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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 24 Jun 1937, p. 2

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thb acton free press thursday june 34th hot ijr artnn ret ftrrfih ubuahd et hwrmur at actors ontario sursoupnon batesw yar jnitrd stal anditional unl wpies jc uolb old aaa abould ba given when dung cancellations find that nana ol oa anb aenlxrs prrfr not to has their aubseriotloo interrupted in cnee ine tell reaelt before eaplrataon whil eob scrrolino will not be carried in erreere ow aav srlanii pcrvod yd unle we are ilhd to cancel we assume the subscriber wishes tbe eereiee eootinoed advertising rates on application and aa en in various column neadmsa althouen evsry precaution will be taveo to avoid error tbe free press accepts sdvertunn to ita columns on lue understandine tbat it will bot be liable lof an error in any advertisement pobliabcd hereunder unless pro ol sucb advert semcot ia requested to wrtttoa lh edvertuer and returned to the free press business olbce duly sinned by be advertiser sod with aocb error or corrections plainly noted in vritm tbereoo andin that rear any error so noted is not corrected by the free ire its liability shall not eacccd such proportion ol the entire cos of aocb advertisement tbe apace ocenpifd by tbe noted error bears to the whole space occupied by sucb advertisement ablop dills editor tkievhones editorial and business oftce its residence towns joaatcr writer in current nugxlno observes if the newspaper is just little better than lis town the latter is ttic gainer thereby towns and their newspapers usually lag or lead together progressive journalism is the unfailing tonic of the lethargic community there is no better community asset than home newspaper equal to the needs of tho community while poor news paper is better than none to the individual reader that docs not hold true for the town what can good newspaper do for its commun ity it can serve as the towns messenger to the outside world it must take the leadership in nil community projects if they are to be successful it is the infallible line of communication between the local government and citizen it is to the newspaper that all organizations turn for assistance in public welfare movements and without that assistance they face failure tho newspaper reaps the reward of its initiative by sharing in the general improvement of business and community affairs it has assisted in bringing tobout the good newspaper deems it pleasure to serve its community and its readers and is fully aware that it is only through giving full measure of service that if can progress ntid prosper curie ton place canadian caterpillars menace in this district campaign to clean up the cater pillar nests is badly needed at the moment as matter 01 fact time shouldnt be taken to organize campaign but those in each district need to set about clearning them up or the plague will be beyond control tho roadway to the blue springs property just south of no highway is swarming with these caterpillar nests no doubt other sections arc just as bad but this one was the worst we have noticed in this district we dont know whoseduty it is to exterminate these pests provisions are made for the control of weeds and much valuable work is being done just whether caterpillar control comes under the same heading as weed control is subject on which we are not versed at any rntc if the matter is debated at any great length the caterpillars will win out this year any farmer could clean up his own place with can of kerosene rind torch township councils may have the responsibility of the roads the pests have real head start on the situation just now thb sunday school lesson fob sunday june s7ut will somebody explain he has served well the formal intimation tiven the council on mon day evening by clerk hlj rarnjcr that he desired to retire from office this fall is matter of regret not only to council but citizens generally for nearly eighteen years mr farmer has been clerk and treasurer of acton no official has served the town more faithfully and with greater attention to duty than has he in this capacity his guidance to councillors and his counsel have been big factor in maintaining actons splendid financial position citizens generally will however be pleased to learn that mr farmer plans to continue to make acton his home although he retires both from his legal practice and his municipal duties he will con tinue to reside here and we conjecture give whatever assistance ik in actons best interest as private citizen our own close association with councils has afforded the editor an intimacy with the retiring clerk and treasurer