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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 17 Jun 1937, p. 7

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t3otw3day the acton free press toobusy to an boar with book would he brought to his mind tbft secret that took him whole year to find tbo facts that he learned at enormous expense were all on library shelf to commence alas tor our hero to busy to read he was also too busy it proved to suc wf may win without credit skill or smile we may win without patience or apti tude purpose or wit we may even succeed if were lacking in ant but take it irom me as mighty sale hint civilised man cannot win without print twenty yeaks ago the iummi of tb free vraai thmrtday june 21t 1017 1t 11 coxc linj jiiit inslallud iboaolinc bcrvice tunic on muin jtroct at his residence mrs dr scmdon of lort elgin who wan visiting acton relative over sunday ang olo uith much acceptance at tiuc evening bervlce in the methodist church the young bulled of tlu intermediate red cross hal very lino display of their work in mlis iiopcril window last week mr john cwncron returned irom the session of the generiu ajaembly at montreal on tnurduy iuring tlie wrs sions he was with mr william mcwudl of bnuidan ijai formerly of acton mu of the licit betrtty arnold of geome town wlio rum been on tlio ilring line lor some month arrived liama last wivx on furlough to recuperate from bcfioui illness he wus given rousing recep tion rev geo stephenson ua uig new mlnuter of the metluxiut church kassagaweya el cleuver of turlington wus tile unanimous choice of tile conuuon of llalton iteform ajuoclaticui candi date for tlic ontario lesuluturc ulkik augo at eden mills on sunday juiu 17th j917 margaret argo in her 72nd year mining activity in gotuhn axel ajlea nottthwet tkhjutoiukk reports indicate that ther will be considerable mining activity tills reason in the vicinity oi gordon lake nwt where some eight hundred mineral rial have been staked as the result of the gold strike lost summer aerial transportation companies iiavc been busy moving men equipment and sup plies to the lake which lied about fifty miles northeast of vcllowknlfe bay great slave l4ike with the opening of water navigation it lt expected that tlu number of men on uie grouiul will ho greatly increilfced tills soasonjj work will bu of preliminary cluiracter con klstlng mainly of test pit unking dia mond drilling etc the gold ui this urea occur in quarts associated with galeni sphalerite chalcopyrltc pyriu and ctlb nilc one eln reported to average eight fct wide and has been traced lor kevcti hundred feet uith visible gold several places the principal companies und syndi cated interested in the field art terri tories kxplorution company limited consolidated mining and smelt ins com pany of canada limited venture limited international mining corpora tion sun bear mine limited buruash yellou knife mines limited noruest ex ploration company limited syndicate limited ycllouknlfe gold mines limited karl springer syndicate syndicate connell sjndlcate vrecimin sindlcatc and gordon lake syndicate the deportment of national defence uill install radio station at gordon lake in the near future to provide ready means of communication for the mining public chronicles of gingejrjfarm written specially rr the aotan free presa gwendoline cuuukb vol 1uet yokju lifck the iplrtt of uie tuentleth century is tpecd tiu automobile hugchugged its ay into the canadian scene as the tumultu ous twentieth century begun nobod took this foolish contraption ery seri ously it as passing fada rcl uvely harmless toy for the oung bluotii of tlie lay to play with und if an oc casional chicken inst its life the damuiv could be righted by few contrite uord und perhaps dollar the fad hoveer did not fade in stead the automobile iwcame on un important factor in modern civilization it it unfortunate that we hme nut yet lt anted to enjoy this marvelouj instru ment of transportation uhout pa injr tremendous price year after ear the trahmc diitli record urous worse that lt did not improve in 1031 ul time uheu nuift tfnconrauing udvunces were noti lii liu nforcimifit and tnilflc enulninriua in teneril indlcutej out one thini that hlglmuy iifely li p4noual jirobuin which nuuit uilved by each lmtivwtuul lilmjlf and noj uhlch will yield rewdlly uholi solution tile trulflc probli your proli xin your slake hi it liluh for it jour veri life will juj continue to iwt lour lift to mibstltiite chuir forrali tlon and ulicerulnty fur taf ty ir 111 you by driving sanelj tin joiir liart to tfiul this snsehi lottry tlure in one umple ruu uf irului thut will mike our strels und hliiliuiy ufe for evrrjone who lism tlu in divr us you would luive otlwr drive aimi lliat simply iiuuiu thy couu tksy ev ry tiitnute you are behind uit wheel of or just us you do in ymifj