Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), November 5, 1885, p. 1

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npwarf a e inowles j a murray r pups pumps in connection with the above we are also prepared to receive orders for pumps from long experience in the business we feel con fident that we can supply anlarticle second to none orders by rnail will receive prompt attentitii j j kindly soliciting a shareof public pat ronage we are respectfully yours thos ebuvgl ihauaser -gvielpii- business collece gjuelph ontario shea for evertboiy- vfjm fe1knley wishes through tbn fuee puess jto invito all to his attractive corner for the goods they may require in his liuo oysters f constantly on hand fruit all tl e different frutis in soa son froshnnd cheip confectionery rect from the best manufacturers every week i itfidin this line of poods and give customers pure confectionery for less nipuey than ny other dealer call any time and youll be welcomed j ilfernlet r iu postoffice bujldiug sept 19th 185 i thoainay monnino noveudkii c thtlbspay 0vembel 5 1885 ttm fttt poetry the doubter i oarj pity the man who is doiibtf u of ithe honest purpose of men or of this virtues of women ah graces beyond his ken life jto mm is a failure its pleasures are all unknown his aaryjest of hope is blasted ho isreaping aahe has sown ho tpvelsalong lifes pathway j always iu doubt aud fear i lest some one should see his orrotj and make the darkness clear j he h is scoffed and doubted so long au 1 reveled so long uufitii that he fears to opeuhis heart an 1 aldmit the truth within tell bin of love and its pleasures tell h m of honor and fame he wjill say they are base deceptious exibtmg only in name tell birr of home and its blessings of jthc love of ohildren and wife ile wfu iinswer these are exceptions that rove the evils of life coulci in be made to reason on the difference between falsehood and truth he ccultl be showu the false teaching reei ed by him iu his youth but 1 e i s lost to all reason loi t in body and mind j lost to the pure arid virtuous no pi asure iu them can he tind always the victim of doubt he is lost to the blessings of hope only content with the world and hilnself when allovycd iu tho darkness to krope who cannot pity thd ending of such ah unnatural strife who caa foresee the awakening in another and holier life 1 pray you my frieuds lieed the i warning ye shall eap even as ye sow and remember in searching for kjiovledgo theii are tilings twere wellnotto know our story the new girit you couldnt spare me a very little money could you father aijt leaned over him as he counted some bills- if it is for something absolutely neces sary my daughter j i i cant say it is exactly that lptaj never get a cent of pocket money now father he sighed as he answered i know it and 11 am sorry but the pressuue seems harder faster then ivvfk s greai satisfaction in things thoroughlyi said janet r doing mothera tor the first day two jbbfort when we have been without a girl ia way hated it t ecause i tried how little get along vith doing and how much i co shove out of the way and motharyi would be i astonished to see how little olpan ing there s to bedoiie when nobody makes hny unuec essary dirt or how much woik can be sa ed by using your wits tb s ve itj she nasier told her mother how hr baqk injg those first days of tinusui d this wore off as she became a s- every daybhelearned moie good assortment of stoves cheap for cash tinware of all ktnd j bottom prices i could earn twelve dollars rra wirra bridget sat on the floor at r licensed auctioneers for the counties of haltoaaad wellington orders left with james matthews actoriy will receive strict attention terms reasonable the second i scholastic year commenced september jlsti each de partment is in change of a specialist to impart a pracitical krainiug for tlhe efficient conduct of misineps affaird is the sphere and woik of the institution its graduates are already holding responsible positions in the commercial centres in the dominion energetic young men and women are thor oughly prepared for positions as bookkeep ers shortjuand writers correspondents or telejgraph operators students received at any j time giving jfull i immi xohnday i architect gujjxjh ont office us hotel block market square j john j daley v suocessoi to thompson jackson money- to ijoid on farm property at 6 perceut moitgages purchased money loaned for parti ssin mortgages and other security conveyancing in all its branches properly aud neatly done charges low farms and git property for sale list with farms for ale sent to all parts of the dominion to intendingpurchasers and cir culated in europe european capitalists wanting farms n ontario will be sentdi- ireotious through- our european agencies farms wauted for our lists correspon- deneffinvited