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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 7

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thursday april 3mtt 1037 the acton free press yopk bit keep on milling every day keep on trying every way keep on alnglng yes can keep on helping every man keep on kp on never quit god keeps on no do your bit twenty ykaks ago uie ioe of tfa frree pi thursday my 3rd 1911 may day was cold wet and blustering no hint of springtime prevailed mr james carnohan received word that his brother pt john camahan 133rd battalion slmooc was killed in action at vlmy ilidfte the women institute collecud t80 bl tor aid the belgian children the first official vuit of an oitlcer of the grand lodge to walker lxlnr sz am since the lodge was transfer red from hamilton to wellington dis trict was made on monday by tt bro dr piatt ddow of drayton cablegrams have been received unit the transport conveying tlic lg4ui jlallm duffcrin battalion acrusi the atlantic had safety reached england and the troops were landed new dairy rrgululion4 hav wen put into force to deul more strictly with tlic truestlon of tuberculotibi and to prevent the spread if thai du oie ttie tvgula lieins provide that dj tries uuilt be llccr and mikt conform to rwuiirlj standard ll peddifc in auilntf an thuridiy april lotli 1917 pel ivddu in his 77th eal poultry ho it til many millions to canada only few jcars ago figure relating to the statistic of poultry in canada occasioned very little interest and were dismissed with fleeting glance now that the poultri industry throughout the dominion lues developed into one of uie big undertakings in urn field of agriculture uiesc figurrs arrest uie attention rcvcalingajithcy do the enormous growth of an industry which directly or indirectly affects practically every canadian liome apart from uuj impressive llglirerf dealing with tlu trade and commerce tdda of tlu industry tlu following ligures whlcli relate only to the numbers and vuluts of canadian farm poultry are sufficient to clve an idea of tlu development of tlic industry in 1036 cuiuulan farm poultry was valued ut over 40 000 060 tiw total number and vuluci of poultry on canadian forms in lt3fl with comparative ugur for 103g with in brackets are estimated on follows belli and chicken 55 717 000 j5 081 oo0 5j 0c 000 t3 570 000 turkeys 039 000 3cn000 006t200 bfi2 ooo geie iu9 000 ifioooo 018 100 si j13 000 ducks ifl2 300 j547 000 721 t00 77 000 totul poultry 69 98 200 m0 31 000 10 768 800 40203 oo0 by pruuncek tlu total value of all farm poultry are estimated fallow with the idjj figures with brackttr prlnc tdward island 646 000 c5 ooo nova stotla 900 000 770 000 hew brunswick 1122000 108000 quebec 45 376 000 43 00 ontario 18 078 000 17 883 060 manitoba 067 ooo 836 000 sojdcatchewan t5 026 000 200 000 alberta 358 000 505 000 and brltuul columbia 763 000 402 000 vogufr folt quiliig land qui ting lias risen from ita tra ditional place in the bidroom to plan in the fashion world wliat uas good enough for grandniflfi prle comforter is now iqch1 enough to go out in the smarter clrcla luitjoiu latin cnpls and taffetaa ranging in color from toft paste is dp broaiifi and navy blues have been hand quilted to achieve charming effects for robei bed jacket and women even ing cloukj and cape tlic oshiaii important ol jy trend conlun uu chm unl ln to hunt uo chalw lonlue coc uall hanulnu and otlier boudoir artlclt appear ln tlu new collections of hand quitted urttt quilting lut colorful nxst tlja punlo qulluiil uiil 1iiu ixltlncc ut elw time of tl ucniuancl it lii ucconiplutted by drawing th lun th ibl lint afttr it iil udi quilte th ici utum lliu hill hilled ullli null pi of uool chronicles of gingerfarm written specially for tbe actoo free press gwendoline clake our great big calf is otul alive several of the neighbors have been hi to see it and they all my it is the biggest calf they ever aaw but we havent had it weighed yet by tlio time it was strong enough to be tiandled there was too much mud around for partner to want to botlier bringing the scales down from oho bam and am not so sure weight would bn very much of guide in comparing