busiiirss wild um lul life rvny day we keep about halfalocn pigeon vt least we dont exactly keop tllcm but tliey stay with us if you know wluit mean tct up lumsc in iur barn and art living wliere they ran our neighbor soas corn tile pliteoiw eat hie com jieiirhbor put out polmmed com uiul uie puiconueal tile bulled food daugh ter climbs up to the truw loft rinds dying pigeon und tiien another tliey die the buriij tin in dreadfully afraid tile cuts might ilild thr pigeons eut them and die too and lluii spend the rtst of the day trying keep mitchle in tlic liousi und out of liurms way but mltchlo doesnt like uing so kept he looks at uie door meowj plaintively and gaze at ine with such hurt ex pression when dont oikh tlie dwir fo him you just know lie is thinking wiiut stay in thr house wlieii thcrek blrbt to catch pikcoiv in the born mid field mice on uie run no thunk you tlie hous all riht hi tlie winter wltli nice warm stove to sit by but the great outdoor is the place iii summer for any if respecting cat with hue for 1j itlmato sporu and so june had creat time till day trying to keep mltehie in uie housi uc just watches hb time and when someone coined in awuy goeii mltclile we can only hope he doesnt tlnd wisoned pigeon we lost one spccinlly nice cat tluit wuy und uc dont want ti iom another ivrtner pretends he iduea not sliare our concern for mltchlcs safety he says lie doesnt like cats they are nothing but vuisance but remember it wuk he wlio rescued mltchle from tlie top rafter in the barn when for some reason or other mltchl couldnt act down and it was partner uhc walked ulong the creek tlilnkln mltclile might liave ot caught in trap otic time wlieu we thought he lot there li also uie case of uie cat ut uie born scottle who lias four little kittens site made her nest in the horse hay and it was partner who put board alongside seattles nest to protect her and to keep the kittens from ifctum smothered or stuck wiui pitch fork no partner doesnt likcau iie say so and of course we must believe liim but he has ruuier nice way of allowing his dislike dont you think partner lias been very busy fixlnc fences oil tlie week its an auniml job ant urina one it olujy secnuia fit in between seeding and haying as for me betuen chlckem th womens institute and cardenln have jurt about been on the run tuesday uas the district annual took load und was auay all day wed nesday liad promised friend unild tako her to visit another friend and st was auay all day again tliursday aab tlie day of our oun institute mtttlnu und of course lt had to be done too friday was chore day und shopping day saturday baking alt mornlntr and then in the afternoon took myself out to the girls achievement day uas awfully tired didnt want to io out but after not there found the demon strations the girls put on and tlie uork they had done so interesting and worth while that uas very clad made the lelfort to go it does seem pity more of the senior members do not turn out we older people arc quick to tulk about the free and easiness of modern youth but when our joung people are really doing something worth while how much sympathy and encouragement do they gef so now come to saturday nlflht uith very little to show for my weeks uork but jet ive been busy all the tlme one morning uhen uas up in the baxn fixing things up for my tvioueeks old chickens uiouuht would let them loose while cleaned out their dlslus etc did and uejl know it did those chickens fly in flvc minuter uicy were all over uie mou ceventy of them and what lime they hud and what time liad no one to help mo gel them penned up again and while wisi shooing one lot in anouier lot would come out to meet them and away they uould all go again of course uas calling myself every thing could thine of for not having more sense than to let them out at the long lust got tlu shut up again and the next minute heard peter barking and part ner calling running out to see what uas the matter what did see but four liors und two tolls in our front birlev field and about dozen head of cattle turning in at uie sate someone an agent likely us not agents please note liad been into our neighbors place ami when coming ou had left the road kate open all the horses and catue hod to do was walk out and like my chickens unexpected liberty just about sent them wild the owner and his man were mxiii after them and between tlie lot of us we soon liad them back where uley belonged no reul lusrm was done but ch using things sure cun put crimp hi mornings work we tuivent sterud huylnt yi part ner thlnksf perliups he uiuy start on monday weulhrf pernillllng canaiias koiuckts slats d1aky by ouvkr waiirkn stocktuklug canadas forts res ource has hot yi been completed but through the use of aereil phntogrupte information is being collected ut rate undreamed of few ytarri ago com piled esumaus show total stand of 