Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 10 Jun 1937, p. 3

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thdrada junk loui 1937 the acton free press uujr jfrre flrebb iort tnrg black light jo in scott douola8 mmhmmmmmmm 4wttax would you say to hun dred thousand dollars adrmnce va royalties for your losjpene trmtinc invention taofessor terry hubbard ran bis awodcr ang tbroufcb hu unruly mop of tawny hair as ha spoke smiled at the questioning light in proressor charles tudens brown eye too serious terry gaily reassured his older friend met the managing dlr otor of the carwalte electric company alter left the lab hut night told him wed nnajly perfected our invention for using black light on aeroplanes and steamships lie wanted to talk business then and there ontcrcd toe nice sum in advance royalties one hundred thou sand to be exact professor tlldcns lined lace bright ened and his brown eyes shone theyll all want to do business now terry lughed at us when began didnt they but the metropolitan electric had been pretty square uith us from the first offering us royalties if we toold do what we promised and giving us this fine ub to work in terry grinned and glanced at his watch told the managing director of the carwalte hud that we have an appointment with our own president in just ten minutes professor wll have to get ready jyof essor tuden nodded his white head ill get our diagrams and figures one years work terry but it was worth it xm going to see you get spilt on the royalties we receive dont know what could have done without your prac tical help the professor was rummaging through the drawers of his desk suddenly the colored drained from his lined face terry dldnt we leave the plans in this drawer last night terrys square jaw dropped of course arent they there ttofessor tilden pulled open drawer after drawer scattering papers about wildly ttnally he dropped limply into his chair his brown eyes on the floor the young man felt ills heart grow cold at the beaten look on the face of the old man who was hu best friend and instructor lie went through the dek carefully but the valuable paper were gone they were worth for tune said terry thickly some ones taken them yes said professor tilden dully terry you havent any idea the old man caught himself riuahirik im sorry lad terry gripped the professor urm and felt the muscles stiffen ulghtly to his touch lump rone in his tliroat and bis eyes blurred why luul he nitntlon that offer from the carwalte electric it had planted the ted of suspicion in his friends mind on the other hand wliy should not he have mentioned it lie and tiie professor had been sin gularly harmonious pair to gether on that invention uhlch would ave many lived for long time terry could not trust himself to fcpeuk an aching constric tion bound his throat as the silence be came increasingly awkward suddenly tin profi3sor laujrhed in uay which hurt tvrry tua wed betur tell the prolciior tlmt weve failed lad fulled tine uord tank into tvrrys brain like the thrust of knife palled when they luul reached their coal terry and julian cracmere had been professor tiluens outstanding physics majors in college darkhaired biac eyed julian luul sclntlllatlna brilliance which never probed deeply into any thing to him academic accomplish ment came cosily while tawnyhohred tvrry hubbard was plodder flndlna itudy hard but gaining deeper know ledge by intensive research tlin julian could evr hope to eain by hu super ficial brilliance college rumor said tliat professor tilden liead of the pliyslcs department was working on experiments wlilch were to combine televluon with black light for uie in an imcntloii whlclu was to liable aeroplanes and ships to travel tiiare safely tlurough fog ordinary white light ls composed of its constituent colors uhlch make up tlie spectrum rl orange yellow green blue mdigo and violet each with its oana dltfcrtiit wave length liich of tlie colors if while light diffused tluough prliin is dlittnifulihable by tlie human eie there are otlier to called black light rays of longer wave lengtll such as infrared or htat rays of logger wave length uian uxe red vlilultf to tlie human eye and at the other entl of tlie tpectrum beyond the violet visible are mvbdble ulruvlolet raja shading down to tlie xrays of still thifrter wave lengtll since the human eye is in capable of uuttuyulshlmi thi infrared yays uuj ultra vlout rays or tlie xrays tlury are known as illaclc light terry kiicw tlmt lrofcaior tilden perimnts roncrned this light out htde the bpectrum of vulble ravii lie also kuspectrtl tliat tlw llfiw lllvclluoil of television was uwnluw concenud with the experiments he thoiglit as all otlier pliyucs studriiu tliought that lvofcuor ttulcn vbould wime day chooa julun