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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 18, 1950, p. 5

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thtntsday may lath ibm the acton k mtess wat rrv mr cor jlggfau of aurora wu bom for moth day uui margaret garvin spent the f torc mm grtm ucklddi of toronto visits at th goulds during th sarwk-end- ur boyd ud miss ruby curk saver horn from toronto for th swkfwl mr carl wuliama of seult st tm spent sunday with frlano to acton mr and ura j lujd and daujh tars of hamilton vtajlad in acton no sunday mr and urt c a g matthews f toronto vtaitad frtmls during th wrtk d mr and ura stanley coy end sandra uf torovtto apet th s nd with friends hr mr and mr j as ford of guelph attended the scott coleman wed dine in acton oa saturday mr and mr w ii clayton vuit d turr the wrkfnd with mr and mr w t huurka lumllton mr and urt harry uawton of gait wr visitors with th formra mother here over th wekd mr and mrs j m stle and darren visited on sunday with his another mr w j steel gilford mr and mrs a wiulama mrs 1l scott and patsy pent sunday will miss e hawthorn and mr ud mrs- j flynn mrs t a morrow of dundalk pent mothers day sunday with iter daughter mrs harvey dolmer and mr dolmer id lor c a dill ulio was taken to a toronto hospital on wcdncs 1 tt n mndins to treatment and hoh li br home in a week or so mr j mm mivs i hsu th n t attended the esecutlvr nilnk f th- u omens assoc is th n f halton prrbtrrlal ui oak mile m- and mrs w j vannormsn mrs j sinclair david and jamie mr c mcourn and patricia ef oiulph visited friends her on sundi mr u nil mrs john tracy hae nu vd this mmk to villr sl iaurni gur mr trac having acnitd a mikition with th firm of 1a il n j ml adam i ul montreal mr i i wright att ndd the joit t i i ft r net of thr fann brok r rnlmtn ontario association of il rliitr board and thr ap prat 1 ittitut nf canada hrltl th wk at th oac guelph i pr aid xlrs it i suck house mr and mr wm quins of hldfie i ua mia ann teal von of i t n r t hrv and mrs arthur couptr of branlford wrv suoata of it and mrs c u poole on sin 1 uiid monday ehtxxjdusbfa mirttrii csiyttrrfy of kau parsonaf uowwr aaa mb o at 1 yxil oranlat aud r leasd all ar cordially invited sunday may 31 1b0 fxchang of pulpits in halton presbytery 1000 am sunday school 1 1 00 a m ilev mr penman of laowville 7 00 pm rev mr a ins worth of hornby llfrrtflfrriittl oajatrtif tal tllsaiiuvii knox cmiuma aorou rev momsatr il ajtjsbvraiono sunday may 21 iftso 1 1 60 ajn divin worship 1318 pm sunday school and bav u claaa 7 00 pjn- kvaalft worsmp tha taord u nlh unto all thb that cau upon llu to au that 0 upon itlm in truth sopttatt cs burr if auton au chaav at oowbl tshifaln sunday may 21 ih0 1030 am sunday school 1130 am thr cddeorts from thr gait ramp 830 pm thursday prsyrr mret in and ilible study 00 pm rridayiypu monday may 23nd f 30 p m con grefalional supper annual btiilnaai maetlnx and auctlon of offteart ii y fti xlbaiis dijurtai aaiuua si4a mr w o laitaaa ba sunday may 21 ibm sunday aft ae nsion lay 10 00 am sunday school 11 00 am holy communion he tmni r s class i 00 p in r v ning lraer paush hall cintas june 4 ui ii a watcom awaits you pollock and campbell high grade memorials memorial engraving 62 water sl north gait bllmimhs mm w iii oliehull sttit bnuitue tropin lart wrek the acton volleyball liaur t rtiunatrd a successful mamiq in brilliant fashion in thr semi final scries the indr- p ndrnts eliminated th tannary kid in a hard fought contest to entt r th finals played the follou- ing t fcht againtt the business men a imsr and ardtnt audience wit nesm 1 thr best and moat exciting v i i j ihr staaon i hut th uusintss mm won thr firt olleotll championship in attor in a best of thrro tcrwi f tt iiitiomr a in doubt until th t i 1 mmuti or pl th in clt h iu nt- starttnl out like a whirl i w i d m th first game to take an i n it id of 10 to 2 the n m miri uuuk to ritaliau but ni cr i tt k ht uud the fine net ptay of htt tmir and hob ilruce nd the ati ul liinn b the remalnd r ihiuhtd tht gunu 13 is i in thi khond tusle th dm lim j nil iht a atd bcttir team pla iti dividing factor a the v v on l t s on of 13 10 tit d at cm tame each the team uttit all tut in th torrid nd decd tnc thirvl canu whuh uai placed at a ttrrifu pacv and kept tht crpwd on their toes till the end thr b m gained the lead 105 the lndtpt ndtnts recovered to tie the acore 14 14 and uke the lead 15 u needing one point to win mlacut at the net irave the service to th bm who tied it up 1313 and then i came through with the nry two points to take the gam and thi championship 17ls next week at the y tha b m will be presented the sam brunei t voile ball trophy at a leacue ban quet wmcmiiugan to will b in acton to htactice optometry the firt ami thin wvdnkilav of fcach month i kom 10 am to pjl at the redence of a t brown mill street please telephone 206w acton for appointment fine performance students compete at annual festival fcofiui fraw peo oil uartln uarkj 84 acton david aon and marian wilson 81 nor in grant and kalui