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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 8

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pack kk1ht the acton free press tuuhsday april 3sok 1s37 notices birtaa lfanuf1 and deaths are lascrud la tab column without dain mmli hotiots ud ioc pa uo additional for poetry died oakes at hla late raldtnm lot 16 gonoohloo kramoa tbwnatilp on saturday april 24ul 1937 barry oake beloved husband of morffarct burnett in nls 73rd year 6tumpf at the home of arthur aylea bockwood ontario on friday april 33rd 1937 margaret annie pakon widow of the late robert reuben stumpf in here ooiii year ocalls aprh doers ha been copious start has been made on repairing the roadways about town ouelph has had two strikes during the wnk one of them has been set tled good thought for the past week was to recall the long dry spell of last summer now if it werent for the later ma times daylight saving would have no inconveniences the change to daylight saving time last ueek was comparatively easy and devoid of confusion hoove if storey of fcramosa has been appointed to the board of the cuelph winter jalr there was good attendance ut djco in th town hull last thurfcd venlng yot the nctsi urnl cat for spring consult tn nds firs it tlie tasy way econtirtabl shopping the rumor of on ontario election this year has been denied by prtmu hepburn as without any foundation agreements between the dominion and provincial governments will involve nil expenditure of 300000 on lughways 4his year if there arc extra digging opcratous in the gardens tomorrow it is no sign of an early crop the fishing season opens saturday in spite of tile injury from which lie has just recovered sammy bruntlle come hack from the county fwstlval tith silver medal for boys solo cunningliam wdio la in cliarge of the irovinclal highway on mill street making repairs this wedc to tlu road way and patting it in good condition mr 5l harding kindly forwarded tux wtr phess copied of tlie calgary hamld wo appreciated getting tile western viewpoint on their own govern ment hon duncan marshall minister of agriculture for ontario will bo uio speaker at meeting of halton county shorthorn breeders in milton on sat urday nuisance bylaw consolidated continued from pnge one ts4ikklln kaovidfe tmlluymknt wat m5 0o wottklos canada nslierlos provided employ ment for more than 060 workers dur ing 19s5 uie latest year for which tiie rigures are available of uw total more tiiun 70 goo were men who worked in the primary operations of uu in dustry ca telling and landing tlie fish and slicuash file remaining fifteen thousand or so most of them men but bonie of tiiem women were employed in the canning and curing plants such tlie salmon an4 lobster and sardina factories und tlie plants prowling dried and pickled riii although british columbia top nil provinces in annual marketed value of xulierlts production more people are employed in uu atlantic coast julier led tlian in like work onywliere else in tlie douminlon pishing conditions on tiie pucuic coust are dltfcrent from thce which are found in the atlantic amis and conditions in the inland fish erles differ again from there in the lulurle eitiier tost or we about mtk0 people wre employed on tlie atlantic colt thl figure including ruarly 500 wlio uire at uork in the freshwater fljurl of quebec and new bruiuwlek and in british columbia the fcrflnml slightly txcetdtd 17 000 ih frvadiwaur llslwries outside of ni brunswick and queluvc tuie tmpliiimnt to about vw men no lmui doctor voir ii ha ml ml todu mn malum is lu tlckiii to tlu simple nlit pre crlbed uln malone he is not iil hell not aiur otjriu himrclf dcutli jut ftr thi ikt of hmng feu ari longer jastthholls felt that they had poaslbly been hasty and agreed in future tq ask for tenders for the insurance they felt that this procedure would be in the best interests of the municipality the flgjy quoted was however higher than itf the wilson coverage the nmth report of the finance oom mltteo reoommended payment of the fol lowing accounts it wallace teaming and cut ting wood 31 75 talbot supplies for arena 32 bell tclcplione co services 10 84 planner salary supplies etc 150 44 mrs mcdonald premium on liability inguranco loos xjafrance rsro ivjamite xad llro equipment c8 25 367 85 rhe report was adopted george eaid claimed an amount of 50 for breaking spring on his car when it struck iiole in the roadway on willow fctreetf tlie claim was order ed forwarded to tlie insurance company for adj istment councilor mason olfcred to allow tlie dumping of ashes at suction ho was lllllng hi at his pond property rh council and municipal olficir re ported on tlie adjustment of frontage tux on tlie property of mockciitlo on main street moved by muhoii seconded by mcmillan tliat tho annual waterworks