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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 20 May 1937, p. 4

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paoe point thl acton frefc press tiiuhijjay may 20u1 1037 neighborhood news interesting items concerning other centres and communities in which many of our readers are interest crewsons corners those who have been on the sicr llst tout arc now improving are mr edward cornell mrs john brown and mrs geo mcbain miss annie alrdrle georgetown was weekend visitor at the corner mr and mrs hoggins and family hve moved lathe nrst line the services in community church conducted by misses calms and scholey will continue each nifiht this week at 00 clock standard time and on sunday sunday school at 10 00 fccriice at 11 oo am and again at boa clock in the evening erin mk1 arid imith of guelph ral ho tul lu returned after pending in vacation luix mrs urmt underwent un oper ation in cjthjrbic nc ral hospital liit krlday and ricotirhv nlct ly uorlincii recently plunteel o0 red puu trtti on the lllu prop rty known to many tin buf 111 ii quite number tf tho trxh plunud on till tluht prlruf re killed by tlie drought iut miner urn alexander han of alton rood con raxtori djoovcred that part or tliclr tone crushing hiaeliliicry located at lloullng greeil uut missing utul eas pectcd junk dealers were responsible and put constable on tlio job to watch for developments in due course along camo dealer with cutting equipment and the law closed in 011 him provincial officer kirk and hammer making tlio axresti tlie dealer jew admitted t6 the theft and the mlwdng parts of the crusher were located in hamilton the disposition of the case not as jet known advocate burlington tin price of bread was advanced cent on monday due to the rise in tlio price of hour mr and mr apple ford liavo returned home from florida wlicre they spent tlio winter relief accounts for tho month of april in hurling ton totalled i30 9i this amount was only 135 0j lsa than last year and 291 88 less thah last month mr john goodbrand of hamilton lias purchased town lot on locust street and will comiiknci building liomn in uie near future many nqulrlcs for lots urc being ncked here and indications point to the lu rueit building year in tlie history of tlu town mrs uurll acher of muslo in tin ichool hrr will huvi the sympathy of hot of friend in the dt uth of 11 bund 1ved ru 11 who dld irly monday morning ut hl we tmorc lutid avtnui home toronto iiid yean hi uu surwrvl ir of mu 1c for porj credit mil lakevleu di trlct ichoob uiu ik lde lil ulfi li to mourn hi la thr mull children gazette in limehouse worm iiiktltnt in ut tlu hum of mra kijcputrh on may rth with nint hidlei pr ent owing to the ln ildcnt utmvolduhlt ubi nrr mn ml ouwun lit view president con diu ud the muting mrs gowdy gav tin lulk 011 the motto und mn ih ton took tlie topic roll call wus an lwi rtd by anrwerlng the queiuon why do youjmuing to the iiiititutt 3ec tion of offlccrr for the coming year took uj the hushicss part of tho meeting tho rohrtlts wcro as follows president mrs smcthurst lrt vlceprejrldcnt mrs kirkpatrlck jnd viccprmldi nl mrs brown ccr tary lrtasuror mrs ben ton brunch directors mrs brown mrs mcgowali lillich con vener mrs wright program con vrner mrs norton visiting committee mr gowdy mm wright mrs hill pianuts mr gowdy mrs it norton ociul hour wa pent over the tea cup at the close of tile meeting tiut mlvloniry society of tho pre byt rlaii church laid their uual met ing ut the honu of mrs kcotl la ihunduy lumjufrk aixno 1y how do you suppooo fellow with two wooden legs can walk foph ho probably just manages to hi mix along ballinafad mrs gullcj bctti and bobble ulxo hno been vbltlng frllnd here the past tuo ueelji left on vrldaj lat to epend me time xlsltlnk mr gillie parent mr and mrs robert knjluh jit their oottnii at wuwa beach before return iru to her home at klrklnnd lake mr john campbell lert last ueek for sudbury fr and mrs wilej returned home on sunday after uck llt with toronto friends