Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 30 Jun 1937, p. 6

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paoh six the acton free pkbss wednesday june 30th 1w7 canada canada garland wo nbw leavra of the maple to twine round thy lldschaplct wc wreathe for thy name tlls is hi hrou brtfiht wtth tliy promlo and fair with thy lame lai now fnun the tfef shadows hanjr hoary aaccndrlh thy star to iti zenith ax outpourliia iu uatna oir thy wooden story and tracing in gold ull tlio uuy that thou come gonadal canada words cannot tame ai of lho lovti that our hearts uould pro lnlm uluncho holt muruon menu hints imlpm tor now and nrl dliha household ideas aad sacgwuan mlut eveity day jolt everyone ml ik and tu product uru indispensable to uu growth of uio cliild and to th health of ttw adult the infant tnlll icrfoct food for tluj growing chlul milk ond ili products on csun tlal food1 und for adult they arc the most important foodi ilic nutrltlvu aluo uf mlllc is unique and milk should be regard as the foundation of tho diet milk tlio best allround food ab it contains more of tlio material essential to growth and health than any otlier unlnial food milk fumulie morw of tho tlcrncnts for body building and energy producing than any otlw food commodity ut tho ume cost ilicre la ho waste oery outlccof ndlk bought may bu used milk may bo itre4 in many wus mlbc combined wll with many othet food milk irt parutlom requlre little fdrl to cook milk pay be purcliaied hi different form poiato soup medium potatoes cupel boiling water to cup milk sliced onion tablespoon butter tublospevonj hour teaspoons kalfc teuspooii celery salt teaspoon pepper fw grains cajenta table pooil chopped panley co potutoe in boiling iltcd water when soft drain nnd rub through jew me tire liquid uiul add enough milk to mala cup scald 1th the onion ilemoe the onion and add liquid lowlj to potato pulp iilt butur add flour and eiaconlnj cook few mtnutci rtir rln coiutantlj grulualli add potato mixture cool minute sprinkle parley on wup before trvlnif chocolate bread puddpcet cup tali brcod crumb or mtnll jiuart bread cujv raided mlll quin uruwt toned chocolate or cup cocoa cup ujar tiu poou lilt xr poou anilli soak bnad in the raided milk about lialf an hour it cliocalatt oer iutlj wntor wlien usln cocoa mix ulth cuirar add ruaar and tnourh milk taken from bread and milk mixture to luaki it of conil ttney to pour pour into bruul and milk add anllla and uell beatin egijs turii into but teld bakuik dlsli or individual dljler lut dlth in pan of uater nnd bake about one hour at 3m degrees ilail la kdjo tableipoons butter cup muihroomv tablespoon creen peppe tablpooiw ftour ttopoon aalt taipooji celery jilt vtu eralns caennc cups milk cup oooloed luxm cubed tablespoon parfilej chopped tibkpoon plmlcnto cut in small plecea mill butter add mushrooms and grten liepptr stir and cofti minutes mix flour and osonln adl to flrt mix ture cook mlnutt add milk dd lum par it and ptmu nin ut ileal chopped sfuvshl 1ljj tlie tenetelf re tauran vleucd with all ltr bright array of food and uautud tlu dlntr or uiey made their cholcts of the meats dliplacd the master of tlus plac ttood klndli tu inkle in lilfl cyo uut neither uord or look hl questioned ulut lib patrons took the boardr aire pread tach jioontlme tiue selected uhat lie fancied bei and on hl tray cluck uj lol ed precl tctalllnc the ct some looked about and ulhed too late lair yluit uar on nnthet plate ltut utre tlu portlonr large or small no diner there ould uill them all lafi jre self rt tauront ptunl hit vltli joj thit mortnl uit nd eich uho me to earth mi choo what he ulll tike and what refuse wl pi ilomr from ij to da vkulnr lifts ilttermi dl plai it the end tlu cot paid irdlm to tin ch ike ul in idl ldi ar gm wli iw pot doun it li to the old zvna atlnn hou und ulll trj to fm itlm of oldtinu inurt or thi nliui irj luibit itlon uhlch in been vf to man local imllli and 5x john had cccurod quarters the homo neat in uio big adatnn hourc and funilrhcd it with nomc of tlu