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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 6 May 1937, p. 5

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tsubsday may stb ift37 the acton free press pxw mi jfwi6onal lclss jean coles of toronto spent the weekend with acton friends lfr and mrs angus kennedy of kit chener were weekend visitors here idas doris maddock of toronto vialu with acton friends over the week end mr gordon btelby of toronto visited over the weekend with mr and mrs watson miss kelue hall and mr bill halt of toronto spent the weekend at bhelr home here mr et hasuud spent wednesday on fishing trip to his old home at mono mills mr prank holloway returned this week after viaiung for few weeks in klrkland fjike mr bronn attended the annual meeting of the drue trading oo in toronto yesterday rey and mrs john waldie and donald of arthur visited at the home of his parent this week messrs il and harold elliott and coles were in tlllsonburg and delhi on motor trip on wednesday mrs russell and children of unlanrtue spent the weekend with mrs kennedy and miss it kelson mrs johnson of new xjsfceard is vlstuna with her brother mr uarr and her parents mr and mrs john barr mrs barr sailed on tuesday for fri on the queen mary and will attend the coronation ceremonies in george walace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite byriebirks mr and mrs pallant celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary at the home of her brother mr and mrs marry adhrf of hespeler on sunday ovfci or ttfanki to all those who fio kindly loaned cars and assisted in carrying out arrange ments for the county musical pcsuval the school board are indeed grateful this kindly and willing cooperation by citixens and thu efforts of all who agist ed in utrf such success for ac ton ia this event arc appreciated acton school board georgetown mr buck mr fel vmell and mr graham farnell attended satral vln this week of the retail merchants convention at the royal york hotel toronto mi william devcrcaux or toronto university attending uie annual students branch conference of the amer ican society of mechanical engineers which is being held at columbus ohio this week miss doris besey has been successful again in bringing lionor to our town by winning the silver coronation medal in the peel open contralto solo competition held at port credit last week the con test was open to ontario georgetown pipe band under the leadership of pipe major uccarrou played program on main street last saturday night everybody appreciated the music scotch 1k always enjoyed no matter in what torn you get it saturday afternoon mrs agnes bruyns exhibited uie work of the pupils of her rl in drawing and painting the work of adults as well as of the chudren was universally admired by the visitors and especially the progress made from tfie first lessons to the later ones drew much attention the children served afternoon tea the teoond annual reunion and sup per of the employees of the dominion seed house took place last evening at hunters inn sevenuen of uie present start and six former members ere pre sent and after delightful interlude of piano music provided by iius eva thompson all took their pisccs at the table and partook of the many delicious things which luul been prepared for uiem herald as bplung kugisib he leaned over tlia garden fence and beckoned to his neighbor say old man he said under stand tliat you liave jones rake ti neighbor nodded ojod said uie first if youll let me borrow uiat occasionally 11 let you ue lils roller wlienever you want it vilcha vtw anglk jackie vutclied the nurse uhila alie weighed uie new baby miially he could contain hlmiclf no longer do you mind telling tile wliat mother paid pound for him asked to see douglas the public health citizens are requested to comply wrni the pubuo health act notice is hereby given that all resid ents of acton are required forthwith to clean their cellars drains yards water closets outbuildings and other premises and remove therefrom all dirt manure and other substances which may en danger the public health and to have the same competed by the eighteenth day of may next on which day the sanitary inspector will commence general inspection all eiusens earnestly requested to keep their premises constantly clear and thoroughly disinfected mcctttcheon reeve of the municipality acton april 15th hot uo patterson ro speefadfc kj bumka prill tin tiiiiiii immipll 1m wjmdkam si xni qoeuph phone aios qoauiy aeeexmcy smtimm announcing morning and evening delivery of milk and cream nuing mjmmlb months fnsh milk and cram kepi lis ktcfrirerailatt at all timed jersey dairy makaias phone acton gregory theatre tkidav may lib under cover of night unique mystery drama star rina edmund lowe comedy mixed politics kovelues stars of tomonrow snapahou mickey lloiiic chapter of lloarhur west katuudav may 8u devils playground sew drama hacked with ulrllla alarriik jushard ix dolores 111 juo and chester morris comedy champs chump novelties noeer wolfe kahn spark mug ttai news monday may iwb two in crowd romantic comedy starring joel mccrea and joan bennett com edy hotel la swing car toon puddy the pun and gyp sies musical synipliony in enow coronation day may th little lord fkjntleftoy one of uie greatest stories of all time starring freddle barth olomew band peter van siced cartoon picador porky coming head oveft hkms in love starring jmj msttiieus glen mexaciilan social credit member of wio alberta legislature and clialrman of the alberta oboclai credit board who sailed from montreal on april 30th for england to confer with major