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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), November 12, 1885, p. 2

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h mk ger the nation has the people of this omlaiou have atyuo aan reason for whl hi to betthanl f til v almighty god who j watchful car a mm guiding han4avftw jnlraariifeeted ii layer rta ot w tfauoaal ifji guidins au 1 pro tecfog them in theui n ofpexm wad leadingthemintiieho nut darkness ai d rwpedaroodhi jnpeet zy h have been lileijallj desirable that jpnld today which bintedfor tho pur ueesof gtdanc rail graoioui gifts and our temporal way supplied it is tin country thus favored has been especially ai pose acknowledge th return thanks tohim secular tasmew sbw id for the day lie sua pende6andaepeopeigenerally as enable in their osiial plaxjes f worship aiid with prayer niod praise de rontly teaufy o the grver of every good a id pertecvgift tor all that he has done for as during the y sar and let ns by np m is forget that while vo give- thanks and njoy the coi nforts which have crowned ur lives that truly grateful hearts are inclined tojdeods of charity surifthat akfad and thought col re memberanoe will doable out own plot sures and render onr praise and thanke giving more acceptable in the sight of the l rd s notes and gowmens war was fonnuydeclaiedwithburmah on tuesday by gfreatlflritiftin the queen has sent ner congratulations to sir john hacdonald through lord j- lansdowue upon tbe completion of the canada pacific railway the ghoulish frana of hanging a uaked subject iu front ox a butcher shop in toronto on halloween was not perpetrated l by medical students as at first suppose d but by rival butchers i we have been informed by dr linden km that during the smallpox outbnak in brant in 1ct19 in eightysix cases secur ing m persousaccinated only two died one of those wis a man seventyfive years of age and the other was fiftyfive th latter having been ill two years prior to his leath in fiftyone cases occurring with persb as not vaccinated fifteen died twentyseve u per- sons who lived in houses where bit illpox existed and were vaccinated did no con tract the disease ffknoctr pott our levelheadedcotemporary the wiar- tan echo in a lengthy and well written editorial on the subject says as te the practicability of workii g the scott act we believe that rests wtfb our government as we should have in lawj without proper machinery to work ii and when the scott act becomes law in any comity every true citizen should sei i that that- law be enacted as fully as any other upon tbejstatutes those who breac this law should receive the punishment provided andjneet the censure of the public as law breakers j i the jjev ir wild in an opening a idress tit the anniversary held in bond street church toronto a couple of weeks ago made known the following interesting facts ninetynine members were udmit- ted during the year on profession of faith andl7y letter 116 linall of whom 15 t the sabbath school ir 1884 j jthe pew rents stveragejd 8599- per quarter j inl885 4700 per quarter the open plate collections for 1884 amounted to 43 k in 1885 85000 the special collection on anniversary sunday amounted to i 1020 dr wilds talary hasij just been inc reased to 4000 per year f- f fcetft tt ifat6joa jtii thi cometery by laws and it itly a let from the cemete y committee dediningjto plae any lottrfw sale tl ujyem giving their ns for so d lining to act sow mr edit ir had the coi iimittee gone onias the reevo i nggestod the majority of the ratepayers w uldharebeer pleased with their action as a number f thorn were waiting iill thoso plot i wen put on the market that they might have u choice and many wore also naitinfi to hi ve their de- iparted friends re moved this fall from the j cemetery to 1 10 uew one the reasons tsbigned by the cemetery copiraittee as as i forth in their letter are not in my opinio sumoijntto warrant them to come to that soncluaion they should have had spmoiei it stamina to go on with the work djs the j najoruy of the ratepayers j authorised them lyther votes ou the by law to do tho i letcrmined opposition of fered by some of ho connoillors backed up by a few j of the irresponsible ratepayers shpulijl not deter them from doing their duty those coi tnoillors who opposo and have opposedthii cemetery business have ihavono doubt an object in view one object which kfa y openly declare is they have no interest ersonwly in a cemetery for acton as the have burying f lots else where ithoothir i believe is they wish to trim their sail i for the firsti monday in january so that the light breeze they may create will fill thiir saih sufficiently to land them in the harb r bdthatfks it may i thini the intellig snt ra epayers will keep their eyes open f r theii own interests i have watchec the aroceedings of