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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 18, 1950, p. 1

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the jvjtim jffeee fhss seventy fifth year no a 5 acion ontario thursday may ibiti i9so eight horn print posj canta more water necessary dog bylaw stands towe awe4e t lata cavth w pvawtpufl ftihan esw miami haiti dg lylaw rijiii plliitiij 1st tw vee tww iwtareva tw4rl totalling illimx were warded at th regular council sea ion on monday night this coal cover the construction of the dts posal plant end the pumping stat ian and the equipment fur their operation three tender fur the construct ton wk wre received from jones end van olu of arton ts70 7 rrhwsdler itf hamilton 14 13 and george hard ltd of toronto 4 134 34 the tender for this wttrk ii irt to jones and van gits fqulpntcnt totalling iun emr rwiff t real men f plant and s3 103 for pumping station anil sewage treatment equipment w at purrhai cd tiv council a mot ton to introduce iinrnil menti to the present tv law gov em ing dug running at large was lust and a resolution to introduce the ntotlon al the nest meeting wu carried mr w j fteatty and ur w ruddtrk asked council if it would be possible to guarantee thc iteard more co 3so0 gallons of additional water per day for a new proem tbrv w ere contemplating heard murr proptwd to take thr addit tonal cold w ater at night v hen pump would ordinarily tc idle approximate three hour pump ing li wasted most nights and the companv would store this w ater for uar thr folio ing dav council agreed to cooperate on pumping hour hut fait they could not guarantee the ronitant mpih tin til new source were found the refreshment concession for the nark granted to the scout and guide mothers on tender of as an inducement to thoae w lh tng to subdivide property cotincil pawed a motion rcaolv ing that the would build road into suhdiv isions provided the plan had iwen ap pro ed bv them thev also pro poaed to assess the property as farm land until a lot is sold at which time tt will be assessed as a lot thr remaining land w til re main at farm land until the parcel contains leaa than one acre conn cil also resolved to run sewers and waterworks to a building in a tub dlv uuon pro tded it did not run pail more than four v acant lots and provided no pumping station was required this offer can be reertnded bv anv council at an time mr frank crump was appointed building and rettef inspector for the town and a draft for a new building permit form was approved bv council mr w beatty aought council interpretation of the building bv law tn lone 3 lie did not under stand whether a building already located on a lot was considered a new building if moved to a new location on the same lot and con arquentlv subject to the stipulation of si feet from the boundary a required lv the bv law of that one council promised to seek an interpretation from the municipal i board mr jack ubhnun walled on 1 nuni 1 rvgarding hi arsxm nt mi propert in his subdi ision in lous cuncil had verball promi ed to ai u lots unsold in this sub dms on a farm land but the a aessmrnl as lots wa not appealed at the court of re t council did not offer am new declstdh letter from bearmore and co xuht council s p rmis vm to hae hdro ple remove from agnea street and services cwnect 417tflpf new parihh hull imaiuml for suiiiiihr st allians lumli at a largely at landed meeting of st albans church it was decided to proceed with tha building of a new taruh hall this summer al an climated mat of 10000 1 be rala ed over a two year period murh vtvlunteer latwtur has itern promise which will enable thr parish to have an attractive iu m a minimum skeftae volunteer rinturri will conduct a financial amtatin under thr i haiimamhlp of ir oakts i thi t milling- itiuiill1ee mkr mu i in wink ir 11 advimrv oiuill whuh has done imiih of the lltnill mrmliri ur llu fivr- watl im t joims and h t jollev w h lirnnt v llrtstow a lirford t j oh- wm n a s ware a w llavdon it u hoot r ieahrrland or t j uki j 1 ware and s sttow tht hall will tn a two tor v structure situated iwtween the i church antt hctorv and connect- i to the church bv a veatry