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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 13 May 1937, p. 2

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paottto the acton free press thursday kay iiul ibji publuhed every tbuuy kt acton ontario jo pr yen unite suti soc additional single coplem doth old six new addresara hould be give wl sursckhtion uatesa per yen jnitej suti soc addi new addrcaacb al addrcia la requeued cancellations find llwl mot our aub cribera prefer not to bava their subscription interrupted in cue tbey ail to remit before explralioo while aub acriptlona will not be carried in urcari oer eatt per tod yd iinle we jih ntilltieil to cancel we aaaume the subscriber wlaliea the acrvlce continued advertising jtateson ttppllctloo and bi in varloua column headinub although every precaution will be taken to avoid error the piee ireae accept advertialnb in ita columna on the understanding that it will not liable tor my error in my advertisement published hereunder unless prinif of aucb ailvcrtliemrnt la rctlrated in writing by the bilvertiier and returned to the free freaa buwneai office duly signed by the advertiser and with auch error of correction plainly noted in writing thereon and in that cue if any error to noted ia not corrected by the iree vreai ft liability shall not exceed audi proportion oj the entire coit of such advertisement the apace occupied by the noted error beara to the whole apace occupied by such advertisement aulol dills kdlur tkkkinonks kditoriat ami huiiiirii ofiv ueinence m1driap improve homes now whether the changes you desire to make be big or small tho home improvement plan offers means of making them now any amount from 50 to 2000 can be secured under this plan it is really extending to tho hotno the same method of financing as has been enjoyed for radio refrigerator automo bile or other purchase only the terms of borrowing are better if you have been wanting bathroom if the house needs painting or new verandah or heating system it can be arranged and the payment of the improvement met on the monthly instalment plan thathas been so popular with many other pur chases another advantage is that the improvement will not raise your assessment for period we believe that chairman mason and his committee have literature and full retails both local bank man agers can also discuss all phases of the plan we be lieve in it because it will improve acton and make better community the repair and building season is now if you need assistance it would be well to en quire regarding the home improvement plan spotty regulations georgetown has passed bylaw changing the hours of beverage rooms in thtj municipality acton was on the verge of passing law regulating the hours but decided otherwise the attitude taken by the council and many other councils was that pro vincial legislation had set the hours and brought in tho beverage rooms and could continue to attend to this legislation there was no sense of approval given to the beverage rooms by the action of council here and it was freely expressed by several that their hours of closing should be limited as matter of fact we fail to find muoh favor for the beverage rooms and if folks would vote the way they talk there would be little doubt but the hours of operation of beverage rooms in ontario would be nil but it has been proven time and again that folks dont vote as they talk accidents on highways and the degrading of young folks by the beverage rooms are making folks think good dea these days however there are few who even attempt to ad vance any argument in their favor we are not in favor of spotty regulations such as will occur from different municipalities making their own plans but we believe referendum on the question taken at time when there was no other vote being taken would he surprising and would very materially niter the hours of closing of the beverage room no time for lie wrecking crew the cio has created division of opinion in ontario in political circles that has no precedent in the liberal party two cabinet ministers went out on disagreement with their leader in tho conservative party the chief organizer in the province has quite his postin disagreement with his leader con servative newspaper takes the side of the liberal leader and supposedly liberal paper has the con servative leader lined up on its side it would seem that all party lines were broken smashed but after all what could be expected other than such condition of affairs isnt the cio trying to bustnpcyerything even labor groups and after the wreck what someone must bo at tho head and mr lewis seems to be the man who would head if the cio would win just whether his qualifications as builder would be equal to those wrecking attributes he seems to possess is matter that only time would tell the power he desires to secure would be dangerous to put in one mans hands in view of the methods he is taking to secure his ambition