the council for some time and i notice that when the finano 3 committeejbriiig in their report and if thut report recommends 20 cents per hour fo the commissioner that councillor votes yea without any hesi tation but if a report is brought in to pay a poor man who ias worked in he cemo- tery plot two of tiecouicillorsvitenay it seems all vei y well if a grist ib brought to my millibuti you tsike it to another 1 wont support it i notice that job or two councillors are persistently circulating a report that legal proceedings hav j been in stituted against t he corporptiou to quash the bylaws aegt iring the cemetery plot which they certa nly know is im true no proceedings have been instituted nor are they likely to be because men are not likely to put their hand sin thir pockets to sup- of the p7rhhymrb0nal rtibsxteipeoi our readers oolleotl mm gordo cfriendia ljere during thfl week mn y9jmijy5l m vi1 i gray of hamilton i the guett oditor of tho flll5k j jurjalbx mohenry6f carglll visiteil f ribud i l this vlciuitjy last week mr go matthews of toronto has been visiting ijtaton friends during tjib week jbert jorant parkdale paid his bi- lyjvlsit to his old honio this week iooking milton has boon appoint ed mnjtroln of ihe igirls industrial home toronto j mr filed h 8iny th of the model print- ing 01 boi toronto bpent sunday and mou- day witllaeton frieid mr jimes iunis mp of thoguolph altrcury and lady have returned from an extern led tripthrough scotland mibshnttio hendry of waterloo was the gnesi of mr a a ruby of the metro politan 8tndio over satunlay aud sunday mr al macdouald administjrator has been in toronto this week in connection with thei winding up of tho ostato of the late dr p h maodoimld mr jiw crewson who last year taught the 2ud division of uie milton public school has passed the senior matriculation exami nation an victoria university cobourg keform mr j m feruley of the post officehas taken miss diana matthews into a life part nership they will make a happy little pair tie fbke poesh tenders congratula tions they returned home yesterday from a pleasant bridal tour to lpndpn west lorne etc we ars pleased to learn that rev j e farmer lias been reappointed pastor of the second m church evahstpn chi cago at the recent conference ihis congre gation gi ve him a very interesting reception and presentation last wfeek mr farmer is au old acton boy we congnitukto him npoiuhis continued success i thk cradle nicklii at limeliousb on the 6th nov the wief mr wro nickell merchant of ason what one would object of- the malcontent 3 wouli iport hopeless cause if those parties iwould take the tr nble t examine the muni cipal institutions actitloy would find that the council of ev sry mupicipalitj have the poer to acquire such property i am told thai some of the councillors object to the council acquiring the ib acres- douated by dr mcgaryin on the ground that the rate payers did not wi nt it i would simply ask any ratepayer in acton this suppose i offer to any perse a say 813 on the condition that as soon as he makes one dollar and gives it to me he can have the other twelve local education new teachers to be engaged for the second third and fourth deparjinints theprincda reengaged the board of trustees met in the c uncil chamber on tuesday evening oth inst members present dr lowry chai man aid messrs w h stsorey j e mcgarvin and go hynds the resignations of miss baxter teacher of the third department and miss forfar of the fourth department were read the committee on finance presented their seventh report recommending payme nt of the following accoanta a stephenson repairs 3 50 thos ebbage imprdvements in 4th department 2 50 h p moore adv tenders a- 1 20 c ti hill glass c1 36 moved by w h storey seconded y 56 by j h mt- e mcgarvin that the report ibo adoped- carried moved by j e mcjgarvin seconded by geo hynds that thf resignations cf the teachers of the seoond third and furth departments be accepted carried moved by w h storey beconded by j je mcgarvin that the secretary be ins aruct ed to advertise for female teachers for the second third and fiurth department of acton pttbhc schoolj at salarys of 300 250and 9225 respectively applications to be received np to tne 14th inst carri id the tenders for wood being opened they werefound as follows james browne s3 f0 per cord eenry bayers 35p if delivered by waggon or 85 bj sleigli moved by geo h-mds- seconded by r il mcgarvin that t ier of james b own for thirty cor wood be acceptud carried moved by mel jrvin secondec i by w hi storey that thos t moore be reengaged m teadber of first department at his present salary- carried moodbyj e ucklarvin secondet by george hynds thatth s property comm ittee secure plans speoifica lions and cost of a portico to protect tie entrance of the fourth department and that i id plans estin tate 4- be