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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 13 May 1937, p. 5

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thubsdat majjjth 1sj7 the acton free press paob fiva cwtdcnol miss doris mcdonald iraa liome from beamsvllle for the weekend miss lucy bdwrds spent the holiday with friends in toronto mr ijlakelock for 111 ton visited in acton on saturday mr oordon cooper was home from toronto for coronation day mr oeorge jlgglns of aurora spent coronation day at his home litre dr and mrs 13 lyon of ulster pa spent tlio weekend with her mother mrs alice macphcrson mr and mrs browning and mis ettadula of toronto vkitcd on sun day in acton mr and mrs eujjnie mcitiersoti add itobcrt jr bpenl sunday ut the home of mr and mrs it mcllierson very rev dr and mrs mooru and mr and mrs itobinson of toronto vlnllrd on sunday ut moorecroft mr and mm alfred uuhop and iwlw mrs embcrson and miss llosu embcttm of toronto vhdted on ttunduy with mr and mrs 1l ulahop mrs itndenoe cook mr prank cook and mr and mrs wllbchj murray of toronto visited with acton friends on coronation day mr and mrs thos hell of windsor and mrs laird mcdonald and robert murray of detroit mich spent tlie weekend ail the parental home with mr and mrs mcdonald mr and mr ale mcdonald puliloy ont wish to announce the eiikaffement of their eldest daughter grace to mr thomas benjamin wajjoce eldest son of the late mr and mrs thomas benjamin wallace of acton ont the marriage will take place tarly in june mr and mrs il boyd and family removed tins week to acton from kltch ner ind are residing in the reildcnce of ue late mrs peter macdonold at the oorricr of park and lake avcnuui acton citizens arc indeed glad to welcome mr and mrs boyd and family as residents it is mr boyds homo town and ho re turns afurr an absence of about tldrty 11 vo years to live amid the scenes of boytiood days george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite ryriebirfca the public health citizkns abe requested to comply with tiie public health act card ov thanks tlic kindness and sympathy shown in vi many ways at thy tlnuj of the passing of mrs peter klrlcnc hae ben very much apprtciated by the huabund and iamily these acts have done much to bring comfort in our bervuvtmont and will ulways be chciihed husband and family rtcorjo power outiut with an output of 2412259ckh kilo watt hours during march central elec tric stations in canada set up monthly high record shoulng an increase of 27fl 010000 kilowatt liours or 13 per cent over march year ago during the tlrst thrtxj mantlis of tlie current year the output of cenual electric ctatlons affgre uated a8774i0oo kilowatt hours against clctf 115000 in the name period of 1030 and 5753 744 000 in 1035 the hydro electric nouer industry which embraces all oreanbiatlons and in dividuals celling or distributing electric ity takes iirst rank in capital investment among tlic dominions manufacturing industries and pajs tuentytuo and half million dollars annually in vilarle und uags to more than fifteen thouand emploiees seven and half million dollars are paid in taxes and over two million dollars for fuel for etcampower plants there are upwards of 570 elec trie power plants in the industry and thec arc connected and intercon nee ted by 58500 miles of transmission and dis tribution lines to carry this power to cities towns and hamlets and to the in dustries developlng the major resources the revenue of tlio industry inch lajt year was nearly 130000000 is de rived from upward of 1700 000 custom era of this group about moo 000 are domestic users of uectrlclty representing approximately co per cent of all famlllra in canada both urban and rural vari ous industries make up tlie remaining cioo000 customern and consume more than 01 pr cent of the total output the pulp and paper industry alone usea about 10 per cent of the output of cen tral electric stations the energy re quirements of the mineral industries are in excess of one million ho me power of vhlch well owr eliity per cent is deriv ed from hvdrolectric development of the output of hjdroelectrlc power in canada in 1033 more than ofl per cent caiiie from uateripaver stations tlie proximity of wuterpowera to centres of population and induntrful actultv lmi madv pyllble lowcot jvouer wllh the nsult that in the dominion todtiy the per capita consumption is over 300 kilowatt hours per annum which evi irnut us that in any other cnuntrj if not ureater with 02 tw cent of hi avall uble resources in water und uaterpouer fctlll undeveloped canndi li in mrwt favorable pohlon with rhiifct lo supply of povtr for future development notice li hereby given that all resid ents of acton are required forthwith to clean their cellars drains yards