st johns t hurt h in hotkwoud vart of the pai ikh in actitn and hoakwivtml rpect to erwt their new hall this sommrr ao the year i 10 mill be one or progrecst in the ctnillned varlsh j highgradepcrformance 1338 compete in festival nlln aimivtrwiry kim mission hand rlrliruteil at tra tm saturtuy may ii unvutoria mimumi lund ij kimik hui h l rvnl tt- flftrth anniversary of its founding in iwjo a tf held in 11m- arthhil room bim a patty for iim ihlldrrti in thr choir mmm naiktt tfte event the victoria uiuioii i land had fr u firt leader the lau mr s smith and thr taitv mlink it lii adjudicators ltrli ftnd 111 ahadatw vary tnnmru 9 ohuufi f imt annual muic festival rlld ut mlr khat fi at in h id i if i im t ii k s1- i luil r in i u the standard of this worl lultiai li very favourable to i hear in other parts of tha pro- virne 1 itiuil mgratulate you all declared o hoy trawlrk rov in lal director of uuslc who was ad- joduator at the imh annual music rttlval held at milton last thurs day and friday i ran also speak of iim- iinprovrnwnt ut yojr stand mmi ami i en arnrel at ihr fin- wfc th young epe vrtjr imrfoiioix htr i vrr j g tt thi 1 ml mi mul it m i mith th it f wm h id tli it h ar hildin i the t iil 1 pi th miuitn iu mhiji ttiiitf ji kuk lovia m in lilm m mrs lluuaid tfavr rally tt oil- tlaki of t mi m mi land ind miaa ituhv lurk rtil thi hirthitay cake and m ad th num ol th icodirs of thr ast fifty v an mrs artribtrtmg led irt i luvrr of rrdtdu atiort and msa iu tt v sinclair played a piano solo mrs k s itlow and mis it ii aimitifmg i-niit- i a and tin ula front the t splnrer hjki j i lutl ut th lahlra xl d lo hurih in bn dking all vaith kn i im ot jrn ii er i la v past hieudcnts hksinttd at 35rh annivftsaty wms the miuioitarv sclety of thi united t hurcsj hald the apri me ling al the home ttf mrs c lvt le on tuesday with president xllss m 7 iltnnrtl presiding a paper on the inauguration of t hurt h union w as given bv the president and mrs foolr gave the watchword of the ums also a nli of the work over the past oakville oaks to battle acton in season opener ftnf oima of ssiuut sckaxluud pr saturtuy wua ucab adopt r4w uwvkoakvil th opposition uh the malto inlv 11mm 2 vrar rnlltled rowlng wllh twill autkiatlon sminjs into artior the rmn miss e hawthorne re n saturtlav with m int rmitliati viewetl the mltalortary society for trams on tap there iseviv indita the past 0 vears tmn tluit tt will u a record break the slv past presidents of the m t repcl to the calibre of organisation were called upon and uu mlj llinosll xm w4il presented ilth a red rose bud a- a mwnfj to chani rull thenuwlves the nx team i mediate circuit sw inc on alt fronts with eorgttown milton a and oakville at arto inter into action fergus at waterdow n according memento of the 11 years of serv 1c mr a t llrown mrs itrld mrs j w lurbare deceased mrs e j caldwell and miss m bennett received the tribute mrs poole assisted bv mrs 11 elliott mrs selmood and miss m mlnprtir served lunch and a ocll c ttl lm lrim ur nd tlmewmenjoved nmr ln ultrr mt xr i and should sll teams live up to ad ivance notices the race for the ml verware will be one of the closest in manv vears on the home bailiwick saturdav i acton plavs host to the powerful 2 arrests made recent robbery pair convicted imak in al liewni on 7th una nair btvoecroo pair aiml- d and tonundod two soung men were placed un d r arrest and lodged in milton jail bv i constable j a ana emenne the place of to mmlnd s1 p rated bv art brown tin thi lmr at ilv r cret k mondav nifht un w n w ho t p rat a motor part busimvt n turned to his place if business about 10 pm to find h door had been pried open and a w indow raised s eral motor aru were strewn twt the ground brwwn reported to pro incial iol icx- at georgetown a tar had been obtained bv the burglars to trans port their loot away and when j bruwn relumed with a frtend two sam snxder oul expected v men ran from the building into rack xp hu ul1 lh stories near bv wooded lot against a tough opposition to add county audience attends annual report received mm govsn ditcutsos protoction and coro of ckildron child in mom is ftott protection flu miss u flume an audit nee