ad share in a sundav aftrrnnon concert gtndchildren ter he became interetlrd helping orphans from poland and the facilities of thr schm 1 were uied for this purpose tbe vcheme roliaped durin- the depression ars at one time mr sase had and police investigate window breaking police are investigating a a ttrtkr in iajor evtitrva has skwed otmralioas at ccvatcrtowti port omee a ulcku although 6i4oy brre have not fun hi strike lhre has ben no incoaliig tawil aine am aiooday bornltg only wttrrs niilud totally for ca- oflowa gud williams tvrra cuu afid chellcnaaaa have been able to be prifmd wednesday morning utter rartiers resumed their rounds with what mail was available on the two previous days they had rvoorted for work but de clined to cross picket lines t abluhed by striking member of the kedersted asaocuuoa of letter carriers from bramp ton and tfwonto there were no pick li wednesday the seven members of ihe canadian postal kmplqyeei unl on have continued to be oa the job at the pott office along with eight letter carriers only non union members of the staff tre postmaster harold marshal snd james collier at press time wednesday the national picture waa still con fusing tuesday night an afree ment was reached between the continued oa page 11 slsnted to scottish tunes later merged to become beth iterated take pantomime tape bienvenue to english producer wb8 ur and urt ivirr uc anaald headed lu england rc mntly thty took with ihtra taped vrel4 f lh panlo- bism dick whlttlntton plui t6tncyhniia 6f tfc tttnm and uatuma tkty will b t hmry uanhall wrilar l lh dirt wuttlnatab aoiot and well knwu loadon anlamlma pro- diur glob production ver aiaa waa ux flrtt at hit brln children produced ouulde of kntund however another brainchild thli e aladdin will b nr tented thla chrulmu by globe productions a driw lo have comoanlea attend the pantomime aa their children chrlitma party la now underway lanta and all the food lea may be combined with the performance according to glob production president ralnb urael i rahearula will hesin right town after holiday season on tuea- would have the privilege of i day sititeiubar 1th option 22 acres planned park in north georgetown atoulsltlon or 21 acre of parkland adjoining the branch est tbe credit river north of bain street will clve ceorfie- towa a second park if present ajans uaterlause oa july 10 counel voted to op- ttoa an aporoximate xx acre tract of land owned by wall hyd nd totall portions owned by two adjacent owners for cast of 1b 500 ii u antldpat ad bo rant is allowed by cre dit valley conservation autho rity the town plans to proceed with a recreation park cc don powers said tbe town already has hmo set aside in pedal trust fund or jim yountf opposed the its nothing but a swamp aeaald i woujd rather see a park inineetstend omowri we nave enoucb places now for picnics or powers said the area has natural beauty and that plan- creelun of a would be beneficial to feedinf geairfetowni underground wa ter supplies it would probably do more good than ihe mh uh dam which may be years off yet he said cr roy ballentlne laid that if moore park la developed there would be another park almost across the road llaintenance of parks could break tbe town he aald who ia going to build a dam for the lake and maintain it cr powers explained that maintenance would be under an agreement with the conser vation authority who might pay 60 or mere at this point mayor gibbons criticised the urge amount of money that georgetown has contributed tq the cvcvwtth- out gelling anything hack cr powers bays this is one way we can get borne benefit nut i cant eee spending 111000 to et 7000 bask said the mayor we abouldnt spend any money oa this at all lie said tbe property is not i outstanding one for park purposes and should be left in the hands of private owners we cant have too many parts in town said cr bob francis the mayor said council should first ascertain just what cvca will pay for maintenance before taking any purchase acuon uaputy reeve hunter who is a town representative on the cvca said there is a similar property near orangevllle which is being developed and the aul hority uabout lo establish a policy oa maintenance which would apply in oeorttaptpx case well letswait and see what tneyttotaidtheipsyor tbe option vole carried 5j mayor gibboqs crs ballentlne aadyoujat voted in opposition or bill smith wsl absent from the meeting on holidays tiaaat to daeua drastically as tnioeau realise thalr utters wilt only join tb flood of un- sortsd mail u the larger de pots msny business firms have set up their own lines of rom- municslion with city bead om e ksprra and bus service has been flooded