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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 18, 1950, p. 4

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rxaac rtxm the acton ntce mess thursday uay mth 1m0 district news various luu conettitins aetlvitw a coaunraltim nriiy where many of our bjtni m inluolcd everton ur hugh burk etmlra vlsted hu tuttr un suter on saturday mr harold wright chatham wu homr for the weekend with hit wife and family mr and mr robert mcculcheon kitchener visited on sunday with mr and mr harvey jrstin and bobby mr and mr- ted jntln i nd family visited on sunday with th uttrr parent mr and mrs max milne rock wood suvday vultora with mr and mr alf holes wfrt mr and mn frl fktlrs and family sunday vlaitors with mr and ur will smith war mr fend mr earl van norman acton and mn ah in millar and family of ilrarnpton sunda visitor with mr and mr irwin hamilton were mr and mn alf o ulirig and mr and mn w alexander sunday visitor at the home of mr and mr john alton want mr and mr albert alton mr end mr itobert patten and diane of guelph and ux and mr iv v ifep burn and family mr norman fryer and ann of gualph spent the week ml at the boa of hrr parent mr and mr omar parker ospringe mr mary cook in company milt mr and mr thomas mend rrun f cm iph township attend m1 lli mural of her blili r in la mi nili c ulkc at ilurinjlnn on th irsdnv mi and mrs sitlrux kilrhtn of s uh m maru visited a couple nf duxs last iik with mr bum mihmnin and mi und mm ilvron limit mi im ml run man of toronto fcjm nt the unk rid with her pr cuts f v ond mr fori man mim arlrnr r isher of acton wu a vink end visitor at her parent hon mr and mr r fisher mi m irion sinrlalr of guelph apt nt lli iik end with mr and mr arrhie sinclair and fnmilv mi ni il mc arn ild sunt r gill id i disnm of niacara fall apt nt mother ii with mr g suntir und ml r ftamtr mr aitchison hill and jack of woodstock v isiti d on simdnv w ith mr and mr- i stew art and fnm lis iti v nonnan and mi hou rt ron of gin iph mitt d on simdnv with 1i nnd miss currle wuk i nd cut t w ith mr and mm p c rob rtson included mr nnd mr douglas hobertaon of gin iph mr kin roih rtson tor onto m anne suinshur oak villi undav guests were mr nnd mi hi g cnrter kaien and uiwrni i f strntford mr flow mrkenzti of guelph i sited oxer the urek end with hi r son nnd wife mr and mrs norm in mckenzic mr nnd mn leo nlchnlnon ond children of st catharines spent the weekend with mr and mrs r j matthews the ounit peoph of mimosa church pusrnted tin lr religious drnmi for he huth en nt possess ion in the local presbyterian chin ih li a large gather ins on sunrinx twnliig tin director ri x rili curix nnd pin em di rnr crtnt credit for the fine pres ent ition of thi niblunl storx so tn p mr wltltnm court ner nnd thi jinn numutr l mi cox wire nw en ntlx npptu tilted mr nnd mm jsith s struthi r hid i- thin iiest on mothi r s d m mil mm wiuumi mi uth ti tlii mi nnd mi- ruiscll eden mills mrs lome mclnroy and win of springbrook spent u vera days visiting her father mr andu w bellamy and mrs iu llamy mr and mr claude rrinklow and family visited recently with mr and mrs stewart carson rowmanvllte mrs flhel penfold and daughters pent last sunday with mr and mrs uert gllmore at freeman master bobby and miss ronnie fuley of guelph spent a week md recently in the home of their aunt mi lindsay to i ton and mr toltrti mr and mrs flwd gulli sort family of milton and mr and mrs r colighlly of toronto were vis i tor last sunday in the home of i mr nnd mrs w early mrs w field spent a week rec entlv with relatives in toronto the many friends of mr w mr ican sr will be sorry to learn his eye had to lie removed after his i serious accident all hope mr mclean wll soon be about as usual miss kathrlne funk of guelph and lac clarence funk of tren ton apent last weekend with their parent mr and mr john funk mr and mr floyd hammond and family spent last sunday