mn sopcr and mr ja soper pent sunday ultli mr wm hardlni and mr and mrs john hardlnr ninth llntn tlie store here being shingled milton sluriif hamnhlre who wo patient in the humlltou general hos pital hor re turn td honic und li again attending to lit official dutle in hut orflce at the court house jdr amilxum txm for ilal ton is in tlie hamilton general hospital juiferlng front heart trouble his con dition lait night was reported as fulr hl many frltndr hope he will ioon re cover mr 4uid mm nelon lljder and win harold and miss dorothy mccaslln of hamilton mr and ita suock liamcr and tuo daughter and mr j03 peacock of new toronto tpent sun da with mr and mra tims mcjan nett milton the count town of halton erj fittingly olvxrved tho coronation of iil maje ty king george vl and her gracloas majet queen elizabeth the committee in cluirge are to be congratu lited for the loal and efficient manner in uhtch the organized and carried through the program for the daj ospringe sumliy vlitor ultli mr und mn gia robert on uere mr and mn al bert mcwllllaiil and chlldien of pu llnch dr ho mcltan of detroit mur taj mclean of guelph find mr and mr wilbert guild of hoekwood mr and mr brjdon ind mlji iclrkuood lilted on sunday with rel atives in inplcuood work ho been commenced on the new barn for mr stewart on the farm he purchased from mr john akltt mr and mrr ralerlronvlatcd on sunday with my jackson and mr and mra norman jackoii at mim tlio ohprlngo now and lew siitxr held their third meeting iort monday after noon with ten member present tlio elder of tlie church very kindly con eentel to let tlie girb have the or tho church basement and uie long tables to cut their drove out on tlio roll call uiu an uered by pattern alteration tlie leader mla mary campbell rave very interctlni and helpful talk on good po ture tlie everton lender mr robertson uns preen and uar rrent help to tho flrli lach clrl um required to brlnp cotton roods and pattern to tlio meet ing and cut out dre the drx cs arc to be ilnlihcd at later meeting tlie next meeting will be held early thli uecl court ol revision rlio municipal council of the village of aclon will roect as court of re vision in the council cluunbcr acton on tur in on monday the seventh day of june 103 atlght clock dijt all persons having appeals against the assmcnt roll for the said village for the yar 103f will take notice and govern themselves accordingly notice of all uppeub mil lie received by mo on or befon the twcntyilrst day of may 10a7 dated tlili liritli da of may 1037 vajtmkr id clerk rockwood tlie mai nieetlng of the pnby terlnn uor held at the home of mrs mclean after the opening eicerclyia mrs sim read tlie 15th chapter of st john the quarterly rxpense colic tlon wastakm mrs smith reported on tlie quilts for ie bale and it was decided to hae another qulltlnr in the church on may 27th mrs patterson lind the taplc for the meeting ou indian schools in canada mli elva peare ca tlie gleanlnr coronation letter by mn john kelnoan trclnrs and servants mr mcxuhb led in prayer on be half of king george and queen eliza beth tlie meeting closed with tlie hymn jeus slmll rilgn and prayer by mrs smith miss mclean ussl ted mls pearen kerved taa tlie annual meeting of the rockuoodl and eerton branch nible society ur held in the presbyterian church on sun day evening tlie evening trvlci at the united church as tll pened itli uev taylor read tlie crlpturc 011 rev samuel johnrton lnttoduc id tlie peaker for the meeting rev mr mccleary of the bible society who de livered an came dlcoure special mu ic was contributed by tlie choir with uev john ton il tint plte uet uiathrr rood numfcw uor pri jnt on sundiy morning ao the conclu ion of the rvlce in the prebyterlan church nn ordlnntlrn irvin hell for the th 11 mu id me wm dl li gord mil smith ottlni to lllnr of tin former hdtrt mr ribt lliruixd md mr iren mr it iy st piul church cut iph pn nt mr inn iuls rtourul fn hl him to ubl urn lni from thi giulph nt il ii pit il itiunli mil in lend vlitors ml moort if gmli mrs john mi kinn br