Halton Hills Newspapers

Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), July 29, 1965, p. 11

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retired cnr superintendent was knox presbyterian elder seuearuleodetrt of ant u toronto for canadian kdtooal railways when be r- farad ia 1sj1 ajbert edward taylor iniiiniilnirt to heart attach at his borne s heweoa cncnl aa july n t ut taylor had been wtth the cnr for 43 yam ua was anfaslent car ilialiai limiil for n ia samll from uk to l37 foreman of the paaaea- gar and freight repair depot he toronto emu taflo and sup erintendent of car equipment at nora kay until um when ha wee traaafarred to toronto bora at srigneo be wes the aa of tauebea proctor taylor amd harriett duncan ua wei adaealed la sarnie and we a eassnli tv of st paul husonir lodge there a lallbful meenber of tba preetoywtan church he was aa elver at knox preobytenan church here and bad held euntlar office at duns afrvnoe church toronto calvin church is north bay end sl andrew a sarnie me tear esember of toe cnk pensioners club end 0 railway raob toronto air taylor wei a member of ceoreetowri jlnrticultural sort ety tie was a music lover inter- aeted in listening to classical records and bad sung in church ehohs for 33 yean me uevei hi wife marguer ite whom be uarrud in her- clall0 auction sale far ittiisellwmckechnie lot i cobteoa 3 keel toronto township it fend south of 401 hljhwey saturday july 31 at jam pjn registered helslela cattle in rinding 13 daughters of thorn la texsl supreme implements milk cooler ytteug equipment hay and household effects albert mebride nu ta unthi culdrok mn jl jami nn trail and dean of georgetown and mrs hieh- ard lot tbattr toronto t fnadchildreo umi bnrtbr ciuiim p tvjior detroit ml- chirm- a atftcr mn c dead- uaa of l 1 nonaaa youb4 cooduc bd ua4 fuaerml fcervk la kaoet iptesbyisriaii cbwrch oa stjr- dy txuifl4 the mtviea tba ehurceh dkolr euuitf two tavtaw- litoltyniu unto tw hliu ksd njt tjw good ruikt wluw- ln vervwuliani crauf c scarrttj ad c moor caarf uo c ml iriyuu st crdit sjd carwoj and nonmaj hall tbraolo loumoat waj in crwswood coowicry iowa w 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water heatcn gar wood gu and oil furnaces itfixtt 1 ileln st u septic tank pumping weepliuy tile trenching gravel fill walton sanitation gnkvichs ren end will mcoewah irrtriss tf read the herald classifieds our work manship is topfand our charges modest we have up tothamlnuto knowledge the latest equipment and top quality elecernent parts to service- your ut wigo tv 4 appliances expert tv repairs by topnotch technicians service 1 main north tn 73374 dr and mrs s ilab to annonnm the arrrral of a eon eerie lastte in braoaptoo hospital oat sonday july 33 ims a kwotbea for s moclltr ear and mn john l blclare are happy to an- aaobce the birth of tvir son stuart icclea weight t lbs 19 at on saturday july 11 ims at ce a bis- bid memorial hospital a brother tor mary jane buly and lauy yttat sehxbetrowm hxkalo ttevmsewy july lteb ims delrex vote mutvt bjlkmes cohncule on frl day july xsrd ueb after abort lllniia colaa suns beloved hueband of cerel- dine mecraith loving father of mary michael anne car- keel and fergus deer em of mary agnm end the lete seen names end deer brother of beemood maeee drmoaa attracts maura bested at the uaiold c mcdure fnue- ral home m edith sul until monday morning thence ta holy crase church wer requlent buss was lad at eleven oclock interment wei ut greenwood cemetery k1kxwood ofl fru july sard at kafulwe timo thy jemes infant son of kuv and mrs j klrkwood of tim um age 3 weeks 8axk morris oa tburs- day july 31 16oa at thi doc tors hospital morris saia of 4d umrldes drive hus band of the late dora aae loving fsther of mrs m ttrh- man mine of new york mn s glnsburg cpesru percy sase of georgetown mrs m welshman leona of to ronto and the late david sax brother of mrs s ker lovsky lus also survived by 10 grandchildren and 3 trreattrandchlldren funeral service cm friday july s3 at 1 pm front tht beth tsedec synegorua 1m0 bet hunt st interment dewei vj cernrlrry shivi privelf in lieu of shlva gifts kindly do ns u to charity of your choice taylor albert edward kuddanly at his hoina s hcwsoa crescent george town on thursday july h 10a3 albert e taylor be loved husband of merguerita taylor and dear fsther of frances mrs l jsinlsson dean and betty aire r luck rested at the harold c mc- clure funaral home 34 with st until saturday morning funeral service in knox pres- bytarisn church on ssturdsy at 100 in interaitbt in greenwood cemetery george town vrontlnued from page 1 district towns which own their m induatruu land he estimated the value of the land tbe town would buy for 17500 at taoodoo and asid there are nine industries presently eyeing georgetown and two local ones thin king of lo in the east end he ssld tbe hid lots which would be releaeedior building would cost the development arm si 000 a lot for necesssry e and be warned that if council does not accept tbe wement it would be possible tor dejrex to sell to other owners who could breoeed un der