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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 24 Jun 1937, p. 4

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pao noun the acton free press thuiisqay june 24th 1037 neighborhood news interesting items concerning other centre and communities in which many of our readers are interest eden mills the ladles aid of tho presbyuriuji church iicld their june meeting in tlu home of mm tlobt uorthwlclc with good attendance ttw true oomrado traii ujuiyeri iroup mtrt on friday evening in the hrtiw of master gordon tulum tttddintf of touch lnlcrrt uxilc place on saturday uflcniooil in the ltsty tcrun church when mus mdrosc wil ton unci mr worthy uurcombo of mm tnal ttcrc united in martlur by itcv johnston ua mr and mrs ho in wrlyht uiwl family of turonto were vrcelceiwl ktlwtb jy uw home of mrs wright mr and mrs lowrio and mrs wm rly accompanied by miss turu ajdiu and mr frwl davuon of acton apent sunday wlui relative in iltrat ford number from thii dlrtct are to lnu the opportunity of vlsltintf ut oac ouelph duxintf farm and hume week campbellville of smiths alll home of mr nassagaweya mr and mrs john dennis of crew bons corners were sunday visitors at the home of ir is young brook vlue the aacred draina wliatsocwrr yo sou was put on in the efoenexet united church on sunday evening by uic iloc wood young ipeopleit onion and clastf and was much appreciated by all who heard it the isbenexer united church sunday school are holding their tauiuul plcnl thl year in the park at gait next wed nesday the prospecu sum good for heavy crop of hay and fall wheat in this dis trict this year the annual ihibllc scliool picnic of no is being licld at tlie school on tuafiday afternoon uj last day of school before holidays quite number or people from this vwnity attended umj funeral of the late william trwln mlclugan which was lield ut the anglican church lowvlue on wednesday rtmoon and extend uym patliy to the bereaved ones mr jack kiui holiduyuitf ut tli mvnzlc the mahjr friitulit of mm muhon will bo pliujld to know unit ilui doln lut well an rm bt exixcted ut guelph 0iiurul hospital where nlu lit nuntf urter her recent operation mr mid mm iiiidr art enjoying two week holldillfl mr and mm alexander moore rpmt tin weekend with rleiuli in tlutfulo tlw of iii duvtdn church arc holding their annual quilting in the sunday ichool room on thursday mm if alibon and murray or hiunll taji are visiting ut tin home of mr mclaren mr anil mrs mritkim attended wedding in guelph on saturday hillsburg mv and mrs tarry churcher and daughter diana accompanied by mr and mrs leslie churcher and daughter dona spent sunday evening with mr iilil and mus eleanor choyno mr and mrs itoy hannah spent tlu weekend with the lattera parents mri and mri jas mocovm the many friends of ml margaret roburton will be glad to learn alio is coiivolcln nicely at her home urter having her toivsils removed on friday last anniversary services of the united church orton were well attended the congregation enjoyed the soloist from urampton and the vlolitutt mrs lamb from jtrus mr and mrs itozcll mrs wm miller and son uoyd spent saturday in toronto tho ycntle ruins which fell the past pek had much to do with the rapid growth of the spring crops milton mejar uulchjhsou and rickett returned tuesday nlglit from aij enjoyable itshintf trip to burks falls jus illuln accompanied by 1u daughter muji annie jilalll will leave tojilglit for minneapolis where he will vllt his daughter mrs tujjk hcnutrvct for ten dujti mlu lllaln will reiiuihl for about tnontli martin marly left monday for cameron fulls north ivrt arthur where in hat iicured ood pctnltloii wlti the ilydrofclectrlc wjwrr comniusion mni larly und iuum will follow in fw weck1 mr wid mrs win mark milton ubji aiuiouuco tlie engagement of their daughur muriel jiarbura ti xlllum curald cleiiicnu fon of mr uld mr milton cumeiibi nelum town hip tlie rnurrlugi to take place in jum champion oakville eri in crewsons corners thieves entered the home of mr nor nmn annbtronff on monday afternoon by rear door and stole diamond ring and about in iiuver taken from the childrens bonk what might have resulted in very serious accident occurred at the farm of mr john dennis liut friday after noon while charles shuitla who la em ployed there was reltlnc load of gravel mr dick matron wiiuyame into thc theaarfacc polon of pure bred st hemard ln imu trapped him luckily burlington game xnnector imimo hruy of llronu luu been ul to bujy during ho pat fw days upprehciiding