arefham m bur- halton lintton eaat peter dfcrllngton and high school 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meeting of junior farmers choir jural enrolment 15 pupils burlington central bruce amie- carolyn blehn 83 georgetown and under quatre braa 85 cedar son 83 olenwood thomas dobbie imm rmrynluk tt oakvllle west springs 84 no 18 trafalgar 8j 81 georgetown charles springle waod hrtan rrrnch 81 mlltor waterloo 81 plnegrove boyn and 81 strathcona bobby brown 81 mlkr oakvllle nruitwood mount pteasan 80 point w i acton warren trlckey 80 milton c vou artol vr vocal solos rural boy 8 and un- dsvld kendall 80 bronte oeorg mlln h oakvllle brant- der grant surbey 85 dublin founuin 78 acton bruc raid w1mj shar tar o- wsrren taylor 84 unbrook davit 78 oakvllle brantwood robert lown u urnru aunwmd rlvett 83 snldefs rodney mccue hawkins 78 strathcona janus m nur gju kilbride and earl burt stone trvl 77 burlington central bill p m wrnd school 81 poinu each vocal solo j auuii 77 oakvllle brantwood unpu okvllle llrntwood sue rural girls 8 and under maureen vocal solo urban girls 11 years julb rm hrn 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boys dis cussion was the growing and har testing of corn hull call at the girls me ting was answered by what colour suits you brat and why mix barber then discussed with the girls the style and fashions for 1060 i unrh was served and an enjoy able evening by all concluded thr meeting etcrc inorl t v mjr fra r umr l w cnlllnr and kllen roster 83 mt n fmx vrrley hyde and burlington central 1 n jmi- w1 ndra svott 82 georgetown m nemo ruth wigley and hill ward ol it r en buih and mvrlene shower 82 83 union school margaret stark and charmalne wood 83 it lrnby vocal solo rural boys 13 and over mil thompson 88 iome bill ward 87 union school ieonard blnstead 88 glen williams lav erne near 83 snlders martin daenport 83 plnegtove forbes nit 84 fdm mill geoff ry beech 84 nelson vocal solo rura girl 12 and oir lnnna frank 87 moffat nancy white m norval mar hinstead 81 i inbrook don na mcmillan 84 plncrroe xjr gant bml 84 waterltw marv po t 83 snldt r ellrcn prgg cedar sprinir and barbara svtmour 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telephone buullatlon has been set up in a welsh tpeacatt coal mine which fives complete executive control over four square mile of mounutnous country make your selection of new wallpaper from the laigest stock in westetn ontaiio sa trwy new cuflignt prleaxl to suit varysnaj youll find it at chappues bookstore 135 wyndlum s gvmfyh angus kennedy proprietor cona jian bryant 81 glenuoo1 m nnrval m union 84 imnby sandra barton 81 oakvllle brant- fl4 moffat 81 unbrook 80 wotd marlene johnston 81 bur- linngton east faye sacaskl 81 acton judy brown 81 oakvllle high school solo girls undrr it shirley forbes 88 north lilon i uis mcmillan 85 burlington nel wrstwod holly lrxmard 81 bur n son lsolel prrscott 84 burl ngton lington east sandra breekels 81 okvllle bantwood anne ireland z c 80 burlington c ntral fr trafalgar ruth mill rd 83 ok- llejno 80 glrnwood marion cock- 1 t m t r j i i hlfih school solo boys under 31 shutt 80 strathcona patricia mc- rv ii on n n n n lienor tom sale rs 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are they and under bobby armstrong and burlington nelson bernlce john- cook beans variety committees remrt service if planned stewart speaker at an organixation maeting of th c caamillet 4n tha council chamber on tuaaday avco- ing planj were mad for th aervto on jun isth reports of the conunltt show- ed that the member wr carefully laying plans for th vnt that marks th erection of acton from a village to town status the order of servic hj bean drawn up and th fuaat speaker la to be rev a c stewart of mid land and formally of acton lhe combined choirs are to b ututor use direction of mr td hansen and it la hoped to hav a group of at least 80 the music committee reported that they rpct to b able t ft the lome scots band to participate in the programme and also tau local tand under mr c w mason 25th anniversary sale you au invited to imaii in ou smcial sail may 23 31 bargains in all departments lucky ouessino contest ut prize 100 iks sugar w appreciate your pfeleoetaeuy for rhai past 35 years and will euiaavor to continue to torvo you as in tfco patt d g robertson osmunoe fhoflf hin 151 riurr hoars nam t m m ala reh imlu eeuaery keif servr groceries dancing vcton lilk pavilion every saturday n1te 9pm rlcll slllitll nd his merrymakers refreshments grand opening in nwly decorated pavilion saturday may 27th g- cooung system cleaner w th the appearance of spring and thp warm weather the cooling system of your car will increase in importance we have in our accessory stock a supply of g m cooling system cleaner that will add efficiency to this importanl part of youy car and comfort to your summer driving ask us about other now accessories to acid to your motoring comfort lome garner motors pontiac buick vauxhail gmc trucks main and bower acton u phone 32w

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