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Georgetown Herald (Georgetown, ON), December 18, 1940, p. 2

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1941 last week ottawa ont dec 7th 1m0 yesterday parliament adjourned to meet again on february 17th unless nme emergency occurs which will require the convening of the house at an earlier date as you are all aware the adjourn ment was arranged in order to per mit the calling of a conference of representatives from the provtacea and the dominion to consider the sirols report the main items of oils report are financial in tlhelr charac ter the report recommends that the ppwer to raise money by way of in come tag corporation tax and death duties elicukj be vested exclusively in the federal government to corn pentftie the provinces for ttus loss of taxing power the report recom mends that the dominion should as sume 4tae entire responsibility for re lief made necessary through unem ployment and also should take over the provincial debt of all or the pro vinces the closing days of the house since my last report were taken up in the consideration of the measures intro duced by tbe minister of finance to further the conservation of foreign exchange the object of the legisla tion is to divert the expenditure of money by the general public from the purchase of goods made in the united states to the purchase of goods made in canada or in qreat britain the need for this does not apoeor to be fully appreciated dur ing the last war canada had no dif ficulty in arranging for the purchase in the united states f all types of war goods she required together with the necessary credit for payments of goods this time all is changed tine neutrality act and he johnson act preven the us from selling any war commodity to canada excepting tor cash and also prevents the os from loaning an money to canada this being so our purchases from the united states must necessarily be restricted to an amount equal to our favourable balance of trade with the ub plus the gold we produce and plus the uj3 exchange which we already hold in the form of securi ties foreign bank balance etc the favorable balance of tourist trade as well as the payment or interwt and dividends are also factors the war exchange conservation act prohibits the importation into canada from the u s of ft long list of manufactur ed goods mentioned in the act total ing something over one hundred and sixty trade items as to thirtyfive other items of trade these may still be imported but only upon license the minister announced that the act ls estimated to effect a saving of fom five to six millions monthly of us exchange of course the suc cess or otherwise of the act depends upon one thine we can by law pro hibit the importation of merchandise from the uj3 and we can tell them in effect that we want war supplies inrtead or general merchandise but we have no means of knowing the amount by which our exports to the uj9 will be reduced as the result of the embargo which we have placed upon ujs goods entering canada tf the act works successfully hs scope will doubtless be further extend ed as the war goes on the other feature of the war ex change conservation act ls the re- canadian national pbrttlsh railways take national job bombs blackouts and fires all in tub days work the war has given britains rail ways and railwayman a huge task vital to the national effort they are doing it magnificently by a special correspondent transport of troops of war mater ial and of tadustrtat freight enormous demands on lines mock man power and arga plana have to be made abandoned changed and put into operation at al most no notice railway working in many of us aa- peots ls complicated by tbe blackout and other seoutiby measures finally enemy bombs not only make airway work a hazardous frontline duty but they sometimes cause damage to lines that must be repaired aa nap- idly as possible often under difficult and dangerous conditions planning new bootes day xai night the operating staffs of the main line railways and lon don transport are ready to arrange emergencv services by railway road and river steamers to carry the public to and from their work and they usu ally hae the emergency servicea work ing ih a remarkably short june railway engineering staffs who are always on the alert for instant action in the event of damage to lines the ipeed with which the repair squads get to tlv scene after a itonb explodes and the ropldity with whlcff they com plete the repairs are almost incredible to the people who do not know the meticulous organization that lies be hind the rush work amongst the jobs which have to be tackled are these putting out fires caused by bombing clearing great quantities of debris from the lines ii lntr up bombcraters and relaying he tracks installing emergency sig- i mlllng systems pending the repair of the permanent installations repair ing aainageetecttlcalaulesttnapect- ing arche of bridges and tunnels and overcoming the problem of unexploded bombs on the line here art a few instances showing how efficiently these jobs are done pour bombs fell on a suburban line it 1 30 p m blocking three lines by 3 15 two lines had been opened for raffle at a terminal station bombs killed the driver of a train and seriously in jured two firemen damaged the sta lion roof and platforms and put the si mall lug system out of operation re gardless of this the trains were still kept runulng rapid repairs a complicated junction near a large station was bombed at 4 00 pjn but before 83c p m the whole of the lines points ano signalling had been exam ined and repairs were made in time to ope with the bulk of the evening bus iness traffic bombs were dropped at midnight on a suburban station dealing with very heavy passenger traffic in less than tpvo hours repairs had been carred out a damaged empty train had been removed and early morning passengers were passing through trie station an incendiary bomb recently hit a suburban train setting it on fire the business an professional ards kenneth m langdon barrister sottettor notary 1 first mortgage money to loan office gregory theatre btdfe mill street fbone 88 jcooke cement and cinder frank petch licensed auctioneer 1 and 1 all classes op insurance 3 prompt service g phone 391 oeorfetown p o box 413 i t tool m ggfl rttards lot book read train fired by auction of import duty on some 67 extinrulbhbd ade ttemstradefrom tfre urdud raa n behaved splendidly kingdom the object or this tariff 1 utuft fl reduction is to sthnojlate sales of a b dropped on a station merchandise by the