it wiui ouwr calves as it nothing but bog of bone think to iuisfy myself it would be better idea if vcub out ultll tape tneiuiun and sized it up uiat way fcuggcsted that tlio coif bo called normous it inouicr luim norma but both the cow and calf belong to our young ton and lie won hear of uio oulf being clllexl anythli4e but tty siurh an ordbiary mum for an out of tlu ordinary calf iiowcvi we coil ul uayrt call it normous bclty suppose ihirtiur uiv it going ta tike tuo coui to feed it lie rxuggcrutlni but knou it takth more ed than nuvl ihn do liull have quite mi inltreiliu burnard unily before loiu in few it tlllle uu oti gollu to gt millie coronition pli wlmt corona tion pig oh uell if the truui uirt told the ire jill pil luppo it ju hnppei tliit uu farmer from wliom are buylnl the ply jild uu would be re ady about vuy 2tli artym ay they are not at ull uie common type of pig bocjaim one of tluui unde rsumd vas tvrn wiui tuo tuiu and it bcenu quit obvioiu to me iluu uih littlo pig uie ant to luive on tall to um oh tall and uie otlier to use uu mini ttune llog starf wouldn it be quite uie lubet in original deooruticjui to have little pig uiui nice wee union jack ued to its kpare tail and liow luu everyone been enjoying the mud and rain or hato jou had any sonietimts wlun look at my rioon feel convmced all uie mud in uie county been tracked in through my liouse tliere an times hen tu rtate of affairs uould ju about get on my mive but uiui ueek liave hardly luid time to can my foui my own let alone uorry about muddy floorr mon day and tuesday wiuji hie wvauier uas nice vajied and lroruml boui days tut rflay night uent out to meeung and did not et liomc until nearly twelve clock wednesday out all day on busl neji biviud out to iupper and after vvird to uu sliow to uec after the tliin man thurcd ly music festival rriday ma ic tv uval saturday muriel iytuval belnr on uc committee felt rjuiuld be there on much oji nor jblc and not only tliat went because tnjojl ftoini enjojed it all exctp for bout ten minute between five and oni thu day tliat wn when our eon li infing his jilo we knew it uu jut limbic whether he would be able to ret through it or not because hi voice ins started to break or clianae wlii lieier ou like to call it some time at home he uould ftet along just fine and it ouier ume hl voice would all go to pltce tlur wx one of uio otlier tlnus and had to it uicre and llten to it uondcr who gvts more panicky uie children who sing or uie mouien father and auntr belonging to uicm or uie teachers every yea before uje ivuvoj starl think it all waste of time not the teocliin of mulc but uie fvstlvol lb relf and every year before the festival is nicely over am all worked up ln its fat or again it lion its diadvantages ivir in tance uure uu dangojr of what acute duapikilntment may mean to reniluvc child if he doev win com petition la rauier cruel thing ln some re pects and et on the oilier hand wo mut remember wc live in comneti the world perh ipa uii eijly tialning help child to stand on lur oun fet it depeneu much on tlu tun slats diary by oliver wajulen faunduy will this prreching never um to end wander it en magnc fcent day ftn feelilng and etc but about uu ume were warfetl on jionu uilng that dont no nouicn about mpnday uilnk need act of kon vji kouprwm coart dcslslien am thlnkcil it ov will duaidc zt make rcpt tomuito if not to reguetod 5t etc tuesday lavc dissldcd need same bocos why kids in kullko muslin fadrirs swot sliops any bcttrrn rne they swot in the shade have to sweti out in tlio lut sun witch dont kool oit aro gardcii none to speck of turn uilng otto bo done to stop child faber ln garden swot chopd ottent it mister itoscnfclt wednesday cant get garden swet sliops often my cliist demand rcleef at will rite sum hot lettra to mister wallid ulio runs cvrythlng about agre kiuclmr in uur govt you fcwvo just as disaagrucabel among reddeahes ai unyens as ohiong npdndcls kollko etc tliursday an bother argymlnt why ll forrrn icicls in faotries eney bettern amcrlen kids in gardens ust you jlst oiiii me umt ia ux ho omachoor as rlavo driver put him ageiisi uu footry feller ip hely wluii feesljlng uv good prlday ta drecmed la