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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 20 May 1937, p. 5

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thursday may 20th 1037 the acton free press pagus pot jrvscnjofa mr and mrs ii brown spent sun day in toronto mrs il blahop visited in toronto over the weekend with mr and mrs alfred bishop mrs arthurs of toronto is visit ins with her sister mrs john mann for few weeks mrs edna snyder of toronto is spending the summer with her mother mrs arch mcpherson bower avenue mr and mrs john plrle of ktow ukeard spent several days last week at the home of mr and mm it mcdonald my and mrs sarle brown and mr and mrs albert brown of kitchener visited with mr and mrs 11 brown un coronation evening messrs mcintosh moffat akina romhaw and dills attended the opening ceremonies of the new burlington post oitico on saturday mr and mr ed haynetf of abcrfoylo ontario viui to announce the cnau rrent of their only dutuf hur molly to mr uoyd markli only wn of mr and mrs john morkle of guelph ontario nut morriuifv will take plucu early in june mr and ma corgi elliott wlliw to ujinounce the engagement of their only daughter irene uuluti mowort to mr clifford thomas youngest son of mr and the loto mrs thomas hunur of georgetown rho mrrlago will take place early in june members of the women missionary society of the united church who attended tile hallon presbyterial sec tional meeting of tlio ai palermo on tuesday uero mrs peter smith miss pearl smith mrs keod mrs switxer mrs mowatt mrs denny mrs cooper mrs speight mrs symon miss ifawtlionie mrs mery mrs ic gardiner and mrs swackhomcr george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite byriebirks jocm the utte tendkrs for coal and coice ok at go lenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed tendera for coal will be received until 12 oclock noon daylight aaving tpeaday anna 1st 1957 for the supply of coal and coko for the dominion buildings throughout the province of ontario porms of under with specifications und conditions attached can he obtained trum pie lurchaslng agent department of public works ottawa and the sup trvulng architect adelaide st east xoronto out lender uiould be made on the forms nupplltd jy the department and in ac corduncu with departmental peclilca iwmu and conditions attached thirtto in tin cil of undtrtrs ouotlng for one or more place or buildings and hen hil total of their offer ixanda tlio rum of 000 00 they must attach to their under certlilcd cheque on cmr end bank in canada mulo payablo to the order of ttui honour eblo the mluj ur of public works equal to 10 per ct nt tho umount or tlio under or lit irer bonds of tlio dominion of can ada or of tlio canadian national ilall uuy company and 1u conrtltuent com punlej unconditionally yuarunued as to principal und inureit by tho dominion of canada or the uforcmciiuoncdnonds und certified clusjue if required to muki up on odd amount tlio department also reserves the right to demand from any successful tenderer security deposit in the form of cer tified cheque or bond as abovtr equal to lo per cent of the amount of his bid to guarantee tho proper fulfilment of the contract by order somerville secretary department of public works ottawa may 10th 11w7 43 whjjam watsoh toronto svilllam watson of toronto an uncle of cxjtcevo if harrison died suddenly in toronto on aturday at the home of his nieces on marmaduko street ho resided for many years in ls angeles but the pasb year has lived in toronto ho was unmarried and member of the united church sur viving are his brother john watson and sister miss carrie watson ttie funeral was held on tuesday in toronto with service conducted hy ids cousin lev watson halifax and williams of howard park united churcle interment took place at pros pect cemetery thomas duffv eramasa thomas dully lifelong resident of eramooa township died very suddenly on baturday at his residence ho was in his 84th year mr duffy attended moss at sacred heart church on sun day and his sudden passing came as grcab shock to wide circle of friends throughout tho district although he was born ha thorold son of uo late mr and mrs iatrtck duffy ho had farmed in eramosa township all his life he was devout member of sacred heart church surviving are his wife formerly anna bedford four daughters mrs crawley ouclph and lillian amelia and kena at liome and tiwo eons james of ouclph and thomas at homo tho funeral was held on monday morning with requiem high mass sacred heart church at 1030 clock burial was in st josephs cemetery cutting the corne rs by foul tip doing oners dirrv hie brent principles of rlht and wrong arc legible to evory reader to pnrsua ihern