with mr hammonds mothar at parti mr and mr grose and son of hamilton were visitor with mr und mr ed woodhouse last sun day mis r n and jack tuck wire visitors with their sisters in brampton recently mr charles ivinhow nf kinp uton hpi nt 1al we k in the home nf hi son mr claude rrlnklnw nnd mr rrlnklow mr and mr joseph abbott and mr and mr thoma rennie nf ton nto were weekend lilor in thi hotm of mr and mr w j ixw rie mr nnd mr i a ivnlhirh nnd miss ruth hiuiikh f curlph were levtehouse congratulations to mr and mr jack roughley on the arrival of a little son in guelph general hoc pttal on sunday congratulations also to the newly wed of saturday douglas scot and ploawe coleman of acton recent visitor include with the llerrtngtonf were mr and mrsbuj herrington and child rt n of lakvtew and ux and urm- w u miller of long branch with the charua jonee were ur and mr lome bu and lorna and mr jonae of wood bridge and mn hogg and mr victor hogg of thi tie town with mr lane were mr and mrs arthur lane and daugheti of montreal mr and mr ted mor row and elaine of toronto and m- and mr bob lane and children of georgetown with mr a j smelhurat wete mr and mrs harry smethunt and daughters and mr and mr jo mcgowan atl of barrie mr and mr j a smrthurst and jacque line of islington and mr and mr c a grant and kenneth of slew arttown vllh mr and mr mill recently were mr walker of london eng land and mr and mr coulter of toronto with the itoume s has been mli pat agnew of kingston we eslend tympathy to the kirk patricks and the tulman s in the death nf mr james standlih of strwarttown ku in tl i moidn on ning siiturdd f lh ilcnn i home of mr nndntr w j 1owrlr in imn r their mother mr ilinnii on htr ft3rd hirthdav innie fjnnu mi t lr lr iinilvtrs w j lr nassgvwey s r n stiulh i nnc t 1 1 of pi iton mi 1 1 mi rn stiutli f fr- mi ni 1 1 r hi m cooke nnd flilillu f oi iph ml d on sun il u h lu foi 111 l i mi thir mri m c k mi md m r whkl had ns imlot n s mdn mi and mrs dink- t inknra on thi uik nnd mr in j mii r w ood of lackiort ny mm oi urge jackson waj hastes for th lndns aid meettni on wtdntfdux tvumnc thedixotlon al taktn b mrs suntir a conitmttth was appointed to look afttr onu form of entertalnnunt following the anniversarv in julx a cuanup ihm is too be held at the church in the- near future the 11th chapter of genesis was stud ied with questions asked by mrs a sinclair a dainty lunch was served b the hostess logical judge why did you strike this dentist accused he fot on iny net t mr v hi nm lx attendi 1 the duilph i muling in mli rlwmimi on tin win a cm lond of indus from njis mgnwixii in hx ti ri m va m s mi loud ti winti rlhiuine to atl nd thi spi itik rnllx of thi guelph pn hb li rial hi x c d and mrs hendcrog of montagui ptl are holldax ing w ith mr j j henderson thi busy bie institute m t nt mn peter mcleans on wednr rinv with the president in the chair there w as a coed attend mice of numbers and visitors am une those present being a group of four generations mrs greenslade of gin iph mrs stephen coxe mrs g smille and hrr son stephen of milton the roll call was an- twtrcd by something you have in our medicine chest and its use and was verv instructive mrs wm tuck gave a paper on bum nnd w hat to do for them mrs stipbin coxe gavi a report on the conf i rence nt the oac in gin iph an enjovable aocinl time over the u n cups concluded tht meet j inc mr klmer com iuin in i n puint j l hi tin suminx s hinil riwrn of nntangnwi a pr sbvtt rinn church which is a decided improvemtnt tilt kin in forum and m lnhbom gnthi n d on saturday evening at the hotm of mr nnd mrs david hi ndi rson to offer best wishes and t oiijr itulntion to mr and mr dtlbtrt hi ndi rson nnd pres nti d tin ni with n motor rug it oju mv i t ui hie w ns plaxed with pritis coing to indies high mm win mtcullough 2nd mr i dt hu rt hendemon low mrs bud janif mens high mr stephen cox 2nd mr wilfred kennedv low tlios kt nnedv ri