ildieruiell who huvm been catching bow and other juli out jiajjiiu several pcriut have been lined lately for catching the linny tribe contrary to the regulations und the drive will bo continued to itop ulugul tbjilng in tlie wateru of tlie county mr llobert gruy freeman lias pro duced tlie nrit outdoorgrown tomatoe of the ieawn ho planted the plants on may 2nd and now lues ripe tomatoes tills is record for this dbtrict at well attended meeting of the water users on tlie lakesliorenino held in tlie strathcanu scliool on thursday evening tlioe interested voted almost unanimously in favor of the nelson township council purchasing xe water main from the lakeshoro utilities limit ed at cost not exceeding 6000 shortly after 11 oclock on saturday morning last thieves removed pay roll of j5go47 from tho olfice of the iluaell construction company wlio have con tract on the canal at the beach the money was placed ln tool box at the rear of the lakeside hotel and when the clerk went to cet the pay envelopes they luul disappeared while on nlghtneclng tour through fhbt dltrlctjently twentynine teach ers on hbcfi cxcliange from kngiond members or the party stated that the view acroes southern halton county and lake ontario from rattlesnake point part of the niagara escarpment ln nelson township was thc most beauti ful they had enjoyed since coming to canada gazette albert husband popular young oakville niaiit luvi len appolnud clerk of the township of trafalgar in micee ilin to james who recently relgn ed to become oukvllles inmunaster andrew locksley former oakville resident and for several years tlundrnai ter of the oakville citlwiu hand died on monday in the western hospital toronto following an lllnevi of short dlrftrtjil tile bite mr iicksley wtui fili years of uge and was born bi tlngimid follouing tiurt lllneut tvrclvul wlckeiui headmaster of atipleby sclioil for the past three yruhl died in halitll ton general hotpl tul on moiwliy up until recently he laid ben in apparently kood health and tlie news of lib untlme ly deuth came us dbtlnct sliock to tin many who knew him reductions in uwevunent totalling i0oo wem made ut um trafalgar township court of itevljon held on monday five rrductloiri were made al together tlie larist was that on the plant of the toronto ilrlck co ltd hear milton wliose ujevnieilt waji cut frtun 7000 to 50o0 tlio plant luis been unilvd for some years george roberts of tile jtoyal canadi an regiment stanley uarrlcks toronto wa committed for trial by magistrate mcllvcell 111 magistrate court monday morning following it preliminary hear ing on cliarge of manslaughter uy the result of fatal accident on tho dundas highway cast of tlio sixteen bridge on april 30th in which sixyearold diaries root wait instantly killed tlio case will be heard ut the fall assies ut milton uall was rtxed at 3oo0 record star ilkat okatoit tliey were tlbu uvlng cundldittn for local electltui in he gtwml oruurv aiked hill wonderful was the reply he can onvini joii of miiiirthlng witliout txttherlng ut imderdund it tilinlf wlikuk it7 thats good looking umbrellu wiure did you net if picked it up ut smarts dont jrin to teimmbcr the place is it llalmtdiuheri or rejuurantv sptial fiiuit ivrcival ixiddy do they rake politic al plums from wed ixuldy no young man iilltlcal plums are more often the result of bit of clever crafting aix wilong mrs johilii learnbig drivo henry that lltun mirror up there isnt ut right hulby isnt lt7 mrs tfo cant see unythlug but the car behind business announcement having purchamd thc illuckimlth tliuilnens of mr oeorge cowle solicit the patronage of former customers und new ones und hoin that with uood uorkmanhlii and prompt service will merit continuance of vour iiulrontigu uiii conduct fint ciuj shop and am prepared to do ull kinds of wmm1 work general wuksmlthhitf and horvlioeliiii youu iatuonagi iri kolicitji mux stitkkt joe herzog acton ontauio better service rockwood hour or so he was able to free dog big hoy which has attracted much he truly uell named lln hlmlelf wld cc scriour mr wm ntchol has returned home few days lttinc friend attention eight montlis old he weiglis 155 lbs after spendilic young men from guelph presented iterloo itlrrlng mouiges at the cednxvale and scliool rerlcei last pr he ulll soon be ftellng better mr lambert mr cataract sunday sunday afternoon mr guthrie rave an effucllic atudy messaie on the new ulrtli at krln church of chrbit but lordj day evenimr mr and mrs david kvans and family who luie been enlaced with mr ii kwinion have taken position