Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 20 May 1937, p. 6

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the acton free pkbss thursday may 20th 1037 mv fatiikii planted chestnut tit my father planud ohealnut trro when hi wan itttlr boy jic kntrtf bo uotild nijii bwore theru wlnrij any mm to ilijoy but lu nay unit he thnikht mimr other lad would lw urc to lind iho prlw and he kept on looking und looking round for clmp about my iij so here uml and do lovo nulil anj hen li my fiithera trw now wasnt juit the kiiowhujl man to plan ihit tfift for nic7 annui willis mccullough menu hint beelpaa for ntrw nd norel dutu qooaebold ufu ui the old man ofjhe big clocks wer 1savajuan ckkaw tujjutmmtn nruiu luted yehitlnc cup cold water vtnt yolk ij cup miliar rup hot milk whiuy of 4ukl nip hipping crrutu teiupoon vuiillla plnrh or ult stulc uelitlue in water uilnn tit ieuib tulce as inuch wuur tielutine beat vmj olka und combine with uiir und iilt gradually add uio hoi milk und oook in top of double boiler itlrrlntf coilluitly until mixture thlckeiui add irlutlni cool und when mlxtmv is partially bet fold in tlffly hcuun eatf white whipped enurn und vanillu 1our into mould or pile in sherbet uliuuts maple bujqufc tablespoon irranuluted gelatine tables poo iia cold water ctf yolk cup hiaple syrup ivi cups whipping cream cup cliopjied nub book jrclatme in cold wutr using at least twice us much water as gelatine lioat ecif yolks into maple syrup und cooje hi top of double boiler until mix ture tlilckens add felutlne cool und ulicii mixture li partially net fold in whipped cream and walnuty chill applk bavailiost uiblujpoan pranulattd gelatine ek yolks cup uitfar cup hot milk cup apple ruucc tablespoon frmmi juice cup whipping cream soak gelatine in cold uuter irlnn at least twice us much uuter us gelatine beat ekir jolks rliihtly add sutfur and hot milk and cook in double boiler utrrliuf constantly until mixture thick em and coats the spoon dissolve the uelatin in hot custard cool and add apple sauce and lemon juice chill when partially set fold in hipped cram sene garnished with fresh berricn or nuts these recipes are taken from the bul letin cream desserts issued by tlic dominion department of atjrlculture ttkicuuok jonkk new fishing tiiuill sportsmen in senrch of thrills and ad venture in llshlnrc will find them this uimm in the vat en oft canadas ait coa province of noa scotia fjr eafirthr anglers iujye tried their luc and exhibited their courage in ishlnjt with rod and line for the tuna giant fish of the mackcral family but last year it uas established that nova scotia broidblll alordnsh could also lie landed by anilln the larpest of the three broidbllls captured in anrtlin welched fiol pounds and battled for four houri and twelve minute before riving up the light thp addition of suordmh to the imme fum cnoclet brines new thrills and sport fishermen are already making plans to try their luck this season the suordflsh taken it picturesque name from the fact that it carries sufird which is really prolongation of the upper jaw that rcnes us formid able weapon uhen the thruitlut force of this bltf fbi put behind it nut uncommon for one of thee llsh several hundred ound in weight to drive its sword into the side or bottom of illung boat hie svwrd ilself not edinle but the ileh of the iuordilsh makes un eveillitit 1l1i and unljje many ot the other latje ibth is mm nourljiiin and txty im thlnkhijf wife or neighbor jones the man wilh the stalwart arm ho lives in peace and plenty on forty ucre farm when men are all around ua with hearts und hands core who owns two hundred acres and utlll oro wanting more he has pretty little farm pretty little house he has loving wife within as quiet as mouse ms children play around the door their fathers heart to charm lookin jilst is neat and tidy an the tidy little farm no weed are in the cornfield nor tills ties in the oats the homes show good keeping by their fine and glossy coats the cows within thewadow resting neith the beechen lhade learn all their gentle manner from gentle milking maid within the field on saturday he leaves no cradled grain to be gathered on the morrow for car of coming rain he lives in joy and gladness and hippy are his days he keens the sabbath holy ills chldren