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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 11, 1950, p. 2

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r ao two the acton ffies press thursday uay 11th isao ttijp achm 3frrr jlrraa ual f tliajuj tl a l- oiuw atfiuauoj vj um 4 cui slbsfkjftian xatls ul m r b ii i itj mu jus wwll if- uf it ltb uid 4 w wij 4 lt k u4f j w u uu4 aia iktimm katts j lthlm l iaam u iuui11 i tjjfjt ttmbaf is 41 m wa urn t uuiibj lkl ll wdl ft b ittt u us fv 4 iiliwmi rttiifcj ftaiavaatt ul maul fctt t 4attj villi t dlta iuikwj i tft fi vt wiftaa wllit duly 1 tf it utmiimi mj tih lutk u mi ws 4ifclr d 4a niui ftd ta 11 if mw a 4ij i t mi4tj lip tu ft fmm ui luuitir ll t cad iiulmlt 4 imi vl wl ft4t t i ll ltj ll td j v u- akuif uii ijl fcjt- aofcr municipal hdck winl gitje olithl on hoi i iodiji i rclipf lo the houiriou4trr and vlorc i rrjx f ll i niun opal vetvice hat ic ome another hrati hf lo municipal council the lowni of c urir di rr to depot if tha rfuie outride the town boundar ici and fill up tome deprenion that is line from the if standpoint but bring objection from farm ert in thai dittnet who naturally pan on their complaint to i be townjhtp councils even a small pile of boutebold garbage it difficult to keep in one place multiplied by all trie garbage dumped in one spot the problem of controlling the dumping and burning the part that can be burned can become a major problem of the town in most municipal dumping grounds the refuse can be burned only under constant supervision and only when the winds are light and spreading of fire i not a hazard the solution of the problem is becoming more difficult for the town disposal plants or incmera tors are expensive with such a plant the refuse would reojulre separation garbage collection hns become a recognized part of municipal service it is here to stay and the not step od sposal will have to come soon if on incinerator or disposal plant is construct ed it will of course have to bo financed from municipal taes there s only one way to meet town improvements in the meantime citizens could be helpful and perhaps postpone the build ing of equipment if they would dispose of all n aterial looe pipers cartons etc by burninrj rnther than dumping nil the material out for gar bage collection the family farm will survive the words f lmily fiirm usually nit ait farm that is ope m fed by the free labor of a whole fimily the title to which is he lei by the head of the family who is 1 1 v 1 1 y to it we it to a mi mb r cf the family for their free latour m their youth the child rrn who lewe the firm frequently are assisted in securing a start in life those who remain at home usually are given an equity in the farm and an opportunity to buy it on the death of the head of the family through the family farm tens of thousands of canadian families have provided themselves with a good living and security and have contributed to urban it ft ttfe most constructive and productive people like every other successful enterprise the family farm of canada is being modernized where family resources permit the family farm continues to be a selfcontained unit where co operation with ne ghbours m the use of modern equipment is the answer co operation is meeting the need custom work also increases the ef fictency of producers the family farm will survive as the soundest social unit in canadian society as long as the farm family is free to work out its own destm in an economy that is free from harmful controls john atlms m the scene from shingwauk farm meit telling about honey its low prices and its nutritive valu we believe the surplus crop of honey will get moved fatter than those cans of peacries bee a us that peach queen isn t going any i ftrther than our wastepaper basket but yew can j read about honey m every issue of th s paper and it 5 tq ioctd value a lhe pjeinnl xraikc3 pijs there s a right and a wrong way to reach a mar ket and the best way s the d rect approad the public won t be fooled any more than we are i no hiwju s hu dred thousand sna1 bus ness co teir s n the un led stales have served not ce on unce t c that they don t want govcrt ment handouts the 1 20 man delegation which has been vii ng wash nylon told congressmen in no unevrta n urrns that federal loans and other dcvccs drean ed up by the politicians and bureaucrats to woo the pol t colly powerful