clifford douglas founder of the social credit theory mr maclachlan will discuss with mnor douglas the matter of the majors acb lpg as technical adviser in the establish ing of social credit in alberto coronation puzzle poem and the people cried with loud voice long live the king my first is in monarch not ruler or kluj my second in anthems our people etc sirig my third is in spain tear the noise of wars rumble my fourth in acclaim in land und in humble my fifth in the tumults and shoutings which rise of which kipling said when the kings depart dies my next is in crown and next weeks coronation and my next in the crowds at the great celebration my eighth is in outings and wild jubila tions my hln ti in the throne used at all coronations my tenth in kingdom my next in in king my twuvcth bi uie jjlug of belli how uicy ring now my lost you will see littlie grandeur of things connected with crownings of queens or of kings my whole is sentence pour words can you strike it long live the klng7 no but someuilng quite like lit refused amateur card mrs ellen stark following lengthy illness mrs ellen stark widow of the late james siark and daughter of the late abraham neil son died at her home on the fifth line esquesing on monday april iftuh de ceased was one of esquesings most high ly esteemedcltlzens and had been re sident of the township all her ufihe was born within few miles of the farm on which she was living mrs stark had been on active member of ttoton presbyuhan church she is survued by lur son nelson stark two grand children and brouicr andrew all of lsqucslng the funeral took place on wednesday afternoon wlun uie service was conduclvd liev mr andreus of borton church the pallbcareri ucri nix nopllews wm nellson tuppervllle thomas aitkeii guclph john ncuton limlhouse john wilson hornb wal ter and thomar brownridpe george town the remains ucrc interred hi grccnuood cimetery georgtout herald oftrosf watom altloslp of tiik wilo flowttts till ouo tltadt my he kttix winnnit am cry optihutlc ubut uu ruture tiieii why do you lwji urrkd um not certain my optlmunt jusuned drumme wlij hello hastua wliat are jou doing uuay out here in uie wiit ilistui is in di mlnln buliic bos druinnur you don iayl wliat kind of mining old mlnlnir sllvir mining copper mining luutus calclmlnlng 1111 miio up joiles old you oil ukal triub tlsl big excunvloti last uvek urown did jojies did yvu hah wlul nles urowu kish wlul riles yes ashed wlul them camped with uie dined with thenl and slept with them two outlia had heed to lads inul lule al uicy ictt one ald to the other wlio was uiu negro ue ur taring about joe was he tlw nuin wliat wan always cold no am the otlur he knew liow to keep hlniaelf watnl you re uilnkin of zero anouiej man altoueuierl the recent official adoption or the uhtte trllllum as uie tioral emblem of ontario may also prove 1u deathknell unless tlie public restrains its lumds from indiscriminate plucking of the flouer consequently uie ontario hor ticultural assoclauoa had renewed ltd efforts to arouse public sentiment to uards the protcuon of uie trllllum and of all wild flowers vram early spring until uie fall uie fields woods and elerut of canada provide succession of flow ers more voirled and quite tu beauuful as maj be found in the btsl gardens unf oi turmtely many persons particular ly of uie larger centres of populauon regard uds abundance as free gift to be ravisiied at wlll it is against this unrestrained gauierlng of wild blooms uial uie assoclauon is taking firm ttand tlie reckless plucking or uild flowers lias already caused the disappearance of some of uie flneit plants of th woods uirough uie damage caused by removing wlui the blooms all uie foliage widen reeded to mature uie roots the ontario hortlculuiral association in making public appeal against uie lavish gauierlng of wild flowers urges upon school teachers and pupils uie necclty ror proteeurtg the white trll llum it is one or the wild plants which sliould never be gauired freely if at all because uie blooms cannot be picked without removing all uie railage and on hi lollaec depends uie maturing or uu bulbous roots for uie following season crop some species of wild flowers such as violets liepatlcos and ouurs with jloucr stems rising directly from the roots may bv freely picked so long as ttu plant body is not disturbed ouier ultd fiouers liowever such as uie ulilte trllllum ore best left undisturbed in their native beauty the picking of wild flouer sliould be done only in sane and uioughtf ul man ner wlui due record for uie future sufficient flowers sliould always be left to form scedaand it yoes uluiout siylng tliut no wild plant shojlri llt be pulhd up by the roots what is nctded for the protection of wild flouen states silencer pa proildiiit of uie ontario horticultural as oclation is the develop insr of an attitude uuards uie natlv flora similar to tliat which lias conic to poiji the jouth of canada touardl wild lift irtttod of rushing for un or catapult uliui mi unusual bird or unlmal slhthl the normal uul naw taket lib pka ur in trctlngblrd liousts and feidlng station and in otlur wajti jnaklng frit nds with uie frauiervd or furry visitors which coiie and go or rxi maln throutflvout the year to add so much to uie joys of life wiui organ ised nwt uiu salilv setiutiketlt call bit dcvelovd towards uie flowers of uie fields ami uie wood throuiiout tlie wliole domhiloii use coupon solution kama banquet por closing meeting banquet was the feature of tlw closing meeting for the vear of tllii united young peoples after uie mom ben had enjoyed bounuful supper plans were made for picnic this sum mer