that has been appreciated he has served acton well during his tenure of office and his successor will have worthy example of prompt ness and clliciency at which to aim those citizens who heeded the urging of hydro during the past few years and installed the electric water heating equipment in their homes are natur ally wondering at the intimation that the local com mission has abruptly terminated the arrangement no more heaters are to be installed on the present plan and maintenance of those already installed will become charge on the consumer although the equipment is still owned by the hydro commission we notice in some municipalities patrons of hydro are still being urged to instal this equipment we understand that locally it has been found that the water heater business was not profitable for the local commission surely the ontario commission who made the plans and set forth the schejule of rates have not erred so greatly that all this material will be scrapped if they have they should cer tainly not be advising other municipalities to instal more water heaters that advertising should be can celled and hydro admit an error installed the heaters felt that the cfiayge was plenty humanity in which he iuls it us the treat lesson of faith to learn in certainly hydro in acton is not loosing money when at the last meeting 3500 of surplus funds are to be invested in approved securities and an even larger amount is already laying in the same type of invest ment in the interest of hydro generally the cancella tion of the plan needs some explanation we under stand that both guelph and georgetown have taken similar action is there power shortage or did hydro engineers bring forth an unsound plan with the water heaters mes3ac1eb ctiom oenesio golden text these oil riled in ruth not iulvuib received tlw jaomuo but hivvinit aeen them mid btrjettvi tllem from afar mill lutvlnk omiicnotwl thut tllcy vcro ntrungrto and nlltfrlml tn tlie eurth hubrtwij 11 13 lratin text llebrowrl 11 310 l23 extkibuioii hooted ulld ground ed in jmjui cint3bl rllltly been culled tile llooli ot lleictniiliucs in its 1m1 mid tlio record of tliobctitimlnk of creation uln oodv redemptive nurnomi for mankind gods revela tion to mankind of ilia reid nature und tunics tile national life of hljl chtucn pooule tlirouith wliom christ was to come every beuliuiliuf is rooted in faith the characters wlio come before us in oeneslt appear as individuals gad liad separate itullviduul dealings with each of the iatriarclls and each by thr nicuasc of lila life contributes to our understand uf of some aipcct of the primary und foundational principle of clulitlan living namely faith for wltliout faith it is linriosslble to please god ix what with is glmply dellned faith is uuoluu and unwaverlnif trust in the integrity ol gods word it is that attitude ot mind which counts the promise tui already ndjed cnijuinslzes performed no matter what the seemlnt tu countries impossibility may he uprightness of cluiractcr ieneroslty truthfulness acn erastty nil hlfh and noble traits that man may possejui any one or all of them cannot take the place of tnltli paltli looks at the word of ood cf the hujlicct needs must have mast itomans 10 17 and tliat alone believes carc ami the lower needs the least care it rests in itund it is counted fori and we mut so train ourselves that righteousness huneer for the ideal thlnus shall chosen hi the heroes and victories or subdue every worldly hunger fulfil palth 11 310 ideal of men and women and the holy spirit mentions this lona ma vf nmi not list of heroes of faith to encourage and oveb fount ulauon touust automobiles autornobllo tourist tmrjlo to ocuintla during 103o registerrd gain of almost lialf mlulon cars xteurts compued by the doportrnent of national ilovenuo allow lhat the riunabcr of foreign auto mobile entered for touruuf punxxics totalled 407423 compared with 3b05 036 la 1035 on increase of tco437 auto mobiles entered for periods up to 48 houm totalled 22floig5 aultunobluvl entered for 00 days totalled 1102035 and cars entered for alx montlis numbered 1323 ontario retained 1u uncliallcngod lead umonir tin provinces with 3g55027 vlsltltib automobiles more tliari half the total movement tho three leading porta of entry windsor lrt eric and nla liru pulls maintained their respecuve iwisitlons in 11130 ull with increased trairlc at wbidsor total of 04307 tourist uuuanoblla permits was issued l0741d for 4fl luxirs 345212 co days and 51 for slic month fort krlo issued 027413 liermlts of which o504o3 were for 4s hours 167770 were for 00 days and ifll for six montlis kcxt in order niagara atolls issued total of 704472 licrmlts 554503 of which were for 4s liours 