repn sentatlve of thr unit gathered tuewlay t venlng may dlh tn the sunday school itoom of st paul united church milton ftir the annual lire ling of lh thlldnns aid sh u ty of th ounly of i la hon tht preildnl wm deans f otirgi town was in the chair mr t thompson superintendent prtsented hit report and miss ellx l- th s i gov an associate sec- u tsry of the canadian welfare council ottawa delivered a most thoughtful and inspiring address on hkld welfare work significant of the fine admlnls tration of the children aid work in llalton county one thought was the attractive printed brochure placed in the hands of those pres- oakxille oaks w ho were good ma up some new batting ml on the fly leaf of which ap- to report all clubs are taxed pltmit iia vthen the occamon wit iaiu thn art harold tow nl s up toin lat trar t juniors und u blk f llnva front u iph wa who hi pi itlv of tfetttliik uv v fat tnflt id ti tit vi loi4tit with uim mavtus hud hunxtadll r nnl jick vaaterhoiim otr front lnt m ii mul a bright lokink ltd on fut iwtw li nam of tniull who piuntisoa to turn into another morion hrther ft nre butinc ihutr l indsav will im on hand to it mime his 7 vi average at bat is till a mattrr of conjecture but it s possible clav ton w iii he out in a pinch hitting role artvwav befort the season ends owtn masalt s at pn st nt conv alesclng front a f rac turetl thumb w ill likely return to the line up just as stton as the digit heals out in the garden bob rootitt gib jordan jackie kt ntnt r and ah itohtnson are shaping up to rase ihe outfielding problem and judging bv the wa fontitt is clouting the auate knox chutch womin hoid 1nteiestino meeting the monthly imellng huich stnior auxiliary i h id al th horn j hud ii my he flrt vice pi mth klent mr hanji ml v i hied mi ii ivvik lin j h i 1 hm lmiii r mr t allivon mr han n and mm t s ooinr mim it llu itoti ii pint a dt lichtful m to m iiinmiini bv mrs f s blow mt- t s itlow kt her im prexlori if the v nodical meeting in 11 ll ille w hirh ote and mm ii mmnprire alt niled mri ii i it nine m ptirtihl t n the irt shvtenal killv at winter burn at which the hev it ii arm st run it was nut st siteakt r his ml jeel whv mlvmons miss laura grav iu lici hvmni for the mav meeting ilinrh was served bv the hostess mrs r j massard assisted by mrs c hansen mrs s ifullingcr mtvt 1 grav and mrs f s coop enough last year to knock off some prett fstr senior clubs before bow ing out to brsntfnrd red io in the semi finals this term oaks have the nucleus of last vears semi fin- s lists back in harness in addition to ray patterson a hard hitting in fielder who plawd with guelphs junior a titlisu and righthander frank ie mav mav who hurled for hamilton studebakers last vear needs no introduction to acton fans whom acton had no dtfficultv oust int last season how about th 10w edition of the acton club well from the pros pects mentor matt tvler has on hand th locals should be an im provenunt on last vears semi fin ahsts with some reservations that is although it s unlikrlv bill leader will don an acton monkev records this semester voull have tn interrogate matt tvter to find out who he will nom inate to start in any position on saturday against the power tack ed oaks after opening on satur day acton goes to milton the 34th to open the milton home stand the following saturday mav 37 the club journeys to fergus fergus have an extra strong entry this pea red this appepaling messafe your children s aid society is one of the fifty three in the prov ince of ontario vitally interested in our greatest asset our children why donl you invest in this worth w hile cause by joining the child ren s aid society of the county of llalton the pages went on to list the f fleers and staff a message from many deprived homes are gone fund inaugurated rotary club lprhads drlv for homauss with first 100 contribution for flood th it were i im w ikhii tud l i hfc put in the com p iitl um all thoirs lmilitirl the stt nd tin e ith vi iv ihlldnn ta ng a in tht urban choir class k im th gil prt sldrnl nd hulituaii during the two day per formaiue miinuiil his apprr tkmi to tht m iiimiii und thrir ficlali for making the festival of iuv th bigg t mi