laid before ihit board at its next nraeting carried moved by w h isjfcrey secondeo by gochyidavthatassboarddo bow act icrntd meet again oi monday evening umb inst at7 oc k slittrpcan fed m j the altar fkhslkv matthews at the residence of the brides father willow street acton on the 5th november by rev r philips mr j m fernley to miss diana m matthews second daughter of mr john matthews i the grave kwthfrn efsquesing ou the 4th novem ber neil keith esq aged 64 years jteyadwtiseifcciits i sin isure none that mreditj or is just the position as runderstund it there is another matter i wish u bring be fore your- readejrt in colnneetipn with this 13 acres aftei acquijring tljiis land thes council went to yorkfoj clear up the land by removing the lnderbrush nd old logs for which a billof 810 was presented two of the councillor i objected to t hat notwith- standing they obtained it leasusso worth of gravel therefore having a cleai gain of 870 now sir they did not object to get the gravel to put mthe roads in t lesuryeyi ed portion but id d stroigly object to pay for clearing thelh nd the small su m of 10 i have examined that gavel pit and find that it ib more valuable than tho whole 19 acres i would sk the ratepayers where they could get i is gravel anywhere within a mile or two of the boundaries of the village i j j in conclusion klr editor i would say that the ratepaye rs should be j ca eful who they pntpinto the council to maiage their business and the j should givethese obstin ate obstructionist i a very wide berth as they have neithe the willingness nor the ability to manage municipal business i remain yours ac piioboxoe c private boarding pek8qw5j uesiriur j rivnto board cau lie 11c- comi lodateil ujou aiilittiou to mrs it creech mill streiet e stagey md cm fellow of trinity medical school member of the college of physicians and surgeons ofvicfu mill street late dr websters office i acton nov 9tl i outside opinion our excellent excharge the gironiclf in revie wing e the answer to ii thinks he can cpake a to the the editor of the r querist and his q the alleged fact turn falsehoods withj me exeptionj 188j says r as sorn rbiico first course of popular lectures under tbo auspices of tho laclies aid society of themetho- l dist church- revwc henderson m a x st slarys exlresident or tbo loudon i confarenco will deliver ills j interesting lecture on ten days in london with notes by the way i tft oxt acton waterloo letter and e one who jpointl a oinst the rwiian gltamjjion iditor bf the a ton free umber of statien ents pro- scott act wrote challenging the piiess meet ai pounded concerning aatons s essment rateiof taxation a id the scott act but village clerk certifies to the correctness of 1 y the 1 beb pe s thus case of acton no r thevanswer travelling dhe rouhdb of the antiscott actrpapers doing jdiity as a refuge of lie fo those who ii h to find arguments in fav r of th drink ttaffic but are obliged to rely on m anufaccujred facts for want of bometiing else rielshll respitei friu pness answers tho i leries 1 ully and candidly out to be absolute and the the figures given itappears that in the harm has resultec from hie scott no doubt ve shall see thir questioi alive another week fo r him do make prepara tion for deatbl jnthimonday qmw nov 9rriel has beer a farther respite until sov 16 generally believed in oflicial circles here that this further respite uas giveii to en able the qondemnpd mai to prepare for death and that th s sentence will juidonbt on the edly be earned out date met tioned ordered of the province oi ontaijio muit bevaxinated forthwith the lieutenantgoveriior has that every individual in t le servic ifyouwanta n bby d arable at nit j fyfes is tin place act yet without granted it was to go vvn tuesday evening 24th nov hi will bo followed as below i kb v johk shaw toronto expresidcut of the toronto conferencevtncsday 8th pecetnber subject characteristics of the age mn james l hugheh toronto inspector pub lic schools monday 21st december subject schoolroom humor ps should it becoiiie uccessaryto change any of the abovodatcs due notice will be given throneh the irc8s and otlienvise roceeas in aid of the church debt t i i tickets for each lectiifei 26 cents j l i doors opcu a 7 pm chairtakeu at 8 tfov for good reliable boots and shoes williams to the front having purchased the boot and shoe business lately carried cm by mn h b mccabtht in the village of acton and having replenished the stock with a first class ass rtment of all lines usually kept in a no ljooiand shoe store- i am pre pared to guarantee entire satisfaction to all who may favor me with their patronage a good supply of firstclass trunks and valises n ill always be kept on hand ordered work and repairing is my own supervision the public upon its receiving the best of as the i all under i may rel j attention