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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 18, 1950, p. 6

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patmsac the acton rtee press thursday hay uth jua prof gro e ratlhbp si art i sprayer for houtrin twiliqht mwrting the halton hulstein hnmrn are planning to stage a twilight meet ing at the farm of hays ltd near trafalgar on wednesday evening uay 31st states ii craig rrid pop ular president of the halton club the club has been successful in securing prof geo e llallhby of cuclph as the guest speaker for the evening the programme we understand will get under way a 7 so with a judging competition under the direction of ltd dren nun lloltdn firldman special prli are toeing of frrt d whlrh will iw awarded to the high ld high mmi and junior a in form f yrtru lunrh will ik- prov ided for this mpulr annual r vt nt vtv n itemed from pi i sld nt it t1 irul tintatixi pluns have been mad 1 h 11 lh annual llallon and pul hoi t in and jersey k id du il ih a on kaliirdri jim 10th am lht r ui ni of nt i t to the hlai k iml whiti nlhumaiit l th it tin ir annual lm i again to be held at milton on saturday sept win where durno innf is to be th offlrlal judge maple catur llreederi fluy jerjcy sirrt in llallon in order to atrcngthm their stud of bulls at th mapli unit two aires hive taren added thi find of these was brd bv m c iatv of tra- fslgai t wmhip tin- miiing bull wi ind b thi hnt turd sire i ind u muioti which in turn wu glifd h brampton ll sunn imd out of i ind bimlua bred and rals l t mi hat thi gr ot co i 1 if ii d hli nl wa alo th hih t pi x1im mj diuthter to date f thit i lid mrr lliuiipton itaml ru him f i ricorrt nf 1mws lb m md u ft on twlrr a dav milkinr thr dam of the vounr hull hi ttinv 1 tv maph i a v rv oimmi dmchtir of lindil hllu vhi it- now on a record w hlrh look lik 11 000 lb of milk and km mi of ftt tht ri ond bull purchased b maplt w bred h fi iithcislnm nni alo of trafalgar tnwnship thi- bull i a son of a onlea sui anna thr grand champion female t both the 1b4h and 1w0 halton jrrm shows suxanna is a daugh ter of the noted 7ana champion long ditancr cow for fcatherstone tlroa siuanna ha both silver and gold rmdal records with 712 lbs of fat a a three ear old thr aire of the bull in question 1 brampton jrrs nasll herd sire of annlei farm i halton t re members of the maple vnil will be delighted to learn f thcc tw n new addition selected from tw n nf the top herd tn ontario joii f clark noted lecture on meeting at mmeitcme school home beautlimrltm to address for man near a horticulture sochu was quite active in the town f milton in recent yearn due to the lack of leadership the organisation has been more or dormant the officers and member pf the mountain vnlon womens institute are anxious to revive the organis ation and with this thought in mind are sponsoring a meeting in the ltmtone school nelaon town ship on monday may 2snl john f clark the popular lect urer on home beautiflcatlon u scheduled to give an illustrated ad- dre sh uld a horticultural society ba orfcnind following the meeting it v 111 of course bo oixn for member- ahip to the milton district mr velma norrli president of the ml unu n w 1 and the members of her ronmuitet are to he congratulated on thi niot to rrviw an organii- ation whkh should hae a worth- whili place in un cimmunlty halton juniors complef pusu or annual acmtmt d saturday june 3rd ia the djbe of the big annual event alwayff looked forward to by the juniors of hal ton on this dale will be held the achievement day for the junior horaemakers who have been car- eying on home economics proct since last fall it is also the oc caslon when the junior farmers visit some of the leading live stock farmer of the district and stag whi you tinlc into lis dsp upholfttocy of your but oi iff remind i you ol ihaff favoril choir off horn th aiily od- juslabl bock givt you a cholc of tvral rvtt- ful positions ptvnry of lso room and individual reading lights compul th picture of maty chair oats ottawa 13 00 toronto 1 80 north bay 1335 quoboc 34 15 round trip subct to change hottls and utfowmton harold whs momt st their annual live stock judjdna competition we understand frtutt president stan jay of the halton juniors that the prize list for the young men has been revised to provide ihree sections one for jun iors under 17 years a second for lhuw 17 to 21 years and a third fur ihnso 77 to 30 years inrluitvg needless to say there wtl be a separate prize list for each sec tion as in former years there will be a championship trip awarded to the 4 11 club congress at chicago this year this goes to a junior farmer on the other hand the young ladies are not being over looked and thanks to the generosity of the womens institutes of hal ton two of the junior hotnerpjker will participate in an eatenslve and interesting bus trip to various lolnu at interest ist year a sim ilar party covered various sections nf northern ontario ottawa and points east haiti hh licotmt fob i united htatku jaubore8 a patrol of eight kings scouts ill tepresent or eat britain at th american boy scout jamboree at valley forge pennsylvania nest june 30 to july 4 kvery canadian ilnre has been invited to send representative in all some 40000 scouts from 41 countries will at tend ptnguiiis t gg as food are on trial in south africa milton remarkably delightful werj words used by members of an en thusiastic audience in describing the spring recital of the newly formed milton junior band on sunday ateing tial4tultty4f the band as a whole including ln- terprt tatiun w as t xc hi nt through the prugram at the omagh women s institute on tuesday may 2nd the retiring president mrs wn bay ley was hnnored by the member an ad dress of appreciation for years of faithful service to th womans in stitute was read by mrs o dolby mrs o douglas praaaotsd mr bay ley with a life membership pin and certificate and a gay bouquet of flowers canadian champion nimp hity on hmrrikh cash pressure is being applied frum many quarters to have the govern- nu nt raunposa dump duties on british good entering canada re ports the financial iost ieadlng nut or nianufai turns point to the s 740 tj k cars which entered canada in january if this ke pa up they see an annual inflow of rloae to 70 000 uniu in 1d0 as yrt there la no indication that the govi mini nt ik prepafel to riiangr hi present policy but the ju stliwt i intlnually under rt lew oakville a rapt audience listened delight edly white a speaker told the ttoty of how he and his wife a town bit d couple forsook the crowded city and found happiness and deep con- tin trtt little place in thr country the sprayer was krnneth mcneill wells former toronto newspaperman and author of two books who addressed the annual meeting of oakville and district humane society in knui church hall tuesday evening knox presbylerian church cele brated the tqrd anniversary of the laying of lis cornerstone on sun day special preacher at both morn ing and evening services was prof i w hay of knox college tor onto saturday was a busy day for oakville boy scouts and wolf cuba all morning and well into the afternoon the lads scoured the town and district picking up bundles of old magazines and newspapers whlili houwttoldt ra had asw nib led for the scouts paper collection journal ultrasonic chunung has produr ed butb r in a frw sc mdi no inion just suppose wivis fchnuld li on strike said the angrr wife on uh ud iearie 1 have a honey of j stnki r hrtaker in mind wanted dead animals w r pajrittf th mfttm prtvaiuas arlaa fr 4tt4 m rmpplbl horses cattle hogs ttuplion collect for immt scrvka laing cartage oprkatino vob ooboon too umttab r look at the car a yaaaf hsat wlutt iww a ant pramth us foaily at as ioau tiasa a aartklbstiat sasry whi armitreno dlilrirt rasraianlanv georoetown ont t smith ohitm sramptan owl moxt henutihil thing on vi heels chieftain deluxe 8cylinder 4door sedan iook lo jour rjrn ilclipht and your licurts cimtrnt fir thin 1t0 ponliir in hratiliful in tlir siucr htrcol vay the unmistakuhlr htjiiulont ilinp that trtrft jour gimma taste vlirrtrr jou clric jour 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