retrd he tald xumluton intrihluietl o new fiiitiirtm this vrar a mlsed quartet tt hih m hifil and also a d ttiht tno for rural uhii in pn v loui rars rural w hutil ompc lilors in thla vent wrre fore tt lo romiiete with the mlr es perl nrnl rtitrie from the r gh hools h addtt during th tridav eimlng com ixtitlona mr 1 1 skuce publi sfhinl inspect ir tendered hi thank to the t urhcri and m i it kuptrvlors for the fine job they have done this vnr he intn d i ji h of tht ktipervtsors prr til lit lh ijiiic audit nor mnv offlciau and tipxttrr of the mmlc festival were called upon by the pre id i n id present the i tip shi lit gold mlvrr and hronr mitlal to th winnerv fo low ing each event from the tlnicbt and yotmgest student to the massed choirs of m voltth representing the many dif ft rent schools in the county pupil tnr save tht ir sll during the competl lion following remarks of the ad judirator winners and uvalr sup porter rendered their approval in no uncertain terms naxaagaweya township oakville and the north walton school are undents were awarded many of the prties but competition was ken from every school represent- i the following are the results of tht entire program vocal solo rural girls 7 snd un dersuzanne foster u mount nemo school janet perkins u l i n b r o o k mary soanowskl m patricia margaret morrison u rannorkburn marilyn langton ts lowvtlle mary teresa qutnlan tt campbellvitle sandra black w continurd on pape fire vear accttrding to sll reporu plav president the most coropre ing in int a thev have imports in i hmllc report of the supenntend- from kitchener and guelph j rnt thc ttllrl and financial statement abiangements at ftn ptess mr g r thompson in his n fob victoria 0av houoay rt clarifrd the phrase ward of the society citing the three dlf- ueeklv newspaper publication dos not irnd itself to wednesdav holidavs in order to me t tht vit ujtion createtl bv the victoria dav rolidav thu ear the free prtss will rtmain opt n on wednesdav t as usual but the office will im chu suit the mound corps of 40 is intact 11 d fndav ma 26th meaning of cours that old reliable investigation bv coruuble mc to s lt f lrtv don rv der ed to houses fpvm the rear street nl dlscuwd xh cr uaj ownrd has announcd his intention to toe lighung would be provided bv h joim alrdne conuin the slab again after a season in re st rve and with rojv polv mel jor dan as a bright prospect the club w ill hav e its full complement of southpaws in addition a right hander name erf mcdonald bids to hold on important position and to share the pitching duties its pos sible that other moundsmen w ill be signed also depending largtlv upon whether guelph maple leaf of the senior 1ntercount cast them loose or no fr nt procedures that mav be tak- n bv the court when waid acmon iv considered in his remarks he tnphavized the preventative and prutcctivt phases of social scrvi e work and suggested that our educ ational svsum should offer our growing bos and girls at a suit able age some knowledge of the true principles of home making and impress the importance of the fsm ilv unit in society one gathered rw j oj thdl lhe experience of the social ternoon thc friday holiday is i t j ja i worker throughout the years would also more favored bv the staff as it w bv using this arrangcrmnt pub lication schedules will not be inter fered with snd the free press will be isued as usual on thursdav af steel standard council granted u auo po permissun for this move to beaut- pfcl0 a rcond toutk dap tf the stret provided the comp jv ib of acton was later an secure all neevsiarv waivers apprehended from propertv owners and par for acton police uter reported a rad the work and materiau necessary 10 hj reported atolen from gives a ions weektnd the report of the provincial po lice detachment was approved and motion was passed to secure the ser loss of a corporal to take charge of the detachment at an in crease in cost the clerklas in structed to write to commission- or and tf possible arrange to have corporal mason take over the de tachment assisted by the two pres ent constable with whose service council is quit satisfied council rocotved a ruling that the ruanned wmmtnx iyttemror