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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 30 Jun 1937, p. 3

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wx3dm1bday june 30th 1937 the acton free press mm ijp jffr jlrpflb lnrt 8tory green timber jo in scott douglas uh nativoa ptuldlc wu jerked from his coffeecolorod lunula by tho halfsubmerged root of tree to eo flytntf along in uio raging muddy current of uio cardocft itlver the second paddlcr had just received orders from ec vines to make land ing above the falls now however his paddle remained frozen above the murky waters and he stored with wide black eyes ahead to the place where nanking walls of jungle verdure framed patch of blue sky prnn townscnds blue eyes narrowed aa the young man gazed ahrotl to uu place where the river fell off into space orinoco fulsi he snatched the poddlfl from the natives stilt hands as lee half tinned in the dugout with the some in tention the rumble of the rolls had risen to roaring crescendo row for your life icrccchotl leo vines hoarsely ills voice was barely audible above the thunderous roar of the falls jvenn townsend was forcing all the strength of his rouehhewn body into his strokes his tanned face strained and grim under its broad brimmed sombrero it seemed that tons bore against lib paddle as he tried to force the dugout toward shore okaiiil the tecuiing pro test of the current ills arms ached in their sockets and paralyzing numb ness took possession of him us lie realis ed he was losing the fight closer and closer he approached to what seemed the brink of tlie earth hy ing spray bathed ills hot face his breath came in sobbi gasps the lean face of lee vines was hag gard as he crouched in uie centre of the dugout cant moke the shore iennl he shouted current swifter thercl try shooting the falls its our only chance perm rugsed face hurdiued aa his blue eyes darted onco to uie shore where the flooded rivtr wri tiled over the sub merged banks lto ua right tlie current wiis swifter there wtiat chance of safety did they stand however going over uio falls none it kecmed to penn horn at all yet lie knew tliat lee was rifilit that but one course lay before tiicm warn the natives he calkd hoarsely lee rattled ott some uords of native uraiillajl dluict uhile penn veered tlie kiose into uie current uith one powerful thrust thtf natives turned apprehen sively uie uhlln of uielr feartticlened eci showing prominently the dunout was llylni foruard propelled bj penile svviftlyulppun paddle suddenly it pltclicd crazily the prow above tpoce penn uiu dimly aware of hurling ills paddle au ay of clutclilng wiuj cold lingers the sults or uie dugout aa uie iupport dropped au ay beneath them grien banks iridescent mists tenuous uireotl of uaur mincled before ills eyes and his ears teemed bursting wlui the din llie breath uas pounded out of his body as lie was immertcd pounded down down down by mountains of tuiu hling vaurt lie claued ills way to uie surface and saw loe gasping and gag ging near by tlie natives were suim ining toward one bank and toward uus bank ivim towed ids friend leo contrived faint twuted smile when thy readied uie bank if all over now lie said uatclilng penn peculiarly wlui his gray eyes our supplies gone our dugout smashed nothing to do but turn bock to the last native village ue passed until ihls food goes down penn stirfened and his blue eyes grew oold and grim turn back uith liaif tlie ixieti on your fathers rubber planta tion down wiui yellow fever7 wliat are you thinking or lee we cant turn book and we cant co on continued lee lmjvcrturbably tlie natives at that latt village we passed will keep us until we liave cluuice to net back to the plantation well go ahead said pvnn lrmlj go aliead imposible you for uiat uiere are lakes and suanik alieud uhlcli cannot be croid by foot having come in by uiropum to take lib position lis timelaeper on the vim plantation ivnn ul not ignorant or the hydrography of tin ricjiui hi uu aware that the cardosa dt tt nerated into fcuainiis and uu almu iu nvrr iuki tint foot pa ue ilon thb nuis uoald he wlinih tmiomby his trip in ri plane irnm itri uracil lioui vtr had jifmun him other important far in pvraphy the bird llhi orlni ialk vv more ului ihn or tu ir tlvjoujh the junle inuch itlj would iid on tlir ivkutiil ur uutrruu tinin uih boat lief ore nirntlonir thl to vim ivnn ordind tin iin ttju salvai tlu umuk tin it tr til uie rwrk lou the fall til lu did oplj to iliul that it contain particle of provlioir iiulrr ta