tliey also discussed uie date and manner of an opening night in the autumn after the business period crokinole party was enjoyed by the gathering coronation talks ttie canadian amateur swimming association have cancelled uie alnoteur card of frank amyat ottawa cauoclsr wlio won uie only sold medal for canada ut uie olympic games in germany his card will not be rnewcdaiutu such time as the association decides whether amyot did or did not receive and accept 000 as gift from ottawa admirers for ills showing in the games and uiere by forfciung his amateur standing in preparation for coronation diy next wednesday principal vtacrae of the hlph scliool lias been giving perks of talks on the event each rchool diy to the pupll classes hae been as sembled each day and the pupils luue ben given better understanding of uils important event as remit of thcie per cent of which is nou being utilized talks tlity will be conunucd unul next tlie lurglt detlopnilnt ia at grand tnajoas watcb wweks canada is richly ndowcd wlui uater powir resources and lias made marked progresj in uiclr development every lame industrial centre in canada is serv ed wlui hydro lee trie energy and has ulthln practical transmission distance substantial reserved for uie future des pite tht progress which has been made sllrhtlj itss uian eight million liorsc pouer or only about eighteen per cent of the orae fortjfour million horse power tint the rivers and streams are npabk of producing is btlntc utlliyid capital txpenditurls in the development of the dominion uater pouer resource hive far involvld over one billion six hundred million dollars om cost to wo the extent and dl trlbutlou of canada uaur iwucr re jiu cei may be summarized as follous the rivlr of the maritime provinces particularly those of nova scotia and neu brunrulck are capable of producing half million hornepoucr about fifty week uhen uie service at the be fitting climax tiie coronation tea chool will rallr on the saint john river in now unswlck thore there is on installa tion of b0 000 horscpouer uio output from which chlcilj used in uie paper ndlls in quebec approximately seventeen million horse power may bo developed heantendent in coronation decarauona of wliich nearly four million or les than uie gymasium or uie xi was tuentythrcc per cent lias so ror been on saturday afternoon quite centre of harncsed on uie soguenay river two interest when uve duke of devonshire one at isle maligne at uie outlet cliapter or uie held uieir lake saint jolm and uie ouier at coronation tea tlie event was quite chute coron twentyfive miles furuier popular and was well attended the downstream liavc capacity of 755 000 n6cnt mrs blow received uie horsepower an addluonal million and guests and mrs smith and mrs quarter horsepower is developed on gould poured tea the st maurice st lawrence and varied and delightful program in richelieu rivers and uiere are also large eluded vocal selections by miss rulli plants on uie ottawa tinea and gibson mrs letshuian sammy llevre rivers in uie ottawa valley brunnelle and bruce purgiter john mc in ontario some nine million horse hugh and gordon gibbons violin solos pouer la available of which over two and by norman bralda and readings by mrs half million or about twentyeight klrknes and mrs dessercault and half per cent has so for been developed this hydroclcctrtc energy is uullsed throughout the province and serves not only the industrial centres but also the agricultural areas in the south where sumo 30 00o tanns art supplied tn uie nuruin areas it is the principal source of povet for the ulp and pipe and mining industries the chief agency for supply is the hydrob3ectric power commission of ontario which is now one of tlie largest electric supply organ izations in the world the niagara sys tem lias an aggregate capacity of one million and ninety thousand horse power and tho development at quecn ton capable of generating five hundred and sixty thousand horsepower is the largest single installation in canada jin waterpower of the prairie pro vince is sufficient to provide nearly ten million horse power nearly seven mil lion of which is in manitoba land the remainder almost equally divided be tween saskatchewan and ajberta as et only nve per cent has been develop ed most of the uater power resources are to be found in the precamhrlan shield which occupies eastern and north ern manitoba and northern saskatche wan british columbia is capable of develop ing more than six and half horsepower of which only about eleven per cent is being utilized at present development of major importance to the mining industry of the province is that on bridge river where construction of plant to have an ulumate capacity of six hundred thousand liorscpower has been begun plants on uio kootenay river supply power for uie mining and metal lurgical industrie in 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and tminy ih feveral feet of uuter hie iriiiinn kornuui alkrn surnla vulh instantly kllltsl the rnulnetr 4aloobu iikim linnt died umo iwiu laur he liad been pinned trunjtut wai reported drown in uu mass of wreckage by twisted ueel tlfcaaltout was caused by swirling uuur of uie liiuiiiid hjvr hwilim to all time high by continuous rain wauni otitarlo wliere rain fell for tto nuilits and day was sutfering tieavy rtvwl damage with 10000 jwiraonk evacuuuxl froi uie city of london riltson luxu woodstock st mary st tnomus and lngenol uu reported lieavy 1u il the photograph abovr kiob uie derailed ciucatrotomoiltreal nler after it had struck uie wusltout cauwxj by tlie rising flood wuurs

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