doheap give njjb a trial and ee for yourselves wm williams nb having disposed of the boot and snoebusmess lately carried on by me f wish hereby to notify all parties indebted to me to call at nce and settle their accounts h r mccarthy 1 m zm h mi o- nelson mcrae co rhe jfirjn bi nelson mcliae co is about to be dissolved a man moth clepiiig sale of over 14000 worth of general dry goole milliriery mfintldyil tweeds worjl and knitteji goods hats and caps furs boots i nd shoes anlcl ord red clothing our stock is all new and h as been purchased in the best mar kets for cash ind we have decided to clear it put at cost and under acto n october 20th 1885 remember this is a genuine sale as the paitnsrship of the undt rsiguetj ceases on the 21st november we requi re settlement oi al accounts before the above date and we request bills to prewiif them before the time named ill having- dine nelson mcrae co n aivht3irt imm jfgih m rmy mvx l l the pashioxable west end cuelph -oo- bucwfam i co -0- we have pleasure in stating that onr stock for he season trade surpasses in extensive vane ty and choice selection anything we have ever formerly laid before ourjeustomers bucharv silks satins and no house y compete in this departmeu here can successful withus in poiut of ariety real sterling lvalue and downright cheapness ladies who are h the habit of buying e sewhere are not aware of the indi cements wc offer iu this department to pur- cjiaser8 inspection invited f bucham go ai go velvets furniture iaiois and from the cradle 3i the grave -o- j- seemh i sm tjndertakers k f acton and everything else that iny family requires iu we will supply all on tile shortest notice ninl most reasodabie tcns hearse drawn by a wel- natched team fr hiei from tlw cradle to the gravq a fd wfe can prepare them to titie grave tduforweiiaveoujhaui alaige5tock of mckay bffos cor king and j0 i st8 for good grey flannel looi er yard lted flannels 12jc per ya rd pinjering yarn 5crpersk sin i bovs top shirts soej wcrth sqo mens top shirts 7ic childrens combination s ilts 80c ladies qrey vests 50c good heavy tweed 35oij er yard good auwool tweed 45c per yard navy blue nop cloth 75c per yard heavjy quality napclotl ll2j per yard black and biowu ottomai i cord 125 dress goods 10o worth 2 c allwool dress goods 16 worth 30c best value plain wincey 1 0c dress coops this department is a large oue with as ajiff always presents a choice of really desirable goods to select from seldom mt witb0v hi the largest cities ladies will do well before buy ing to visit our establishment and look through com c c pare prieejs bucham a co i fashionable west jsnd dreps mantle and mi iinery bstablishme it pw ci the furuituro line durii adles g their journey j a speigh1 mckay iiros co klnganl pbiobs rflustab tho perce rtage of profit tluotghoat the store th ilaevltaue ooaseaiieoeotho large increase of our eusiacsj io fv paving erected a flue ue i showroom huve jut received a uew ajd wllasaorted stock of funiituie of all kinds of hcliftcsl designs iukfludiug parlor furniture bedroom suites bureaus sofas lounges tablesj chairs rocker bedsteads 1 1 nd c ii vifi a first- class manager john st per pair per pair ladies all- vool hose 2jc la dies cash mere hose 5c r la lies cashmereglove3 is ci per pair pc rjcipj very cheap i fi f trimmtng special valie bi ick ivelveteus 26c per r air cqloreatolveteena jireat ariety iineybordcrea hobdkcrcliefb25c perdoz jo lot ladies qqllars 5c uch worth 20c coiufortere only 75ci each bi inketsgopd value 33 la e curtains 60e per puir curuin poles 50c- each h mp carpets 10c per yar tr n mail ordfirs jrtscbivromff asd palthfulattfe stion corner of shingles ani wood j also at large quantity o wood of all kinus from 815 i load up to aijx a cord prime short staves udfieodingtothc trade at bottom prices j w taoso moobe factokv main st webt ai toa craix mabket enicklin fc son are pr 3pared to pay the bigliestiiiarketirlcesor wheal reas a oats dphveged at tbfiu- gtorehpnge acton station g tr fanners will do well to see that their graia acton october 8th 1885 itjr x igirig and john streets hamill ejilckwiiison i i is ki ejitu piili o the myrtfe mavy s 1h siakk tr- o imikoze ltteks inbne pthr guine deairi ci provided summer i perienctdl youi findicattirl j the ib lie schdql- the iii i4lili tiireei and three i thelfil court fori jftdgemill radver advertising its column 1 put oyer 831 six weeks j t 1 huiit them into which b f vw4aj ceiptswhiq i to fill in for itisi smiles jsasl among the j honors- hasofl into cousidl smallpox j within our t u i rmj 3 in geoi8 costs to th mrv very neat ahwbelo juturey ima their of willowl l fiuedwai totcip fhercf modthha i almost pedestria tooldw k j- f6nij townrj djdhitlife dontl g 1 t smm r0win on wonde graiai quadojl iiiiel only sfessnpstt

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