cragmore as lib aialtant the metropolitan kltctrlc oouittjiy learned of til enprrlnwuiu tifcfcy otter ed lixifeaor tlklcll bcautllully out fitted laboratory in tlielr vcich de paxinient and monuily aluwanoe for research exacting no pro as what be was to do with his perfected invention frrmldent uadley of the met ropolitan felt that he was safe in trust ing the loyalty of the whitehaired savant and be was when professor tilden rather shyly broached the subject of terry serving as his assistant terry was so surprised and pleased that he was unable to utter word of thanks julian had meanwhile found problem approached llndlcy and received small laboratory to work out another invention terry was incapable of jealousy and was sin cere in congratulating julian our the greater honor accorded lilm terry was content with being irofessor tlldeils oilstanc tlicy uay were ensconced hi their how laboratory lrofcaor tilden luul ex plained wluvt lie was attempting to do dont need to explain black light to you terry and certainly dont need to explain television to you back in college you and julian experimented oon udcrably with television both of you liad constructed very passable sets for sending pictures back and forth over tlie ether waves what im attempting to do is combine the two havent experiments been conducted ba that fleld7 asked terry under stood pictures be transmitted from room which was apparently dark lighted only by black light and those images could be received as well by television receiving screen as if they had been transmitted from room illumin ated with white light isnt that right sir all elementary chlded professor tilden with benlgnantsmle black light jus as real light white light and the fact that it isnt visible to tlie human eye doesnt change that fact of course television can operate from room lighted with infrared or ultra violet rays wliy hot what rra getting at is this terry white light creates glare against fog which makes lb impossible for pilots of aeroplanes or ships to see anything tticyrc almost as well off without any light but if planes and ships luul tele vision apparatus and felt tlielr way with blight light winch didnt create any glare they could see accurately what was ahead of them couldnt they but protected terry thats been tried the apparatus is too lieavy and too bulky far light plane or mall boat at present specified tlie professor with emlle at prent terryl but hurt doesnt mean we cant cut down that apparatus to bare minimum just as radio sets have been put in watch cases grant umt what were tettlng out to accomplish seems impossible grant that after weve worked year or two years or perlmps even three woll find tlial what weve hoped to do is impos sible but aealn our months of dis couraging work may reap fruit terrys eyes shone with tlie vision of the professors dream lives saved that had been lost in foes slilnj caved im with you to the end sir he said now staring uith aching eyes at the litter of papers on professor ttldens desk it seamed to terry hubbard that live end had come fontlis of trial and error months of putting down endless columns of calculations which no human brain could remember how could they replace all that yes he agreed dully ith his friend guess wed better tell the president wliats happened professor tuden led tlie way head down eyes on the noor lie seemed to liave aged ten years since the previous day terry followed in his wake to the door at the end of tlie long corridor marked private they knocked heayy vulc bade them enter big lieavysct man with piercing blue eyes under shaggy block brows sat behind glittering uinhogauy desk understand youve perfected your lnvcn llun itofcsaor tilden professor tudens mouth twltclicd in wry smile mr hadlcy when iipoki to you over tlie phono last night thai was the case our work was completed wo had the figures diagrams every thing to show you including very small working model juist night my desk was rifled they are all gone the plans the working model everything president uadley rose halfway in his big chair then dropped back into it and rubbed shaking hand over suddenly damp torow everything he echoed the professor nodded fortunately the working model dropped last night when we found that it operated success fully was so excited that let it fall not much could be determined from it but it is model which could be readily duplicated from the facts diagrams and figures if soma one wlu could interpret them were to study them carefully uadley deliberated have you any idea who could have tukeii those plans professor tilde tl spread his hands hulplesly many people know ive becil working on this thing all the bclcntuln uy the rcearch department terry men tioned it luit night to the manager of the corualte fclectrlc company