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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 20 May 1937, p. 7

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tronaday may 20th 1037 the acton free press apfue bixbsoms the orchard ircca arc white for the bright may sun la shining and the blossoms show like drift of anow prom cloud with rosy lining and two little blue little eyes with awect surprise aro glowing mamma ace popcorn tree and the oornbolls just agrowlngl twenty ykattti ago from the xsaue of the fro press thursday may 24th 1017 ttie records of ion will note snow storm on the fie moon of may 21st 16 lasted for but few minuted mr harry mclntoch blacksmith who has been employed in mr shop the past four yean has purchased mr husbands business at eden mills and will take possession shortly ptc austin cutting of the if hamilton was here on short leave this week pte thos bennett who was wounded in franco somn montlis ago hus re covered und li now about to return to the trenches messrs denny and cordlner common ced work on the erection of fine now brick farm homo for mr arthur swack hamer on lib property on the towii lino between sucsing and erin word wan received on monday by mr and mm moore that their only son john who had been report as wounded now officially reported killed in action muy 5th oeneral jympathy la felt bp the community for mr and mrs moore in tin ir treat jorrow nans ilahsard in acton on sunday may 20th 1017 to mr nd mr turd nn makuiicd gun ton morris at the hope methodut church toronto on thurs day may 17th 1017 by rev turrybcrry victor gunton fiii of ilia gunton acton to katie daughter of thai morriii toronto died goodevk at port william ontario on tuesday may 15th 1017 walter lyle ton of mr and mrs chan goodeve in hlr uxth jcir tlllukauh on the menu canadian forced rhubarb li now avail able on the market and may bo used in various uajn in the hou apart from rhubarb stewed or baked rhubarb gives the distinctive touch to tapioca puddingi tarts uierbcli gelatine and shortcakes the juice makc delicious cooling drink ako the juice combined with sugar and the jtliriy beaten white permitted tliere li no overhead trolley chronicles of ginger farmj written specially for the acton free pre gwendoline clake uttlo old england has scored again what other country in the world could liuvo gone through with coronation proceedings in the middle of bus strike that same strike la rather remarkable instance of tlie bulldoggod ness of the british spirit very probably when tlie busmen thought about quit ting they said to themselves we will strike fow weeks before tlie corona tion our employers will iirvcr dare to liold out at such an important time so thoy will liavc no choice but to give us what wo want tlie employers on the othnr hand probably cold to themselves individually und collectively these busmen think they have us at disadvantage they think because of the coronation wo wont be uble to do without them but ue will just how thuii that wo con so there they uero and there they art each hie knowing typical brltbli ciimdneuj and the coronation went on indeed jl not likely feu itriklnj bumen could lop it and the man in the strut didnt uorrj imagine harry and bill iiwitlig eich other an they go to uork no blooniln bur aaln arry ou about ride in jtr llnniilnc sorry bill me ihofer ain vorkln today what about little uall for jer ealth and they jel out walking and the only difference it make in their life that they leae home half an hour earlier nnd rft home half an hour later than usual of course bues in london are not the only means of transportation tliere the tube railway the trnmcar ser vice and the underground metropolitan light railway and by the uay here fact that feu people realize unlcut they have been to england tram or street car ai vc call them in canada have no place on the streets in tie heart of london tliere in not sign of them along oxford street trafalgar square charing cross or any of the other busy treetr diun ye but not trams tile trams have subway route through the city and in cclloni where they nro but not an light as last year so my friend tjie twotwenty yard race continued from iugo three familiar quarters of uu swimming team an lie turned lie ulmoat bumped into itobert llenilersem und his fattier heres dad perry said hubert he wunted to como down to congratulate you on jour victory it wiis fine rate mv henderson told him im not sorry that won stated lyrry ivtnly but it means of