the town s present buld lng by lews and ignore provl alone of tbe 19o4 agreement he- discounted tbe idee that wholesale building of homes would occur moot of tbe bouses woid be in the us two to uu 000 range be said and mortgage money is hot available for wholesale building he discounted a kteie- aent by mayor clbtnthat the aewsge disposal plant will not take care 6f the extra boues k will serve these 1183 loti and moore fsrk too dls- puted the mayors claim thkt three or four new schools would os needed h s bow or bever he turn 1 op what we de tonight can effect g fvaare for twenty years there were seven wales la favour at our ccenrnitteei meeting and i hope ahey dont y their aninda mayor oabhoos who laat week stated in e letter to the press bis opposition to the egreeeneat termed it one of the moat dan gerous piece of legislation we could enact he criticised partirulnrty the clause which allows the de veloper to buy beck land at the pnceet is sold for and said future hen t ratios could upset the towns whole oamy while other towns own industrial land be ssid this bad been purchased with bo strings attached cr powers though latimsl nig be might favour so agree moot indicated be tvuld not accept tt without aome rev aioos crs hallentinr hmith and francis supskahed the vnove strongly while nerve fluott said be would fsvour releasing neither the delrex nor moore rsrk under euth e plan the principle of releasing land without any ration u against my thinking he said tf we release iouo lots the iowa is getting cm a lot he tve fcneara laitaat ta advertise their land at tuo acre and still not eat jh dustry tthe reeve said it would be preferable ta re lease jean least so acres oa at- worried about releasing foreaer cleave wregnl hepburn terms on the etaf line pertiruwly deputy beeve bonier crru chrnd the agreesnent wnrdsng it would release the lots faej buudiag be aasd but the town wee still not iisiiasjihy purs rharlng lbs 179 acres i and if the wo line leo4 doeeot mean aaythmg a some have ald why is it ie the agrenmen at alj he eakadt when the vote was takea crs nallrnilne francis hew son bmith eod youag aup ported tne- agreesnent weta the other four emmcll lineal bersfla opposiuon the majority carries able resolution hut til have ta satisfy myself that 1 have ou tbority to sign the agreement without a by is aald- the mayor cr hea6e ssld the agree men lj en eptlod to purchase end there must be a bylsw when the option- u esercised- aad this would reouire a threequsrler vou of council ssld the mayor were away ahead of ourselves tonight cards of thanks barnes since it impos sible to thank everyone per- aonally i would like to take this opportunity to express tmy deepest gratitude and ap preciation for the overwhel ming kindness shown to toe and y family during our re cent sad bereaveroent spe cial thanks to friends neigh tours relatives the catho lic women s league lhtoni syateine canada ltd the or- ganlst and choir members who participated in the mast aleclure funaral home the hospital staff and dr odwy er and dr martin a very elneere thank you to every one un geraldlna bamea ucdoruij with special thanks to rev norman young we wish to thank the many friends neighbours and rela tlvei who called at our home after the funeral service with their condolence for tha late joseph mcdonald arcoje and doreen mcdonald ucdonald we would like to express our sincere thanks to relatives friends and neighbours for their many acts of kindest beautiful floral tributes and expression or sympathy during these days of sorrow special thanks to the whs and dr bobenek and dr chamber lain mrt emily mcdonald and family uodoucall i with ta thank my blends relitlvti end neighbours for the esrds gifts and for their vlilu while i was a patient in the georgetown nt district mem orial hospital and since re turning home alio thanks to dr otubvoerlaitt dr odwyer the mines and everyone on ward a for their kindness shown to ma while i was a patient there sincerely alex medougall mcnally i wlsfa to extend my sincere appreciation to all my friends and nelgh- toun who aa kindly thought of me with visits cards and gifts while i wu a patient in the georgetown and district memorial hospital and since returning to my home a special thank you to dr martin and the nursing staff leu mcnelly t food budget red brans blade roasts blade bone removed 55 ko brand short rib roests 59i ground chuck steak lb 59c lean minced beef lb 43c carnation evap milk q ti 00 peek frean biscuits shofrcalta diqaitiv nice craml crunch ginger crup rtoslea ridati whaar 4 1 00 rosedale choice cream corn 8 sj00 mclarens crispie sweet relish 4 si 00 laings barbecue sauce 4 100 smiths apple pie filling 3 si 00 robin hood pie crust 4 11 ex kas 100 freshie all ravous mi 25c beaver popped corn mir 29c clarks pork beans 30 ex tins 39c aylmer strawberry jam instant coffee wht- tactln 34 az jar 49c maxwill housi 1ft exmar 55 anac1n taburrsnox of 30 49c httllik mhk of maomkia12 ox 69c purex tissue 2k 25 top quality tft huits an vtoctabus ontaro no 1 fresh no 1 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