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Independent & Free Press (Georgetown, ON), 31 Dec 2020, p. 2

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th ei fp .c a Th e IF P -H al to n H ill s | T hu rs da y, D ec em be r 31 ,2 02 0 | 2 "It's reallypersonalized and tailor-made forme." @kristavogel *People following theWWplan can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week. Krista lost weight on prior program andmyWWcontinued onmyWW+. -39 lbs* Krista During the past year of isolation, hours on the couch and a lot of sourdough bread, we've been forced to take a long, hard look at our habits. Many of us have realized that we need to take better care of ourselves, becauseweight loss isn't just about fitting into that one pair of jeans--it can have a big impact on our health. That's what LindyCellucci discoveredwhen she embarked on a lifestyle overhaul back in 2014. During a trip to theEast Coast with friends, she found shewas struggling to keep up. "I realized that I was missing out on life andwas in danger of having it end if I continued on this unhealthy path," says theToronto retired teacher andmomof two. Among her first steps was joining WW--and after losing 80 pounds, she was able to find a lump that led to detection of breast cancer and successful treatment. (Her story made it to the cover of People magazine.) WWmakes weight loss easier by offering personalized plans, with a scientific assessment to determine ideal meal plans for you. No food is off-limits. ThemyWW+ app gives you access to thousands of recipes and on-demandworkouts, and keeps you on track with coaching, community engagement, andmore. The program did the trick for Lindy: she lost 150 pounds and feels more energized than ever. Read on for her inspiring journey. What does a typical day in your life look like? "I wake up at 6 a.m. and as I'm updating social media, I ammarching on the spot. By 8 o'clock, I have posted 12,500 steps. I then have a healthy breakfast and get ready for my day, and then head out for mywalk outside--lots of hills!" What were your lowest and proudest moments on this journey? "My lowest moment was discovering a lump inmy breast, which turned out to be breast cancer caused bymorbid obesity.My proudest is battling through and restartingmyweight loss to makemy goal and be declared cancer free!" How have you stuck to your plan amid the pandemic? "COVID has challenged me because I've been unable to continue with my fitness groups and in-personWWmeetings. Online classes have been my lifeline--I can dance and do yoga with friends on Zoom. And seeing many friends for our WW virtual meetings gives me a feeling of connection and keeps me on track!" What small habits have had the biggest impact for you? "Repairingmy nutrition. I take the time to prepare wonderful, delicious, healthymeals. I pre-plan, shop and track accordingly to ensuremy success. And, of course, I move. If I can, I leave the car at home andwalk tomy errands." What are your favourite features of the myWW+ app? "One of my favourite new features isWhat's in Your Fridge. I enter the ingredients I have on hand and out pops suggested meals. We tend to get into a rut with meals, so this gives me a change and some inspiration." What are your favourite meals and snacks? "Ground chicken is my favourite: I makemeatloaf, marinara and somuchmore. I also lovemy two-ingredient pizza dough--my husband is Italian and loves it! Lately, I eat cinnamon apple oat bread for breakfast--delicious and nutritious!" After achieving so many goals, what's on your list for 2021? "I look forward to the day I can attend othermeetings to tellmy story and hopefully inspire others to live their best life. And in January, I will be celebrating the first anniversary ofmy Peoplemagazine cover!" This content was funded and approved by the advertiser. Presented by WW SPONSORED WW RESOLVE TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GAIN HEALTH IN 2021 Because there's more to weight loss than fitting into real pants again To find out more about embarking on your own wellness journey, visit WW.com. Now Then

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