office hear the post office gnelph ont- h lii4 edirrhxatcuvss x i ucm alu r eavetroughing a specialty and put up on shortest notice r first class material only used l a call solicltedj 1 j o hill mill st for circular i and jcataloguo information address m macgormick principal thefarmers and others having crippled horses ijvill do well to gallon ceo stoddard who is pi cpared tc remove ringbones spavins i curbs a id splints withdnt injuring t le hprse satisfaction guiranteed anlan brbell 8hop j ip wor sbibhtt rpen has opened a bjarber shcjpmij the building neatly opposite storeys ojd ghove actiry ill stree 4ctin and9qlioit3 the i pfttwu- age of the pubhb in this vloiiiity every department if tjie business wijlhe conduct- istye give djs aall fri wobjde crrieclij s old sand laoton pira1jci8ntinan successor to t f chapman cbooliffib puelph putario st gfeoifges square acioubt book of all kirjds made t order peric diesis of every des iriptjiou oi ref ully iteati y an d prpmp tl y done bound grueijph cjloth hailk mcraejsf underolotgingr lor no charge geo st0ddabd mens boys shirts arid drawers all sizes shirts and all sizes drawers rajfng isp childrens combination sets aril sizes tei shawacrundy rhaijt tailors ouclph every year wants seem tojincreaae tihan the means of supplying- them hand this to your mother jonetl f6 me for worrying iyou dear father i ought to be making own spending money batrthere are so few ways of doing that unless i go away from home w cant lefr jiou do that ltheies enough for all if we are careful take it out to bridget saiolller moth er as janet gave het the money from her father twelve dollars dear me aid janet to herself rather fretfully as he slowly walked towards the kitchen bridget has earned it and i dont grudge it to her but i wish w holdin an open letter and rocking herself backward and forward with dismal groans pote pahs and kettles- were around in their usual confusion- jits mesejif uinst be lavin yez the day 3iiss janet servants were hard to find and janets face worethe accustomed expression of dis may vith which such noticesiare always receiviid as she asked whatsthe matter bndgiit it b me sisters got the faverbadanits meselmustbegointo her an its six weeks intirsly ilbbe shtayin whin its so far to be goin as janet handed bridget the money a sudden thought came to her i am sorry for yon bridget of course you must go if you must perhaps weean get abng without you until you aire ready to cone back mother she aid returning to her bridgets going away for a fffw weeks mothers face grew as dismayedas janets had or she was not strong and there wen fourlwys tan plase ye liiaani its after comin t try ti get theplafie i am what do you mean jauej said hei mother laughmg as thegirlcdurtesiedlow i mean mothar will you pay me thu same iyou pay bri dgetif i will do the work you cant do it all janet what i cant do ill hire 1 twant to d something i want to get some money i cat feel is my own and that i have a right to spend if i want a new book or a bit of mu sic or anything else i oant get a bchool there are forty applicants where there i i one vacancy i cant getmjre tlrau tw music scholars i cant dn pose of fane r work- or painting and if loonld i might dabble over them for a menth and not clear more than bridget dcesinaweel there are so many doing thatlsindof worl kitchen work is the only worrthere seems to be plenty of fr girls you muy try it but i think you willgt t very tired of it 7 e jangt spent a cood part of lier first week s wages in bdyino gingham aprons rublx r gloves and paying a btout woman to con e and scrub and scour until the last traces f goodnatured slovenly bridgets presence were removed then with clean kitche i clean utensils and clean towels janet tot k hold of her work with a right good will weil all cooperate said her fathe r when he heard of her intention m yvell cooperate cried the boys aid they kpt their word well an bringing of wood and water and sweeping the walls and after tbe first morning she found tljat aclied dii exeroise customed ijo it and morxj to simplify herworkf a few minutes in the kitchen just before bidtime arranged tilings bo exactly to her hai id that these was nohuriy or crowding at tliebuiy time in the morning careful banc ling f the table linen and other things nude tle wash smaller so that the stout woman cou d do twoweeks wash in one janet foui d that there were few days in which si etiou d not sit down when the dinner work wis over other surprising things ce me a light whats the matter that yoji don t bum any wood inowiadays said tom ihave so little splitting to do bridget like many of her sisterhoxl hi d always seemed to considerit her duty keep a roaring fire all day regard lesb f whether it was needed or not and fath r always looked blank over the fud bills onehalf