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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 17 Jun 1937, p. 1

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jtttftt tiss sixtysecond year no 51 acton ontario thursday junii i7ih vu7 eight homeprint pages five cents acton drops two games saturday event was terrible forty runs scored and both milton and acton iut on loor show burlington climbing along nicc4y in onoi urn wlerdcst games played here lirbome seasons milton defeated acton 51 tp 17 on saturday afternoon the conl about evej happen btruagle tented the op second and luod hj the went 10 innings and just hlng that could possibly opened during the hour fans sat back with con after acton had overcome jtions five run lead in the udrteen men went to bat runs wctc scored the locals lead throughout the rest of until the disastrous ninth and frames when the brlcktowncrj rueaaed ifc barrage of hits and ihe threw in bunch of errors wnlch resulted in thirteen runs crowing theplate lambert who relieved cripps in t3e third coasted along in lino style untllxhat time morton his successor was wild and his offering were no puzzle to tho visitors lindsay took over the mound duties with two out in uie tenth during his brief career as twirler he walked one forcing in run and attack out one 3d clement on tho hilltop for milton turned what seemed to be liopelesfl cause into victory for ills learn pleasing feature from an acton standpoint was bill waterluhlses three hits this hardworking outfielder cainu out of his fourgame slump in great style jio hit safely for the first this season in urn fifth collected another in the sixth and doubled in uie unui ezard who is well known to acton fans was hit on tile head by pltclied bail in the nlntli tills regrettable hap pening was purely accidental and it li to be hoped by all that uicre will be no serious eofiseoueiiccs the game as seen from the press box follows clement opened uie first frame for the visitors with single and stole second bob brush went out and tol etzki walked babe clement drove one past crlpps to score clement and tol ttika brush hit one to water house who threw out babe clement at second naylor hld out to terry to uie liming acton uent scoreless in uieir half laid milton collected three more in the second young doubled and brush weni out clement singled yourig going to third clement singled counting young clement was caught at the plate when he tried to score on brushs single toleukas single drove in clement and brush clement singled and brush filed out to guth rie lindsay first man up in actpns half lilt fly to left held which gat away from young and went for three bases watefhouse walked nnd lindsay scored on wild throw to the plate wuurhousc going to third guthrie singled scoring watcrhouse anderson as safe when brush fumbled his grounder bill waterliouse struck out walters wiio batted for crlpjis was safe when brush dropped throw to second letting double play slip out of liis liand terry sot single and guui rid registered morton tripled and an derson terry and walters crossed the plate clement dropped water liousea liolst and brush fumbled lindsays grounder cronln then took ovr uu liot comer duties ped water house filed out to kay lor and guthrie walked again filling ute bases anderson singled counting lindsay and guthrie went out trying make uilrd thir teen men went to bat in tills frame and milton threw in five errors lambert went in to pitch for acton in the third in uie uilrd milton went scoreless and terry counted anotlier one for acton with lus liome run tliat cleared the right field fence by feet neither warn counted in the fourth and milton play er took time out in this frame to tell umpire joum few things brush and bllnco singled in the fifth counting another run for the visitors and acton came back in uieir half for two more bill waterluuo got his first hit at the season lambert struck out terry singled and terry and waterliouse counted when towtxka let mortons hit get between lib lens in uie sixth clement singled through the box and went to second on on wild throw to first clement got hit scoring clemen it brush filed out to terry toleuku went out to guuirle and clement was out when bill waterliouse made beuutlful run ning catch acton collected two mor in their hair on singles by guthrie hill waterliouse and iunliert 1i1u by briult and itllnro and an trror by waterliouse gave the visitors two more tn the seventh and they m1 lected one moe in the eighth on htu by bob urush and clement acton counted urn when anderson was sate on nylor error and bill wuterlioiise safe ul an error by clement anderson coring on lrush mucue mulon scored sin runs to put them one up in their luilf of tiu ilnth and actoti tied thin up ajpdu send the fixture mto an extra fnane concluded on pae tight ijvst weeks winner the ansaer to last weeks pulu poe wiu pearen and the fir unsurr opened on saturday afternoon was from mis grace graff it it no acton we acknowledge receipt of note pointing out tliat uwe on rum routed do not all have an euual elialice of winning everyone has chance of winning every answer tliat reaches tlie pate 1bes olflce bcroro 430 on saturday afternoon is put in the bunch and shaken up the first correct answor opened from