iiupton mr and mr rt tt vln if buffalo ym lyn pi in nt mbj 1u huulltoii of ii million mlji iii irk ifgtulph coronation day pujel oif quietly lure few of tin cltl iu nt the day out of town jwral plac in the illume utre decorutiml ultli the national color tcii uutorj and bicycled blioucel the fcarne tendency menihent mi rlchartlsou futnlly spent tftindwy at vlneland taking lit the annual lllosoitl sutulav according to toronto paper no highway was almost at stallcutlll with th hemvy trmnic georgetown mr barber underwent an oper atlon at guelph general ha pltal on rue day mlj betti ritchie underwent in oper ition for apiiendlcltl in guelph general ha pit il on monday mr mceacheni and con ronald of sault ste marie mr albert webster mr elvin nclll and mr gordon lllllco of oakuood uere week end vlitor with mr and mr ii lilllco quiet ueddlng tool place saturday afternoon may oth at the home of the rev mciunnon toronto late pa lor of the norval united church hen ml clara dorothy waton daughter of mr watson and the late robert wat on of narval become tlie bride of archie mclean of totten ham son of mr and mr douglas mc lean mono road tlie by lau recently pased by our council fking tho hour for closing of beienire roomr hor been approved by tlxi liquor control board all author lzed premises in georgetown selling beer and wine are nou required to clore at 11 clock except on saturdays when the hour or cloolnr is 10 clock ilenld campbellville cimpbcll lodro and held the annual ladlei night lat irlday eveulng at the mitchell inn in milton dinnc was rvtd by mr john mitchell in hli cu tomary good manner after uhlch toarln uere ropo el and re pond ed to when the all tired to tit prlnci hi atrc the balaiire lvinlni when everyone went home hippy mr cwper put monday in pn ml muynie it cm ipll hi uu of ml mcmlllm on tre in ltd ih iull aid st dnld pre by ti ri clujrih hi id coronation ti on lrlili in tin inuluy jhl nw ii th wa pit ndld turnout of adl mil lovdy lftirnon ti wu rtrvid fr tabu dienratid ti ult the oca lm nice um of mom ri ullil trim tin ti anil bikini tie mr and mr van lckle and ixl ui uor at the home of mr chi hoi sunday mr mclntyre li holltt tying ut home near london mr mahpu adding ileoplnif orch to i1l1 uleiire mr 1vcd garru oi wtlland hai honu for dayfl mr vrunk qulnlan of tironto an mla kdlth deuur of milton utro wek ind lltors at tho liome or in wank whetllhuh und vfru ciuukj weir of ittemll ton vere uie guests of mr und mra jjhu gumour 011 uiid oakville john moat lia been appointed chairman of the oukvllle committee for admini tering the dominion home im provement plan lniuifjur itetl by the rvreral govemment making povurful plea for rrenter civilijng influence in modi in educauon jo eph mccuhey htudmater of plcler ing collere neumarlet and uelllnoun educatlonall delivered stirrlnf ad drcr at prlday evening meeting of the oilvillc lion club hi id at the vlllaro inn core iderable excitement uo provided on ihurduy evening by the mad do for liberty of toronto youth in chnrfc of stolen car the cha ended up on mall tongue of land neiir the town dump on the uut ide of tho creek uhere the fugitive found himself cor nered and uaa obliged to surrender an elfort to rccure the outhern por tion of the central scliool property at the norlhucit corner of colborne and navy streetr as uie site for oakvilli new port office proved unrucceful when the oakville board of education refued an offer of 000 for the pro perty holding out for 000 under glorious may sky with trees bur ting into leaf and the rlad atmos phere of iprlng all round oakville yeterdiy ild joyous tribute to brltuln newly crounid mon irch kliic george the sixth the coronation celebrition in whieh hundred took part uere char acttrled by an otlglnillty and pirlt of patriotic fervor tint ulll ninkl tho day one to lu lour membt in oul hie hi ry ri et rdsur royal gukijpir utmvy ry 21a tnlcnies cant take money joel mcrae barbara stanwyck alttl ittvlval miowlnif at 11 tl ut ijitd twccdmnulrl 39 steps at 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