requires bob tho aid of many counsellors the vrluilo art of government corulsbt in the art of being honest only aim to do your duty and mankind will give you credit where you fall aulhtta uutj ctions now is the time to lay hardwood floors pdrtercabl contractor spe ridoo bam0ihs mai we have an up to date dustless themselves invito georgetown lumber co ment of the actual vcloti gedretowii milton kiion no acton dour phfc ptfiad of ccftric whln thl ulll be read the coronation celubratlim will be only memory for while it la being written ton peopu will he turning thought homeward although hero two zonea uit uit bports part is in full swlnp it lovely day and the liillldcs are fist ifreenlng tlie cattle are swannlntf up tlurcon and orrcvj the lour reaches cars are rushlntf along the hlghuay to nd from tlio voile and polbly even uttlo clilcato lone roxdener here and tlicre may be at uorlc but the nreut mass appear to be aua to the oolf links out over the river uhero the local ct lobrotion is oii tlus writer while probably as loyal as anj considered it ule to remain atf home even alone and las done some uliu1 uritlng tile head of the houe ovtlntf to hl abllltlt and position uo3 selected to preside at the indinr machine for miking program part otliers had kpeclnl interest finished job there and so the daj lonir talked of it passing auay and time movea on our folks availed tlon to radio enjoiment london doings one gentleman once himself londoner having to do ultli the one side of the program war in in the morning in consultation and had heahd every uohd of it and onl wlsli he uos uieah ttiose wlio gathered in groups to hear ore delighted with tlio dutlnctne and realism of wliat they heard and io tile onuard of nxan possibilities annihilate time and distance for time bring channel as it moves on mfj broun wai ihoulng this morning little wliite liar carried at queen vic torias jubilee in 1q97 when in acton town hail the rchaol children ruing loyal song in uhlch they cang throo cheers for the nd uhlto and blue dlf rnt tactions at appropriate times dis playing the trwcal yolor they cirrled she took with her to day to the dolnas li touveiilr the little badge uorn on tliat occasion she reinembi rs thcfpri caslon on bouer avenue in uhlch rhe ualked ulth no uho luu lieen life long frh nd mr dr mcmurchy of drwden thni mjrth matthew tlie hag and bidet an fondly treasured rtllcn probibly man ollu ho trouptd ip and diun kvchool 1ine in tlio due ulll hive lmll ir fond numtrui und rellcn if the ra wlndi hid onli uifted ue itu ird iliie tin tvci ontario precipitation und dcpalted mol turc on thue uli drlfd prilrli tliero uould liave bitn un it idm llu rub jill moisture is exc ptlonalh irct and grave concern is ft it for the najitiii roi low vr growers are hopefully looking foruard for june rains fi ooijman turner vallry alto gregory theatre huday may slst keuy thcond jvature length corflhy starring puly kelly and charne clinic colored novelty ilomanco of itobt hurnn short3 screen snapshot sikirts cartoon chopur of the roaring wel sa11uvv may 22nd more than secrot tty iy ry of be uitv and tlio lw co irrlni join arthur and clcorre un nt conildy mr sniirti cirt oii neui monday ma 2hh kove on the run cinuli romance tarring ci irlc oabli joan crauford and lran chot tone liuxlj jui an othi murdf cartoon pups xiiil bind ib qulloway comino doiwwoin ir what rius yt has no wings or lsi7 kiu hjxir jude fstemly live next person ulio intorrupu will bo removed from the what has iwad but rto eyes tars noae or hairy noil wuoncr hooray take me out to the ball game take me out with lhe crowd buy me tomo peanuts and cracker jack don carp if never get back let me root root root for the home team if they don win its shame pot its one two three strikes you re out at tho old ball game lolkwlng the crowd on fsaiurday brampton is the opposition and they urn mucli improved team over ltit year be right in white hear uiat old familiar cry tar todays game etc batteries choice used cars all reconditioned and guaranteed sax and more than that you get our 5050 30 bay warranty against repairs we have the cream of the used car tradeins and are ask ing low prices youll like the values the terms youll be sale with the guarantees come today and see these 7jg bargains norton motors 3pii0ne 69 mill street ilia band will be tllere folks tl old community plrlt utuln liecv mccutcheon will toj over tlio tlnt ball ud will aj ted in tlio opening cenmonle by tlie councillor irla lvenjvtiie luckv draw in clude llu ket opirocerle mmli roll lb ui ir bo of chocoleu tie tin of tobacco lb butur ll rejon the jocal uon tuetity out of twenty vii came plajed tliey aro out to betur umt record tills year although tlio bo lot uie opener