learn ills ways he never had lawsuit to take him to the town for the very simple reason there are no fencls down the bar room in the vllligc for him has not charm can iilauvs unci my neighbor on his fortyacn farm his acres are so few tliit he plows them very deep tis ills own hands that turn the sod tis lib own hunds that reap he hu place for everything and everything in its place the sunshine smile ujjori hi meld con tentment on his face may we not learn lesson wife from prudent neighbor jones and not sigh fur what we havent got give vent to sighs and groan vwl fwl the rich arent alwuvs happy nor free xj1 lt in from lifes alarm ilut blejt are those who live content though small may be their farms from the old scrap book hjkne and hi henry and wllllafn and liotxrt und tho duugliters wore mrs mccoiuh 11 mri jilelnecbc mrs olbboni und oiuj or two other william ipellt hls ixjjiwxxl in alon got into railroad int ttwr thirty jears tho court rm und iilglilj esuemed ugeill of tile ii at mom well im down tile dividsoil lam ttlwii tor muiy riin charlie davldou furnifil und now succtidi byhbt son ilert intoiiiu ixivldson grandfutiler of tlu presenl ownei of the farm was one of lh early settlern of the iwond line hi und hl bride who uus us of wllllum nlcvilii and aunt of john nicolsm of marlutu mich oame fnwii uiu ilheualul island caliadu when tho voyage from uiu oll land hy sailing ship took six weeks or two month4 to come across nieyluid family of which they were very proud there were john und charlie barbara und agnes pcrhap1 one more but retmmbir these well but like other iiohils sorrow came one by one three of the children und the mother pajed uuiy charlie und the father uere infl ill hill loileilnes the fiither sjhuiht uilaee at tho homo of the widow of ills old friend john hulluh the baker finally he and the widow mar rl ahd in the passing of the vear both of them died and were laid to sleep with the fathers of the cominunitv in the old burying grotiud mr davidson was greit man for hls kirk seldom wus hi placo vacant the sermons of hi friend rev lachlan cameron were like heavenly munna to him he lived with them all through the wcok as he followed tho plow or swung the cradle in the grain flields that farm has been in the davidson fumlly for good many years charlie was worthy son and bert who follows is worthy son he is interested in matters of the community as well as his farm activities lie is one of tho dir ectors of acton vail pair and interested in the various farm orwanhmtlons lome scliool was built on the corner of the davidson farm and is very nlco school some of usvwho pay the taxes thought is wasnt necessary when lb was built nearly fifty years ago but sandy kennedy and joe lasby took it into their heads tluit the acton school board of which uiey were both members was going too fust and paying higher salaries than were necessary and uiat their connection with acton would grow more and more expensive the new section was therefore decided upon the new school wns built when it was all over it was found that number of the pupils were required to walk all the way through acton past the acton school and more than half mile beyond it to get to lome scliool where the new section boundaries put them the school has however been good one with splendid line of teachers the building of lome school gave rtcv dan iel johnston prominent mctliodlsfc minister of the united states talented lady to grace lib parsonage and mfsi annie easterbrook the teacher par son for her husband the school en gaged miss eosterbrook and later dan engaged her for school of one lome school has never been overburdened with an overplus of scholars youth must bk kkitvku is dan iiowlkvs orinion jir to un start the ixsl that any tiiimito nui has made in rec nt veirn dull houleyis umalng mipb 1ouii the iilili team that ever nlaru all iuteriiittonil baseball ijaie campaign have atoiled 1oronu in high iii bibill nthuslasiii the iafs hailed semipro by italtliuoie luujpiprrmen ixuusc of their jouthfut apparatiee when they opened thi wiu011 in the maryland city luiae un average uge of lns than 34 years which is from two to three pcarn undir the average of the groat majority of uiuiii hi orgalllwl irofevsloiud bxuo btdl llw toronto inllelders avtrago less than 22 