frontage tax imposed on the properly pureiuified by mocktnzle from tlie ii idoctrio hallway on the south easterly ijde of churcii street being parts of lots 28 20 and 30 block plan 82 amounting to 18 bo reduced to 62 in view of the factr that 1b4s ctiarued in hi cxcea of uic amount of utuul frontuge uiid tliat such frontage us doi exlit has little dcptii betllnd it but tliat in consideration of sucli reduc tion frontage tax of c2 year addition be imposed upon tliat part of such property which fronts on main street and being composed of lot in said block and plan carried tlie municipal officer reported that new blade was required for tlie road grader council decided to get prices on smaller machine tliat was better suited for repairing tlie roads before making repairs to the present machine as instructed tlie clerk imd prepared bylaw making tlie clotjiig of beverage rooms at 11 clock mr holmes pro prietor of tilt dominion hotel luul ajc ed the council to moke tiw closing twelve clock on liollday nights council decided not to pass tlie by law but left thd matur entirely up to the liquor control board council felt tiiat the government luul made tho law and should look after any changes that are mode tho clrk uas instructed to eervc xljajres for rent on properties tliat were in arrears for taxes those in arrears for one year utre to be notified be fore tiie kelure uas mode but other utre to be attached wltliout notice tiie clerk liad prepared bylav onioiidatlng tlie nuisance bylaus of uie municipality and tlie bylaw was read by tlie clerk the subitequvnt reading were also clven and the bylaw passed coun cil also deelded to have the bylaw pub lished in tine vel pmtfirt to tiiat oil mlglit be acquainted vith provisions the matter of fence at tlie pioneers olmetry property was discussed by tiie council and share of the cost vtas to be assumed by tlu property adjacent and the council council agreed to arrange tliat tlu town hail have thorough cleaning other improve men ts to the hall mere dis cussed council imnctioned the plan of tiie streets and walks committee in making repairs to tlie roaduaya it uas also con sidered advisable to secure supply of first cloj gravel on hand foi all road rxpdn ki ml mbj if frankt mahshajli bright young life was terminated and young wife widowed by tho death on wednesday last of frank marshall in ids twcntyalxtb year he had been hi lor two weeks but was thought to be improving and on tlie saturday previous to his death plans which had been made previous to his illness were carried out and he uos joined in holy wedlock to miss irene elliott his eudden death wus great shock to all ho was son of mr and mrs alfred marshall and has resided at the home at lot 25 con cession escrueaing since tile family came there six years ago besides his wife and parents one brother and one sister remain and to all of these sympathy of many friends goes out in their bereavement tno funeral was held on saturday afternoon and wai conducted by bev muton morrow assisted by itev brilllnger service was held in the united church acton and was largely attended he was popular young man and hod made many friends since coming to acton tile pall bearers were messrs joseph plynn boot parkinson chris taylor lawrence olbbons john srnallman and stanley joe interment was made in furvicw cemetery elorai tributes included offerings from ife fatlicr motiier sister and brotlicr grandparents and uivcles and uutits my nnd mrs tlllott violet and ada storey glove co cousins mr and mrs blanch and family mr john chap man mesdalnca robertson bracken and somervllle united church ladle louisa and jt au fryer georgetown puiying sav wlun lulli uore luavj quilted wool len iwtlicoitr call bajmoruls when ue tiru ed pcul from the red roie of ml ummor lut for rou wlun oup niaklr ciinio to the door to mi tie inter tuinuli in of km hi iuu for them uitii llnu ire wlun tlu unlit uore li muttun sltw lined with tlir fabric hlcii lull il to full slt living ii ulnj iih wlun gnndm liu cond round tin ui vmh id ujkt or panui cloth and wn iicilnr ami cow id the it if lslool in bt un old hlid put uas ut the bedside of his dying wife put slio said if ever you marry after am gone will scratch my way out of tiie grave and haunt you about two weeks afur pat went to tho prlest and told him lie wanted to get married again the priest old why pat have you forgotten your wife last words begorra no said pat burlci her face down so the more she scratch ed tlie deeper sha will go potitudfc in tiie pace of tboubxje possessing tl you re armed to fftc3 whatever is to be tho bloo of ple sneers of men and dire calamity though trouble dogs your footsepi you will krep straight on the rood and every fresh disaster 111 bo just another goad to spur you on and make you strong to take tlie stony track where ncokr men would blame their