best wtn of furniture which he and his jwirt iier wn bl to build blark ualmtt and blrclrf maph or ttui hni grain nli rtd into tlu tr mak up kiiiu of lluit fumltun itlll in jtum of tht family think ll wili hortly aft april ixli day in tint ar lflj that hn runic up trih ulth uiat ut 11 eiiovmi nmlu of hi txm ideralily broadi tlam ttal aid jadd to bowmi irwnd will jot braiul girl in our luil and jio tin tliu in town and mn jam moon of xllll sine ww tlui iar daughter of which tlunyoung fatlua uu tnud and in ua born in th adam liottj john laul tlu atiw rtory about tlui arrival at nov daughter tlirco tltmjl ururuard hilt tluy nr all born in thu white iuhl on tho hill ubove tlu old furniture ami wagon lup now oumd and occupied by mr wm iawkbut und famll lie for john iipelghl tin daughter wo born mattluw unnii wo acci pud for the mlulitry hlt ll circuit wa in lel iiwnhip in wellington count lien iil branch of the adiun family up tlu re cou in of tlu acton adam uihil in tuiy ttnt mr swium mar ried mtw ad un and lie uu ulway e4irdlall rcilvd uu mini wlf rwenty ieurt later in 1h7j llev mat uuw saajin wil the nilnl of tht wl yau me uiodl church in acton uluro lio it ul beeui in tile furniture bu ltiert with jolm speight it woi in uio old mcthodi church at the corner of church tuul jolm street tlut mr swanm son itev lvancli svumn preaclud lib lln1 irmon in tht rum mer of lflj rev mutthcw swunn died in 1ergu in 1010 after pending nearly rlxt ear in tlu minister will uierw werti other newlymarried couples wlm settled down in the old lioue but cant give the particular ro well can about some of tlve tint oner whom knew pretty intimately like john holt and john speight remembtr come time after john speight and ws family left for uicir new luitne mrs glaa daughter of old eno adamr cahie bock to uo old home slu had married pnaclier mid udnk clu came back with quite quiverful of children il gris1 widow sho war eccentric uhen girl at home and ilic liadn improved an when he returned mr glar luid great pi ra tion ar an inventor sjje necmed to be oluaj worlclnjr on omethln now she enjojed thl dreamy work better than her liou ework and training her fimllj as rvnilt her rejmtatlon iu o4ifhlpl hotlkeeper uir not extraordinarily hmi among the houwtc of acon of that far back dav he ird un acton filend of sir oliver mow it tint one tine when lie uil in sir oliver compmv when he ua premier of out trio thej were uilklnp ibout acton und it lit ior tince muf tcturinp centre that sir oliver re marl ed to him jou nou the llr icqimlnt nice lud 1th soil ttcquiuemtnts fob vaoioijs crops urd the inol elttctiv tyix or tyik tl ter roll to ii ui ob vinclal with ngi illi for uu of lit luid farnu liiw to pr hmin auuuntlr hitoriiiatloi ubji hi an on til tlu xa agricultural prt ntatlv tin atrlt ul ttirul iu jr intatlt tlu agricultural colli and the dominion xperiuu nu lurmi 1uruur thin un the rt imnduuun uio provlucal kt rtlh councilt il ht th hrtllbr ur uu dif ferent crop hi null provlnn copl of tht rtconiinendutloiu may be ulnrd from the ietlvtj purtinent of agriculture if advle unighb for uur 11 tlu litore uuji why tlu quallllrd authorl tlii llolllel roil ultyl tcculr nowu da lult iici ha evolvisl hortmrltiiul cu utlcal which may 1m upplh in uu hi id in imtlmatlng uu nltrogtii phoiphorlc achl uiul potash rtxjulrcmcnla of oll for dirftrcnt cmv any rsor 1101 lug uiflclt nt knowledge of clu ml try xiu rleitct in ii rtuldiig crop luid gokl judgnn nt can tlu ter uni kit to ood advantan hi pr criblut uitl factory ferullj on tlu otlu hand wiumut good judgment in the interior ttlon of the ult of uiee ihort uuthiul tr un tluintlv are ucltj in otlur word the larmi ha to ure hlmlf that the iverson muklni tile te duly qualified to do thl htcdi to be uiiplul bird iimuil it luu couu to uie uttenuon of the dominion department of agriculture that unite rtllltr companle ure upplying utclr lllng legeiit with shortmethod tet kits for promoting the uile of fertllber check up by the farmer with tlw iicare agricultural auuiorlty nhould be done