yiarf frank madura lircond tlseniall wlin is 2j ul thu oldest of thy four pluverii thutv conipow uie inner dc fincu of the toronto team jumcrt walsli big first baseman 22 don iltkut third biusemun is jk uxul little jo qaiitunbeln the shorbi top is only 20 tlw three outlleldenf who apfiear to have landed rigulnr iwrtlu with tho utitr are mayo ijmlth bobby iorter und twi lvtokey ju tommy heath the rotund catcher who will do most of the leafs jiickstopphif thi seaon li years of age manager howicy great believer in joiiih and hli decision to start the sea son with this hunch of youngsters was looked upon with much misgiving hy other official of the toronto club how ever llowiejs judgment wasmoru uuin confirmed by the wuy his players went out and won their first ravcn gamta in no time nt all they became tho uilk of the international league and toronto fans could hadly believe their eyes as day after day uie scoreboards recorded the leafs victories mtojor league base ball scouts ever in search of promising young players began to trail tho toronto team tlie leafs have no working aarre ment with any major leatnio club and toronto own all but three of ltd players it li certain that soma fancy offers will be made for some of tho young leafs nt the end of the present season if thoy maintain their present clip the leafs present home utand con tinues until may 25th the series against uie newark beam winds up on may 20th and the leafs will have an open date on may 21rt on saturday moy 22nd the duffalo blsons will make their first ap pearance in toronto and on victoria day mbndny may 24th the leafs will play morning and afternoon games ginst the rochester bed wings they also meet the wings on may 25th the closing of their home stay the leafs will return to toronto on june 3rd for threegame series against the mont real royals after that tliey will make swlngaround the southern end of tho circuit und not be home again until june 25th samk irxason unsound why does woman say she has been shopping when she hasnt bought thing wife why does man say lies been fishing when he hasnt caught anything ax to ahitii aiiimul hould ecrets never be told to thae which curry tales tobacco for mild cool smoke man new minister of agriculture for alberta hikl in looking oer my rcminu ences of the john sharp farm that forgot all about the son of my esteemed old friend and neighbor joe lasby hs son wallace had that place for num berof ears and prospered hls umbt lions were bigger than the fjrm he old out and bought the bigger farm in nassagiiwevu here hl good crops arid tine stock became famous and wallace himself leading man in the com munity he has been valued resident acton now for oanahians tltwli abuoah can tdl an gieit tinelhrs and according to rtrellminars tlmite spent about joaroo 000 while atslllnj other iiiuntrl during 10if an in nase of about jhooo 000 oer im canadian touilti to oveiteas nuntrli numbered 31 llu in 11131 an ininru of 717 over 19j and tlielr expenditures were estimated at lh2tr not against 503 000 canadian vlstlng the fnltixi state hv automobile meiu jij nil 000 while tho ti wiling hy rail and steamer spent 171 000 and thoi tiavelllng by fern ah pi me etc spent tlloooooo thls make total of j7i 230oo compired with 70 097 ooojpent bv canadian umrlsts in the durinu loaj canuuan automobile jiorted to the ituted states for umrlng purjiaes during 103d totalled g0 074 vomiured with a59259 in 1035 vears has tved several terms on the council and in en prttiduit for sevtral jears of the ballon iaurance compmj he still lui hue cattle mild good farm on the warn faim in acton mm the hap oetilimjin aro you very poor tnunp air if cutwiu were un eeub yard couldnt buy ttioiluh to make canary pair of ttpuu ld muiuev in ed lot ltlil uul in glali to be put spei lallv if tme mi niorie are uie in lorm iliui jells me that si me old lloe 7neiiun is tin than mine aslid win didnt put jacob snvdei the fatliei of the snjdtr fiwnllv if ilih ettloti into the brick church storv well to ii voit the honet tuth if just sllppid mv mind that the isemd patriarch jkoii of uie hill us the ou of the twtntvmvc acris uf the conn lot above john sharps property and thehrlrk church was put theie betatlmf he piovlded the filte for it the oonitn imtlonal church was on the other corner