i he quantity was now imply stf- ficient and a difference was soonappare it in many other things the food jfor oie person is always noticeable in ai smill family wiere a rigid hand must be kept upqri all expenses besides which janet was not slow in perceiving how many things went fuitier than before odds and ends were utilised which had been throwji aw iy or conntedl f ornotjiiug btftno one felt af ra id of scraps pone over by janets handl we never were so comfortable jefor said father j i we never had subh good things to ea declared the boys who liighly appreciated the dainty though plain cookery jasj con trasted with bridgets greasy preparatio is for janet full of honest determination to earn her wages had given much attent on to the getting up of palatable anexpehs ve dishes seeking a variety while brjdget 1 ad moved aljtiostin one groove i almost dread having bridget cone iback sa id mother i but th time came when she was- hourly expected mother sighed as she took note of the spotless kitchen in which it was now pleasant to come and lend a hand at the cookery r sit with her knitting wijth janet moving t riskly about its t ime i was settling with yoiij janet she said six weeks i oweyou fel8 no six off for hiring mrs bmjt aijd a fewothe things who wrote moses wrote genesis numbers and deuteronomy eleazaf wrote ithe is not certain which thbiblij exodus leviticus fkwe thipe gems not k bit off dear ive been looking ifrnd over the bills for the month t quite a difference more thaiv pays fa i all your extras not- only in meat groenries and fuelj but i iotice it in the wear land tear and breakage dear me j dont be ieye five dollars a week covers expenses of ilrid- gets being here i you idont mother dear said junet in greatdeliqht then you are nop tired of your nejw girl and wish tb webrjget- dr wollaston and joshua phinehaso book of joahua but it of them samuel is the penman of the books of judges and ruth ho also wrote the first acts of david and i robably nathan jan gad wrote his- last act i and the whole was formed into- two book i which were named after samuel as the rx osteihiuent person called thefirst andeec ond books of samuel jeremiah most pre bably compiled the two books of the kidga ezra compiled the two book of the chronicles he is als author of the book bearing his name nehemiah wrote iteiiemiah theauthorjdf the book of esther is tin- known elihuwas most probably the penman of the book of job mos ssmay have written the first4woohapters md the laist some think job wrote it hiri iself david wrote most o the book of- psalms asaph penned a few 0 them i solomon wrote pi byerbs ecclesiastes aud the songs of solo nom isaiahis the authbi of the prophecy of isaiah s jeremiah wrote tie book bearing his name and thelamettations of jereiriah ezekiel daniel hoe ea joel amos0bad- iah probably jonah 4iah nahum hab- akkuk zephaniah haggai zechatiah wrote the booksof prophecies bearing their respective names matthew mark like and john wrote tbe gospels named af r them luke wrote the acts of the apostles paul is the author of tho epistles to the romans corinthian qalatiaus epliesi- ansphilippians colo sians thessalouiaus timothy titus phil mion and hebrews james the son of 1 jpheus who wascou- singerman toohrist aud one of the apos- ties wrote the epistl of james peter wrote the ep stle bearing his name the apostle john roto the three epistles of john j jude the apostle he brother of james called also lebbus whose burnamej was thaddeus a near reh tive to our lordwrote the epistle of jude st john the divijne wrote revelation he nevejr knowel oldlblllyb was a j ions man j t and heaven was his goal it forjbeiugavery saing man of course hed save his soul 1 but even in this he used to say j one cant jtoo careful bo j i i and he sang with a lervor onassiamecl im glad salvattojib frecti w- il i 1- v but the means ofiracohe had tctow4 required godbardearued gold and he took ten pen s as well hecanie the richest of the fold j hes a uoblenian thepreacher cried our christian brothei b and billy smiled as he sublet nine and got hisown pew frel 6 in classmeeting next old billy iold how heaven had gracious peeri j yeaeven backju the dark- tjaysiwhep he was a man of sib r is buildin a barn on my riverfarm- all i then had he said j id ruri out o boards an was feedin hands on liothin but coru bread i i tellye bietheriu thatli felt iblue short 6 timber and casji rm x m 1 avid thoiightl and id died when the banks then bust flooded all my mash but the lord was merciful to me and the tide liadl sent riht through the- rift made in the riverolanka a luinber adrift rthe plenty o fiords was there for the bam and on top was a cheese and a barjo pork is sound and sweetr as liny one ever seesj i theii i had t read ai d meat for the men and they w orked with a will while i tharjked