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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 18, 1950, p. 2

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raoctwo the acton free mi ess thursday uay lath last tjujgartou 3fttt forae puuw er tbufuj at acua oautto aatiwimj a eua iu ua4 iwuihiail fed hi tavaaa j aura u raejwaata1 advkbt1uhg katuo avutia m gita to vattat mlyaa fcevtauav- ahuuk cllo ju1 w tevlkaa w inu nw th lr- fi uvwtutof mmi wjw tt4rt4lf that it will ft i llaau lv tar mmw to uf uwl bblukj unvsin aaun msf i jlikt rtmibj to wrtltoa t la utmluw aavf toevau tw vt urfuu ttu aulr a 4 t tltt 4 aa hb tw w c rtum a4utr etatal to etiitoa iumm tea to that u rr a fiti4j u m rrtj w tim prm it tuulmr aw imj atarl imlk l lk mllr cml of ktmlt uftfliimiikl it aa- aj fc i4 wat lo m aub ampuj l tttth ave1mavmt g abijor dll i a ej edoqr nawtw rhc sear tc ideal of evny newipaper it to have an lie without an rrtot but that ii a qofll that worm impoiiilmt of achievement and what lit tie innocent thing can go to make error that are never undent andable sometime they are in one department and lomettme they are not the mi take of our office for instance tait number of ytfjgn in bring the prof wi1 the ssibly in sue i pub- to honorably week following rfect score thebhribf and offen unreasonable de mandvhch are made upon newspapers do not appear to be fully realised by the public gener ally all too frequently the value of the work which the newspaper renders is overlooked it is the mouthpiece of the community it defends the rights of the people it serves it endeavours to offer constructive criticism and to make people more happy and more prosperous what the newspaper requires ts an intelligent realization by the public that it is providing ser vices ust as vital as those rendered by the doctor or the merchant the newspaper owes a duty to the commun ity which it faithfully tries to perform the com munity on its part owes a duty to the newspaper ii must be remembered that advertising is the sole means of sustenance which a newspaper hat every day of the year demands are made upon the newspaper for free space when a pub lic movement is launched or a campaign inaug urated the newspaper is expected to snake a cash contribution and also to provide free space the newspaper has to employ help pay wages meet heavy expense for overhead costs meet the cost of postage and equipment ust as any other commercial enterprise enormous sums must also be spent for news services and telephone bills and yet the belief persists that it should give away the whole thing that it has to selladvertising rig bosj not recent mails have brought us many very fine annual reports from companies like the ford motor co imperial oil and several of the brewing organizations big business firms apparently find this yearly edition quite an asset m furthering their relations with their shareholders and the public in general these booklets give complete statements of the years activities both financially and with their public and employee relations from one of the letters that accompany each report we find that the organization looks on it as a report to their employees the community and the people of canada from an industrial organization which plays a vital role in the national economy this week we received the annual report of one of the most interesting and active organiza tions with which we have been associated our town the town of acton its story is one of pro- gtess end thought its reading is indeed interest ing above ell it is an organization that pla an exfrewvely vhaifole in canadas economic sys tem it it rwttrange that we look on acton at big business it is quite in keeping with the part it plays last year the taxes that were spent in maintaining and improving the buiinett concern or town were partly contributed by ut at a shareholder in this town neither does it seem strange that we are interested in wf town in what it does and how it spends the shareholders money the figures in that report cannot lie and with comparisons and speculation we can find wheth er our town is weighted with excess financial burdens or long lilts of tax arrears every other taxpayer has n interest in lite community too and each sharehoder can udge the safely of his investment from the annual report that every town should provide preejfwtt in production we were rather