fourfoot inn bladt ci on pliniat for tvnry coiu ivabv iniu hul lw tlrlwm lnu the tide of the dtt out uu fall and thb uos the only aritte tavtj tills maclute ulll rut out ujj uinxntli tlu aujile unyhow dlajed ivnn rtirre or four ui and ull be ou tluj toeolithui bot will plek us up uicre taking us to laju and doctor can bo flown in from uiero to uie plantation wlui terum to save the ycilow fever victims hlmple lant it an amused halftaunung smile touch cd leos mouui ivrnn wliafs all uiis struskle to get help fur bunch of natives tlie wliite men are inoculated it only the natives wlio are sick wlui jeuow fever and uiafs becauso most of cm object to hioeidauott wlu will cvrr know uiat wo dldnt do our bit7 get your point answered lenn sharply youro right no one will know if wc fall uiat ue didnt do our best mo one except oursclvcsl wliat do you mean ivnn that dcrp down inside well always rcjlirc uiat we didnt do our best next time wo ifivc it will bo for less reason no one wlu ibid out perhaps hut well know all uie time and it wont bo long before our selfrespect is gone we wont be able to look people in uie eye becauso deep down hiside well know we quit time after time when wo sliould have made eood thats why have to make rood to myself even more titan to your father so uiat can retain my sclfrapect my faiui hi myself were you always like uiat asked jlco quietly no said penn bitterly tor moment uiere was reminiscent glint in ills eyes once oncfci was quit ter was on oil eastern foolball team star player you might say became disgruntled when uie umpire foiled to cive me ten yards uiouglit id made pretended to limp and ucnt off uie field no one knew it wasnt real limp but knew and uiat knowledge still haunts me vaf my team lost in the last live minutes lots im certain could liave averted played for two more years and made allamoricarl lee but even uiat didnt erase the uioucht uiat once liad been coward youre oversciisiuve coll it uliat youllke but im go ing to get help for uioc poor creatures hack uiere are you coming cant stay lierc so suppose 111 liae to but think its idiotic penn said nouiing he looked at uie compass he always carried with lilm dropped it into his pocket and rattled olf an ordtr in nauve dialect then two natives protested penn townsend stared at them uith ultherni contempt saying nouilng tlu he calmly picked up the machete and stepped ino the jungle ivwh by foot penn fought his way for ward sometimes he fell into the holer in the rotun decayed floor of the jungle sometimes he could tulit and squirm his uay forward uiuiout cutting afttr half an hour he topiied mop plng fevered brow the air uas stif ling heavy uith uie odor of rotting mango fruit penn consulted his compass sighted kiant palm barely visible in the green twilight which seeped dimply uirough uie interlacing fronds overhead and pointed it out to ona jqf uie natives muy blen mucliacho he tald in spanisli handing uie nauve uie macli ete on we gol hour after liour uie little party fought uielr way foruard one of them break ing uie way uiree reiung in prtparatlon for uielr tunas toward nightfall while penn was again breaking trail uie heard crash ing in uie jungle penn stopped listen ed suddenly lie dived tlirough uie mat ted tresses of the bush vanishing from sight and uie ouiers could hear the crunching of his feet until tlie sound died auay presently they could hear distant sounds grunt squeal then further silence as from far off uiey heard ivnn call follow my trail darkness made uits wellnigh impos sible for lee htk the natives utrc more accustomed to uiln twilight world tliey led uie way and cotiio at last upon penn iuukliiuf on uie brink of small iliti stream llefore him lay small tivr pig we rut tonight he called hearti ly he liad few tnatclus hi watrrpnxif cajitolner tlwy built fire and rootud uie pig kuung it ou uu bank of the little strrani ivnn watclwd uio dark sur face of uu water listening to uio steady chant of uio jungle iteallio wliat youre up against now ienil demanded lee u1 lie wiped hu lands on piece of succulent moss days of uiisiujt of tiling mistake hi our dlrccubns und uorc liopelcssly lostl wliat do you say wo follow our trail bock hi uui morning villis rugged face was krhu in uir dancing light of uie ilalnns go back while those natives ure rolling and uixslng wlui yellow twtr7 never the moon will be up before long we can build raft then and gl ucros to uie ouier side of uibi stream tticn itll be behind us by morning lee snorted arent we tired enough to resit now ivnn said no