with an extra ootario load of rrl uiiineaa ttural aiall couriers are still buklng their dslly rounds tby work bd eontract and era wt bateabera of a uniod tb atria ecrurrvd wbea postal aosjoys bald out for wisher twte than tboa set last wek by ux cwu aarvica coououaioe and dcauadad aa extra fcoo over th aaoouncad ucreue judge j c aadersoa hoilevill ho been nonmd by tb sonrfinoat to study tbe asalur and aa yt baa mad be roort on bla flndinga- ruoodayvrejoeud aarnaiant did not affa tb ukln uaae tb pay increase dispute maaa- wblu tb poolal brotberbaod is threatening 8 hatloowid atrlk while ihe government buy or- dr alrlkrra back to work by do- signaling ihe tieup national emergency giant slump lose two gaines in week georgetown jiantxwl a aluxaa in tbejr la two games lost wednesday nlghl july mat preston be i tham out i to 1 with tbe winning pitcher being george moor and tbe loser bernie dore again on sunday afternoon the fate were against thcat campbellvlll ireunfod them li to i tb winniag proaw thb rba was jack suharta and aomie dor waa caarged with tb leas stsbdouta ia th game against caaasbellriu wars pete laaaoa waa hit a beme ran tbas wiag- iag in thro rune aad fi arblc with three baaa bits wednesday july utb tbe gl- anu tackled dundas wbil aag- ust 2nd they will re agslaat hamilton and augu1 4ui they will be remalched agslnal bellville ignore residents plea for change in traffic island constructing aa orisinslly de signed mayor gibbons reave elliott and cr young favoured reconsidering the plana bat other councillors warned that if changea are made it could delsy the whole highway pro ject thla year population low this weatattaolitkyi close industry the population of gearje- lown hu hit a low for the year it a the annual holiday epidemic thai haa struck with the closing of a number of lo cal plants the exodu to the cottage tb eamping ground and for the lucky one the far that changes be made to aave llrw expensive litigation uo 0 industrie later in the meeting council ik closed this week tome la voted to p with relpnir iral holiday week and aome in their second the contract for stage no 1 of the highway renovation twogram through town was aw arded monday te a brampton find armstrong brothers con- biructlon the abc lender of 13433 loweat of three received was recommended by the consulting firm of demas and smith which fartii tkbrjot foe the town one highway property own er arthur armatrong 101 guelph street appeared at council meeting with strong plea to change a proposed traf flc island plsn at the maple ave highway intersection it will take a large there of the frontage on hia 3h acre pro perly he said force him to re locate hia home and he urged peter jones photo visitors from quebec a sarq youn0 pe from quebec sey far lo their georget h thli weekend atrneir monlkiong sxbiange vdtft ends dlenne comeeu lop rhjhl ehd jaan pierre grenler bollom left have ipenl two week town et gueus of denlse lemey byron s end robert saxe main st s prior lo this denlend robert hd spent iwo woekt in montreal at their homes the tluden schemisa tponsored by the canadian council ol christians end jews georrjetown girl joining scarborough school staff another georgetown resident will become a high school teach er ln september when paulene watson joins the german de partment of the scarborough schools ma watson who li the dsu gbter of mr and mrs jack wat son 54 charles st it gradu ate of georgetown high achool and an honour graduate of the university of toronto tola year she stttceasfully completed her teaching education at the on tario college of education though it will be her iral teaching position in canada ahe has years teaching v peri ence in germany two yean age ahe obtained a position ln a town in germany where ahe taught english while gsinlng the opportunity to perfect her own knowledge of the german language kolkrwing completion of her course al xxx in may miss watson left to spend the sum- 4 in europe smith l stone closed for the lsat iwe weeka in july and did standard products while domtar does not eleee half the plant turted their va cation on july 10th till aug 2nd and tbe ether half starts aug ad until aug isth varian associates dosed july men and will reopen aug 9th not yet 6n holiday la avian aircraft but they will close clvk holiday weekend and re turn to work aug loth provincial paper ud and pressstite division of inter- chemlcal corp do not dote but tauter employees vacation lime v a look at the weather july hiaa law h si wed it 1 1 u tburs 71 ss sj pri w 14 sat bs 1 ta sun 18 men tt ss a high for week is low ss j predpllatl na os alicia r scou i u i

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