small businessmen s voir i were ust a lot of extravagant poppycock j pfival twmjtfvj itflttort- fk htlle bujiiip i men declared had shown an ab i ty and w ii i j ress to provide alt their cred t needs they m luded in their delegal on wooden ik t aire fnall town bankers hardware navers aft u anufnt luieri and a deajer in petiolewm u uit one t ng the dd till on je- n t n t d an i d al ut mv mm i spr i j al nkrc jrl jatit ns of that toil rt aps wh mjloti arid may ik- olhwa w ii nwnltn to ft e no rv l y for jell nrj dt w n to gcxni i t d nom t nn pies sound advice the ottawa journal offi rs sound advui fi the matter of extravagance at ottawa peft rung to the submission of the canadian chamtwr o commerce which is urging parhami nt to curb its spending and reduce tcs the journal suggests that results of the chamler s ropresentalions i would probably le more fruitful if ependiturt s were challenged in specific mstanci s rathi r than in broaf general terms j no doubt the canadian chamber of c m merer s aware of the need for fully document ng i its representations the submission already made by the chamber may no doubt be regarded as but the trst step in a campaign designed to b nj home not only to ottawa but to the taxpayers of canadn the dangers inherent in pubic etnva gance ami overlapping of service with the talent and resources which it p sesses the chamber of commerce could render invaluable public service to the p ople of c in d were it to undertake a survey of pubic s rvicc s and spending which would provide the iw sort of data and i vidence is thit midc avi libit to the people of the umli d st it s through thi hcxjver peport editorial notes wondi r whits happened town folk ancf thi amati ur pliys and concerts looking ovir ttx past seison it set ms tint dll the work on ihest j luiih ins lui n clone by groups in ruril sections i our neighbour the erin advociie ins now become an all home print t ibloid sie ni ws i paper antf mikes quite an imporved appeiraftce in modern heidmg type we congratulate editor 1 hull on the result attained in modernizing the advocate cz3orzliovc51folc3ocz recollections oi acton lfoifoiroie ijck in 00 3un vt l r juur u ikr rrr hit a i turiuy t0y j oft ix mi j m thrv i it i liu i ul nil r ul thr iii in 1 ui i tu vo ftnlji hi ij il 1 f iiwul t lunii i- u 1 i t h p il s 1 i 41 t l i a 3 ltr mr i m it i it i t u iiu rnukiit m kt may in lh 4im ti 1 mi h tljil tttr kln ut 31 ul llir i aa s h ir 1 blt t t ail r 1 l uiin a nun 11 f ii i u m it 1 i tt j business directory it ha m i i i i l n t k 11 t sir i li ji i i i 1 i i mi j i 1 1 i 1 t i d i ll k 1t i i- ll ml 1 i ml 1 1 i n i i x u u it i ui ufl t i i tl i i in i i i n r t f jmv t m k it r t1 i a 1 r j i i j 1 ui 1 hi till f t r i f n it ur t i lp ihpmortal 3bral a monomer t built of end r j or marl le yrnbol ic in desi jri and reverent in purpose rest ng in suround ngs of peace and beauty a tiibute of respect and honor to itie dead a constant tource c f iui ral n to the living oakville monument works a crtftl c r letl tnrgr d- tiy mii t rg n r vm e to v t oil out 41 jtfcll t vl 1t f 1 v i tl 1 l li j l vb 1 1 tl 1 i ti i t t 1 lr i i tl 1 at- a i i k mi i ihii m illiur vl 1 11 v i i f ur li n i j m i t i riui i u i k to in i t tin hi mhtui i li u i ui 41 imi i t in u htmit tin it i iinilx r f in iidilmturi imi lmmimihi tint it mht thrlr if f il- lla luilillnm tilih wui b fin h ink him u ijulkly litirni 1 w ki th kmhini mith nil u ruiitniti mr uiil i idiiks harn u l initnl lint ttt m skuttniik tti i in mi r uhl tu t ut i ut the fir mi p t r klrknikt lift un tin do mumliik for hrin brtitfe to 1 iui ituntli n in n of thr t in in r i k thrrr mr a t llrimii wui in in ipti ht thumliy atlt iidiiijt th fm f tin i t 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marketing in the mail this wek was a letter from some place in u s where a press club has it is said lnder taken to sell a surplus stock of canned peaches that the groovers have on hand a peach oueen has been selected incidentally a holly wood star and we get a picture of her jhat is supposed to sell surplus canned peaches of course we have to cast the cut and print the picture which is of a kind that hits you from every billboard advertisement and street corner in the city we remembered last week talking with a bee keeper and wo learn there is a surplus of first class honey right in this neighbourhood and