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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 11, 1950, p. 5

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thukszvay may utk um the acton ftte pttess pjuax nvr mis lfcaor btty of toronto vru bout far tit with sad ur warra wood of st caufcw- toe wttf bam for th wtcui ur sad kit bay gordo tad nanry vlutd friends her on sun uj ur bv arnold of toronto vuu o wius ur tod urt r h arnold at ih week tad urt david hutcton of gajt vujlrd rswtmtlj wtus ur p 87rt and uua u aibbons uui fra brown vlaliad with afev uid ur taurr and family to h4wr durtof tk wok fid ur stuart uati carol and john and ur robe armttronf of outloh trt sunday vultori with friends her ur and mr harry uatnprti alr hill and jack ualnprti lfl sunday on a motor trip to vmrouwr bc un frvd uruilun and ur uui urultun tinted in llatullunt dutitf the wkvnd with mr and urt g rdm rjwn w j n smrrviilr has ar tlird a poaluon in qooaa baj labrador whtrt site will take up trarhing duties in september ur r i writil u attending th annual rtinvefiuun of th ontario awrtauun of real estate board being hrld this trrk in ntm ontario mr fred blow ur d g uc- irlln mn a u urpfcarun ur cfearle hansen un h l lunnu and ur it l davidson tendd the womrn missionary society imbumil at w uontrua on tuidy rev r il armstrong ua wa thr speaker amnn those attending the fcd annual convrnors conferenc of thr ontario federated womrni in atituw uit week at the urrnorlal hall oac gurlph were ur w vtatains un o r somervllle mn alfi near un g robrrtaon ui u d barber un nelson andrrson un j c dennis un jvarl kennedy an ulsa ulnnle somrnillf from dublin wl un r- l davidson rrom acton w i and urt thomas gordon and ur dav id russell from bannock burn w i engagements ur and un dan mnp nh to announce the engagement of their youngest daughter jean alberta to kenneth silas ingles son of un emrtt in glee and the late ur ingles the wedding to take place junr 10th at 130 at the knox jret lerlan church in george town finat games in vmca volleyball now kino played in thr final match of the regular s4hihe of the acton volleyball leafue the independents gained j berth in the play offs at the es lnn of micro plastics in the first game micro dominat ed ihe play throughout to win bv the tlrctslve score of 15- in the second tusatr the picture chand complete the indrpend enu showing more tram play and more ffrctle passing of the ball humbled the plastics h 7 thi lat game was hard soucm and clow all the way the five pls f bob tyler and bob bruce for thr independents and jack dry- adalr tor plastics n the feature of thi night after the teams strug gled ti a h14 tie the independents cam through with tuu points to elimun plastics 18 h a- the semi finals were plaed lei night betvt een the indepcnd entn and tanner reds wont tw abl to gie the results to night thi winner of that series wilt meet th nuslncs men tonight to decide the winner of the sam drunclle troj h and the first volleyball championship in acton final standing at the end of the regular acheduk p w l pts iiumihu men 4j 43 3 41 tannrr reds 43 37 ii 17 independents 4s 33 33 31 mien plastics is m 10 tannrrn niues 4j 17 m it v n 43 3 41 3 tiiseemtrpohe saw tint portabla routlnftop powr nw in vs for cuttlnx wood met- u ceramic on tame machine claims distributor in tne ftnancul post by means of interchanfeable blades it uw brick tile concrete blocks lumber pipe sheet metal bx cable conduit et saves time labor firm says the outfit weighs 840 lbs has selfcontained gasoline engine working table la calibrated in decrees and carpenter pitch to rotate mo degx can taw wood any length width up to four in thick cuts all lumber for average tlxc home in one day company states foutt3ftdttj uaiub dtptthf uf cttiit4 am- wub pu b ivwiw um o- k lmfc 1sxlm sunday uav luh 1h0 uotkri day 10 00 ajix- sunday guwf srvlc at 11 an and t pm hrv il e uoorhousa at both ser vices service of baptism at morninj aar- vice all ar cordully lavtud ymfagttttabi rurrrl in tfauulva kmox fhtfasfh acj90n hatv bu8est il asutarfitonc u4 ulautar sunday uav 14th 1um 1100 am- dlvtna worship 11 13 pm sunday sclsool and bib le clam t do pal cveoloa worahlp t1ie lord la nlh unto ai ihihi that call upon lias to all that cell upun llim in truth sattllal ihurtif acton be thaev b ooues watlei thur 30 p in irsytr mfetlnf 4 lllblr study rtl 4 13 pm miihlun ltend 00 ji ii y r u sunday uay 14lh 1m 1130 a in combined sunday jschuul and church special mother s day service tues may 16 pm young wo men s mission clrrlr annual meeting and selection onireri at the home of mrs j chapman jr mcdonald lllvd t albstu xlurrt amelueju w o lesstas ba sunday may 14th 1030 eastjtjl v 000 em llctl ommunlon 