course that hull have to leave college to morrow why ii that asked robert you know as well ait do ivrry tuuucred shortly he would luivu wulkcd on but robert held out restraining liatid dont get you ub all lie said perplexedly your friend bergman was in to sec me lust night announced ivrry henderson seemed fruiikly puzzled bergman bi no friend of mine some of the linger left perrys eyes lien man told me lust night said pvr ry tlmt if let you win today your fulher would give my mother un est tenlon of time in paying oif her norl guge he uild that you hod sent uiat mejage through him didnt end it through bergman or anyone else answered robert do you know what this all about dad the older mn noilded lilit week long lnce wo had little pig on tho place lur brunt back home decided that ue had forgotten what funny nob they mould tlghtin up on our imotment he explained automatically notices informed me maybe lle old man in tho big ciwj tower lias some record of late sowing seasons my wluit wealth of information the old man haa for you people whose grandparents and possibly greaterund parcnts settled in halton county whllu cajuldlon history was still in its infancy ita great work you are doing old man and hope you arc not so old but what health tuul strength will allow you to continue for good many ycart and now must go und lot on my broody hens have nine set in one long row in tho bum so far tliey liavo be haved themselves very well except that twice found eggsimashcd in tlie nest which isnt just the nicest thing to have happen last night planted eight more hens but not with eggs tlus morning two of them tlie hem mean wore walk ing around tho barn opened tho dpor und shooed them out with plenty ot broodies to chooc from im not going to wajta my lime cluming hens who show any kind of nckenes regarding the niuurnal liuunct ycterday was walking across tlie bumyurd wlien heard most peculiar sound stopped in my trackrt and lbtened win it lien oovw or rooster ulth cold and then nmembercd the little pli of course and they were only calling for their snppjt it in can male vlv thipg but thev lire nre the cuteit convlrsimg of on egg make an enticing creamy sauce md mie people declare tllflt one of tlie jlnet combinatloni ever tasted in rhubarb and straw berries cooked to gether rhubarb sauce wire tlie trams double deckers by the uij are pouer driven by connec tion uith central ground uire of courre jou have all heard nnd read much about the coronation there duijiit eini anvthlng left to ray but the camet way to prepare rhubarb wonder how manv of vou ht on to in iauice one nuthtkl cunbu of first thl idea jou might find it ireful at cutting the rhubarb into plectr about the exhibition or jimr ovn tall pair fanimi eienrh compeer wan tour ing tlie united states and lit itinerarj included vislf to the muic xhoo of one of the large eastern universities one of the profejom of tlie school had been delegated to meet him nt he railway tation on his wa he suddenly leal ljci that he knew no french and that porsibly the musician could hot speak engllsh when the distinguished frenchman tepped from the train the professor could recall only one french phrase and on he shook hands he almoit shouted pate do fole grius pate de fob granl the frenchman looked at him in per plexity but grasping hls hand he in stantly exclaimed ros blf ron birr halfaninch long dropping tlie into the sirup and cooking until under this take only minute another method is inlvlng two parts of the fruit until the syrup liquid ool out and form in one if tie broad the comm nta mentiuned thi main ptoplc in thf id vi ere to be in ji rlsropt iirkuis lmd one jimng lad had it one part of sugar and cooking them wlippid out mirn from her hand ha and fail in tin nd of he para ill nl that riaiid idi have baked rhudard be trvin it out md distant object baked rhubarb nuv be made whui the ror oven is cooking some other food butur lm bv tralgh at them covered baking dish pread lajer one thing more would like to sa of rhubarb over tlie bottom sprinkle we all enjoj ilia in iwaker and lajer of sugar then add another lajer perhap ue are lnclhud tt be inipuient of rhubirb and so on until the dish in hh anjonc who ls trill tusltant filled sprinkle sugar over the top then the king god hies him not add small pieces of butter and the fluent speaker he ls something better just his friends rather deaf uoman found herself siting btslde wellknown surgeon at social dinner he war not talkative man and try as she might