luck and gium blc and turn back we need quality today we need tills sort of atull to lielp us through tho bitter das when times arc hard and rough this staying poncr with which tlu sou of men lias been endued this vital dogged faith in god that men call fortitude just two have iou an cor for music asked the girl no replid tiie matteroffact young man use one of noyjears for teleplione cornrnunlcatlons and the other as penrack royal gueuh now maying personal property jean hiirlow robert tayloi at on turb 1u 3rd 4t history is made at night charles boytir jean arthur the shipwreck scene worth um admluioxi continuous kaiurday from 1jz9 vlxt wu tiidbs ekl cau it day olivia de haviland roland young weekend specials rose bushes hybrid tea roses bushes and climbers all colors and vannils each 20c boxwood plants for hedges and flower beds each 20c peony roots red white and pink assorted varieties each 15c gladroli bulbs rf 1u assorted for juc garden seeds pkbs for ifte garden forks and trowels is ea laun gruss seed lb 2fic aero plant food packet cononation decoftatrons ano souvenirs silk and cotton flags 5e 18c lie oororuiuon china mugs and saucers for coronation flags iftc coronation bon bon dishes i5c coronation tumblers for isc make hmlon your heodqiuirtera for houfieeleanui supplied pamu and wahpanrs where tke vulut arc biirei 20c hintons 5c to store uttftt box alblkta musings ar free imeji lite vliit of tlio acun fair iresidcnt ulbeit as member of lress association to uio lrmlers farm ouui bo good brushing up of information in prepara ion lor tlie coming annua event there it one peculiarity tn that going into chickens uwiroughly tried out by uie ttsident seems to have been ignored by tiie iti mier however tlie two ex plolts will bo valuable features in the outlook on forming possibilities now ubout ilfty four years since acton fair war lnlroduced hi addition to the pli ndld ad joining townalilp fairs of kromowl at itockwood and queslng at gorgetown or stewarttown and it ap peur to bo lively cntitty yet hem tluro is no word of faint as iuch belt foxes to and from hero on tlie calvary bus lhie ato very numerous as well as quite fleet of private curs these ou luids create enough excitement in tiie published report of one company alone it is stated that in 19m tlie total income uaj about si 74j 000 pliey re port tliat on 620 acre they lluve 64 produclm well with all of acton lively enterprise ou are day hind in coronation preparuttoiis for tlu committee liere is to meet tonight 20th instead of your jlrt however your demoiistratlon will be about pent uhen ours will begin oulng to the tartli not hurrying up the lea for tltlicr king or commoner in its jouriuy touard tiie sun yours truly ooiiman enjo life daily oct your enojmcnt out of life dolli and liourly ou go along do not ualt for holld eys and special occasion on which to bjvj full play to youn spirit iabcrute your joy thoughts every day xtruct constant happiness from your uork live hi the incntoi cunshlnc now look for the bright things in men jnd life interpret vcrytnlng for tlie bcst be an lnu uigent oplimla always oce tlio bright side of the picture culti vate tunny hopeful buoyant attitude of mind ijeck those tilings which are hi erlng inspiring clailaraiing make tlio most of todays opportunities cot away all thoughts of care worry and rncuuiclioly ajid carry yourself in ini ntul atutude of genial expectation cultlvule sunshine of tlio mind illason can any of yj cliildren tell rno why adam was made hum if you pleoie sir if uiey niado him baby there lia bin nob dy to muss him sports the baseball schedule is being held up for another decision to be made the colore ian in of ouelph and hiusburg uunt lo enter teams in the group it uould make an eight team group and create lot of interest but the matter is for the executive to dec dp the meeting on may 4tn in milton ulli consider this suggestion we understand number of the teams in tlie group are ullling to odd these new entries with onie fine weather and daylifcht saving time now in force practise con soon be hud on the ball diamond tiie tennis courts can soon come into luc again and jlkcule bowling but the 24th seems about tlie usual time for starting these activities touovto rlani to gu1flt iiowlfcvs llats with icljcoicu on olsivg day itt outmdt hfcmibu urndc church whre mariettu slu waited to mkak to the rctoi if lu 11 agree to have the wull duiu oierund tlu cluincl rucorau she going to inurrlid ure ues prbuuier belong to tlie bulldog brdt magiiuate wll py tiie liixns ttx three doluem ulll kim iu vol st ill mi in rt of iw or ut ut for lw thlnt lit nu mint thr irmi tlu work win ju mind itlll in hl tr uk laitl fid ilh what lit hud jt tt rd iy and hum ntuli lo kt that hi no raam tl nr it nfltli lie in tlu future hi fust for him tlu in cone hi parti ular mitl tin luntly ich