f reshments win served bv the ladles mothers dar services were con ducted in nassagaweva prtsbvter- uin church and sundax school rex c d henderson occupied the pulpit and impressed upon the congregation the necessity of rel igion in the home mr henderson is to be guest minister on the first sundav of june when the sacra ment of the lords supper will be observed four generations wi missed the bapitung of elizabeth jean currle at the morning service rockwood jilt wedmsday evening the members of the rorliwod commun ity band held a hand concert in the music room at the public school with a hmat attendance owing to a combined concert in the town hall undi r the ausplct s of the sacred hi art church and si peter chtirth oustlc the band concert ws well pres nted under the lmdenump of mr s ecott who ha been working with the band memh r and getting n ady for num nn r i ngagement th town hull w will filled f r tin two cntholir churche whin amuliur talent pmxidid th pmr iniitu mother i iv wnn ob s rvnl ti sundix mid will sltn1 id mr lltrrx hnlnian has been busv kitting hl ravil rnixhlng outfit n idx for the m imki since icaii mk thi slaiikhti r hoiim of tht i itr j r ktoiikh i utc nnd conxirtmg it into a workhop for n pair nnd v rhjulint h do all hu own woik the monthlv meeting of th hock wood horticultural socu tx w n held at the hi me of mm alvtn root mondav evening routine busini sx w is cirrnd out nnd thi in xt mi tine m 1n hi id nt the puhltr school w i k end nnd syndav visitor mr nnd mm g f montgnrm ry nf gnlt miss minnie nlckrll of tororlo mr rov dny of toronto mr ond mm fnd day of him ilton mr and mm milton greer and fiimih of hamilton mr and mm gi orgi ruber of arkell mr o ostrandir who has bcn in guelph during the winter months ha returned home mi sarah rowllnson rn re turned to her sisters horn mr 11 watt saturday ev ening aflrr spending the winter in new york monday ivcnlng was open night nt the town hall when four new member wire taken in the group nf boy scouts scoutmaster e u ilamtll with assistant scoutmaster ktnnhv harris officiated at the conclusion of the meeting rt f reshments w ere served and a octal tlmi enjoved bv those irrs tnt mr j i sin nnd mrs m f cop land joined the memtcrs of gin iph wctu nt st george s sipiari to take a ch iriered hu to palnn mton w hen the annual eonvintion of tin wtllington w c tit wiin hi id in knox prtibxter l in i hui i h on mux 10th mis s o mtdutuil of cm iph pnvidid tin hiimnt sv of thi dnv x is mti rpi mhi xv ith pli ntx of good music nnd mtigmg alo two iucutionirv numhirs bv two med- ul coajtisuinls of paliiu rstitn mr v n ck himston wt guest speikir tin conxintion wis will i nttnuhd ovr fifl ih ing pi i tint ikev aimjttono ofvtciayt scottcfxeman cctemony i on saturday may 13 at 210 a ouiet ceremony was solemnlrd at the acton presbyterian manse when florence bertha coleman i daughter of mr wm coleman jr of aetna became the wide f douglas william scott son of mr joseph scott and the lite mrs scott rev armstrong officiated the bride given in marriage by her father wore a while taffeta full skirt gown with an insert scsllopad yoke of lace that enchanted the fit led bodice of her gown and she woie matching mitten of uce a juliet cap caught her finger tip veil and she carried a cascade of red rosea and stephanotls attending the bride was fueen moore acton drced in an aqua blue taffeta gown fashioned after the bride she wore a lace headdress lace mittens and carried a noaegay of sweet mai glen scott brother of the groom wa beat man after the ceremony a reception wu held in llmehoote memorial hall the groom slst r mr thus haines received dressed in a grey punted silk dress with black and v hite an ssorle and w arlng a rihmr of white rose cm sis alb nded tht wedding reception from acton guelph ceorgi town i imehouse hamilton axr st jainb and toronto for the wedding trip the bride donned a navy suit with navy and jmiwder blue accessories and