tlie old lady could not think of any com elation at last she had an idea should call vou dr dobb or mr dtibb she asked with charming milt call me amthing vou like said the doctor and add fenlallj some of my frii ni all me an old fool oil tie njaimd not hearing rtttlv but aiixioti tu be plea int tho ttie ople mm know vou hitliniteh wire sent to all persons whose niort fages ue hold asking for part pavment of the princlpil perrjs mother must hive been one tlif ni oh robert turned to perry and vou haw to liave collee yi his anger had left him but there one matter which terry gtlll did not understand how did berg ni ui know about the montgiine he akld touch of crimson crept into roberts clii el giils talked too much adniittld lie voiing man couple of dajs ao as joking uith our coach and suggested just in fun one uay in which we might win the meet told him that dad held mortgage on your home and that ho could call it in if you didnt let me beat you robert smiled tuistedly it war only in fun perry but bergman who was flunked out of college just ear is alway hanging round our pool and he must have over heard me see aid pt rry maybe bergman thinking wu going to let you win bet some money on the meet wouldnt be surprised but he lnt any friend of mine robert held out tils hand im sorry old man it all right said perrv and looked ow at mr henderson im leaving for home tomorrow sir majbe hie oldur man broke in ujon him youre staving lirht here perry unt1 vol graduate 111 uu jour mother when me mondav that the bank 1m hi vi ii ti ti inn on the nmrt bllt immiud pi rry our qu irti of loir on ttu water fioill ti nor itll off tin dock irum were down inglng when the into the ba the ad uv but the mortra lion eny tiu thin in in elfn spi cl inn hid ujipi tl down iwn for 01 tfratcd rind of lemon cover tlie dish and bake slowly until the fruit is tender long slow baking gives rhubarb rich rod color apple akd rhubarb jelly cut canadian grown apples into quar ters to every pound or apples ndd one clip of rhubarb juice simmer until the apples are roft strain through jelly bug without pressure to each pint of juice add one pound of sugar boil slowly removing all scum until the juice will jell rour into tumblers and seal with paraffin akit rilotoguaimly in canada since 1022 hen air photograph was inauguratid in canada 101000 rquare miles have bet mapped by this munis most in the difficult anil uustci led regions in addition the dominions col lection of air photographs mimxr ap proximately 7o05o and given detailed information about an urea covering nearly as many square mllu utllijition or the information obtain ed from air photogr iplis has greatly simplified the uiwng and layingoul of new roads in northern manitoba great raving has atlted being able to oiwn road to the minis in the short eit and nm tlliei wa work lug carriid out alo canadian omernuient national he learch couik 11 in eon in lion with iur reearch i1u im uu the unipleu tlon of iutllil line plnt which tit tlie time iuh id bv hajf and niultl camera mount whbii in oblq ie photo graphy redui air iuw to sm llar xli nt so cooi mugltrafe did oi liue an tutit in thls mblut irisoiur vis did but had bi tlutiilu hlnihe was dishonest wlien ganlner like lllveust when hey uoiklng on hl plot he is one ulio from childhood has been handicapped by an impediment in his speech but ulio jysheer determination has conquered this condition which no doubt has caused him much embarrass thent lighting again speech impediment ls one of tlie hardest thlngi ierron cui do if our king ls of such calibre uiat lie can light and conquer such on unfortunate habit then we can be quite safe in thinking hint alfutrs in connec tion uith tlie british commonwealth or nations can never be in better hand and now back to ginger farm steel ing is no mean finished and it looks if more rain lure in the ofrmg but tin is hope et un talking to an oldllnier toelav who aid that in 1910 or 1111 she wasnt hie uhiih it via vv jrd tw fore firnitr col imu tlie land at all and after llii stuiil idn time was not anotlur drop of iiin until after the nop via in tin ham wliat an etii oitilnaiv ilon bit miil havi been the loji of uu ie vt ii lit iih nt pl ud unnotltld by the nut he perciivfd ih it omi thing was irong wiih the harmon sunt tier with ou bo he com pl lined one of vou dont sound right its jack rumbled he baso sol imnly his oif qua bittkit way gentleman feeling bit fed up with life decided to commit suicide by hang ing himself friend came