on farm near hamilton on monday even ing fruiul assembled and made pre sentation to mr umd mrs kvaiis wish ing them good luck in their new home mr james hunen has held of fall wheat which probably lias attained the ireateit growth of any ln the neighbor liood lost saturday he pulled stalk which meured nftyfhc lnchci it li just beginning to head out mr walter scott or north baj mrs 3x milloy and mrs bell or toronto mr ed mcauster of fergus ulurd uith mm kditli scott on sunday and they attended the funeral of john campbell who was killed in an automobile accident at duntroon advocate mr mcintosh is on the ilcl hit we nd mrs jack atrdrie und children attended sunice ln the united church modal on sunday afternoon conducted by the fair mls iion mlsi cilriu und miss scliolty thc uetkjy prajer meet in of the camiiiunlty cmrch un held on thurs day eening conducted by mr elliott of toronto the meeting this eel uill be held in the home of mr witjgln georgetown john welbiun wlio has been resid ent of georgetown for the pat jo yeirs pajed away at toronto general hos pital this morning mr and mrs dai foot lejt on june 12th on trip la tlie lake revue to tlie pacific coast uhere mrs day foot uu spend thesummer night prowler duturbcd ronie resid ents in tlu vicinity or draper street on monday night night constable linmer sjin was called and the prowler decamp ed larue congregattoiu ultended st georjes and st albans churclui on sunday last ulun the furbll celebrated uu 2sth anniversary of the reotur rev woo thompsons ordination to the prethood rev dr howard of palmenton and itv waldle of arthur vblted with mr und mrs waldle on thursday tluy were on their way home from tin lviiv urian cnfirciuv ut otluuu miw iovriliif wright daughtrr of mrs joseph millaillind undcrweiil an optidiou for ipptullcltbt at st joaphi hophal oiirlph on monday her num eious friends will pu ased to know jhr prriing fuvurably mr ad klnt 11 mackenzie urriuui luune oil mmulay from jlu old iind wlkrni uuy sikcllt uie past iiumth after attclhliug tlie coronation of king gxirue vl they toured kugund und scolwtul they arc both feeling nne uiki eiijoveil the trip very much lit raid limehouse muu helen mcgowan spent the week end with rev and mrs andrew of manic wood miss helen gale is spending atxiut tto weeks in toronto dr and miss sutherland mrs jan mcgowan mrs smut hurst mr and mrs benton and little son tlendcd anniversary senicc ut boston church on sunday the mlsslonary society of the presby terian church held quilting at mrs john newtons on thursday when good attendance is reported ai was tlie cisc at their monthly meeting in the evening too tile llmehouie womens iiuitltute held picnic at the school on friday after noon good program of recitation and hiuslcal numberswll giwn by thi puplb under the direction of mrs gaudy and muj lhcr mrs smeuuirst hud utc pleasure of rescnt inif jirlc to the pupils on behalf of the institute for hlghet marks in heidth cleanliness and attendance two prcj niatlans ucre alio mode the nrst when the pupils prentcd mr gwdy with bouquet in glass bowl in ap preciation of her services as music in structor in the second when mrj wrltiht on ochalf of the institute pre sented mrs stcphfhson with bedpreul as slight uiken or tbv ap preclaiion or her help in the post regret is felt for the lay or such valuable member mr and mn wm mllllcrc with bulle and nynor or brampton spent sunday with mr and mn mlllhie sr itst thurulay miv im davlc held reception fv her friend ut the hnmr of her parents mr und mrs duies hkmily number of fruiuli ulld her during the aftennwn but in the euuhu lurue number of her friend and ac quaiiuame from acton vlhrd her ln the home on saturday afternoon lur tll inurrugf to chrk swackhainer wt raitrancc lanilnatioivj commence on solinnlvd ut the anglican church ln lrulay georgetown and ur number of mlwt mary sotl has sulflclenlly im friends utteiuiihl the rwvptlon thei to be able to return home fnmi ithe ikiaplul at guelph services at st johiis church sunday morning wert well attended when rev flook of jordan officiated on sunday evening members of the unutt class of the united church repeated the sacred drama whauoever you sou at ebenezer church nassaguweju the funenu of the lite william bol ton who was found drowned at fergus on saturday kk place from the resid ence or his sister mrs william roycc gialph street monday afternoon rev taylor conducted thc service six nuphowj acted as pallbearers and the remains were interred in rockwood cemitery in the family plot the lite mr bolton leave to mourn