god who beeri gooov to me 1 l andj rmadoin it stiu a shrill- voibed sister cried bless the lotd the whole class cried amen 1 but a keeneyed man looked at billy b in thoughtful way and thefl- asked brother b did you ever hear wh lost that raft and load and billy wiped his eyes and sad bfetherin i never knowed a ks back 5 no- indeed y said mother fervently then she isnt coming back ivefound my way of earnmg and am going to istick to it for a while it isnt all pleasmtjtobe sure but 1 dont know any kind of business that is only she said laughing ishall insist on having my wages paid as regularly as if i were bridget i shall clothe myself out of them and be saving dear old father about h clever men and their tools- it is not tools that make the workman but the trained skill ind deterpiination- of t the man himself indeed it is an old say ing that a bad wor tman never yet had a jood tool- and thelruthof this adage is amply shown by the following fsicts ferguson made fonderfiiii things such as his wooden clock that accurately mea siired the hours by meaus of a common penknife a tool in verybodys hand but tlien everybody is n teerguson a pan of water and two therr loueters were the fools by which dr black discovered latent heat and a prism a lens 4iud a sheet of paste board enabled newt ii to unfold the com position of light an the origin of color someone asked opie by what wonderful hisr colors his reply with my brains sir savant once called upon requested to be shown true story is thejee klvsus ajoi1a comapse csap idescbiptive i it i was nghtand the cold pale moon from her loi by eminence smiled all over her faceand ovsv the face of the earth as well the twinklicig itari twinkled arid winkled as is their ustom arid the gentief zephyrs behaved thtripelves in a proper mariner process he mixed was i mix them an eminent foreign over his laboratories in which science had been enriched by so coveries when the bridget when ra dollars a week iffjrou arerihtin your calculations mother wh it will you do with she con es mit whitcomb wants a girl so she can go there oh mother deaijitsarea com fort to ieel as if i were supporting myself and i wonder why i neyer though t how pleasant it is this doing for you all and janet forked on feeling sure si ehad found her best way in securing her locket money jin thus expending her energies for those she loved how m any dangliters restless and fretful for wait of something to do r right find the same way blessed to themselves and to others in homes made bright land sweet by their faithful minis trations what a wicked boy did with a j lightning bug r the wickedest boy lives in washington he viai ted the observatory a few lays ago with a large firefly he had caught and with tie aid of some mucilage stupk it in the centre of the largest lens of he tele- rnauy important dis loctor took him into a little study and pc in ting to h old teatray on the table coiitainmg a few watch a sinall dalariceand a blowpipe said jfliere is all the labora tory i have stotbard learned the art of combining colors by closely fitudying flies wings he woold often saythat rib one knew what he oweejl to thtse tiny msects barn door served wilkie in lieu of pencil 4u 1 canvas bewick first practised drawing m the cottage walls of his native village which he coverejd with his sketches in chilkand benjamin west made his first brut hes out of the cats tail franklin first robl ed the thundercloud of its lightning by mjians of a kite made with two cross sticks md a silk hankerchief watt made his fin fmodel of the corideu sing steam engine outof an anatomists old syringe clifford ivqaed his first broblem in mathematics w hen a cobblerbappreri tioe upon small se raps of leather which he beat smooth for t te purpose whilst rit- tenliouse the nstrmdmer first calculased eclipses on his plo igh handle i k- iiass nj-eompauative- the inobi i might shine with all the rein rgent radiance she conlol muster for all george cared he drew his light from an otbipsourxe thi twialding stkrs might twinkle- an 1 wirikle till they were tired one twink o from hb beloved katy yrib worth a wh oleiiiiglit of such twinkling he gentle eepb yrfrmight sigh as gently as they i please one sweet moderatesized sigh from the depths of katy seartwas worth all theigighing thezephjtsicould do in ft whole year of course we are speaking figrira tivelyi wi know just as well as anyone does that t e sigh comes from the stomach but that w uldnt he poetical chav m ketative katy auet- george at the time opr storj opens wer i- enjoying a solitary ramble albnj bower aenkie or in the wbrds of thu modern so iool girl they were peripherjsiz iiig evei ytping was as quiet as a bar roor i under the bah of the scott aet suddenlj and without p moments warning while th a rs twinkling an i ef5 that night when