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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 18, 1950, p. 7

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thursday may uth 1k0 the acton free pftess pack bkvkn cecilacarr optometrist bl4 s tel 101 wont ustlft tstade report that british woollen and worsted manufacturers are telling canadian buyers to taka poor qua ity cloth or do without brings this sharp criticism from the financial the caoaldan market la serious in more ways than onr the canadian will lortf remember what they call this squeeteplay and one of these dayf in the notdistant future the british ere foinf to be awfull bnsious to sell in thii market demonstration come and sii- kemglo tha miroda luttre rnith for lutdwwu bathrooms finest woodwork 2 kimtone the modern flat wall finish can be applied over wood plaster and wallpaper with brush or rollerkoater dries in one hour hat no painty odour enameloid the high gloss enamel of loot met jfr unx clear gloss renews pro tects beoutifies all linoleum and wood surfaces k sherwinwilliams the twocoat system for xtertor house painting may 20th symon hardware the sunday school lesson sunday may 21it 1050 goldtn ttxt he hath showed thee o man uhat is sood and what doth the iurd require of the but to du justly and to lova kind nru and ti ualk humbly with thy cod ulr 6 b lesson tkxtulc ii 11- 2 3 5 12 s rxtomtlon wiir to injuitlre mir i i 2 i 2 this i a lrson fir our day tin rry that jehovah here utter to prove you cant match a frigidaire master model for 1950 throutfh iln prophtl mtcah needs to be raised in all lands today mich name means who is like i jan jehovah and his book con slantly sets at in thii iruon the greed injustice and cruelty of men jovir against the love patience and i strict justice of jehovah in vs 1 3 we have picture- of not only the grtedy land grabber of mirah day but also of a hungry horde if monopolists and many mad covet i ers of other men lands mutes oil ells and bunness enterprises of our own day til soften millions are a great curse to society but they an a bigger curse to the million aire and his family than to anyone 1 1st god says and hmory proves it against this family do i devise an t vll from which ye shall not it move your necks ii smt of princes ilophrl and irltsts 3 s 1j when ihe leaders of a nation do uell i hey are llw ni in i iters of od a justice and should be en utiragrd utoin 13 1 7 i 1rl 2 17 jlut when tht y are e i and their work oiiupl the fwaople they an to im rtind muni prov 2d i s lfl kit a 2 hctt 10 41 the word of rl hi rt proof f r tht great m of mi n and preachers and teachi it of tit w id are to ltd more span tht i n in in htkh t larvn than tht ut to w llghtlv oer tht i i i tf nlliiary m-tpt- i it i it im ibrmul that th iiil t iiil tin miki f th ii wh h ii hi i v f 1 i l utijit to iht midi tut v 1- hum to h tin i in- rail i a m i mi n nin ihlhty t a mlnh i i k1 n wunl has strong warn i illc kiiulnvt mii h t induct thk uhi i paiuniie it filled with th uui inoplrjng dignity of gin miv n ifi purpoit apostasy in fuith and lift is rt rtain tit im itt nil inutt judgment iii the lord t lit iiln ments 8 fl 8 whin god ip uka tht rt is ontv iuii thing for an inli lllgi nt man to do listt n and listen atttntlvelv in tensely and obediently it would be an immeasurable bit sslng tf all presentday preachers so spoke that they could always say hear ye what jehovah salth they could tf they would always speak by god s one book the tllblc in ulcah s day the tanrd had a controversy with lliii people so he has today with hli earthly people israel and alto with the church in language of great noetic sublimity mlrah calls on nature the moutalni and hills to hear this controversy man has turned a deaf ear to god even ills nun people had turned a deaf ear to jrhovah let the mighty mount sins and the glorious hills hear gods voice they will hear it again some day and go hither and yon at his omnipotent bidding zech h 4 71 in great tenderness ood pleads with his faithless rt belllous and disobedient people what marvell ou and matchless pathos in the word o my people what hae i done unto thee cf jer 4 1 it 3 12 14 22 hon 11 ii 14 1 4 7 and gods love to the back slid r in j uit the same todav can m ti tify again god god re counts his redeeming and deliver inc u ork for israel 1 he had hnnifiht them up out of the land t f bondage so he has us 2 he hid sent before them moit aaron and mirlim gteat on moses wrwrtvtr yow live- wholvr the tlz of your family kitchen or budget be turt to see th mw fngidatre refrigerators for 1950 see the four new mod4l 6 76 9 and 92 cu ft sixes see why your no 1 chotc is the worlds no 1 refrigerator hugioairb niw olindwlul isslcli anil tttm niw supvrsterao design with fubiroh door en largef niw lmprvd mtrmir niw shelvm are aduslobl and nnrslstant niw split shh allows room fer laro bulky items niw swingdown thh fot butter cheese small kerns niw allpereelaln twin hyw draters that stack up niw allporcelain meal storage tray made rtoii 1m whole wheat r and here s hole wheal in its most popular form don t neglect the great ood nu trituinuts ssy we need whole heat it cn taint ttlsj ood elements and n a disco shkfdoed xheat m mh from ttm u lw u avj ou ii cntu this dcliiiout golden cereal with corn rup honey or urn jut pour on hot water and dram or serve fresh from the pailajic come tnl govt th facn cibcut the new imgwolr mouu for 19501 maiming electric was he wai nothing to htm whom god has sent before us jno 1 it 8 12 3 he had turned balak s intended curse through balaam into a marvelous blessing num ch 22 25 now comes the practical ques tton for god s wandering people how shall they come before jell ovah whom they have so grossly wronged and of whom they have so forgetful and toward whom they have displayed surh incredible in gratitude the mere performance of out ward religious ceremonies no matter how costly will do no good a the sacrificing even of one s dearest the first born will not suffite to atone for the vsfn of oneia soul god has already giv his only htgottcn as an sql suf firient basis of forgiveness and just tflration and we do not need to give our jno 3 is gal 3 13 isa i3 fl 2 cor ft 21 no all god n quired of israel wicked as israel had ttren and all he require of any of us la true repents nee 111 to ustly i e to surrender our lives completely to god i control anil ronfurm our dally conduct ex jtttlv to his will a he rt veals it in his own word 2 to love ttif n v i e to le romtantlv re gardful of the needs of others as u our own serlattv thr im1 t f lti unfortunate itnd th n in xld n t walk hurnllv with 0 ir it to rt jlirt thit we i iintit r and tiwt in fxxt s r iint n t n r ovk n int ilt fur art t it c u tore him iltim 1 10 27 it n fh ml i wk lfl 0 14 1 n iille that wt hav m ni ral h uir i f our i wit unit trust i titls transforming grarr fph 2 1 titus 111 ii vl and to de m ml upon gtwl in praver for wis th m und htrength a h ttav ia 40 31 ja i 7 luke 1ft i then must be an all round adjustment of lives to tht precepts of lllm and live in the enjoyment of ilia favor if tf service you need call hoys taxi indeed discount 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