111 im the members of the sunday srhuul will leave the perish hell for kelly at sl george s church gurlph 7 00 pjn evrnlng prayer a welcome awelu tou rlxatumo auction sale f iaim htock lmrirmrvth grain and ntnnilee u hi be hrld at the itroprletor s farm i mile south of c it u tower twp of trafalgar on uaturday may mtii at 130 o clock no rraerxe as farm sold w li mrctlrdy praprletw ilindley and r itiott auctioneers a 44 2 now is the limel to make those arrange ments for the photo i graphing of your wedding we can do a complete ser tes of pictures of the cere mony including candid photos and formal portraits all pictures can be arrang ed in a bride t album to tult your tastes make your appointment now with vics photography studio mill strr acton phone 65 county rate up school pupils visit council fcoamauad from pooe 0j iso0 hoipll fur sick children s st jokni ahibulanc appeal 9300 nsx league of canada 300 other grants which cannot be clas ufied as crutrttable are to be con sldered ba- the council rommitu concerned ueitbers also gave approval that by law be prrpartd to introduce an employers pension plan as out lined by the dominion ovvtmmtfil annuities branch describing two plans for iinplov em pensions one by the g vern mrnt annultltrs branch and the oth er by an insurance company roy smith informed member ttw for nrr was the leas eipnslve to both j county and employee two points i had to be rjgnlwd including the i pajt srrvun of th mtplnye it railed triat 14 a year per employ j tr trt up in a f mil for future i service tbe rttunly wo il 4y five itr cent tnlr hit- rn j 1 v ould i ay m similar amount of the era ploy re salary ur said the ivpart n rril of hikhuavs veoild niir ihe rtiuiitv in rrpct to uf r mtv rn loyi llittt ver h fi i uiiifit it i ptutrj1 wbetbtr a pait strvtrea fund tr art uo r a it obligatory f r an ri j li vie i oln in the plan ti art up a past nrrvlrrt jn f r i be in employees within t n ly it would coat the roanly l l 71 for road employees and t ftti a year for a period of t n years mr dick said the county could not n tlmate the cat per year after the plan was u up until thrv knew how many employ s wuutd lake advantage of the plan th trwxini um annual pemlon jt retire nent would be flesoo resolution stmtnsored bv t it lebuilrr who was seeking li bai municipal hoard agree to ill w rounlv councils to awt up fire n ttctlon areas and bonsor fire tr1 lades was held over until the ret ting when a represental fr n fire marshals office could ad drema council in rtsect to the n at ter in question mr louder reixirled co mty council do not now have thli auth orlty and would like to have the same authority as do townanlpt he said there were six bi triages now in the county and ha the southern portion hsd excellent pro tectlon this was not so in the northern section where koni brig ades would have fifteen miles to go in some instances he furlhrr point ed out by laws existing prohib ting fire apparatus from going to fires in the rural areas hut thin is not strictly adhered to he said urging each municipality ti as slst each other he suggcird that with a 400 gallon tank equipment purchased bv the communities it would give adequate protection for rural fire hurllngton wai the onlv municipality owning such oqulp ment at the present time he stated further he declared that if a mun tclpalltv came to this agreement regarding new equipment the pro ince would pav lhlrt fle per cent of the cost this additional equipment would alio give the municipality additional protection well to be successful w e must ha e the co operation of all munlclpallt les and all townships he said aik ing all member discuss the matter with their own municipal council and bring a report back to county council members approved a resolution sponsored bv the ontario motor league who were opposed to the fe deral government taking authority oer roads in the pro ince k c holdsworth wai appointed thr count n representative to the llalton children s aid society in place of george leeslle who asked to be relieved of this dutv when some members announced the road subsidies had been reduced in some rases rec e george currle urged council to reconsider spend trig further monev on major proj ects he said it was a fure sign of recession interesting discussion arose re re- arrangement made in halton baseball croups ww dwuu drawn for juv u jyudo and ran ism lug um lie arrangements in minor bate ball groupings of halloa baseball auociauon were mad on uonday night at a special meeting of club reprvseo lb lives held at the court house in uilton the ma ling was called when officials were notified lber clubs wished to eottr taams n the minor classification of the grouping the following are the new and