as matter of bujntv hlowhllot islavd iiiiiuin wkiti or iu vii id in urjoui ar divlln iclij tr itnu nt fir chlldn whi put lw ti un iblt ui id tht thtj wr in dl iti lluv iri utlt rln fr ird bllndm imtlk ill iniwn il rt ril alt hi tin it di vtl tpnunt tl ft ul cton uirou it mr cl wh lived there ion vv cler in the piteiil olllct which va then in rmui und hi um tht olllct to un patent it new tle of kiv when adirm firm ui ubdvlded hip tove he lud imti tt lntrlojba while block ls rt erved for ihl old hi wi tht lionu of mr jlhl tiic tlu re vv tnioit orchard md mr lyuncl demise fir in uiere7ur ir it tov red all the ian thej hid popul ir unilj with them now occupied the mackenzie planln mill lumber and coal ird mr augittt anderson iioilj liwn aid arden spencer hil band lioue nnd lot mm john mcklnnon houe and lot mr mclam liou lot and poultr hou januvi qllmour blacksmith hop in fact that wltolc block so jou fec while llc lioue was larre one uu urround lug property was proporuonatc in iu dl nun well as said week npo when uie adams famllj left tlu old home it be came famous domicile for ncwlymar rkd oouplos one of the art or theu was mr and mrs john holt after he started his woollen mill up on main street where james henry reed brick residence now stands he brought his bride to acton and quarters uere ecur ixl in uie zenas ad un liou for uielr ivome nnety yearn ago jolin speight and muttluu ami uere in partnership cthiu maki in uie hop where ilonald sinclair repit rod wariir plows and otlur farm implements and vulctp lvd automobile rt for man ir but liai ince bee torn down tin in uie tlu kki work fir uaiif but il sit ulu md cutu and all kind of ht il iliold furnltur mr sw uui vv mi uiodl ltftl pn tclur hn sm ii ht wa hi fir tint inuur afttrwurd bin th it in inj rv ju now ll th vi itrtt rl ii ini id lit th tl th nil churth bl inn ul ju th pi it lln ii ar ir ii rn there tlurt were ellle and vie ikl and chri mr denijiej was wackhimer and lit named her bo to lierfutmtc uie well known famll ime icob and chrlrtopher don remem ber wlieuier ed matuiewr and johnnie mcke did uulr courting in this old hou at an rate johnnie married nellle and ed and lizzie were pllccd doth mr and mvs mckce luive pissed away and ato mr and mrs matthews who lived tn kltchuner ului moi of uielr family for many un prior to uibr par in on say ve lot more to sa about the history of uie old adam liousc but here am again at uie end of mv ther so long ono of the met intere ting sections of tlifl georgian hay inlands nutional park is mowcrpot land rltuated at uie ex tremo nortlurn end of bruce peninula hi the mouth of georgian hay ontario hie lsland ouci its name to two rocc pluuri separated from the limestone cliffs by erosion whlcli stand out boldly like immerlus flower potr small trve and bushes krowlng in the ussurcj or the ro ks nccentuite the resemblance on the ei lace of uie land cliffs of weathered limestone ri to height of 300 feet above the level of the lake in which are located number of caw wlille the rocl bluff are covered witli hcav growth of prucc pine and btl 1111 trtll have been cut through the woodr md up to the cllft lj idlng to the lvt lnow cue and ht iter equipped with nmp tove hive vietit con tru ted at different point lowerpot land is once the pro pi rty of the chippiwa indian uui re urded ulth con ideriule uic tliiii the indian of the dt trlct ii til it end rt itt tliit princi md prlnci of dlirtrent trltu uho ve forbidden their parent trrv iped and 11 tl to whit ilivrr md ht wen itvir nt in to turn md tlu sip elst tht th it uu 11 ir rt irt thi ir tru in tone geori la iv lsl md itlmnl pirl con st in thirtj md itu ited in one of tht mo lunctlvc ccnic areil in te rn can id georgian bij huj lrm of uil huron trttchin fur lnlnd tow ird the hij hlind of on tario and its lnnumerible iv and capei and oparklinp blue titer combine with an tnvlporitlnp atnicvpherc to make it an out landing land liolldiy rcort plowvrpot lland reached by motor boat from tobermor uhlch 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