tlic lot awarded the prlu everyone has an equal ciialicc and plenty of time to have the answer hi thu weeks poem on lugo pivc if you arc winner just call and get your order for goods from any lrss advertiser of tliat aeck your answer must he oil the coupon and it must be here before 430 pm on saturday scout mothers meeting tlu scout motiiers auxiliary held their monthly meeting at the home of mw vangoozen on monday evening after tlu business had been discussed very tine program followed mrs dri sureault and mrs somcrvllle gave in teresting readings margaret and vyfi somervllle played couple of piano duetts mrs somervllle conducted contest mrs komphf and mrs dessur euiilt being uie winners vote of tlianks was tendered to mrs vungoozen in appreciation of uie use of her home preparing for opening of scout camp formal opening on july 21ki stitckade and monumtmit beinjt erefcted ilans ure now under way for theonn ing of uie blue iiprlllgs tcout lusrre uuee mllirri west of acton it will be formally opened on wednesday julyjlst wluii tliose partlclpaung in uie cere mony will enter uuj grounds ui rough pioneer days stockade gateway on one side of which will tower block house solidly built of logs as were similar structures in uie early days of cuiiadian settlement auuwirued by uc ivovin clal isxocuuvo committee construction of the block house will be begun at once tile jotecuuve committee also approv ed uie erection of monument on which will be inscribed uie words uluejsprings scout ilescrve dedicated to uie boy scouts of ontario in memory of rred mann and col vl leonard 1q37 tiio monument will consist of huge granite boulder weighing nearly 3000 pounds mounted on platform of sel ected field stones and quartx it will be erected at point on the main driveway into the reserve number of uie scouts of first acuo troop have been appointed rangers and will receive badges denoting their authority in looking after uie grounds the huge granite boulder is being carved by john nlcol tlie scout leaders training course will be held at uns camp from july loui to 30ui new moderatok new features for 1937 fair the prize liit was uioroughly revlud new classes added and prize money in creased at the meeting of uie board of dlrectors of acton lalr last night the judges in the various classes uere ap pointed arrangements were made for lioldlng bee on tuesday next uiicn uie track at uie park will be repaired and improved wlui the changes plan ned it will be one of uie hetl trucks in ontario committees were appointed to arrange for an historical exhibit of pioneer articles which should prove interesting and an added feature the same com mutee will arrunge booth on the ground where lltors may register ami liaie special meeting place for greeting friend of former diyv officers are reeecterj for the year donation to building fund makes social room an assured addition members of acton ymca board of directors meeting last tliunjay evening for uie first ume since uie annual meet ing were encouraged indeed when the building commitufe reported receipt of substantial donauon uiat will enable uiem to immediately proceed with and complete the new social room treasur er pearen reported uiat only small amount remained unpaid of uie funds promised by uie uiree local omens organisations officers were so encouraged with re ports tliat motion covering elections returned all last years officers and the agreement to carry on uie work the oh leers are honorary president dills president ii elliott first vicepresident rumlcy second vicepresident chas iurk ness secretary macrae treasurer dr pearen membership and finance cammllu klrkness ii elliott and graham special features committee ii illnton dr pearen mat thews and dr buclianan bojs and girls work aeorne mason macrae mlllfl und dr nelson adult program cho lcirkness dhls rev moorow ii hum iet building commltle mun dills and george emery repairs and iniprowiuenu ubout the building uerv dlscuvd and the budget for the jear presented it aill in studud by uie exerultw bfiri adoption president ii elliott tn uccepitng the office expresse1 appreciation tf the help he had reeiwd from ull tu iloird reditu lion tif upprecutlon of the splendid wn let of mr emery uos ununlmously pauad by the llord aiul he was reoueed to conunue in the position or general sc retary tor tlu coming year it uas felt tlu under tibi guidance tlu year had sliouh real iirogiss mr emery in accepting expressed ills oppjrebslioii of uld co ope ration of uu bord and lli orltcers and ouuhied plaiu for lnct activity tlda alal lnodetilitg out of uie yuca work convention the fortyfirst annual convention of ilalton county womens christian tem perance union was lield hi uie united church milton on thursday jura 10th with two sessions afternoon and even ing at uu afternoon session ookvlllc union conducted uie devotional period reports of uie years work was given by officers and superintendents of uie dif ferent departments tew slight clianges were made among the officers and super lntendents greetings were brought from palermo sons of temperance mrs walker of toronto jpokc at both sessions in the afternoon the topic wiu the tasks that beckon cin atllan women of today she said the coming of the franchise for women made rescue the oice of