industry was not built to its present proportions by the wrecking crew it would seem the height of folly to allow such crew to take charge even if smooth sailing does appear just ahead the sunday school lesson fob sundav may kill local patriotism can lie carried too far local patriotism is highly commendable in many of its forms we all like to cheer for the home team and to believe that it can yhip its weight in wildcats the success of local boy rellects glory on the town of his birth and there is as much pride as envy in the reminiscences of the staynthome citizens who knew him when but local patriotism can become perverted in some discreditabiejrayi in new brunswick for example there is now law on the statute books imposing special taxation on every company selling goods at retail in the province the majority of whose stock is owned outside the province the elfect is to give notice to the rest of canada that new bruns wick retail trade should be the properly of new brunswick citizens of course outside companies doing business in new brunswick are already subject to all forms of taxation paid hy the local competitor they employ new brunswick citizens pay rent to new brunswick landlords buy many of the goods they sell both in the province and in other provinces trom new bruns wick farmers and manulacturers but because they are not actually owned in the province the govern ment feels safe in imposing extra taxation if there is any pimciple behind nteiisiirc nl this 1ind it is that of misguided local puti lutism it is dangerous principle to invbke if citizens of ontuiio or quebec cim be debaned from doing business neu brunsuick it will be mil uituiil lor them to ask their own legislatures lor retaliation ag mist new brunswick ctiens even il letaliatory laws aie not passed thcie will he fcding ol esentineni against new kiunswick that will he ol no help to business in the piovince he governments increase of revenue from the special taxation will be neg ligible the harm that it may do to the province is immeasurable the fort erie timeskeview heavy tourist traffic over sixteen million tourists entered canada from the united states during 1930 and over four million automobiles were admitted for touring pur poses figures compiled by the immigration branch department of mines and resources show that ig 397872 visitors were admitted compared with ii tio415 in 1935 gain of 537457 while the great majority of these tourists came by automobile 831 285 came by train and 249451 came by boat figures compiled by the department of national revenue records the number of tourists automobiles entering from the united states as 4074523 com pared with 3ti05o8g in 1935 gain of almost half million or this number 2880205 were admitted lor period not exceeding 48 hours 1192935 for period not exceeding co days and 1323 for period not exceeding sixmonths of the 1192935 cars entering canada via the boundary 1930 on 00day permits 1192251 were of united states registration while 084 came from other countries including hawaii mexico alaska canal zone newfoundland and cuba of the united states cars the majority came from the states bordering on canada although every state in the union was represented automobiles from new york state represented 243 per cent of the cars of united states registration while 21 per cent were from michigan 84 per cent from vermont and gi percent from washington canadian automobiles exported to the united stutes for touring purposes during 1931s numbered 089074 compared with 059259 in 1935 editorial notes the oitualance ok 1haao cldldiil text uliijnl ur the nm milker for they hull lie called of ami mutt tjmoo text ueiili mi ls jim alxnit lujolyus 11 lliieci ililllstlii lccrliiu ttxjwultton imiuc amontf the ihll ullneii 1223 in thu ilory al linic vve imvn plo tuiu of thi victory of principle over pilvlon hiiiie wiii down iminiiti the ihlllitlnei tallitu lie hull llttli or in rlklit to bi it uaj tlunacroiii leu unit he luul taken in koultf there hi father hud fulled ut the name hluco in precisely the iutm wuy vn 011 cf ch aff god permitted viiuc to iojouru in oerur and iiromled him blesalmf there cut this bleulnu won coupled with contention ulid nerlfo from hli mlrrounilhikh lsaacii iironiverlly uiu very ureut ulid continued to increase wonderfully vh 13 11 cf lrov lo 22 and the phlllitlnei envied him the projwrlty of aodi people ulwayn urouj tho envy of the phllljtlueji the world lnvy is the cause of most of the iitrifei and uiirii hi tlil uorld ecclenloiitlcal nil well iv political cf ch 37 11 earn in prov 27 wc do well to be on our auurd lest it not into our heart the phlllsthui hud itopnnl the well abrahams rervmli had du it uould uem iui if they uould have done better to make lle of the weill fitter abraham left but envy and hatred are very blind even today the worldllni is more likely to neelc to itop the fountains of the be lievers joy than to appropriate them to lllmfer ablmelech the