th cottrhtiwl on po ftw an cton resident bith irdru and johnston jilt ad ed fcutltv to the charge when thev appeared before magistrate ken neth m ljingdon in countv magts trate s court at milton vrsterda airdrie also pleaded euilty in the backstop department the second charge of breaking and en- club u basking in luxurv four tertng the home of peter lafleur of good catchers are trying for spots orton and the theft of a radio the pair not represented bv counsel were remanded to may 31 when they will appear before the court for sentence crown attorney lloyd d ding u iprooacuted on the team with bob lyle a for- mer guelph loaf looking like a surefire firststring prospect from but year dab spike scott the tjmehouse boy can play outfield besides donninc the receivers par- sewetage cavein almost buries vvobket lsnosl barled alive bsday adrew jahnstaoe f kjt j rton b reeaneratlag from bruise and eu reeelred while at work on the sewer age eonstraetiaa on john st sahtb at milt a tan af earth eavered klai ap ta ais- neck far an- kwavtaaately eight amhshtee while warkaten foagkt t mav ha reeeltcd nranial mrdlt- eal trealasenl ask his reaeae em to confirm the conviction that if circumstances permit at all the child is best left in the home not taken out of it it was noted in the statistical report that a total of im cases wer- dealt w ith in the protection de partment during the ear with 107 children involved in the new and reopened cases lack of proper housing excessive drink inf mental and physical illness immorality and separation of parents are some of the main factors leading up to nee lect irt many cases the parents married very young with no train ing for the management of a home or the raising of a family when the load become heavy and financial worries appear discord creeps into the family lif and so often a very lunfortunata ahuatlbn develop iconfikued onpaoe xiqht a winnipeg s thousands of mil itary and civilian dykeworkers strlvi to hold off the high running tied hivtr arton itotary club ha ptcditl a starting donation on its way to thr manitoba flood relief tund tht notary club has spear head etl thi drive for those funds that urt o nectssary for the soon to follow re habituation of thousand of homrlrs when they return to find possibly a v scant lot where thi ir lift savings were represented in a house all acton organizations cittiens and firms are asked to contribute to the fund that will have to care for the 30 000 affected by the rag ing flood waters of the treacherous red river small donations big donations middle sued donations all help to relieve the possible suffering and distress that will result when the waters subside actons banks will accept all con tributions and the convenience of this arrangement should be aced on rotary club has contributed 100 and ita individual members u ill quite probably contribute too the remainder of actons organ izations can contribute at either of the banks and the sums will be compiled as a donation from the entire town of acton contributions from individuals can be deducted from income ta and receipt will e liven at the bank and official receipts will alio be nulled from the headquarters in manitoba coming event akduimllt i um i pm rttm u hbivt ftrol un thi hrihc t tht rr lint with m minm m h i onoutrr y i the churchill ladit air h iding a pancake suppt r at the hon r of mr and mrs ii twitch tn i- iidv mav 2fi 6 30 rj0 p m tol grand opening acton park pav ilion saturday mav 37 glen smith and ills merrymakers dancing every saturday nlte b453 there will be a meeting of th acton lawn rowling and trnnig- club at the ltcmn hall frldav rv- ntng mav 10 at b pm a 44 1 puchre tuesday may 23 st jos eph s chuch hall s15 pm admis sion 35c lucky prise lunch serv ed auspices st girards club tht re will be a garden party at acton park on monday june ib under the auspices of knox church choir program will be provided by john rock wood and his troupe admission 36c a victoria day celebration hllls- burg may 34 iftm afternoon and evening several games of softball evening games under floodllihts hlluburrband dingo ecad- mission adults mc children 33c

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