tiling watching uie great black bats whirring ovcrliead when tlio moon rou above uie black ness of uie jungle iviui began to cut twoinch sticks wiui uio macliote he cut scores of uwcm uieii lie cut number of liana vines uidilg uienl to fasten the sticks togcuicr into raft tlie raff would liold only two he and lee made rope of liana vines giving one end to the natives tile raft souk just below uio surface wlui uie weight of uvotwo white mcjt on it and uiey poled it cautiously forward greatv loglike shapes broke uie cur face alligators perm caught his brcaui as lie poled uie raft forward one alligator moved toward uiciil its licad barely showing where two bulging eyes cut uie water cut it short whisper ed lee his bronzed face anxious lectin exerted ull his strength ogahiit uie lle and uu raft moved clumsily uirough uie water suddenly tlie alli gator thrashed uie surface wiui is pow erful tail pcim uirew caution to uie winds tlie raft seemed to leap forward then bumped sliarply on uie cliore tlie crvature dived under uie raft upset it and uien vanished in the mud just his way of being playful guess penn said uith uliltc lips as lie climbed dripping up onto the shore they righted the raft found hat uie liana vine rope uie nauvxs had held uus still intact and instructed uie brazilians to pull tlie raft to their own side of the stream this they did poling ocroi uluiout misliap whin penn and lee auoke the next morning houeier the tuo natives were gone tlie rait on the other side of ui stream told its oun story tlie nauves had felt the trip too hazardous and the hear accident uiui the alligator liad causud uiem to deiert the little expedi tion guess theyre wler than you are penn said lee tauntingly now are you going to turn back no said penn stubbornly im glad tlicy left the machete though on and on they uent doedly hack ing their uay that second night uas notable for tuo things lie vines felt ill wlui malaria and jaguar uith crippled hind paw stayed just outside uie range of light of uielr camp fire they expected it to be gone by morn ing but it uas not perhaps its recently injured paw mjule it impossible for uie jaguar to attack game uith its former qulcknos and it saw possible food tn uie presence ct uie uhltc men penn tried drive uie beast away uould retreat only few paces snarling and uien it would limp after him uhen lie returned to lee that night it was again just outside the range of then are as lee grew ueaker and uas able to do less work wlille he required more lielp uie jaguar lessened its distance watch ing them with merciless yellowgreen eyes tlie fifth night penn used his last match and tossed auay uie waterproof container they liad eaten no food all day once he liad been about to catch pink ibis but uio bird was too much for penns overtaxed strength iec stared disconsolately into the fire his body shaking with malaria fur long lime he di lib rated without speaking ivnn he iiid at length youd belter ituiw me cant go on umeh farther without lulj but you cm gel through by yourilf li nn laughed but the jound mtmed forced und jitrulned ui his own ears lrai you iiouihig lav anounr day and well be uirough iliuts what you said two days ago im sure of it now ijx said nothing wau hlng uie bot tonilraa yellowgreen tyrs outside uu circle ut flrcllgiit hungry eyes the next inoriiliuf he was muttering in delirium ivnn slaslicd long trull uien carried lif to uio eiul of it les reducel wright see mod unbearable but penn knew x4hj would luivc rui chance with tliat hungry jaguar pursing uiem itiat night ho uiought he could hear uie distant clamor of the rivcr wus it jtlt ills imagination was hu bconilng dclirimis like lee ivnn tjijed lib frleiul to the oft rot utig earth of uie junglu floor mop ped hu damp brow storing bock to the place where the jaguar watched him knows were just about ull in think big of attacking us tonight and wc havent any iiiatclics cluier larlnics fill like curtain and the pulsating cllallt of the jungle grew louder more liuastcnt ivnn luul to keep hlt weary eyes open he saw the pllofl pliorrsceiitliko eyes glcamuig not fur away oimi uirtiw someuiing from time to umo to be answered by low snarl he knew the jaguar would attack once lie relaxed his vigilance tliat vigil seemed endless pale diiun began to drive away uie intense blackness lee surred uucaslly opened his eyes temporarily his mind seemed quite clear tlie jaguars just about decided to attack im afraid so lee penn rose slouly tlie jaguar snarled and held its ground come on said ivnn perlmpa lie