his sudden death three brothers george harrj and arthur all of rockwood and mrs fred ocborne fergus recent and weekend visitors mr and mrs lalrd of hamilton miss minnie nlckell and friend of toronto mr und mrs ross allan and daugh ter of toronto mr acorge torrance lias returned home from hamilton uhere he attended technical scliool since new years members of the guelph oddfellows lodges recently decoruted the gtiivrs of former brethren ut rockwood cemetery and also at hdenmllli trafllc officer bert howell with mrs howell and members of the family have returned to rockwood to reside and their many friends and acquaintances are pleased to see them again lost sunday morning ut the united church rev taylor held fare well service for the sunday school schol ars music provided by the scholari under the direction of mr fred mc arthur next sunday rev mr taylor preaches lit farewell sermon for the congregation other weekend visitors mrs shultli or toronto accompanied by lier son dr shullis with mn cameron mr und mrs lunishaw of rud dcll sask at mr and mrs robt john stons mr cumptiell mlvs mary cumjibcll mr and mm campbell and family mr und mrs henry with the hitching gordon and iluinshow fimlllo mr mid mrs rlchord wunsbrough of seattle wlh lltid mr and mrs frank day early ln the week mrs days uncle ill eirs of ue and drove hl car all the way mr john murdock if saskuloon visiting mr and mr little stuilenls or the continuation schoo completed tielr examinations on tucs ospringe visitors on saturday with mr and urn george robertson were dr john hamil ton of toronto and mus murjorie hamilton of rcvcutoko bc ton and daughter of dr harry hamilton of revclstoke wlio li well known ln tins district mm standbh quietly observed her eighthlttlpfclrthday today vtm stan dish enjoyi good health and makes quite hobby of her garden and grounds wliich are always very pretty we wish for her many happy birthdays mr and mrs george grundy and robert visited on friday with mm grundyn parents mr and mrs cooper near flora friends of mr facrt gardiner wlio was hurt in motorcycle accident few weeks ago are pleased to see him around again mr and mrs porter and family or corbctton uerc sunday visitors with councillor and mrs mckenzle the choir or thc local presbyterian church are practising for the anniver sary jervices to be held early ln july mi reg carter of hamilton was weekend guest with his sister and brotherinlaw mr and mrs robertson visitors at the same home on sundui were mn robertson everton mr und mrs george young towullne mr and mri wm llnnekar and daugh ters mlv glidjs carter and mr chos williamson all of guelph mr and mrs blo and family of acton called on mr george anderson on sunday mr und mrs webb und family visited on sunday with mr and mrs appleyurd ut georgetown dr and mrs whiley and children of kitchener spent sunday with mn cooke district executive meeting of centre wellington womens institute was held on tuesday afternoon at the home of the district president mn robertson fourteen ladle were in at tendance uhennlfeni uere made for the speaker servlc and also an ofjlc en rally number trom here attended the funeral or the late malcolm slnclilr at acton on thursday mr and mm austin mccutcheon and mr nnd mrs albert mccutcheon at tended the funeral of their cousin the late robert mux ell at drav ton on thurduy weve just installed during thc week new high pressure grease gun which will enable us to give even better service for your cur our policy tins always been to give you the best of service on your cnr our obligation only commences when you purchase ford vs ford service and ford reliable construction are thc factors that makco many enthusiastic for ford v8 economical transportation wc use the oils and greases proven best by experience norton motors ford v8 sales ahd service phone 69 acton 44 destroy these noxious weeds jsow thlitlcs blind weed ijluidi campion canada thistle wild carrot dodder chicory tumbling mustard common milkweed blue weed haw ku cccii oxeye daisy wild lettuces common burdock docks cinnuufuik wild mustarcl pepper grases stlnkwecd white cockle common rajtwccd poison ivj russian thistle spurges theweed control act states ctuluif every occupant of ifaid or if the land is unoccupied the owner shall destroy all weeds designated noxious by the regulations us often ln every jeur tu li sufficient to prevent the ripening of their seeds cliilj 23 any person who contravcnes nny of the provisions of this act or refuses or neglect to obey any lawful order of an inspector ilven under authority of this