re vised schedul- for mlnur ball ser javesuu furtea junk s oakvllle at milton feorift st at n i tlv ll j jukr 7 oakville at grigrtuwn i mlt n at ci pu llwllr junt lo 4aeoitetovil at mlltn j an tetllmlle t oakvllle jtnh 14 uiit n at okvltle at n f gt t town of acton commemoration meeting a mteeting of al nvembii of trie commemoration vervice tonriiitte will te ld m tl council chambers tuesday may 16 jt nt- 17 4 alt txllvlllr at mil 1 onk 1 t gtt iti n jl m- lit milt i 1 41 it rtt v n jt m 1 k vill at t ml j txll jl m h mill 11 at ek 11 jl i 1 i- t fct vi at an p ii 11 jl 1 l m m 11 nt l wtl 44 i uil at ektllw jii h kv 11 at mill 11 alt 1 1- kill at r m i jl i 12 an ik lull at mil t n at oak mile jl i y mill n at rnphell 11 jim 1u in h t wn st milton jui 22 oak villr at can nbell villi th two hlghrkt bams in thi giltup stanuing will play a bt 3 if wriu for group honors midget herus junr 3 rugus at orgilwn 3 pm lliarnpton at slriitivilli 3 junh t n 3 10 c4 ri stiti t own t i die at r ran junr t m n 1 17 limn pt r if ii it ht sin 4 0ll uvil juni p n m it rtkii ivlll ut ai hivtni t t ii vn p m i ifi hllitl pt tvh u n at jet sim l ill jul 3 pm sti ocorkr tsvllle own at i st it tat ml ri tun scond and third leama i la a 2 out of 3 mriri winner at this urn a will play group leaders akit 3 of 1 gam ri for group honors hantaan kerles ini rthern grouping junr 3 milton at i tramp ton mil ton acton at ccorgetown juni- 10 acton at georgrtow n st brampton juni 17 georgetown at milton uramplon at acton juni 71 brampton at milton georgetown t acton juiey b milton at acton brum pton at georgetown jui lv milton at georgetown acton at brampton southern grouping junf 3 oakxille at lantirdnwn junf 10- wntrrdown nt clark tun junf 17 oakvllle at clnrkvon junf 24 wnti rdown nt oak illr jui r clnrknon at wnlirdown juie 1 c inrkwm at oakvllle thr f irt and i cond tmmi in ach grouping will plaj a btat 2 of 3 rrik winners will plav n 3 of i rlis for group honors scwcr construction ncars conilction on east side sewrr construction program for the week includes john street from agnrs to mill street mill street east from wellington to the end of construction on this street mill street from young st is presently blocked off wellington street will be buht south to connect with queen st uatn street north of the cnr tracks is still under construction but the rock section here is nearw finished no 7 highway west from ualn street will be started as soon ss north main is complete willow street is finished from agnes to mill street but one block betwren mill and church streets u in had condition with fill in long j are eight parti of holland boys hair and dresses until wear lhor i garding a county garbage nctnerat or when deputv reete eaten asked them very ably of the functions of council if they had that suthorit his court uod d dingle crown all members agreed the dumping i attornev outlined the odminfctral situation wu critical with people inn of criminal law i urge all of i dumping garbage and cans along you children to consider a police theroadwais urban municipal it es officer vour friend if you are in also agreed the situation for dump j trouble go to them and talk it o er thev will assist ou with your dif ficulties hsd more dope that in their youth i believe thcie would be fewer criminals today mr dingle concluded bringing the session to a clor the warden thanked the itudents for thtir eager attention throughout the dav he hoped thev would paint a vivid word picture of their was critical but did not know lust what the county could do about it i however the warden appointed he agricultural committee along with j tha building commlttaa to invaatu ate all aspects in regard to an in clnerator accounts approved and mthonr ed to be paid were asstnent committee 88 85 fire committee 126 40 count buildings tb75 3l ok- i visit to heir fellow pupils on r- rjcutturo and reforestration 5620 turn to their nspective school he hospitals fl04tvl eountv roads nbw urged them to take pan u the 11225 41 finance 1017 12 print- 1 easav contest which further in- ng 137 2fl i structions would be forwnrdrd ten in judicial robes judge w n i prizes will be awarded for the best noblnion oddressed the student my visit to county council guests describlnu the function of council adjourmvd to meet june a county court judge ho also told 6 something new in car accessories tiivue ditfeniert ill plastic fitt under thn glovo com pwtmint conpkl and convenient sell for ip ask us about othar now accattohes to dd to your motoring comfort safety week lt u j vt your tir a cofiipltle check to mi i t aety rcquirenenti lome garner motors pontiac buick vauxhall cmc trucks main and 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