water closets outbuildings and other premised and remove therefrom all dirt manure and other substance which may en danger tho public health and to have the same competed by the eighteenth day of may next on which day the sanitary inspector will commonco general inspection all citizens are earnestly requested to keep their premises constantly clear and thoroughly disinfected mcootciieon reovo of the municipality acton april lth 1037 426 pay as go policy working in ontario continued from pago one current expenditures tills is the largest surplus realized by any canadian pro vince since confederation it has also been noted that in addition to realizing an unprecedented surplus the funded debt of tlio irovlnce lias been reduced by 25000000 and tho gross debt by 33000000 or three times the amount promised in tho last budget address it tho find reduction hi tho grosi debt of the province of ontario that lias been tuude in the present century discussing tile decrease in funded debt experts agree that it has been accompanied by change in carrying chargt von more revolutionary than the turning over from iqjq duflcll of 13000000 lo nuggerlng surplus it pointed out tliit in tin fiscal year end ing 1031 12 culll out of every dollar of revenuu uas rwptlred to meet tlio in lenst account now iej than 2j centt out of tho ruvcnuc dollar ihesury for thu purpose which means that instead of 57 cent remaining for the btnellt of the people there ui available sum of 74 cunts attention directed to tho fact that tku treasury bill debli luut been lowered by 120000o0aiulthat the average rate of interest ludf tluit atandlpg ou tho books in july 103i another fuct wliicli lu llrcuxl in tliat 15year money was obtained at homo at tlio most favorable rate received by any province in quarter of century bonds with an average maturity of 10v4 yars it is pointed out were told at cost of about 3vjo tho two issuct reflecting the high credit enjoyed by tlio province social jlczhdaljon aeeudmod many of the budget announcements have been enthusiastlcally acclaimed throughout tho province by reason of tho widespread benefits tlicy represent the hlghcul conujicndatlon has been forthcoming from municipal councils an to coach riders il jr tuimbu lollowlng the resignation of coach u11i hughcj from the otkiw llough rldcru football squad xi trimble of toronto ha signed onevear contract to coarh the astern cuitula cliamplons mr trimble is otlall placr of note pluing with iwtiny ueach of toronto about mven yenn ago piioto courtey charle ayt tt studio toronto this weeks puzzler poem my first bi in tomato but never in tho sauce my second is in liapplness but absent from remorse my third bi the beginning of the eggj which bomoltcns lay my fourth is seen hi orion but not in any day my tffth is in the little lamb but never in tho sheep my sixth is always in the land and in the watery deep my seventh is part of adam us of every other man and my eighth in in platter and every baking pan oclock uoott dayught tuvlng tuesday june int 1937 for tluj upply of coal and coke for the dominion buildings lhrouglujut tho province of ontario pormff of tender with spec 11 cations and conditions attached can bo obtained from tlie purclmslng agent department of public works ottawa and the sup ervising architect 30 adelaide st east toronto ont tenders should be made on the farms supplied tlu deportment and in ac cordance with departmental specifica tions and conditions attached thereto in tin case of tenderers quoting for ono or more places or buildings and vhon the total of their ojjer exceeds the kuju of j500000 they must attach to their tender certified cheque on cliurtired bank in canada made payable to the order of the honourable tlio min ister of publlcworks equal to 10 per cent of the amount of tho tender or bearer bonds of the dominion of can ada or of the canadian national rall way company and its constituent com panies unconditionally guaranteed as to principal and interest by tho dominion of canada or the aforementioned bonds and certified cheque if required to make up an odd amount the department also reserves tlic right to demand from any successful tenderer security deposit in tlio form of cer tllied cheque or bond as above equal to 10 per ctnt of the amount of his bid to uarantee the proper fulfilments of the contract by order somervilltj secrcurj department of public works ottawa may 10th 1037 4g2 tendlfis 1xml coal and coicb cealkd tenders addressed to the subsidy to municipalities equal to one underslgnod and endorsed tenders mill on tho tax rate at the same time for coal will be received until 12 thec counclbi have been enabled to re duce taxation as result of the province liavlng relieved them from contributing to tho cost of old arc pensions and mothcra