into the nxm and discovered him standing uith rope round hu waist and he inquired wliat he was trlng to do tlie gentle man told him he was taking hbi own life but said ids friend why luive you the roiio round jour walst well said the man when tied it round my neck it uos choking me no ikotiction btf ti ik dinnir oiili ad robert and perry re mimbiitd middnilv that thl was lis niitit oil the commons and that he uld atoiu ultli his ii nd rimindir father annie stop sinning ub fuiing dw annli but why father fathir it reminds me of my rent loilt allttte eh wtio had watched with at interet the natives painting ring or ir round in uni le fruit tn and tad ijeen fold that it was to leep the aiil from aw ting into the trm saw jr the fir time onie dav later limn with imrcpe mourning band lound hi ii fi arm muminie slie ked what to kei lie in from ciawllng up til other aim ins fire car accident sickness etc harrop te pres entattve gora dliitrlct mutual nurwloii it ton canadian kira iiuiuraure cimniany tin ii ian ca aaurutvee co the casualty of caiadaasiuranrc coiii po4iy the menbautb casualty co ilia lartaeriakralru mutual fkkihng t1ik tkaveuling public one of lhu inost onjoyublc features of travelling by train in canada is luting hi tlie dining cars plgures com piled by the cunadian national itailwoys give soiiui idea of the bltf job it ls to cuter to the travelling public of today meab have vogue tlw wni as fash ion in dress beef proved to be tile fuvorlte disli in the dining cars of the cumtdian national railways durinjr u10 past year when more uuui tons of it were eaten chicken came next wltll ubouti 23 tons consumed of the vcgj etabliat potutoca easily came first with more uian 2211 tons used onions were iocond on the list and approximately 50000 lettuce heads were served apples still appeared to be the most mpular fruit about 65000 being eaten oratikcj and grapefruit follow in that order while more tlian 5o0o0 lemons were used for flavoring apart from this tliere were large quanitlrs of beverages ice cream and other weets ticrved ninety thousand quarts of milk and 40000 quarb of cream wrro consumed ilic number of loaves of bread eaten amounted to 146000 while about 100000 rolb were served butter to uie extent of 28 tons und 7000 pounds of theese were among the otlicr dairy products required to fied tlie travelling public wiht couijo he do jyri titelap roofing tho permanence and low up keep coat of this metal roofing makes it onu of tho rnost oco nomical on tho rnarkot tito loip calvanizod hoofing given proa tost covering capacity tho end lap ia uu tight it ulmoht inviaibte tmaitivoly excludes driving uleot rain or unuu send roof und rafter meahure knuntii for froo estimated ribroll roofing this durahuj roofing haa extra rigidity that makes it particularly good for roofing ova alight frame work tho secret of its strength is the ribs are only five inch apart tho most copied roofing of its kind on tho market bo sure you get tho genuine oconornicalkibkoll tooting axle your hunker for details pbout roroofing on tho govemment liocked home improvement plan jiamesway poultry equipment wril ut inform dn on ny itm in thi cm lilto jliiwny lino ilnkktarkuukaa twotlntf kyalitiim triullim laying co vodiiibio sta jsjlx ud eastern steel products jjjitiftuj uiouilj tflcsyohowfario uonirtxldlononfo nxjr acton stores can fulfill your needs wt 11 ulint do jou uint mt to do cct out nnd ol it give them first chance when the easiest way is the rest wav there are no two as about it certainly the easiest viav to get the most tor every dollar vou pend is to buy pro duel that vou know about through the alveitieinent in vour local paper you dont have lo go out and look for buying opportunities tlie advertisements bring them lo nii viul all vou neiul to do is consider the facts compare values and deeidi on tlie soap or the sedan that besl fits vour judgment and vour pockethook making certainh the best way of vour money go farthest is to buy merchan dise of proved value merchandise that isadvertised merchandise that is bought and used by many people merchandise that must he rood enough for its maker and your local retailer to keep calling it to the attention of people week after week and year after year this is the service of convenience and proitthai the advertisements offer vou ituillpav vou to read lliein regular ly and take advantage of everv thing thev can do for vou muggsand skeeter by wally bishop

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