but lie wouldnt lludlcy pounded hw desk with his big fist terry didnt you duu crimson stole into terrys cheeks etupld of tnul but was hushed with tlie excitement of our ac complishment and tlie tiling popped ouu however agree with professor tilden the managing director of the carwalte saectrlc company wouldnt be capable of thid sort of trickery dont think so either said uadley slowly but theres fortune in your invention and some ones after that fortune thats certain he drummed tlie desk top with nervous fingers for several moments and his jaw hardened os he faced the savant professor til den how long would it take you to pro duce another model months perhaps terry and used go many hundreds of different materials in our experiments that it would be 1m pomlblc for us to remember jut what did go into that working model wed liavc to go through the same process of trial and error again and by that time whoever stole our work would have our model patented in jus name if lie could readily interpret tliat maze of figures you worked out amended tlie president tlieros that one faint ray of hope working against time you might beat tliat thief to tlie patent office professor tuden turned weary eyes on his assistant terry smiled pd like to try it sir lie sald good said tlie president heartily til have safe put in your laboratory kep everything in it and tlu3 wont happen second time tont teu you how sorry am terry and tlie old proressor went back to tlie lieartbrcaklng work of starting afresh when tliey had commenced the experiments year before with enthusi asm their work had seemed casy now the long task which lay before them seemed hopeless it was in reality only terrys youth ful enthusiasm which kept tlie older man nt tlie discouraging work often tlie the professor would sit listlessly in his clmlr with filmed dreaming eyes terry would gently remind him tliat they were working against time and tilden would smile bitterly sometimes wonder whats tlie use terry while were work ins on this invention the man ulio rob bed us is perhaps working from our data we have no chance to beat him we uill beat him somehow terry uould declare grimly but doubts tore at his heart while iil made the state ment the professor it health bojyin to give way from tlie constant strain repre sentative of the company who was in touch with the patent office cent dally telegrams that their invention had not jet been patented ilia heart grew cold as ice however when terry tore open those telegrams expecting that perhaps this day they would find ihey had failed to beat marching time ai the professors health frrcw worse iwruiilatirur his remaining at homo tor sometimes tuo days at stretch terry worked with feverish energy jomc llnn tic at uie laboratory until three in the morning texing materials until his eyes blurred thirty days alter they liad started thrlr second working modr was com pleted try itl muttered tlie professor hus kily dont dare ills knees trembled as terry turned out the lights and drew tlie blinds on the windows lie focused on the point where he knew his friend was sitting and his hands shook as though with ague suddenly he aaw the professor head on his desk the lamgo was on the lighted screen of the television aet itoressor tuden llie old man raised his face and terry saw in lus screen that his zriends lips nere quivering jterry you mean we tfceve uiui iir wonl terryl cried tlie old man huskily but for your help nothing laughed terry trying to corirol tlie twitching of lib face as lie pulird up thu blinds utlight hooded the room und terry noticed that pro feor tuden lookid suddenly ountf al most boyish iu hi touclitd the delicate instrument with trembling hands the door ripened and julian appeared his white teeth flashing in emphatic contrast lib dark skin wliats ull the excitement in litre he demanded was just going home and luul to come in to fmd out weve ihilslicd our second working model julian said professor tilden exuberantly as lie paused at tlie safe wliats tlie combination terry never can remember your memory laughed terry lughi seven left to twelve two turns to eight going to the right of courser terry thrust their final papers care lessly into the safe at one side of their ncw working model closed the door of tlie safe and turned the combination lock lets all have dinner together to celebrate he suggested pine said julian and tlie professor after terry had left tlie others he went directly home he could not sleep liowever success after thirty days of tlie most intensive work luul left his nerves quivering after tossing for several hours lie arose dressed and went out for walk unconsciously his steps led him to ward tlie laboratory of tlie metropolitan klcctric company several blocks from tlie bunding lie passed