allowancen tlie governments sympathetic attitude so far ai coclal leglilatlon is concerned also reflected in tho premiers statement endorsing the dominion ocrvcrnments dclslon to grant pensions to tho blind at the age of 40 result of the granting of provincial whcn iou ioolc for my nlnul you whl patterson specialist hi eye examlnaua orlhoptla treatments prcrlitkui 10b wyudluun sl next la lobuw quelpii phone 2108 quality aeeuroxy tivlo wluu is wall llko msir wlien it is uud when lias lwy four hund wheu he doubles ids iuls gregory theatre ftllday may uui hlivo over heeus ifi love musical ruraiince starring jeisu matthmv comedy kick me again noveltln game li up coik itobln chuptir of the kd irlug wlsu satlkdav may istli don turn km loose thrill picture sturrlnj iul stone and hruie cuiwl mukul moonlight and melmlj gang conn dv bored of rducatlon pi te smith killer bug isx no vi momiav may 17th my man joofuey conif lyronmnre ilurrlng william pouell und irole umi bird band iiulnu llindilry iucnlt yellow stone park car uwm lurmr alfalfas prlyv ivc kugi furnurt will llenetlt it is pointed out also that in addition to abolishing the amusement tax repre senting sacrifice in revenue of 1000 000 year there liave been other drastic cuts in taxation which liave been greeted ulth enthusiasm on every hand in the case of licenses for farmera trucks and commercial vehicles there was reduc tion in cost of 25 which means sav ing of over 1000000 year to some tj00o0 of these commercial operators and corresponding loss in revenue to the government at tlie same time there hai been con siderable rejoicing over the additional relief to rural municipalities in the re duction from to in the interest rate charged under the municipal drolnnge act and the tile drainage act and the lowering of service charged for hjdro to farmers political observers recill that even during its careful retrenchment the gov ernment did much to ease conditions one of the nrt step having been to abolish the tat on school children eiminatlon paper sound imuic ilnftice during the coming ear it was lntl mated there will be capital expenditures of s319350o0 to provide employment 115117000 going into highway exten lioii and s2g50 000 for public buildings at the same time the government is budgeting for surplui of 2202000 after allowing slloooooo for relief the budget has been generally ac claimed as un honest and sound public accounting ltj being pointed out that the province could have recorded surplus of tvwntj mllllom instead ot even if direct relief cost had been capitalized vear agrt it is recalled mr hopburn made the folloulng slitement with the saving of interest and consequent reduetiun in the cost of govcrumentwc shall be able to carry the blcnlngu of good government into the home of the humblest man and woman in thls pro vince and in delivering his budget addrev in march he remarked we turn our face not toward the sluiiows but toward the miii and view in that direction brighur imd hnpplehda for thu gnat land find there arc many in running and tunning and benny and penny rtor my ten and eleven you must get permission when written together are short pre position lor 12 13 no study you need its tlie word you first found when you ctartcd this screed my next bi in crevice but not in hole my clxtheenthc in life and also in soul seventeen is in ocean though not in the titanic but eighteen is alvv ays within the megan ic nineteen well sit down and think for moment the first letter used when you an opponent my next letter comes in tar and in pitch and the next what you say when jou get had stitch in jour side or your back what hap pens to ou why you just double up like my own twentytwo my next is in seer and also in sage and my last in tho rest tliat comes with old age my uhole is quite problem too want to be emphatic and say that the identity to me is enigmatic use coupon iiirkd fo her looks the new typit adjusted her hair for the 30th tune that morning then she went to the chief clerk and asked why did you select me from to many appli cants well misa he replied no many typists have been leaving to get married tliat the boes told rne to choose the plainest of tho lot atiiu cutting you look old tonight john dear bald mrs peters as idle finally announc ed her readiness to start for tlie theatre yes hiy love replied in tcru age icood deal wlien you are putting your liat on modikn did you lve joan that copy of what livery olrl illiould loiow aakrd father yed replied mother thoughtfully and shes writing to the author sug citing couple of dozen corrections and the uddltlon of two juw chapters cooi mcioxiz delinquent customer fcuiiose youll ltut me until next ueck if leave security icqual to what take away mfercliant tluit will be fine sir customer all ruiht vou coil