14a8u2 for go days and 17 for slx montlis tourist tralflc from canada also in creased tho number of catuullan cars reported outavards for touring purposes during 1030 totallblg 080674 und in crease over 1035 of 30415 tile international boundary between the united states and canada is the most travelled over in the world and the ever increasing volume of tralflc tlie ntmnllclty of orange pehoe blend salad tea true kkals stir up believers slill livinff to their full duty clod luul spoicen and by te power of ills word liad brought the worlds into bilntf as pcrfted whole cf 3cn 20 24 2fl we know ulb by fuitli god nayu iw and we take god at ills word then came tin and imperfec tion hut god loving the creature whom he uui made provldtxl way by which hlfl forfeited birthright might be those who have regained ho began the long tralnliij ed1t0rlvl notes fifteen rhway fatalities in one weekend is record that ontario has no reason to be proud of canadian employ men aiju employment in canada at may first showed pronounced increase accordinc to data tabulated from looao firms whose staffs aggregated 1011474 persons which was 32155 more than in the preced ing mopths on muy first year ago 15m firms were employing 939109 persons manufacturing reported improveuieiu mainly in the food lumber pulp and paper textile and iron and steel divisions with the exception of logging and coalmining which showed seasonal curtailment the nonmanufucturing industries also afforded con siderably more employment the gains in construc tion were the largest recorded at may first in any year since 1030 und greatly exceeded the average for the same datein the period ll2l3ti there were also marked increases in transportation with stiiuller gains in communications services and trade and in the extraction of metallic ores and of non metallic minerals except coal heightened activity wu reported in each of the live economic ureus where the gains since the pre ceding mouth ranged from over two per cent in ontario to six per cent in british columbia the situation generally was butter thun at muy hrst in any of ihc preceding rve years the summer rolls along and still evidence of the highway on the second line taking definite shape is lacking there have been no complaints this year regard ing lack of moisture most folks like everything in moderation though we have yet to meet the individual who bus ex pressed desire for clo rjois and disturbances such as have been taking place in the united states in canada moral failure john hunter earns high post home improvements do not need to be delayed any longer funds through the home improvement plan are available for any project that may have been delaved the main rains of this year have shown the very urgent need of drainage improvement on two blocks of mill street the water lying at the side of the pavements is certainly unsightly homer martin of the cio is quoted as saying the union is going to drive henry ford out of business it would be interesting to know what mr martin intends to put in place of the industry he rlrives out its easy to work on the wrecking crew coroner in thickly populated section of the state of ohio has investigated all the traffic deaths in his area tor the first three months of 1037 and he announces that 5h per cent of the persons killed lll ood wan ubl had been drinking the ratio was ubout the same for drivers who were killed and for pedestrian vic tim the coroner pointed out that in most cases the victims were not what be would call drunk they hud just taken few drinks just enough to deudeu or dull tbe hairtrigger quickness of observation and reaction which is very often the price of safety in the modern city und highway traffic stream the long roster of names which we have in these verse are found thoae early students who graduated magna cum uujde in goda school of faith cain did not believe god and brought an of fering of the fruit of the field abel believed god and brought an offering of ohed blood by faith he thus bore wit ness to the power ot atoning blood hence his racrlmcc was more acceptable to god than thai of his brother gen 35 enoch by simple faith in god and what god had told him uulk ed with god and thus became so well plealnu to god that he took him to be wilh himelf without caumnn him to pass tlirouuh the dark door of death gen 2124 enoch bears witness to the truth of sonship he was type of those who found allc at the comtriif or the lord shall not taste death bu sliall be caught away to rlory tliess 131 the testimony of the life or noah illustrates the truth of tlie sav ing poucr of that living faith which tlnds c3cinerslon in obedience to gods com mandments eph jar 14 17 10 22 it was by simple