jeslerday and present the divine command of toda therefore our lirst uuk in defeating tlu liquor tratllc to ua our ballots sht apjwaled to women to mate their homr sanctuary in the mtdst of life to give lruiplratlon to the new genemtlon to pray as means of holding them steadi in the nuli of life and to give uum counige bo to put into their hands tlu torch of jeacc in the evening mrs walker quoted the increase in consumption of alcoholic beverages in canada tn ten years ai being 105 and spoke of an american journal as saying our laws uere making nation of drinkers she felt uie liquor protecting politicians liad become uie lion in the pathway of temperance re form and revenue seemed to be their lie argument therefore our only remedy is to elect men wlm will give us better laws than those which we have yet achieved public school honor roll for month those who won find place in their ciohhcm at may exiunh new moderator of the gticral assem bly of the presbyterian cljurch in can ada is rev dr hugh munroe of new glasgow above who was eleted to his ww poaitlan during the assemblys an nual meeting held in ottawa dr muu rce minister of westminster church deftatcd tuo other candidates fur the justtion he succeeds rev malcolm campbell of montreal aleut the june meeting of the alert wa of knox church met at uie home of margaret brown the president laura wiles was in charge the devo tion numbers acre taken by lhcde onora and annie anderson an enjoy able and educational contest war con ducted by mrs bennle on facts we should know regarding uie presbyterian church and our missionary work katharine stewart and her group were the winners alice rumley offered her home for coronation tea to be held some time in june at the cloj uie group in cliarue served lunch grand river project racked ry helrurn declaring himself ui be absolutely sold on the idea premier hepburn laat week committed the province of on tario to assuming 37 per cent of the cost of uie longproposed grand river conservation project the commitment is contingent how ever upon uie ululnuness of tlw federal government at ottawa to shoulder tmllar rvsjionsiblltty in connection ultti the scheme leaving the municipal tiles cnnumiud to piy the remaining jilr ci nt the llrht suie if the pnjected jjrheme include the bulldlim of the waulemai dim at an etlniated cot of upproxltu auly j76o0oo over the past tuo jears the conservation commbjlon lias matle pa numbtt of apivau to the provincial government for financial aid but rcelv ed no turlnlte assuraiiced tlie dlsai trous western ontario ikwals of uils past spring are ulievd to laiw ln soie measure convinced qurriij lsuk of the xuxi tor turly and definite action hi uu gruivd luver vamy mrs gamble president of halton at thirtysixth annual meeting address by muu mcdermnud tlie halton dltrict womens institute held ili 3cth annual meeting at pal irmo last tuesday when mrs gamble acton was elected president there was splendid attendance at this meeung and the ladles were wel comed by mrs wendover president of uie palermo branch and the reply on behalf of aiie visiting branches was given by miss jean snyder kilbride junior insututc the retiring president mrs george agncw gave very fine address out lining the activities of uie district in stitute during her term of office and stated uiat uie number of branches now listed was eighteen senior and four junior brandies the secretarys report showed the in stitute had had very successful year and the auditors reported uie accounts as being correct and in good standing the secretary of each branch gave report of the ears work in her own particular branch and the record tn each case was very ttood miss beta mcdermand superintendent uf womens institutes gave most helpjul and inspiring address miss mc dermand spoke of uie dbtrlct annual as an opportunity lor institute workers to evaluate their last years work and to gain inspiration for planning uieir next gears program slie emphasized the need to analyzchuurk hi progress to determine whether what is being done is wliat our community needs whether the right lines are being followed in our brunch acllvjucs to bring about the best results miss mcdermand explained very thoroughly the cooperative progrum for the dlitrlt und asked the choice of each branch vote uos taken result ing in home utilization of wool as the special project to be adopted this veux under he local louder training school it was moved by mrs atkins secoudid by afn gowdy and carried unanlmouslv tluit hearty vole of thanks be tendered miss mcdermarwqor attending tru meet ing and for tlu great assistance slie hail gtvyi immediately after lunch uie election of officers uuik place und was as ftl iok gamble ackm ut vtcelhesklenl mrs huivi gvueuv cuiuluded on pae tight kenlor iourth lolly potty lou duwklns but mabel harris voa jessie irwin 703 pramli umb ttio juk chupnmn im total icol bennett wincipul junior fourth olga dyrlw q8ft rena braidu c8l dora wood 670 kathleen weadue 072 uaritarrl somervule 0501 marjory nel sun 64u total em kolstef teacher ttomk third eiut ibaau 130 mary ritchie tti rr a7 jatk bruce olo om uirrr 606 duru weaver oo no orf teacher jaatar third rtr vto jack main prize 514 it hlum aofl roy wood 404 4m annk porty total anderson teacher im hcotul