philistine klncr recognised lilacs superior might id pilled with fear at isaaci incrcoslht wealth and power id ex he be seeches lilm to leave eo from us he cries isaac displayed beautiful spirit of pence and yielding of hli own rlahbi he departed thence isaac had right to dwell there jehovah himself had said unto thee and unto thy seed will give all these lands but true fnlth never fights for lui godgiven rights it trusu god to fulfill ills pro mises in his own time and way thr weapons of its warfare are not canal isaac uncomplainingly icocr to wok t3 reopen the wells the philistines laid stop ped he showed his refipoct for his father by calling tlic wells by the names by which his futher had called them isaac was not one of those selfsurflclcnt ones who despises all tlutt the fathers llavc done and thinks it necessary to call old blessings by new names to suit the ad vanced thinking of uic day ills ser vants digged in the volley and found uell of springing uitcrllly llvlnel water that was joyous day for isaac but there better fountain of living uater for any one uhn 111 hiu 11 todiy john 10 13 14 il is very likely to be found like isaacs well in the valley isaa good fortune lid only to renewed envy and strife on the part of hie philistine they claimed the vesulu of his labor for themselw so he moved on and digged yet another uell he let others do the quarrelling and did the digging that ir the plan that always prosper ill the long run the philistines at last gave up trying 10 light ullh man ubo uould not light back very properly however isaac did not attribute lib undisputed possession of this last well to lit inn peaceable spirit but to jchoiah in all that hap ixmed iijuic saw an earnest of jehovahs fullllinent br iii promise to bis father and to himself ch 11 20 4j jehovah said he hath made room for us jehovah will always make room for those who do not seek to make room for themselves ii isaac in deersheba 2325 iaacs trouble in dcrar proved blessing they drove lllm to beersheba lie is now quite separate from the phil isllnes and jehovah meets him jehovah no longer says as when down in oerar will be with thee but am with thee cf vs and 21 it is in our separation from the world that ue enjoy the fully manifested present fellowship of god 12 cor 11 101 je speaks that chverlllg word to isaac that out so often in genesis anil in how monev circulates the story is printed of how woman has been haunted by penny which luu fullowed lier several thousand miles ill her truvcls dusseldorle newspaper iiy she first noueed the coin in her purse hi 1025 because of thr peculiar marking on it she spent it in shop and wus surprised to be given it us part of her change 111 unolher shop few days later ilhe spent it again but it uus returned lo her in similar way in fact this sort of thing happened several times iluii she calno to can ada uklng the penny with her she sihnt it here but ft wus returned to lier again three years later tills time bi england toovv she has decided to keep the coin as souvenir this little story simply illustrate how much merchan dise even small coin will buy if it is kept hi circulation year or 10 ago dollar hill was marked and circulated in aylnler und in seven days it hud paicd through at least twenty known hanil thiu purchasing at least 20 worth of merchandise tile moral is it imys to sivend your money in your own home town aylmer express why we vatl ucirrob leftt old lady on platform which plat form tor the landon train porter turn to the lctb and youll be right iwly ijoiit bo impertinent my man jnirtrr ah right then turn to your rlght aiidyoull be left why is all empty purse ulways faith ful to its owner lacause theres never any eluuige in it easy pat worfcrd in factory where uiey encouraged tile stalt to think of idea for the smoother working of the tjus imvs one morning he was shown inuj u10 oltlee of tire chairman and announced that he liad thought of way of en suring that nunc of the hands would be late in future that bounds good said tho chair man how do you propose to do it iiurv and thats alsy sorr said pat the last man 111 blows the whistle we make all sorb of texcuscs for our failures luck of ability lack of time lack of opportunity in nine cases out of ten however the explanation is just luck cf hard work honor students in school ore seldom brilliant but the vust majority of them are industrious they llave learned to dlsclpllne their minus to concentrate on the task in hand and to stick to job till they finish tlianks to this selfimposed training they leave many who arc their intellectual stiperlor far in the rear instead of thinking up alibis just face the facts the trouble with you not in your natural endowment fcut in the use you make of it your brains arc good enough if you make them work you have time enough if you do not waste it you have opportunities enough if you were not so absorbed with other things that you did nov hear when they came knocking you fall not