unquestioning faith in god and obedience to ills com mand that noah bulldedthe ark and thus saved himself and his household cf gen 122 4111 abraham wr have the treat outstanding exemplar of faith for nil time because he so com pletely ihed as eeinit the invisible hcb 11 27 his ery name has every where become mbol of tliat faith which so marked hls life in all lu pliaaes all his life he ojourned in the land of promise pilgrim and strapg er but dvlni he passed on the torch of faith to hls descendants isaac jacob and joseph heirs uith him of the same promise with the eje faith he aw in contrast with the fragile and re nun able ten tt in which he lodged tin hew jenivuem whose builder and mak er is god lu theiaupmne trial of his faith abraham stood unfaltering was on the very point of sacrificing iiar his only son the child of his old age the fruit of gods miraculous inter vention the son through whom the promised blessing uas to come cf gen 22 13 what miracle of fului in the integrity of gods word we cannot fau to see in tills story of abraham forciihadowlng of him who spared not ills own son hut delivered illni uy for us all irouuiiu fl 33 willing nacrince in submission the fathers will no johpio 17 in uke 22 431 saviour who dlftjpind li now alive forever more itev god did not even oie abrahum reason for inn demand uutr with this he hud nothing to do ills bualnejj was to obey gods word und be miiv gml knew uluiv he wiui doing thlt last great djwjjoiw lratlon of abrahams implicit trut in jehovah ultnijjuu to hu faith in the rrsurrecllou life to rome he account raise luc up rvu from tin dead if this be not uie talth that moves mountain matt 31 murk ii 23 it lh miniethlng akin to it isuth is nuiiiwl twentyfive times in this chapter of hebreus it the chrls tuns levr ills fulcnim for nvirj tmer liicy haw uccjji by faith to gthl lliunuiu ttand by faith cor 24 wulk by faith cor are kept by faith lur is uvo by faltii iltiimuiu 17 ckis iuucki iiailatmix in ull lived there li crisis in tlw fomiatlon of cluuracur it ooincrt from many cause aiul from uome which on the surface are upparriiuy even trivial but the rtult is uil slihc uddcii revelation uj ourselvc1 of our rocrit purpo and recognition of our pcrliup longuuulowed but now mosurrul oon vieuonj ktukonaxxy ltuitcllaski do jou like uiu pie darling iff delicious tftretlicart did buy it ull by jourselr ntortskoit aaim lvofor wliat la nurse boy blr wluit does lie wont it mcnolllle widely known and popular canadian 1nclflc hallway official who on june 30 nucoodn foster pasnen gor traffic manager of tlie com pany with headquarters in mont real mr poster retire under tlio pcnaioji regulation after ig yearn of service announcement of mr foiiter retirement and mr menoillles promotion wnu mado by george stephen truffle vicepresident of the company in business you are courteous jig on the highway whether you are uukruiu tuuomrr kniuf luimr or funucr ou like kttitt jihapu tblkik nktl iacllmi courietty inwulrdti i1oh wilt wlm you do lmtnc thtetl light tm the hukdki of votrk takid tajj lo tbe ituir of tbo uytt hut do you carry thlit tidute cuuhtxib luihlt of tttuxlil urlioti onto thu hilwmyti und prsctia ll towkjt ur fcllow mnloritat when you uire tlrivhijr tlnfowukimtcly kuntiy do kiot and wltyv the uo reul rvmjh they jut1 tiiinil dlfle eutly toward their aaiwiilj ll lighwy tbuu lowrj their bubiueiii htjuwiiitet euesl to sueli drlvrri tliut you tvolve to try couhry iti our irlvliljf tliut jou ifruli fro euttikij lu vhich 1b oho of the kreutct haiuirii of pihit4lay trultc ttd utmy put ou or the other fellow or ivnlh of ou in the tlileh try courtesy itnlcu thul ou irix ut the speed of the trntltc you are in uml nevr hold up the purtde that you keep well lo the right ah all times there is lots ot rooiu thul you wiv pinrh porket or otherwise put your rellowmatoilst on the spot try courteay iikteail to these bujj jf eat ions you ran atltl many others if you will jui1 think and drive in terms of rourley ily doiik you will atld irreatly lo the plealures aitd uifely of olowuj for vour uelf and for other try courtesy the new spirit of the road vr jrwsku hin1stea of highways prtovihct of omtario hockey manager dutton spends summers as contractor if you have wondeird what pnfsiuril hockey player do in imimtitir this picture muy sutifv vour uirionity the geiitlemun ut the donkey engine he imittcm munuuer of the new york anierlruns uv ts fciiown ut work lujing rulluuy steel ui tlie canuji uokles near hevcutuke dc duuun is ooutrmcior hi eliurue of uiu kcctloq wjicrv good ir lu brtgtit llyiiu wholrmie food and pktity of tuuxl work keep him lit tor the tee riitlu next inter

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