Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 11, 1950, p. 3

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iiigitittrtit of plr rot teg pudding lunb laudding frusm rrrim pine- applr ufurrvr or punch you ii fid thr flavour of rhubarb giva j u a uml phk up 7akr 4 tip 1 tjijjijtr ijttl and uranjfr juice in i tiutitt ur tharprns the fla a i li anl drasrrt is rhubarb lit it nnlr- with mlslure of the fiuit t- aun rggs sugar and flour 1 rtivr ihubarb taur cum t im op b pp 1 ibutaeib with 1 t up v atrr cmr and bung t i l il umiirl altd tk ft lit tint i ttndr add lufir t t the tastes the test for tea canadians buy more salada than any other brand salada tea if ifi siivice you imd 1 call roys taxi irulaad iow jmsl v 5 y ii uiscouni ratis h htvl i cards 3 cars 3 steady drivers i innu ili fut tin rr rlosr dont fta lata phone 128 acton j 1 bulova rhubarb pit is cup sugar 3 tbspe- flour up salt z brattn rfjp 3 cups cut rhubarb paklry or 9lnch pie couibui fcug flour and salt add tgjtt jid ttir tn rhubarb fuu it uuh itmmlry linrd plr uake a utui top if daalrvd baka in jovli 1 4i0 drgi 10 mlna thro in j 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trndrr rhubarb do not pc 1 comblnr rhulwrb h cup su gar and ult no witir covi r and dimmer until trndrr combini milk rgg ynlkt lrmon juirr and vamlla add rhubarb snd mix u ii pnir into j reeling trsy and f n rr iteat egg white orad- unll add nip iutfr continue l nttntl until ucir in dissolve turn frozen cream into chilled bowl nnd tin nk lijo chunk with rlec trie or roar lett r leat until it u fluff smooth but not melted told in ikr white mixture nnd return to cold tn itnd fnez firm again s iv fl rut svrcrstios nox mm t it suggt ti methfxl of p ppinc up rirmt combine u cup mij ir nnd l cup baron fst over low h t add 12 tilled carrots tnd th n 2 nrtngt s peeled snd lcxl cnxer and hrnt for five mmiili th n wrv uriue sfrrtallj far the axiom ru prae u4kmh1xve p xjuule 4 kind of outing so often kind haart- ed souls coma up to ma and say you re un clark sxant you wtf always read and enjoy your ulunm often they are strangers lu mr how they racognise me i dont know but it always tives mr a ort of lift to nit any of ou people who put up with my t 1 111 uyua by wock cd i hope ou wfil ejweyt come and y mulio wfaemver you nd 1 liipp n to be in the uunr plate at the umc t with all ou hrtbfvkiiig nrtti uf flood in th- wot and f lm r ui yuiljfc it would uiiu that ui ont ario wr liavt 1 ttlr to gtuiutut about eiprcully now that wr hve at last got fcujim mdinj dune 1rob- lilly ui mint parts rding has b n iiiplrted but wr are just lilirly lit utr nuddlr of it on sturda w had tu jutt b- auvr uf strung ki no ir tn sjhndiiig fjoo un ltii smd utd thui h the uuul blow 11 iitir le the neat farm a u ti to ko- it ttlay it will h j j tw mi r rhanrt i th re 1 unit u litl bf 11 m 1 1 w hue a 11 w won v lst nl t t th it m iu k fit v alit iltlhi i- fiil it 11 v hav siltl lb grav i t jljdlt l 111 tb x 1 it fi 11 if it w 1 i- it 11 f r fin r wr tt boit f t- 1 an jo t w i i i f t ibr t 1 d tt w athi r to 1 ii s t 1 nut 1 in 1 w i lon annl- to prim winners m 1 nlo honl winter fnlr u- 1 ttinn four miles of ribbon the gift of a ufttihiel 33 75 we invite you to our store where you will see on displd many articles suitable for mother on her day watches jewel lery etna china of every description and mc nacks that will catch the eye rcujulnk jevveuery and gift shop aefon ont waste not wnnl not many thrift people k only enough money in the buk to take rare of their etirrent expert uvaur thy can pet much better mtortwt by intwtinr money in cnada homi they do not auit to aatc this extra intorwt and they knew that there is no iaie plane to keep their money than in canada rttnds which they can cash quick ly any time they tsh note carefully if you own first victory bond the government has njbd pint victory loan bonds for re demption on june 15th in tercet stops od that date so be sure to arrange to cash your bonds and nt in the kow oanadm bonds write or phone now to-r- hood gundy co mi winy limited 30 king stroot west toronto 1 tsbphaas elgin 4331 111 