act shall incur penalty of not less than 10 00 nor more than 50 00 for every offence weeds have no place in progressive municipality do your share to prevent their spread weed inspectorsfrank rinehaftt municipality of niuisacrawcyu united elyurrlj at ceauuuu acton fomtor iter morrow phjx iarsonagd bower avenue sunday junk uith 1037 daylight saving time 1100 the minister 12 lo iiunday school und blb 700 tlio mlnlater evotybody welcome jlrrnbutcriun knox chdbcsl acton utf ilknnie mlntify manse willow ulrcot sunday june a7th 1037 daylujht saving time 10 30 am tho subbutll school mc imh from aciifjilji il30 am the doctor 00 pm tlie art of doliuf with out note yoimg peojle ihcnlc sat urday leave church at 100 sacratlletit of the itrds supimr july 4th preparatory imdny july und at ulit pin always weloom saijtlbt fujurrlj aotow ilkv baxter tester sunday june 37th 1037 daylljchl sawn tlzno 1030 sunday school 1130 mornlntf service sub jectl true patriot tuesday 730 pm meet at church to procwd to unknown plac for meeting wediifesday 800 pjn mjdwefck bor ilce welcome to all unclassified small advertisements advrtucixtcnt under tm ba4fattfi one cent pr word ulnimum clurv aic txr ioiertlort plvi la it to pll chhii ioc kddlllacul clifutfrd where item hv to bm booked hog kiiiriing saturday 4000 nnd krade ho trucking tr hogji delivered by farmer 00 two wheeled trailer with rack for bale uskd ca11s wanted for wrecking also ood ued luii and tlrcj for aale wilson auto salvaoe 515 nent station hotel for kale cabinet organ rebuilt as cupboard chairs kitchen rocker easy ladder 12 or 10 feet moore 523 pixit sliop ioll saix sev en rewm louse on icnox avinue all conveniences will sacrifice for quick sale to wind up etatt make an offer kerirs itcal kstatc phone 3fi acjoi to int pasture to rent for cattle running water si per month 75c jor iearllngs also one held for buckwheat sharer or onerl main strei acton ricw of meal are advunclnir hut rwidenth of acton and district will soon lw able to secure their meat supplies at whnksale priced the patterson abattoir jimt at the westerly limibi of afclon beinjr completely remodelled and it exiiected will be ready for openinj on july ilrd direct from abattoir to you mwlera meat shop iiili imhmi toaqtnictwl und we will kcii the choicest of meat 0urtt from the abattoir to you mealh can lie ket better they will come to you linyt from the bij refrikeratom at the alwttoir you save tho coil of kxtra ilamllinir the plan him been in ohration in many other centre and resulted in bi saviiik to the consumer acton uill now have the bene lit of ihli plan waleli kor the opening nnounecnient next week pattersons wholesale meat market acton ontario icmaii 1111p uannn niln uaiitfd to plait juid hand titcli lllit ifiitlilt lubll runntrr it itaimi cmhi jmy iiytwrirnnmnnlcei vary wrlli dljpt leathehl crakts 5j3 114 lliy strwt toronto ontario good pkices jaid tor iiorra3 injured cattle or onyuunff ililtablo for fox meat with injurta anlmab phono very promptly as meat muit bo ecurl immediatliy to be of nit it ulll coct you nothing to rtntf vm phono 05 riper 31 ctatlon xa station revcrmnjr the charceii ilorsci positively nccr resold any condition vannatteit iox iaitm 43tf georgetown tenders van sidewalk tender for conrtructnn cement bldrualk on main street contnjnlnb ap proximately 1300 feet will le received by thc undersluned until 00 on monday julj 5th mixture must be to or better and price must be submitted it rate per foot particulars of the uorlc may be secured from mcphcrson municipal olflcer tile lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted pmlilin clerk acum june 21st 1037 auction sale acckeditcd jkllsevs the tatc of itanli doulter will hold clcarlnk bale ol 50 fully accredited jersey cattle 1iirm stock and imple ments on tuesday june 20th at 13 clock standard time ut tho farm tot ti nnit township lie larm will ala be olreretl for sale subject to reserc bid positively no reserve on chattels us estate is beuur wound up prank petch auctioneer it no georsctovvtl iiuralcoilkcrvatlve ajumicutuui of the county of hullon the ijberalconservatlvo asso ciation of the county of halton ulll hold convention in tlio townilail milton on fhioay even june 2sui at 30 oclock ttlit ir the iwriiom of cliooali candidate to contelt thu next provincial kitlon uverjuody will welcome to thu tjenexal mrimf opi to uw public at 03o pml dlit to iveur kpetch by ckciij fcbost ohulruuui lrovuicll ounpujifn oommittf dinil praddent nv ti mugermld ccroury

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