united kingdom to i ln the subu one evening e2 h j l plft w we da the rack lifted and rails bent and there wore bomb craters in various places train ran into the debris thereby canada reduotioras would have had a very t important result but on account of the war tbe effects which may flow from this part of the act may not be great the prime minister announced that a special committee of the house would be set up to examine wartime expenditures this committee will doubtless be composed of members from all groups in the house and will have powers similar to those given to a similar committee of the house of commons in great britain during the adjournment i will be glad to receive letters and calls from my constituents with suggestions and advice yours sincerely huohes cleaver santa claus the children s sfay mi mmm hefttjhr comfort of ile worlds finast anthracite in ihcmaandsof canadian furnaces bine coal is burning steadily evenly and economically riving families a heating cprnfort and satis faction they never enjgyed before blue coal i tylou iiikmtej iiil oil wtfl kentmeron blocking two of the four sets of metals through the station jjevi than twenty hours later the de bris had been removed the derailed trains withdrawn the platform walls ind tracx repaired the latter work re quiring six new rails and both lines were re opened to traffic in time for ihe evening rush hour business people who had seen the damage when travelling through the station over one of the undsanaged sets of metals in the morning were astonished to find on their return journey in the evening that their train passed over the place where the dam age had occurred work despite danger one gyprrtng recently an unexpto- elmer c thompson insurance service fire auto windstorm cj railway and allied steanmhl summbst excursions fbone llw er brick and tile manufactured with nptodate power machine all slaes r any quantity 3 new st fho burlington radio repairing we specialize in this work is years expetienoo j sanfordson scene ralph gordon i the versatile entertainer for f your next program i illustrated circular free b addrea sub crawford st toronto a monuments 1 markers and lettering pollock ingham 1 gait ont i designs on request phone 3048 inspect our work in greenwood cemetery mwmwmnibta gkorovtown tomrf9nmtmlmmlwrlmvmmnmittm the dictionary merely tells you that santa glaus 1s a contraction of saint nicholas see nicholas saint i turning of the pages reveals that nlch olas was bishop of myra or smyrna in asia minor about 300 ax he was the patron saint of old russia and was believed to offer special protection and comfort to seafaxing men thieves virgins and children his affection for children was based on the as uon that he irougnt back to life three schoolboys who had been murdered an encyclopedia attributes the name by which he is known in america the early dutch settlers who called him san nlcolaas but it little matters whether he was known as saint nicholas santa olaus kris kringle or a dozen other names for the presence of his spirit on this climax holiday of the year i the bn- portant tm every home inthe four cornemtsf c and touches the hearts of all the men and women in them moreover it ls essentially the spirit of childhood ths freshness tbe courage and the eager ness of young uvea saint nicholas may seem old but be has none cf the feais regrets or prejudices of age he and his children stand on the threshold of the world their banner is good wtb and their goal 1 peace so this day dedicated to tho memory of the bfrth of a child beltngs to all children it la their carols their laughter their happiness which makes it sweet and we older folju should on this day at least share their kindli ness their tolerance tfaelr purity and their saint nloholaa tbe boston herald ded bomb fell a short mainline signal box train servicea were temporarily suspended while mil itary experts made an inspection they were of the opinion that the bomb was of a type that couldn t be disposed of immediately but the railway dldnt wait for the bomb to be taken away before restor ing the service someone at once sug gested that a screen of wagons placed on the up line would make possible singleline working on the down line this was done thirty highsided wag ons loaded with coal were shunted on to the up line volunteers were then called for to work freight traffic past tfte spot the traffic and looomouve run ning staftb volunteered to a man the crews of down trains from london showea the spirit they refused leave their trains although volunteer drivero were resdy to take over for the danger section of the ran as a result ottne courage saownby these rauwaymen twentyfour impor tant freight newspaper and flsfa trains were worked past the danger spot be fore the bomb was removed when or dinary train servicea were lestared gray coach lines timetable october ttb leave georgetown kutboand to toronto f 6 14 am 4 08 pxn g le ajn 6 pa 11 48 pm 9 13 pjh e 223 pjn westbound to london 935 am 600 pjn xl2 08 pm v7s0 pm 206 pm dxlojb pm y4x6 pjn- exlls5 pm except sua and rol b sun and hot only caaturdays only d except sat sun and hot e sat bun and hot roaily except sun x to b3t y to stratford w h long fhane f c n r timetable standard time going east passenger 618 i passenger and mail 1008 i passenger ffjd mall 6 4ft pjn passenger sundays only 631 pin passenger daily 941 pjn toronto and beyond going west passenger and mail 34 i passenger saturday only 1 18 pjn passenger daily except saturday and sunday 609 am passenger and mail 848 pan pasrenger sunday only 11j30 pjn going north passenger and mall 848 i passenger and mall 660 pjn depot ticket office phone stw j cooke floor contractor floob latino sanmno besuwacmo ransmho we specialize in old floors good workaunalp remonlac prtoot new st phone sit bubunoton thfttu no ttfuifl touco jmtukej old chum the cheaioy enterprise tells tins one w a krug and t w henry were at waakerton recently attending a meeting addressed by the ontario chairman of the war oaring oom- nufctga in this collection tnere was a ver in the kinwrttri bulletin the sale of lick hitler stamps which by fuvngfcng t2e words to war savings stamps we get tite fol lowing a feuow named adolf a ecampf wrote a story entitled main kjunpf in it be discloses just how he pi ep to take au the world into campf but adbh will never be ohamrtf and hell not reach the top of for we each put a crampf in his hutxkrleg trampf purchase a w adding tbe word please to tela grama is estimated to cost american about 910000000 a year

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