its selling at the lowest price in years but the bee keeper didnt select a honey queen or get a press club to back him up with sensational story we talked it over and he inserted an advertise- retail trade in february reports the fminctal post showed largest gain in 10 months it rose o over the same month of 1949 gain was due mainly to sharp rise m motor vehicle sales and partly to higher sales of garages filling stations coal wood dealers a retail grocer when asked why he advertis ed regularly came up with the answer adver tising is cheaper thin dusting he was referring to the problem of dusting guintifies of c vined goods if they ire lift on the shelf for long at vtrfismg he svd moves them so guickly that dusting is unnecessary from time to time editors of the weekly nevsp ipers cause fellow business men some concern these town editors seem to get interest ed m so many business problems besides their i own and seem to spend so much time working on community projects the point of course is that the welfare of the newspaper is more direct ly tied to the welfare of the community as a i whole than that of perhaps any other single business midand free press mr 11 ii 11 li s lil his r ill ii i ii 111 k am i u 1 m lull imlhit v ti ri m ii hm i i tin iiumi n il hull 1 i t thi m i hi i i ut f cti r th sin n uniting t tin amn i th 1nk luv hi n nvich rliu i nitiful tl il unk mi sm hi itilmin mill u h t plmti 1 flnmiiiic guut v nnil mrnin on tniln imiiiiii thr i holr of ii m ib sti i hqitivt hunh tor ill i it i art n ltipim church ti il uik th t ti r or turn th s m n i t win nous an tt ll at 1 i mi mrl il ii pit il itt imptt n n thuimli m i 1 in 10 tu mr mt mrs lit in tt r f miltiin i mn i mm1ttn iutkns ukaix on widm di april 10 it to it tht hndi hmr b utv c i pooh ii d i m d iiihti r of mr nnct mr i ll ut ulci to mr harry hum both of acton wakf mann on widnsday april 10 lf to ut chntim ri church manso toronto bv hi v a c sti u irl m a ji su i- mann ct nikhtir if mr ciortli t mann jind th inti mm minn to j thorn i wnn on of mr and mr- lohn u in cnmpbi lmuc ontino itm hoiiinson iii imiuia on 1ihiim1t mo 1 1010 geori lin hi in hiv 74th ir futnt itnftrtu rmrifml t jhi tur hrljkil tin ujiu of jtiliut lrlllr to tn ttnr- jol utirr fuim utijliiimihn in vhi ilior rk jo i y h- r in vsk m ur ntjirm it of m my bank ilt to m1 s ur fjroi jihi inert isc muir pr tit i lit m i to gjej bank of montrlai acton branch william clayton mim woking with canadians in viit will of i i f i llnf t i t i 7 thi vicior b rumtey furjfkal home i unrrml llai itrftud ainkbum ih ik 10 oight or day s t v u it thi rnmunity for 43 y ars wulouchtiy arm aglncy i 1 1 t oi 1 t at n t in cnd ii i md i knt llldg toronto i ti tt pri nutlvv turn llruxin iliotio irnrgruiwn s3 hl ht rfal stat and i r j ufcanci i i mtkmt n m uhicjiit i ilh ii st i irk ltd act n ont n it h ont ihom ii rhunc hiij aluttora iunllr lnuirr i i r nul lr hi lr f m ir mi 1 c rinda t fu i h t i ilkt hrl i u ii aril iv u 1 h h dilrlr iruu- i ag nt aih idtum the chctley enltrpriso comments low ren til housing seems lo mean different things in different parts of the province the 25 cmhc houses erected in chesley and renting at about s35 a mbnth seem rather expensive and low- rental housing here might mean houses at 25 or 30 a month but we find the ccf news telling of the government developing a hoysing proiect near the trenton air base boasting that fiveroom houses rent at 44 a month and saying thous ands of families could do with this kind of government help might bo lummod up more accurately by saying- thousands of families would do with any kind of government help travellers guide cray coach lines kiviirx irjkr aiton i i 1111 r savisl 11t tajtlhaurml i i i 1 1 i m 21 r 111 li fil3 li rt33 p m 111 h i in f r hound 17 i i 1 i m j m 7 m 1 j j m 11 13 ii m s n t k i h nrr i til txt sunclv and holt- t situntt sunday and holl- railways canadian national si mmii1 t1m1 fjuu bound i 11 1 il s n ihu m il in i i s n lay inlj si i m i il i rr t sun- dn r v nl rciimn l17 pm int frr nt rorkrtuwn 10 11 im unuwnd llll tvnjt suntl and mon- in 1 v ii m sundn nn1 monday i nlv a n ii ill wul s in rtn s is n ni fiipm 7 44 pm ii ills il si and sin ui p m flist i sat i da t i 1 ill pn sun iv i lv 41 i uj- 1 oploraetruh 7 douglas street guelpu eyes examined glasses fitted 5spmi l jitihitt

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