il n pt w till haw 1 li bay in hr i 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i find it nor could 1 find mi one to w alt on me half th tinu until 1 appraarhrd a floor man ti r and got a little action that wav finals at the nd of anything but i i rf r t da 1 rame home with onli on punhis a pilr of en im solid cin as ho s cime rrlda and i i nut for curlph in n drr th it u is too thin n cost that ha lone sine forcott n u hen it ua n u an i rm old mark felt hat sum how old dothi i dldn t to milter once we rot there oh the juni hue took iher w 1 tut tntirrk too i h r ill im d along the i ro nl r nttk w nrriied in i imki tune and wr r wirded for i our trip b heannj ntrv hnmnnd sim int m itlonil president of th so i it d countri women of i th world r sure is the tip of p rson who spt aks from the hait and to th h art thirewerc no frills to hi r uddrsshe just mad ion fe 1 she was an ordlnsry farm woman like movt of us in her iiidu nre knowing and under standing our problems and vet making us realise the power that sonun hae and particularly farm worn n to mold world affair watch for nn net mint of her nd- i dr ss in our farm papers i can- i not itti mpt in do justice to it in this column one thin frmut men i hon mrs sn n quoted the mwr cimii in n ji w ish merl an v i ntist to fcom one w ho said to him i supimise atomic power is non th grenlist power in the wot id kn t that so no anmien d th cn ntlst thtii is on power greater sit th powr of almlghti god that is somi thing we are inclined to for t in this miu rtahsttr and viuntifu ace dont sou think yet j we should rem mix r it to our comfort if we an inclined to dv ell fiirfulh on the devastating power of atomu frc after all the lev rest nun of our da and age ar still onli pupptts when a high powir tiks orr we have proof of that in the swirling waten of the rid sea flood sandbags can lessen the dimage but onl the sub siding of the waters can brin real nllef to the flooded areas do you know another thing hat struck mr quite forciblv at the cuelph con f ri ncetht astonish ing number of gre headed women ftft sears ago most of them ould haw twin wearing lace caps and taxing home with their grandchild ren but on fridas there the were well our a thousand strong and the were smart most of them had ovidentlv had better luck shopping than i had my friends and i at up in the balcony and looking dowri we could almost count the brownhaired heads among the gny and white arrotherthlnb i like about that milton on january iui millon juiior hand w foiti rsj and on sunda i n i mtltiiti w lit tuse an i poilijii ty of ttarink the prog less ttiat tb m- nung iople liave made wbrn lb j i est lit ttw r fut on i it in ibr t tk ti lal hne u a its nr i u inl f r tait in a flsti fit at 1 milton hi k k jir nil li mil slitrt last wtk milltti ritt iligade under ft if itamtatl irtjmtlh and quick- i uill 1 ui in loiitn i t i i ian ji its illod milt i lit m n jutktv under ir duestlun ut tiief william llan- 111 i ittiitiiiitil a damp blair at it n t tlr itlu m it t i i i huv ntnnn luhrsrtt i i ju ibiti1 fitin an im nieratur r it ibr t lal spit ad to irfuw and j h t siitttintt alof g the dump isti turn fo m pio tf i al tiome ijnovum er i i w tin i n i arirts keep t h to i at on the floor and ir ti j- f irtpi inf general contracting new iiomks remodelling we are coattnuing buuneu as utuat and are atldihg co- piate building services tn the fojlewtng by csmpetsnt mechanics ilun buig htlu fcji j t i imi p tt ihllalicdi stwi luslallatons cwi irlr uiin an and hot uui httiti o i htiilxli llubrd low n fu i ol lltl si iiutiuiliuif -m- uu i u ik ilt iiii stucx t ihtut work iu a woi k lllusk uoik iutlic til mtn and itilui 1u th ii- oik tor it to diop into iui st it at ml mill soi blading ntus on ant f lr i llkr only tiling strange to us is ot lltt- m ut t i iii 4 tl tfltt i phone slew a 770jatlca 66 j f mcmuuin niirs mduyuvlim extra miles unit urre evott coodvear truck airwheh tiri sw thompson motors iso mai st fhonci 69 fod jaik ihvict jj hlmnj ma of cltrm mile uf truublclrtc trvlct ut inilll tint 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