man walking slowly along uie otlier side of the streot professor tilden terry was about to crosd tlie street to speak to him when he decided that tlie professor might pre fer to be left alone with fils uioughts terry walked along and stopped be fore tlie laboratory he lingered the key in his pocket and tlien decided lie would see if tlie second model was safe lie walked up the stairs applied his key walked down the corridor and unlocked the laboratory lie opened the safe and his lieart quickened us beat when he saw the working model in us place have half mind to stay here all night tovuard it lie thought ills walk however had quieted lus nerves and he was beginning to give way to the strain of the last month he felt tired he wan nervous about leaving uu model unguarded yet he wanted sleep absentmindedly he pushed the switch uhlch controlled the overhead light there was filter over the light which permitted only the infrared rays to penetrate tlie roam was as dark as be lore suddenly terry smiled til guard the room and gel my sleep too por over half an hour he uorked on un old camera lie and the professor had umd in their experiments he tlien ojiened the safe door and attached to it black thread so tliat the opening of the door would pull the thread he attached tlie thread to the plunger of his tamera seeing that the black light was still on he locked the door of the laboratory and departed he uas halfway licme when he real ized tliat he had left ills liat he con lettuce oranges home grown leaf mce size larfve bunches lor att sweet and juicy dozen jl pineapples nice size or preserving potatoes oc nice size ananas 23c special sale tomulots iiolliou cueiuiilnnj etc carrolls limited eudocrd returning for il and then decid ed not to bother when lie ociied the door of the lab uratory uu nexl morning ho observed ilirl of all that uie safe door was open itofcssor tilden eyed him coldly almost hurtilcly well terry where ore our plans terry started wliatl gone again wintry smiled touched tlie profcv wwk mouth terry trusted you once but youve betrayed my trust twice found your hat here this morning and it wa on your head when passed you on the street last night now will you tell me where those plans are in half an hour ai moat bald terry grimly picking up the camera which still on top of the safe he walked to ward the door of their idark room paus ed professor tuden theres code learned when was boy its one of the proverbs believe good name is rather to be chosen than great riebea and loving favor rather than silver and told to tho best of my abulty sir lv always lived up to that tootle xtofcssor tilden laughed bitterly terry closed tlie door of tlie dark room behind lllm when he emerged many minutes later he lie id photographic proof in his liand his mouth was very grim will you come with me sir ni show you where our working model and plaiiu art hot only our latt one but the llrst ones tool thry walked in hostile silence to door near tlie end of tlie corridor terry hung it okn wltliout knocking and julian cragmore hastily thrust some thing into cabinet and ciomxi the door tliat wont do you bit of goodl sold terry tlernly red crept up under julians dark akin and ids eyes flashed dont know what you mean terry lianded the otlier photograph it was photograph of julian cragmare leaning over an open safe tills must be composite photograph said julian liotly if your safe was robbed last night it would have been impossible for anyone to take plctuie of the robber are you trying to frame me terry shook hist head julian had no idea you were the gulltyone but was afraid some one might try to hake those plans and set on the safe pointing downward thread at tached to the plunger it was special ly prepared camera we uicd in our work it will take pictures by black light as weil as by ordinary light what you thought was dark room was in reality lighted by invisible light rays julian gripped table to keep from falling he said faintly youll and every tiling took in tliat cabinet wanted fame quick fame dldnt have the tuzxe to realise it might liave been mine if luul only plugged liard enough on my own invention anyhow saw in your invention cliance to become famous suddenly wltli out work found tlie model broken concluded on page six tea for every taste salada 3ke kings llujkuxry safe direct economical leave acton staudaud time to toronto to kitchener 55 te pjn 045 un els llt 8u 00 on 1115 pjn 015 tun 1130 uo 8m ton 18 tun 1135 tun 105 ton 1s ton dily except ijundayl atul mollduys riiroukh to lmxultni rliiromih to london kun and jlou attractive hound trip fares let ween actcm and toronto jxio detlloit lonxx1n m05 monttteai iaj80 tickltrrs and information at harold wiles sold 14000 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