245 mllliion board measure of saw umber und lloo million cords of smal ler material of tlie saw timber some 15 billion feet is softwood of which 11 billion feet is in uie province of british columbia in eastern cujiuda from nova scoua to icusum manitoba is mixed wood forest softuootll include the phies which for over century have been the mainstay of canadas lumbering indus try and spruce and biisam uie basis of pulp and paper manufacture specially refined spruce pulp is uie source of rayon and urutlcla silk widely used in the clothing iodustry there arc ulso many liurdwoods including the valuable yellow birch and maple which find an increasing market in uie furniture in terior finish and woodworking indus tries north of the mixed woods lr gnat belt of sortuoods that stretches from labrador across canada in north westerly direction utmost to the mouth of the mackcnide river here is great reserve for future use in paper and lumber manufacture sauui of uiis forest in manitoba saskatchewarn and alberta is another miired belli where papulur and white birch are found to bether with spruce and jackpine in british columbia are great forests of distinct species of trees that make up more than onelialf of uie standing umber of the country along the pacific coast yrow the renowned douglas he red cedar hemlock and sitka spruce the source of great export trade sunday well fokea vucishcn are in full swing jsi jake at bilt is la worken hard ut it we got up at day lite this so as to go ut and also incldenlly cut some vftla in are gardens so as to go flslien in tlu monday intlrely tfiutch rune may 1m okey doke for farm but for nsheti lt are liafl to report onley small bullhed cat ketcheti by our partle of xprt lishi men hie utter ire ull wet and muddle but we iride swim witch wen good tutssduy looks to me like juke uu jlgnereiitr ull tlu time hi fainbly wu dlcuv whin uus uie 1st tur made he ust uo it tla re cur he otto no ultern tluit think whit do ymi hunk wdn tiuv klsey td to jiu ha huu ever klt you ugeiist ire will jane replide mi no but he think he has the pore sip mebby tlleu dnitlt are tmurter than they to be sum tlms wander ulwmt tint irry thing thursday ma at pa for pa sed it taken lottt brmi to rn th mutch hiimney ai tin ma wlii of will do then pu dlddnl um to like lo cum back none uill 1kh dont no prtyjickley why as he oif ist ewy 1vlday niliteri tut him did ik no wluiir his york is ut blister npllde sd uie glents are playcn at home ar he bltevi the yanks are in shecacgo witch unbred the kernckley saturday well the forth of july re not fur the futdher juke blisters sum nuire ol are rang was wanderng what to do about it tlie unci derislan were to get that bill teem from the uther sde of town nto gaire then mebby we enn luive few rood fites and etc as tlum kid like hten bet tern eatin pttairik ani mountain in albtleta mot wtuiterly of canadas prairie pro vinces alberta offers varied attractions to tourists including more than 7000 sauoxe miles of national porks with main highway system linking ull uie principal minuitaln rewirtjs wlui itho chief tltlil and towns and attractive rural holiday spots albertas vacation grounds ure accessible to the motor tourist from uliy part of tbo continent in alberta mountain and prairie meet tiud the tourist is afforded an opportun ity to blend the delightful prulrlu scmcry with the striking gruiidelir of uie itocklcs hie erenh of uie lioiky mountains run ning northward from glacier lark in montana the txiundury line which stpirutts tlu southern parts of the pro vince of alikrta und britbli tjolumbla hie tusteril slope uf the llvckli funillu the watershed from which spring the rivers thut wuter the whole of the wst irn cututtllan prulrles tills wutershed ntecleti by vast fomt rcit rvu run ning utmost the entire leiigui of the mountain ara of alberta and hero is found the huntsmans paradise big gunic abounding while uie mountain streams and lakij provide great sport for the tlshing enlhiujust his cuimk iikfccltiks ovyjiomic life sffords no hlgliur pkasure uian that of surmounting difficulties passing from one step of success to anouier forming new wishes and teeing uiem eratlfled he that labors in any great or laudable understanding lias his fatigues first supported by hope and afterwards rtuardel by joy ticklish why has your htshmd be nim moned im not fiuiie sure but think 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accounts personal loans banking mail safekeeping of valuablessucrris botidstsrock ceftiicates deeds insurance policies and jewellery letters of credit to supply funds as needed when travelling money orders and travellers cheques bank of montreal rstailmslihd 111 i1bad ovpice montttul modern experienced banking service tbt outcouit of 119 years uccctsful operation acton branch clayton manager

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