wont attack he tried to raise lee but his friend was too weak to stand he got lee ocr his slioulder somehow and staggered few steps look out called lee hi warning penn louered lee against uie bole of mahogany tree and turned the jaguar uas circling uiem leave me pleaded lee im just drag if one of us stays per were both staying said penn dog gedly hes coming his uarnlng was cut short by cry from lee unnoticed by eiuier of uiem boa constrictor liad weaved its uay down branch above uie jaguar as the jaguar uas about to spring the boa constrictor released itself on the beast its gigantic colls uere wrapped about uie yelloubrown body with its dark spots tlie jaguar was slashing and tearing with lt cltus the snakes tail thrashing for belter hold the strug gle of the jungle cat grew feibler and feebler gou deliverance said penn hu11 iy duk had fallen uhen they reached the river although uiey liad traversed only ft miles boat bound for paru saw thtm and took them aboard tlie captain gave lee quinine to relieve the malaria after good meal lee staring at the jungle fringed sliore said forgive me for misjudging you penn youll be dads overseer pfnns eyes widened youre still sick old sonl loe shook his head impauently no im quite well remember wliat you said about quitting in uiat football game well happened to be one of uie few persons who knew you did penn was in uie stadium watching you through field glasses dad liked your uork tremendously wanted to promote you to overseer of uie uhole plantation despite your youth he admired the way you took hold of things your bulldog determinauon liked you too but couldnt forget your quitting uhen your team needed you dad said you must liave burled uiat cliarocterlstlc if youd liad it he admitted you uere green umber untried unseasoned ilut lie add uils trip down the flooded cordoca would be your test it would prove uie green llmdcr liad been teasoncd said if niergency arose youd take uie easy way out tfcid declared you wouldnt neither of xu conl nuilated tlm uuut in uio fulls ilial uas minx of ust than wed ciprtu ilut flld try to make you back down all along the way ium to lest you you wouldnt buck down tlie ivnn townsend who quit in thit football game was hot the in mi tuhscnd who brought me uirough the jungle whin was down with tualarlu it tat ivnn wlio rallid hhilxlf deoil long live the new one ii kit voutl sandy gordon uaj grtthig married and as uie weddhu day drew hear lie beipui to find uiat it was costing him more uiaji lie bargained tar lo he uked crony wliat uu minister charged for orilclaung ut uio cer mony his friend repllnl weel sandy after got morruxl asked the mlnlsur how hluxl am due ye for that di lu replied just what ye think uu bsuorui so luinded him shllliiuj youre far too generous said lie and lianded mo bock savpeiice an dye ken sandy ho was rlcht clkakl summkit jcamfs ov wmson ivy tst ria eradlcauon of poison ivy in the vicinity of liollday camiw summer cot tages and tourist ruirts is being under taken by various communities uirougliout canada aluiough nouiing is so vtlcc uva ugalnt poison ivy as ullage uils method is usually out of tlu question wlien enulicatlon is most needed in nooks and rocky situations in uie close proximity to temporary or permanent rcsldcncis as pointed out in uie cir cular issued by tlie dominion depart ment or agriculture entitled poison ivy eradication by luuid laboriou subsutute for ullage but removal of uie pest bodily la often the simplest and surest uay to clean out small areas around dwellings incidentally it is an intereaung point tliat cattle sheep and goats can tat poison ivy uiui impunity and seem to rellsli it extensive tests of chlorate herbicides liave shown uiem to have advantages in several respects over other chemical weedkillers sodium chlorate is com pound at present cheapest and cosiest to procure as it is sold by all wholesale druggists 10 per cent roluuon one pound to gallon of water of sodium chlorate is applied as spray at the rate of gallon for 200 square fict the first application may be made abjiit uie lirt of june uhen the leave are uell spread tjjv ptoikent opens hospital the duke of kent if shown above ciiattlng wlui little patient at the lord mayor treloar cripple iloptal and college nt alton hants england following bin olllcally opening uie new building tlie duke met tills little chap during an inspection of uie hospital tttttytttttttttttti potatoes ne 25c hi lor ml oranges 17c sweet and juicy nice sie ivr ifen 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