because you must but because you do not half try in jueveise it gives me great pleasure oconnor to pin this medal on your breast said the commander and tell you tlioti am also placing fifty dollars to your credl in the bank thank ye sorr said the private but if you wouldnt mind now sorr said oconnor couldnt ye pin the fifty dollaro on me breast and put the medal in the bank ask your friends youll be surprised at the number of people who really want you to have telephone many of them dont even know you but theyre in terested nevertheless because of what your tele phone means to thetf service too few tele phones curtails service and the vjlue of each individual instrument as well the more tele phones in service the greater th value to each user from the viewpoints of both service cost and service scope every farmer is interested in seeing that every other farmer has telephone new low rates for farm telephone service are now in effect should he easy customer dont quite know what want but it must be something suitable for present clerk well sir ue say that this store can supply anything from pin to an elephant customer perhaps vou can show me omellnnl between the tuo didnt imlltovi it giorrc said mrs lov ivuell lojair husband have received lettcttroni mother saving she is not accepting our invitation to visit 11 and saying we do not appiar to uant her what does she mean ov hint asked vou to write and tell her to come at her oun convenience you wrote to her didnt you yes said george but er could not spell that uord convenience so made it risk scows scrap book mr 3fnr flowlftof vyomiwci is mbiaim pautrbciiisrt tvj5 srxnicct assueji fsie crxrrt ltisifuaj by scott weeds tapuw1 vvuovli wpao blihctlts op criai in fbvrii feccavcmelrf ijjnjil lvx 311 wlirruvcr lu went god benedic tion lollotttxl him he itluu found swoct uitttsnnd prospered he uaxed rrcnt out of lik quiltncs came his mission in it lay lls poult fortslmdouinir of the poalr of christ tlmt power of the urriblc meek uhtch through ubml sion uiuj sacrlllte ourcomi thi uorld stamp cf iojt cboutuotydii ta3cv eiu5lutk ww fmvso5 vlld wsksn1cd wd ua1d rtiit rvy of tuo dljahejcd eq5c lajd by plcjeou mtveellaiat king george officiates at opening of maritime museum rtiilti to looks is if rurl kowc is 111 11k in hid lor power nt any costs his statement repiirijiiii the ci is somethiiift that staunch ontario citizens are having ilifiicully to understand year ol linancial piojress loi ontuiio is indeed shown 111 the stateineill patented this week to the puhlie atost iny po nice would he lad al the piesent tunc to he ahle to piesent such sialeuicnt siuplus and icdiiclioii ol uses and piediction of the cuts nt levies now 111 toice it isjiuleed insv pi est ntalioil every book of the illble irir nut strengthen ills conlldcnee jehovah re veals himself am the god of abra ham certiilnlv the one vvho has the clod of abraham for ills cod cannot fear if ch is 17 the piomlse ot blessing and multiplied cell is lelxitcll god loves tttiing the chuniirs on ls lllorlous pioinlses it us all for my rvmt abrahams sakr we have hetlei miiety tliiin abraham iven the son of god himself tile steps 111 jtaai es notable he nt up from lliuii il jihov unto 1101 tlie same nlh ill api ei 11 blllldid in alia their 41 upon the name if tile ill 1111 then nil ills eivaiits dill 11 cl will he had 111 he lllllll lie upr 11 tin llilll mile than vv lill he wcl 1111 11 lliclii ttlcv liivi 11 iheh pel mil mil irnc ling hi ill ml another uirdimisttr left death toll of when xhti jiiunt uirshiptjinideiibcn was burned no mcuns of transportation is absolutely free irom danger and even railways continue to have crashes unj wreck iim ii tin iuu issui news com pie ted tint liis it mivkt to its comniuiiitv with tlil hmndei ol tlit paper still serving lulitor lake has stieil well tins noitheiii cinnniunity since he left mi pki if ss und lowassan citiens have used him as mayor of the town as well as purveyor of its news our wish is that the yean of the future will see the continuance of jjrowth of the news that have eharactened the past up in ml hi fni tin thi ih ni mi ulth him jtiu iii am tin mirk ir uii niilii i111111 wi inliht il muiiu in thr pivlw itir 111 rhit ii uvik il lo our jvmimtlu rilhn tliiin to mir uclinlrutloit 1litii uiu in fl ivivit wet tut thin trtncth und 111 viiy iiiitliiuvi iwrltnl uv tinil on uiuknrv iiul qulftufjih ujwi pajiivity hii lti oun trcmuth and qiiul poutr ur mi 1m iuuc yiihllnif ivcrv thlmr ittliwd 1vtothlnif rf iukc hrrilvllic lontiitf if tin citiud lu til hiif iky hu cuoiiutiin muj lltth kli otor vi li houn hen ns li otufuitid ut tin oimidiik of tin niitltiniil muriilnif xiifinn ut clnrnuirh vnttlund to uldli lu tiilxflliil doun llu tliiimri in ui udmlrurm tii cf tlu tliht tlin in ui yiaid tlmt immarch iuj foluiutd thls prolvdur with lib iu he luudf hu uddlch uiv qot4n huintli ulid hin inouter le nuufi qiifni murv

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