intrigued the other day as we read a booklet describing the growth of one of the big automobile manufacturer tracing the company from 1904 when a drill pres was the only piece of equipment the story of this indu try told that that year in thee small quarters 17 men put on the road 117 automobile of 1 04 vintage roughly that work out to alout 7 carl xr man employed taking the latest year for this firm we find thit with 40 acre of factory buildings the fin rt of equipment and automata riiv hutrs there were 14 i7 fierson employed by ibis company and during that year ii 130 vehicle were put on the road which working on the same basis as in 1904 gives the tujenlous increase of np proximately 1 vehicle more per man employed we sometime wonder about all our efficiency and modern mechanization and speed of geinnnj thing done we are quite free to admit of course that the car of 1949 is a much different vehicle than the brass trimmed chariot of 1904 and of course the price is about five time greater the man production unit was however the item that struck as as rather odd maybe- we made a mistake in our arithmetic biq cities are tke parasites the debt that big cities owe smaller com muni ties and farm areas was acknowledged editorially this week by the financial post discussing a toronto aldermans suggestion that the income of city people who earn their living in town and live beyond its limits should be taxed by the city the post say thi what the toronto alderman failed to con ider is the essentially parasitic nature of any large city in relation to the outlying country which supports it quite apart from the direct and obvious profit derived from business and industry operating in the city on the strength of sales to customers many miles away there is the neverending drain of men and women to the city where they produce for the city the profit from education obtained at the expense of home town communities editorial notes examination times are at hand and the test of the year s application to study ir being put in to effect skipping ropes roller skates spring and one cannot help but admire the excess energy of the youngsters mother s day has come and gone but there are still over 350 days left in which mother can have consideration 5oc5ocz3oi5 recollections ol aclbn ct0plf0s51ci10pl gasoline of superquality will soon be coming on the canadian market what most motorists would like to see would be a tax less gas now tl at the war is over some five years there s been a marked spring clean up at foirview cemetery that is appreciated by all those who have loved ones interred in this sacred spot continued maintenance will be appreciated with motorized fire truck two municipal trucks a power grader a truck for the hydro department and a service truck for the vater- w orks system acton is getting pretty well motorized v back in 1900 inflatahlk chaw inflalablr lounge chair waljhi about two pound- hu no rijld part and tucki into overnight rw rrpurta the financial post for un bathing picnic boats rtc la of vlnjrllu plastic sald resistant to momur salt samt 4i sun heat adjustable back srat measures 11x10 in chats longur model also available pollock and campbell mihanilbiirt u high grade memorials memorial engraving 82 water kc north galt irtlehmkm mu token rum tka stus of the free fress vf thursday may ulh j ww irlnclpal t t muore has ra- crlvrd brtrf lrttrr from hit suii ounntr w j moorr who was u hrn hr wrote just recovering frum tin effects of a kirk from a mute by which his lft arm was broken the accident occurred at vrh vykolle south afrln i about half past three but thum- i diy afternoon flames wuv seen hunting out in the rear of mr thomas castons houu a adjoining the new naptlst chun h the flu- had full con i ml of the barn and rapidly e tended to the new llap- till churih snd tht ahi d in lit rear ttwi kltilun of one of mr kulnn hoimx t trnyd thi mf f ttu i mi ovt ii wa bunnd off mid i hi- rmtlii building udjoln mtc vki m btidlv iiuiikhi i he bin n wiiik thi fin i litlruili d wun om i htlv annlhillftttd mid tht hrd ut iht ihtplul liuitp una bttdly bum d lh iliptul diuith miffrd vuilv itnd it lmktd for ii um if ii mould im lm to ki 11 tin fin hud n mrnt hold umlll h mt ld of til iihll und lmi r und ii took txrilmint effort 1 ikiuc il a bn loa n on of mi ixht i it ji nt thla wci k in llw r innval t lmdon of mr n p m iam who winl to ioadon