on tlie cast half of lot 22 jut above his house rev hlrum denny superintended thi dyv mr dennys church was congregational and jucub uas an lilsfopul methodist und the spirit of unloir uas not uiiroad in thne duyi the metliodlst church was built und jueobs ton wl was uie architect uid builder tture um quite family of uie iinydcirf und uicy all fclood ucll in tlur community ther worn by ckntilvl press canadian mullen social credit member of the alberta legislature for edmonton has taken over the duties or minister of agriculture in the aberhart cabinet he succeeds hon chant whose resig nation was requested recently by premier aberhart who charged lack of initiative and progress in departmental affairs hon mr mullen unit become the seiond inlnlter of agriculture in the social credit government hon mr chant had held that portfolio since the aberhart government sworn into oflice on september 1935 hon mr chant is the thlid of original ministers to illher rulgn or be asked to rtslgn the first was ross original mint ti of land and mini will was ied resl tin clurli cokroft original provincial treasurer re pied hi own volition aluv be luvollrd inn the nien li hllvi sevloill vtlu insurgenev llued in tin legislature hon mr ch ml alwav voted with the premier when be wa in the hpllse al thou he wisknit when the one vote wiuaken on which the pmuler last it stronib rumored that if the in mirgint gain control of the house when the adjourned sealon is reconvened not later thaimjuile hon mr chant will be lealled ils mlnlter of agriculture tills howtver cannot li ditermhusi until the occasion arises david berlrum mullen the new min ister was ixirn on november 1885 at ivlerhoro ontario and was educausl at isiivrborii sclwwils he ls in thu live slock buhlnew in edmonton dlreetor or mullen and company ltd hon mr mullen in member of the masonic und odd mi own orders and uas president of the edmonton cluuuje for four ycurtt tiw national uwittkk aiioelauoii for tele year tlw ion it mumxn hdmoiitnu ihihltlnn association for four uirs nnd also director of the cattle sheep and iiwlne lssikliuoii bitth itorn iu ontirlo in the iccent sevlon he was the sole mi mber of the house light to give kdmnnton elivtora an opportunity to vote on the fortln plan of debt settle ment hon mr clumt wils horn at brampton ontario on july 11195 lie ls farmer by calling and operates larue and suc cessful farm in the cam rose district ho served overseas during the greut war ho first entered uie provincial political arena in 1035 standing as candidate for the cajnromt constituency und win ning it hy luru majority bfd was named by ivemler aberhart to hid cab hint when the ikiebil credit party was returned to liowtr opening dance isdewood park isdin mills saturday may 22nd nelsmi divon mid hii swinj hand of hamilloii victoria day dancer mbri may 24 iauk mow opkn kilt 11nic famiiv ukunions etc coriacucij loit itknt 2232 5lxe kings lugwiay safe direct economical leave acton etandaw0 timk jo toronto ss0 ukn 400 pn hlo um g0o am uod ptii illy iixec sunhi iu to kitchener u5 um 615 pm 1215 pm d15 lm 315 pm 1135 tun 115 pm and holiday throuch to ilondon throuith to london sun an attkactive round tru fakes 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neuglos medium glaif enanioj the new ianiury wj slunk finish or interior walls and woodwork an easy product to use dries with medium ejoss obtainable in wide ranc of beautiful pastel shades it pays to use martin senour 100 pure paint varnishes enamels talbot want the trade advertise business directory medical uk mcniven 1hjalclan uul sarroon ofllco and iiealdiicp corner bowar aviiiuu und ehln suttt dk nelson tbyjctan nd sargfoa fchctro tlierapy phone dr wm cullen thjiuu knd sarceao orflrw jfoura 14 and 70 ml iiimduyji by appointment wilbur stnvt juat north of mill dtrort tetephnna 128 ii farmer solicitor notary ktiliue convejraiior ic acton ontauio hours 30 to 1300 noon 100 trt 500 vhnday und iiturduy 30 to 13 noon only ii limited amount und clai of wort undertiitrn cllunt cannot bfl run or vork doni after houri ekoopt by presloiri iirrnurrnicrit martin senour guaranteed kenneth lancdon uirrimut kollclloi noury fabua oalccn acton 3cote4owa over seyliueka caf utain strebt fl for 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