dsuirault m2 helen homied u0 lubertsun 3d annetu tt 11 itrgsuf bari sis freddie cr 511 total 050 macmluan teacher tlulmt frlrsl jolul agar l01 dolores luppltl 284 isabel takhis isaa france fryer 281 betty masters 281 lvnuild lahlb 2u0 total s50 young teacher junior second annul id bralda 375 victor patrick s57 george elliott 354 may dyrlw 353 wilfred duvul 3i0 kenneth pupil ion 341 total 4m senior imirtcr john barr june wilson aileen mcliaac barbara nelson joan coles mar tha turko bruce tuaclier junior primary marlon fryer doris crlpps stanley klllick jimmle spetlvcgel kathleen halglns florence coleman hunt teacher jrst to try out new knife 14earld emploee of george town iarnier was placed in ontario hos pital for observation following com plaints he slashed the lefts and bodies of nine calves with jackurnr the aoundlngs uere alleged to hav taken place on the farm of llndsiy near where the boy worked provincial constable cookman said he went to the llndsay farm and found seven calves staggering about squalling and bleeding while two were unable tn move from tne spine of one unlmul protruded fourinch knife blade checking on uie store where the knife was purchased the constable says he was able to find the boy apprehended the lad admitted he rammed the knife to liard into one calf he could not pull it out but had just wanted to try ut my new knife county council favors subway grant to fairs same amount untkd church mis 11 swlhyr kindly gave lur home for the june meeting of the united church women missionary society on friday evening when there were thirty seveil members present the president mrs mow at opened the meeting and was in chit rut of the business part myi hemstreet and members of her group conducted the devotional period and program refuirts from the treasurer and uu secretaries of the various deiaoruiuml were ruud and approved other bulneas of interest was dealt wlui mn held gave report of the bale sent to milton to be shipped with other bahi fiom halton to the west to an indian mission hospital and school mrs emery prenud an excellent report of the work being done by the mission band and uie splendid bale which war contributed mrs brown read letter from miss bessie benuey missionary in trinidad bw mrs swltier also read an interesting letter from mlts ruth nelson mission ary at kltomaat bc miss bennett read uie bible lesson and mrs alex mcdonald led in prayer miss speight gave helpful de votional message jesus passes by miss pearl bell read an interesting mis sionary story tile conversion of heathen woman mrs morrow told of the great sacrifice our missionaries and their families make yet they go with keen interest to the foreign field two musical numbers were enjoyed piano solo by mrs gordon ramsden and vocal solo by mrs veldhuls mlts hawthorne cloned uie meeting with prayer in northern ontario mr james mcgcachle who has beu valued member of the pacr pxj staff and the writer of many column of uie sport news of uils paper has secured position ui printing plant at south porcupine jim as all knew him was on the staff here for eight years wv an enthusiast and player in rural league hockey nnd popular among uie young folk of the community all wish him success in lib new northern home no blame on acton driver strongly recommending uiat laws compelling slowmoving vehicles to carry rear lights at night be strictly enforced brampton coroners jury decided uiat no blame could be fixed in uie death or alexander maxwell 35 of toronto who was fatally injured when ills bicycle is alleged to have been struck by car driven by john wright acton on no highway east of brampton on june 6th according to the evidence maxwell was riding his bicycle west on the high way half mile wt of woodhlil about 1140 pm and wright also driving west overlook tho cyclist and craslied into the rear uie bicycle before he liad chance to swerve his car to one side although maxwells cycle was painted white and liad red reflector of type approved by the department of high ways uttached to uie rear mudguard lare uasno light on the machine water heater plan cancelled by commission 3500 of surplus funds to he in vented in ronds new rate reduction asked for at the rortnlghtly session of the public utilities commission on tuesday even ing commissioner hansen reeve mccutcheon were present and clialr man kerr presided the secretary was by motion in structed to pay the following accounts hydro department bell telephone co service 503 hepcof ontario water heater materials 5363 rose is oheam meter seals 6037 matuicwb postage 1000 canadian mill supply co sup plies 3400 jamos kearney corporation supplies 77 1435 department of trade and com merce lnspecuon fees 855 acquitted on negligence charge charge of criminal negligence against ernest slgsworth acton follow ing the death of lynn balnes after mills triii between two trucks near acton on april 10th was dllssed by judge munro tuesday at the inquest slgsworth had denied drinking but on tuesday admitted tue ing three ulaijes of beer prior to the crash his honor ruled uiat the beer had not rendered slgsworth tnraiuible of driving 510043 waterworks departiiieiit hydro department power at spring 3543 hydro department may opera tions c33a miscellaneous shower on saturday evening friends in