sell mo tlu se two harnfl and ill let you keep one of them until come again poor cat cat in despondency sighed and resolved to commit rulelde lie eot under tlie wheels of nine automobiles an1 after tlio last one he died the vast it because so much of the past ktlh exists in our lives that it li lo dear to us these arc compensations for tlie lossof youth and fresh impressions and one learns utile by little tliat thing is not over because it is not liappenlng with nolse and shape or outward sign its roots are in our hearts and every now and then tliey send forth choot which blossoms and bears fruit etlu anne itltchle you dont have to be mechanic to pick an izxxs used car from our lot solution nnmc nktd not lit costly tlic nurterj is one of thc im portant rooms in home and the wl mother spares no vffort to make it the nat etlisxtlve thli need not bo etf pcnive little ingenuity and the pianer use of inexpensive materials can rojucq unique and pleasing effects if tensive modernlxation of this mi planned funds may be obtain il irjn bank under the homo im iro nit nt plan acme was modernized nd the owner attempted to create mod tmritv hut at the same time ffvery fort was made tu keep the cost of the room within the range of the average home owner the wall were covered with paer of light pastel plaid tlio woodwork was painted deep cream and corner of tlu room ulilh protruded had guard placed to prevent the wall being chip ped when game were in progress rampcisltiunlloor nembllng plank ing uui lalct tills uu easy to clean thiu sufeguatdlng the likaiui of the occupant it ulo vcned the burden of the per on who cleaned the room housewife how did vou come to fall veiu tliu blliicl uui waliiblr were so low ni to go around the eountrj huiir it tin uluduus and there wer iginir no curtain to hold the dust tramp its long storv mum and lllnir light wti used and wall if now in the hind of my publl hers brackets hud shade which eemipktt ly ty 3by mamviudi icuumim palra all knk ul ui low puw chvnit twte rid youd buyl ferton motors phone 69 acton training in simplicity lest us bring up our children almply had almost sold rudely let us entic them to exercise what ffivca them en durance even to privations letr them belong to those who are better trained to fatbrue and tlic earth for bed than the comfort of tlie table and couches of luxury so wo khali make men of them independent and staunch who may be counted on who will not sell themselves for pottage and who will liavc wltlial tlio faculty of being happy in hurry when in harry fr optical bepolm or new glauea rfn us call oar optical service boifa fast and efficient head kyojkbt speouuat uad mtx opucun 58 st uioxges squakk nion 1519 gueiru announcement huvinj purchased the pjimcurijng equipment of the former model dairy and the route of mr ilctnstrect wc arc now ready to supply the citiens of acton with properly pu teuned product wc have everything in equipment to prpducevthe safest type of milk us well as uptodate refrigeration the work is under the supervision of dairy graduate of the guelph who has had several years experience in dairy work we can now supply milk cream chocolate milk dairy open from 800 am to g00 pm jauy sumtityu and wedntan am ia 12 hoon pm lo pjn visitors wjxcomt phone 14 johnstons dsdry uaxti street aetton king archbishop al king george memorial pictures at the recent ceremonies when king george unveiled the windsor memorial to his late father king georue are king george and tho archbisliop of canterbury the barretts of wimpole street wins drama award his stolty he ehool new veirl to corrtit elimlnuti unj ikw llilc ulare ihc furulture lint he in on rnj wu prifs hoiiij color mi popular in modern rtwuus hut border or turquolf blue rciiiowil no namt any air of minhucition juvcnlll ili lin wtui uppllmted on the heud chlld hid jilt turted to boird of the hed and the doors of thest anil twwilc tuiui uuhable nig covor the floor ipaee wan proldl feir thir nuuiy toyi and the joimjr owner uuj uuht to put thhiiin uwuy at tho tnd of buy day yer nlme ut filiate asked wot irwl that lunt nlme that muvvtr seusi yer pauut whi preimittd by the iitmlhng imayrt of vancouver iiib linnet li of wimpole atn el uaj udjuiwed ulmuru in the urltuh columbia lnunu muvul ut vunkivrr lltfl lluy netvthl tlie hlhvat pratw from tlu uljuilcator mr gorge de warni of uuuhwi und will oewupvt in the nuttonal contest ut otuuu 11 uwurda for tlu bvt uetlng uere uem by mb gay ilerlvlnt fr lier uue of fciliituuitli utui colin luniwrnoe for hu li mr liarett mr uutt iuv u1m tllrtwtcd uu pmer the ast uhowu auovk hi weiio rronl uuj pi iv are ijck1 to uioht colin luiircnce leunic ah xander douyuoj isevnum juclc htuey nku uoow itotvrb uud gay tierlveiier

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