a cor mgc of red rose and stephanotls united church ladies entertain local groups the friendly circle of the tin lied c hurch played hostess to atl groups of young women of differ i nt denominations in town last tuesday may 0 the president mr clarence hufcnvaldson presided and the meeting opened with the devotion al mis dorothy simmon and mis jowphine mcphail wen the miollts mr itobbins viry klndlv n vii wid her trip to thi west coast i nd south slab s including vl w inkin on their travuls which nnde her talk informative and interest it k thi calgarv stampede nnd thi mi urnn r testa w i re am ng tin hikhhkhls of thur trip a mkial hnlf hour and i cup of tia tiroiikfil the frli ndh ivenlng to xiinoiinrinir electric service i i i i i i i i fixtures appliances j pressure systeaas alterations repairs or what have you 122 mill street i temporary phona 334j j d jordan sports address awards granted i alhockeylrfeeliiig lunamsfw40h irtd joftlort ftvl to stuh luntlion al lrsvtukon nlfln iasl friday nluht in the scout hall acton minor sports club wound up the hockey season with s get together of rsntams midget and juvenile who were in the o m if a and the juniors of the oh a president kt n blow was rhalr man of the meeting which was highlighted by an sddress from i the rev j imard self pastor of norval presbyterian church his subject was playing the game the pstor is well rpiallfled to 1 speak on that subject mr self has organised and carried out a smr1 program in norval fur mauv yrs i and is now the itecr rational i direr i lor in georgetown wllh a laige pro gram under way mr silf i li turt in major sxjrt at the tlnlvi rsltv nf toronto and i layed lnt rninllttr hockey for norval a few years sgo his talk hi id he attention of all the hoy and referred to the character build ing nf organlred uportt telling the hoys that they would get out of sport juit what they put into it tin pastor told thrm of his own eieriencea where friendship made in smrt was something which vould last a lifetime mr self was introduced by dr g a slrrs of the iocs organization crest are to lie given to team member of ran lam and midget and pictures to nn rnlier of the j winning town league team the junior received bather wal lets presented by illo marzo their coach and harold townsb y re piled for the team stan fay sr of milton spoke briefly on the importnnct of fathers k tting out nnd taking an interest in a port with their sons and assist ing in making thi m iorts xslht r reddle kentni r was the reclp lent of the miwit valunhle plnyt r nuard donilid bv tl i o h a nnd w is prisinlid iv ith ii bv i miu w ain music wis prnwdid t n hilltullv bind of ies m leswiun kin nnd j nek 1 11 ox il w ii an nil iinm prokrnm the only lioohh xv n j w in n ip ini r piest d turkiv in the sti iw tin v k i conun ri und thi mountain i thi seoul motlun providid a i uffi t lunch whlih oncluded a fun i x ntng draperies curtains suilabk for rvoiy winclow of the home special plastic icd cellulose drap os 1 19 pi acton home furnishings friday saturday specul ovenette quality bakery fresh apple lic 29c phona ii 6 w acton erin council meet petition shelved 8500 conferred five hundred dollars was granted to the frin agricultural society for capital expenditure by the ertfl township council at il meeting on may 1st the treasure r was instructed to collect 75 from each of the two school areas for ihr cost of audit ing tht school accounts for the past year a resolution regarding daylight saving time wa omitted from th april nport but it is to go into ef feet on may 1st to co indde with neighbouring munlcl pall una reeve burt was appointed as the representative of the council to the memorial committee of the erin agricultural society a petition regarding certain portions of the township roads was plated on file until an inspection la made by the road committee general accounts amounting to izm0s relief otoh and roads 134a3 2m were passed reeve burt