acton tendered miss dorothy mcveigh mis cellaneous sliower iirbw to her mar riage thb month ttie gathering was held at uie hainr of mrs ii statlium aiul many useful und beauufu uifts were bestoued oil uie brtdeclcct jofl78 letter from the ontario commission gave report of the usual inspection of meters at the bcardmore co plant another letter gave particulars of uie annual convention of uie ontario mun icljuil electric association which is being held ut niagara fulls reeve mocutcheoji and superintendent wilson were appointed delegates to tlu convention miss hazel wilson was apiiolnul to act as secretary during the holidays of mlm ii speight the lust two weeks in july letter from the ontario commissi advised the investing 4000 of surplus funtbj in approved bonus which uld yield more lutekst than at present tn the saving account the secretary was instructed ut seun permission for the lnvesuuent of 30o of uie surplus fuhds on hand tlie com mission ulso asked advice on tlic iww ratis tliat would be reroimueiided for hvdro consumers effective in augllm anotlier letter from uie ontario com mission outlined uie home uuhting campaign tluit liad been conducted in tt number of piunlclpalltles successfully contblued oil 3tace ordon home sold for 3tt county roadn to be iaved roadh designated sm thrtnutn roads equalized assessment approved halton county council met at the court hotls milton last tuiay ulu warden hi the clutir and all members present except mr allan owing to ubsence through illness of the county clerk mf pettlt mia margaret maxud officiated acting clerk minutes of the lust ipeetlng were read und confirmed and correpondeiice read as follows from uie bourd of tail way commis sioners re subway at ookvtue tho letter stated thut the board now havlntf fund to proceed with construction of subway they are now wishing informa tion wt to he tlur uie county of halton is willing to proceed wlui uie construc uon under uie terms of uie order ie 40 to be paid by crossing fund 30 by cnj 20 by county or halton 44 township of trafalgar and 5i by uie town of oakvilh from uie town of georgetown re re solution passed by georuetown council moved by duvls sconded by ttiomas lyons uiat we ask uie county to take over the maintenance of the connecting links in the town of george town under the supervision of uie county engineer from na re resolution moved by mr vunsickle seconded by mr stokes uiat this councu do take excepunn to pasturing livestock on county roods und townsldp roads un less properly protected and no hazard is made to traffic it is noticed tliat number of people ore pasturing uvec stock on uie roadway and party hi eliarge is not making any effort to keep jild stock in control tlie increased speed law makes this point very impor tant and we feel the attention of uie county council should be drawn and some action taken in uils matter from crown attorney dick letter advising tluit warning sign be erected at the intersection of uie seventh line und no crossroad where fatal uccldent occurred just recently with reference to catue on the road council after some discussion derided that this matter would be belter dealt wlh by the municipalities moved by mr gilbert seconded by mr kerns that the reeves of the mun icipalities be committee to determine the equalled assessment when the committee brought tn uulr report that the assessment bo made uie sit me as last year mr7gilhert was the only one to ruisc dissenting voice deputation from uie varlous boards waited upon the council with request or usual grants tlic spokesmen were mr harrop milton mr wilson georgetown mr wright and mv dills acton each gentleman was confident uuj fair for which he solicited grant was the best in the county and mr dills said ho liad no objectlbn to uie grant to milton being increased providing uiat acton bo kept tn line deputation of ladls from merton with mrs atklnii as spokesman asked uiat uie county council use uieir influence to have uio new bridge near bronte known as tho merton bridge so uiat uie historical significance of merton shall notoe lost several mcm bers spoke in agreement and uie warden assured uie ladled wlio represented uio home and scliool club that council wqtild do whatever uiey could after reports of uie standing com mltttcs had been read council went into committee of uuj wliola to consid er uie reports with mr gilbert in uie cliolr moved by mr currie seconded by mr mccutchcon that uie reports of uie standing committee as considered and amended in committee of uie witole be adopted carried mr frank ttimpson superintendent for lalton and peel cluldrens aid society requested an uicrvased maln coiitlnued on page five coming events anuihincemcrtt ol sfectiiiifi con ceils or othrr kvciitt uuiltr tlua hridiiiu ore cltarucd io cmtt per itnr will miniimim tliargc lor auy buiioiiuccntriit at jfi churchill garden party on monday evening june 31st see bills and adv on ikige four for detalb dance will ik lield at dublin sciukji on wednesday june 3ith admlsautu 25c everybody welcome 513 barn dunce will lield ut clurrldges on wencduy june 3ard goixi music admission 35c knox coronation iv wpdiustuy juni 3rd from to tt ai tlte laune of un uumlcy levery uie welcome offerinif

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