hi georgetown on saturdui tiiey looked good pujed practically errorleui ball tool tiicue running catches by bill walcr iiouit und flint terry were senxa tioiiaj terry brought in tlic flrt run of tlio eawm and lindsay regulered the first liil tlio georketouti management arc up to tlu ir old tricks already tried to have siturduyi ame postponed with tuentj game grind ahead po ponements ulth lame excuj nhould be taboo the extensivelj advortlud opening ceremonies uerc trantely mlsing tlie mammoth parade hid not reached lhe park uhen ue left at 545 it means summer perfection while hoes in summer wardrobo aro in cpar ob qj wliilo ho and tal for town for tliu boach for cvcninrj wear ihcy ro tho unamrnou choice of men iylo authorities and wo havo lliom in lho lat and patlorn you want hodoct icott ucllkia london rachlin acton good shoo for younj and old correctly fitted hail the 24 of may store closed all day popular holiday suggestions for your guidance etra lwc 21c ea t1 1a pineapple 2rc 11u eircrc size 18c each pineuuple 2j5c odc etra choice yellow 97 bananas docn florida sweet juicy tjoq grapefruit iare jjc finest sweet navel oranges doz 13c 19c green onioiw luiichca fresli ruduhciu jc iveth mexican tomatoes bs 29c ivesh head iaf ji for letfuce for 15 fine quality bunch pj cekry heartq zic ontario drown jca aspailuus loc spin vcii lu cjiice cal carrots 215c lofkated granenut flakes willi vrm iloul ul or 25c oltlou cholra hiuad tev at uie ou imce 5c gold mrja coffee ib tlbi 236 pickles gluuce quality jar 25c sodas iljk 35t coronation biscuits 25c iackass post brail flakes uhlt frea iloul or 25c inliomi hiie quality tea at tlio ou prim lb 50c the georrctoun elxccutlve are neat onc for lcttlnfr off team at league meet inr raving about other teanu ettlnn ltaui ulth murder their own diamond uosnt marked out on saturdav there once jounr fellou named kyk wlio thdufht hod lr umplnff auhile so ho colkd hall and strike3 itor the bill plivlnr ikes but found it nol in his style well iy it uant in hl tle jle ui terrible and in hot iter all tlio time johmi jont who ntcel no introduc tion to acton fan ulll handle the game 4icre on saturday october eggs from latemay chicks cockerelii io ibtl at thanksgiving or pn and over for tho christmas trade tba ra1xd krowtli and early maturity are even more important in lata may and june chicki tlion in earlier chicks if you happen to bui clowrowlnjf etrain of chicles in lato may or june you dont have efigs to rell till tlie hujh price season lj over but qulckcrowuut stock fclvcs you clianco make some real money braj may liatched xtra profit pullets if well reared will uive you hl priced etnrs to sell in october november and december and keop rlfht on ujlng through tlie colde inter montlm tliey have country wide reputaion for wonderful uveohlllty and extra rapid growth when veil liandled they ually commence lay at month old or younger and often reach production before they are montll old wo can bacl up thee tutcmcutr with tual evidence from eicrj province in eastern canada its uie came ulth cockerel as ulth pullets bray xtrapront cockexel uhen well fed uu illy rain pound month and sometimes more you can flnlh mi hatched xtra pront cockerels at the popular tj to lb ucirhtr by tiianltsriv intor iiold them to make clb roostera or btter for the chrltmar trade there money in chickens when you rt grouth like tliatand ue have ample evidence to sliow umfc otn customers arc gettlntf it our prlcca are down to rock bottom don buy until ou sec our end of the eiuin price 1l we cm nipply xtra proftt dayold chicks doiold pullets und started peulctr for immediate dellverj and eockereu if ordered in advance choice of breeds standard grade stock in tha tamo hreeds nt till loucr prices write or phono today for complete information fred bray limited geo brown agent norval ontario we have be informed tint season ticket holder ill be lianded ticket beirlnr number nt the pate on satur day thee ticket ulll be used in tlie dnw for prize brampton defeated iiulburg on sat urday 14 to our own corree frvfclt ground 25c lb cam ijal savtlia orujite marmalade 25c jur tlie frame uaa cloj up until the eighth the ccorc at that tlmo reading all cao the mucome truck out tlio flr sevtn men to face him and his total trlke out on the game uere fourteen hae you recurcd your opening gimo ticket yef gbljii vpray uoav chlese lb 26c vo rcip1 cu uimtt plclou how 13 till luu mitlf lir walter mutlt ir au utn made it upcmntilitn siwvljl lancy rt biscuits ii 35c take alond on the picnic jlniy lind dhulolntls tb 2nc lb ilk peck rcan njlibli biscuits lie to bo canail dry or kunl dniktr ale wjirted punch olivw picklm sandwich stradi 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