tom had made fea before she comedown the fire and ground the cpf the astlrohomer light scope went to workhe perceivec a blaze of apparently in the heavens and what amaz ed him the more was that it would irive a i f couple of spurts and then die out o lly to burst forth again in a second or two he examined it carefully for a few ninutes and then began to do aums to fit id out where in the heavens that extra jrlinary staw as placed he thought he fc und the locality and next morning he telngraphed all pve r the universe that ie had discovered a new and remarkable sjtar of the third magnitudeiriorion in ft day or two all theatronomerb in europe and america were itudying orion tbeiy gazed btit till theifere mad and thejn they began to teleariph toj the manuji washirigton to know what he meant rljue discovei er took anoft er- look and hound that the rje w star had rioved 18000000 miles in- twi tytoar hours and upon examining lit blcaely he was alarmed tb perceive that it hi d legs when he went bri the dome next i norning to polish up tie glass he fjrand the 1 ghtning bug the bill for telegraphing dei patohes auiot nted to 92600 and now the istrono- vants to hud that hoy 1 1 f fairview pemetery in fanner lasbys moon was shining the st the zephj s i igbingj katw cliapbra one might y 1 leavej her lutrgs responded he r mouth opened vejry gently of course an 1 a shriek il 1 and weird sharp and plan tive f oun 1 i s way into the nocturnal air- a shriek s i agonizing it wakened the echo- s stowed avay aroujnd monument hill ii cnap jiecgeo george dear know i was vaccinated s arid set all the roosteys yards acrowing rrexplasatoht didnt yeju he coiild set type one of those ext cemely objectionable can- dp-it-a-great-deal- letter- than-anybpdy- else sort of persons stepped into an office the other day aud fot rid fault with some proofs which were bein revised for jthp paper saying that he could do it a great deal get ter himself or it being suggested that possibly he was a i old comp he said that he had never seen the inside of a corn- posing room in hi i- life but still 7k jtnei he coiiiitert typ and offered to bet a new jhat on tho result ha was put before a case and a short p ir was given him he pluckily stuck to and here it is weg j ftythe isvtjork and did hisbesf s o8g b df aiptfiifflh owptjsnis domjqrmiw- rpo e o2 nnnuq huuaojcpmjjxrg mmg89r2 imout bo boaav mpaa- itg a31a ormbp alod- im an mer capital lixikb one containing a remittance ndble aims i would entrea t the youug whose habits are not yet fixed whose associates aro riot all chosen to trj to live with those who take a noble and kindly view of lifei aijidtb learn frorh therii tbbelieve in theunselfi8h ness of others n otiyes to put the best con struction lipou en doubtful action to think the hidden oliar cter better than the deeda in which ittriei to express itself at first it may not be ei sy but with time and trial it will come 1 aere are many steps up to the highest let them at all events begin to mbnnt the ataii and each effort of ascent witl make tho hsxt less difficult und more dejightf ul 0t la beat d sold wheu governor cleveland visited the state camp at newburgb in 1883 he wi is attended by his staff in full rig it was o le of the few opportunities the governors military family had enjoyed of appeari g together in full uniform and they present sdv a very handsome arid even wrilliant app r- ance thogovernor led thejway thronih te private entrance to the camp clofc ly followed by his secretary colonel lamo it to the astonishriient of his btaff i the gi te was then quickly closed and locked ka may be imagined disgust succeeded s ir- prisp when iu reply to vigoroiasreroe n- strances tlie gatekeeper blandly remarke di its accordin to orders gentlerrieu this is the governors entrance the- band in at the other gate y agharacter- t he following testimonial was given ijo a servant girt this is to certjljr that the bea er has been in my service on 3 year ess elei eri months during this tine e i fot nd her to be diligent at the front qo6rt iin- per ite at her w6rkj atteriiive q iieif plf t prcmipt at exouses amiable towirdager tie men faithful to herbwcetheart8 ml honesst when everything was iaio unler look arid key j dr j d kelloggs dysentery cordiilw a speedy curd for dysentry diarrptba cl biter r ra summer complaint seasickrie4s and t drh plaints iucideptal to children teething lt gives immodiate relief to those suffe cirig from the effects of indisoreftoji in eating unripe truit cucunibers eto tvaotb rtth wonderful rapidityand never ila to- con quer the- disease nooue ueedeftr chilerjk if they have a vottie of thja nredicine bga yenierit- v a lassos isdbision givnes8 ifiw suppose you had to mwidefourappleeje ual- iy btweetethrb ouiii por tion 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