on monday to toki m kltiiattoii at the o t ii car ah op tin ir mr mrlam has rt aided in a toti tnrv childhood snd for nearly twenty years haa been em ployed by hla brother mr jainea m i m i mr wm if welles late of 1ir- ton haa op ncdj very attract ve stock of groceries snd previa lona mn the brtck store opposite agnrw a hotel i the family of william walker who live in a log cabin near the town line were awakened from their alumbcrs at two o clock last friday morning by the fire fiend and the building waa burned to the ground flrrchlef harvey received yea- trrday morning a cheque for 910 from the baptist church in ack now1edim nt of the splendid acr vlrf a rendered in saving the church last thursday back in 1930 taken from he itue of fhe fre freii of thun may tsth i m0 i mevru ilenrdmorc and co hnvo 1m mitiflid the surrounding on the cri ntrnt bv plant i n gootl mim- tx r of tree v hich hen thi v dt velop will odd much to the nttrnclions nf this m ctlon of the cnmmunit i quite a numrx r of acton folk ntti nded the graduation exercises if the nurs clnsa of 1030 of the ciulph general mospltil miss dora ijimlmrt of acton wns one of the raduntry at the sunday cenlng service at the lupust church pastor forsyth tendered his resignation of the charge to accept a call to lnnerklp the worthy object and a local worthwhile programme attracted a splendid audience to fill the town hnll at the concert of the girl guides last frtdoy evening the womens institute presented further plans for the entrance to fatrvirw cemetery to the council and these plans were approved difi dills at the home of his sonln- luv mr v browning toronto on siturdav may 10 1030 george lus of acton in his 84th rar symon at the home of mr and mrs george wrr n toronto on sunda may 11 1030 john ah-v- andt p ijnck svmon ounkl son of james and kllzabcth s molt acton in his 20th mr floods in manitoba and the resulting relief fund seem hard to understand when the land in this vicirtity is rather dry it is however very real and the manitoba flood relief fund is quite a worthy cause when ontario s minister of highways doucett said that illiterate persons are perfectly capable of driving motor vehicles he gave little con sideration to his words if such is the fact why does the department issue instructions to drivers issue traffic warnings etc how are illiterate persons to read the news of the highway traffic toll the automobile of today is a machine that eojuires foroderation intelligence anda sober mind end surely mr doucett is in a position to realize this i notice to creditors in the estate of oan1el iiou man nunn late af the vil lage of acton in the caunty of llalton retired farmer deceased notice is hereby given pur suant to statute that nil persons having claims against the estate of daniel bow man nunn late of the village of acton in the countv of hnlton hetnvd farmer deceased uho died on or about the lflth da of april 19s0 are required to de liver full particulars thereof to the undersigned solicitors for the ex ecutor of the last will and testa ment of the said deceased on or be fore the 27th dav of max 19w and notice is funtheu gi ven that after the said last ment ioned date the said executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the sold estate amoncst the persons entitled thereto havinfi repord onlv to the claims of which he shall then have received notice and he will not be liable for the said assets or any port thereof to any person of whose claim notice has not been receivnrtot the time of distribution dated a brampton ontario this 2flth day of april ad ibm crnhnm graham and bowyer 1 brampton ontario solicitors for the said executor 1 433a carrolls suggestions for may 24th miracle whipisc 44c 7sc kraft mayatuiaua ae sac 90c sandwich spread 4c french dressing sv sso preftf w 47c kam 41e rl blttsbaok salmon t fancy pink salmon 41e red salmon z9c 00b0b gpiolal v4i blended juice i9e43e grapefruit juice i8c 47c tomato juice 325e strawberry jam 4xc carrolls teas va 38c 45c 55c pos pi0ni0 bandwioheb momar bomogenizeo peanut butter ooz 8c0ttv tumbler z7c 37c 29c 20 01 tin gold reef apricots rzd pitteo cherries avluer blueberries 25c rowar coffee 42c 81c ksloggs cornflakes xc ixe maple leaf lard i 17c aylmer corn m tins 3vc 0h0i0k golden cream style natures best tomatoes 2 s7e odex soap 20e sox 79c 3 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