out for iuw tradi old tuhttiiiirs move uvy some of tlum pass away und people liablts chaiue and llui uround from place to puc to buy thiiitpt coiuvrn lleeeu to odvervbie to houl iu own ui tlu changing world and it inustf adv lib more und inure to make aliu coronation day in acton itiliis of acton in usked lo to opcritt fully in the obslrvttnte of coronation day tin iy i2tlr vlryoiil can help by decor hinj homes or business place for iiil decision ind participatinj in the parade and service tb it is beinj ur ranged for acton on that day all oramz itions arc asked to co operate in the local plans full details of which will be announced later plan your decorations now mulct acton present ala appearance during this important event mccutcheon reeve fut the public health tmzins akl requested to comply witii till public hralth act kollcc is hereby given that ail rcsid ti of acton are required forthwith to rl on their cellars drains yards water closets outbuildings and other premise and remove therefrom all dirt manure und other substances which may en danger the public health and to have ths same competed by the eighteenth day of may next on which day the sanitary inspector will commence general inspection all cltlaens are earnestly requested to keep their premises constantly clear and thoroughly disinfected mccutoileon hcevo of the municipality acton april ibth 1937 425 all sign point to big revival of base ball in toronto tills year since uie club ciuuiged hands last december and tlie rum owners decided on ou nyour play ers policy business and service cluu and boosters organisations liave pledged tiielr support tlie appointment of dan how ley was also popular move how ley is starting his seventh season as toronto manager after an aheence of three years he first managed tiie leafs in 1018 tlien for fouryear stretch from 1923 to 1020 inclusive and again in 1033 he won pennants in 1018 and 1026 tills year howley building up team from an excellent crop of loung sters seusonui wjtii enough veterans to provide tlu necessary experience so enthused has toronto become ov the rjinwlng of tiie leafs in tiie spring cx liibiuon games and since tlu season opened that given favorable weather on may gui new attendance record uillj be ctablljied at maple leaf stadium when tlu llufs opn tiielr home itnionl agulnt the baltimore orioles tlie pre hour hirh murk for opening ioi attend ance ul the stadium was made on maj nd lqfl when tlie newark bear und the la if plujed to 15fif7 fun hls thru or four thousand iluirt of tlu ipuclti of tlu bljt uruiid tand tlu mnplt ienf luive imi mwi pi clurs in thi ikln lu italy dili and jut mulll on rulit huiuh und nil sullivan 20 ir old southiaw all iitl will wr hit tn height mil 00 pound in utljlit sullunn he in it m4d all hint mid onie fav iti with iirtiui pitrtus ami tin lutu of thi ppo bit nun lu if ur it hi nu fr in muv uli lij itle pi ii tin hiltlmoit si it jt cit ni vi it hi io und iit lutii jl st llkml aicoim pat it bt nit to drinking put und tu in hunt ju in llni chani ii und hurry wort wluu miein hi clotlu lu in id ntv hi ut but to front dldut ti jt willi pit ua giiuj up hit luddir ulth full of brl ks tlu ludtl br ki und hri fell down tlu fon man rushed oier to put und iulel aie jou hurt iv17 ftvhiuj hinmlf all over oiui notlcliig his punu turn uround pat said no but bckorru nuiit luive had turlble twut congoleum week anotlur chance lo kt conkum llxxg size htfce come in and jat our enty isiank conleul clwteti saturday may 8ih at 00 hi bs curtain ncla 15c to 29c print dresheo 100 new prints lurce fialtfe of patterns 17c to 29c yd frilled curlaitly iee these 65 klouses styks for 100 siuhl undies liter aasarimeni of qualities and style 29c to 79 cretonnes sew puttrmd 15c 35c yl gikju print dretisee sliujl to 14 year 69c and 100 vuil tacaon silk hose semi service chiffon 69c pair wednesday half holiday commencing wednesday may 5th our store will clotc wcdnejajh at i2jj0 we are open tuesday friday and saturday evenings ties ew stock jut arrived summer piilterns cuc shrrrs new styles and colors see these mens cils vrlil ou lot ta clair at 69c sltwal hoys blouses su toll yearw your choice for 39c hos pullovers srvcral styled 59c to 150 mcny fine socks large assortment to choose from 15c 50c boys caps 50c 75c boys shirts 75c to 100 mens felt ilau scelju ou lot odd urn in eocli ttit suitable for everyday wear flags flags flags for coronation decoration red white nnd blue bunting jc to zjc 10 yards for 120 elliott bros phone 38 we dehxer acton crown canadian winner of boston marathon wtlur youtiif otntkurutlv uikknown trom vrrtkumt quebdc lit inurutuljtit utur winning tlu jil inl 85 yurtl tiutrutlkin ut lbnton tlliw uu hfmjrri j3 mlmiui sctxuldi 8in dctiuted uu fuvurit iiiih 1ciu lj ditultt inuriiln

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