presldid at the meet ing and all councillor were pre aw nt why not decide this year to use one of our frozen food iockers for fresh fruits and vegetables the year round be ready for asparagus and pineappie cau in and altanoi for your iockei and contain os rockwood ootid lockers phone 48j nursery stock shrubs trees roses evetoreens perennial piants w will oiv you an ttlmate on your plantlno jb wilson son georgetown phone 24t opposite golf links slip upmnrial joral a monument builf ot endur ing granite or marble symbol ic in design and reverent in purpose resting in surround ings of peace and beauty inbutoof respect and honor to the dead a constant source of inspiration to the living oakville monument works a card or letter will bring our service to your door large display in stock 90 colborne street west moat of the area of canadt drains into hudson bay and th arctic ocean sewrrajzr report j more are seheduled j for coining week i with about 40 p r ct nt of the town stwtrikf installation comp ute tin schedule for the coming week is ns follow a continuation of thi main street north of the cnr tracks through the rock section there on wellington from mill to ai thur street wilt be started as v til as mill from young to wellington nd frederick from church to ag nes medical authorities do not ad ls the application of a beefsteaic to a black ee for sale in rockwood ideal building lots and homes for complala information geo soo i r peirf raa1 citato and ganaral iniuranco phono 130 main st rockwood ont unrfhfrnfd auction sale of pe re heron horses lurrnsey and i lot stein hairy cows reef miockers yorkshire sows and chunks the undi rslgned have received instructions from john randtli to still by public auction at his farm lot i con 2 two of eaques- ing s mih wist of milton on thursday ma 2mh ut 2 uclikk the following houses and hahnrss1 dark i damih gry inrchtrtin marc 0 yrs uld about 1100 lb waguii typo 1 gn y li rchi run griding aged ubout 1600 ibi kit of la avy doublu ttam harntsji almost mw 2 col- lar odd collars uallts cattl l guernsey i cow a dul turn of salt 2 holsuin jcouk dm in jul 1 jirsty cow fri h 2 moiithx 1 gut rriii y cow fri sh 2 months rijmd i holttin i cow frish 1 month not bn d 1 j lurt guirny and llolitt in cow fresh 1 month not hnd j hoku in i cows fnh 1 month not bn d 1 llolstiin cow frish 3 months not bnd 1 gmniu lit ifi r closi sprmm r 1 cuimsty cow in full i flow bnd in siptimlxr 1 ndi cow in full mow bnd in nov 1 illuik hoist in cow in full flow bnd m nov 1 rid cow in full i flow bud in april i rrtndle cow in full how nbnd j hol- stt in cows milking bred in oct 1 gu rnsey cow milking bred in dec 1 jtrsiy cow milking brid in oct grade durham dull 3 war old fat young cattle8 white faced steers i s vrs old fl durham stet rs and hi ifers 1 yr old 1 blue h nfer calf 7 months old i durham stei r 7 months old 4 heifer calves 1 veal calf hogs 1 pure bred york mature sow bred may 15 1 choice york mature sow due july is 1 choice york mature sow due july 14 1 i choice york mature sow due july i 15 20 choice york chunks about 110 lbs each terms cash settlement with the clerk day of sale nq reserve as the proprietor is selling all his livestock owing to his ill heslth 442b hindley 1 elliott auctioneers w rnndell clerk holiday dance stanley park erin tuesday may 23rd dancing ever friday evening modernaires band dancing 9 lo i d s t admission soc upwells ltd 2900 6 rooms and bath on main street large lot see tins stucco home which is handy to stores and school 100 cash will handle ssx ut lor efficient professional advice and service with your home purchasing or home telling problem for satisfaction cau wright real estate and insurance appraisors realtors insurors over 40 yari experience in attcuhure building conatructlon and raat oatata f u urifbt i wilbur bt t n b wright sss york hd uueldb htaaa wu ibimiuuttmitom v e- toivmit-

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