oc milyun tro when pa told uu edilur huuil iul dieenu like that uh liu are auuke uitcti uln uo good lie ied un ly jake ed in tl in tlu 1m bjy lu ll her he jd of cour why do you dllie ull that uiil que xhieu ill wl oi qiini crceld nt pin to tlio lil nee mwi clllrt slu tidmirliu ll jn loox it that nuui che development he ciie jl til velopment lie ot tint bulte pattini lm elf on uie back way untie taught iv jival cer uilnly liou tliat much up anyway it eary enough to ilii when child nukls poor jioulntr through nervoilx or throur lack of proper trainliir if uu tru tees of any particular jhool and nm uilnklng more of rural liool liave any doubt about uie ef ficency of tlic muic teaclicr uiey em ploy they have only to attend uie music feuval to find out tor uumlve the pity of it few tru tee realie tha it up to uum to find out uhetlur the ratcpacr money la btlnr properly sjient or not some people are very much ugulnrt mil ic belnir tiin ht ln tclmol and if re uli are not satisfactory wlio can blimo tliem let il luik mu jc by all me iil but let it be taught proiierly or no it ill want good uwnt iiiefs 1iow to uvt ju us sot as uie will dry and ilrm en ugh to walk upon after the know liai dua peured uuj uiiih to mmenco op rutltuu rr cnusring lfoxi lawn 111 nxst uilng to do is to rt move ull thi deud gias by uvliu the luan uuirough raking and atten hon olio id be directed to llxliig up the larc patlies by cowing fresh seed tlu seed jiould be broadcast evenly on the bare putt he after uiey have been raked to tin tit pth tt two inclied tlio seed sh mid be uien covered lightly with tprlnkling of tilted soil and packed down irmly tim patclini should be kept moint but nob flooded for ut least two wcelcd through uu application of tine bpray rvrulisur is necessary for uui lawn and should bo applied just as soon an ui raking und needing have been done ulid as iumin ui the fertilizer lias been applied it fdiouid be well watered in caro ing taken to us line spray bo that the seed not disturbed in uu newly seeded ureas when uie time for cutting arrived which as soon an the gras1 la long cuoukii to allow the mower to function properly regularity in thopro cetji should bt observed and it mlluke to allow uie grass to grow over two lncluit at any time reliable gru mixtures may bo ob tained from etedmen but for those people who wuh to mix uicir own younf flu dominion fxpcrlmcnw lurn it vr dt ricton who in can dim autlnit on ril jtui home mn in the united itate rec mmend or the average lawn mixture of fo ir pirl kentucky blue in ind one irt ued top ot the rat ttir to fo ir pound per 000 square tf uwn it it tic ind to include white clover mi ci hth irt rhould be tdded to the wtu where the above mixture doe not lie ill factory re mit owint to locil condition rhode mil bent jra jiould be ed ut the rate of two to threi pound per 0q0 qu ire feet for iiudy areor one third the quantity of hour stalk ml meadow itil lmuld be udded pvllure to grow ra in jiady plice due more often to low ft till and lack of molture linn to the fnade itelf 1ia11 nms be cheerful which will you do mile and malic others linppy or be crabbed and make everyone around you mi arable rile amount of happlncs ynu can produce lncalcuable if you rhow face nnd speak pleasant uords there no joy like tliat which prlnt from kind act or pleasant deod and you may feel it at night when you und ut morninr then you ric an throuih all tin diy when bout your luslnc crown jewek on display in the tower certain it li kmnd tlilnjt for cliildren to be taught to itu uu ly it in tautiht totl ly not but what uie re till plenty room for im prove mi ut would like to iv mude recognized il me of the imporumt ubject in uie rh eurri culum teaching mulr nc iry urj llrt ill ua lu tint ln ill eluul at anv itt tlu teudi till in id mu in with lu rdinury rk an uli dill uu it uu orange pekoe blend salada tea the free press says konfcs bffr think what this won derful offer will mean in enjoyment through out the whole year for yourself and your fam ily magazines of your own choiceand this newspaper packed with stories time ly articles helpful departments ana color ful illustrations now is your chance croup croup select one magazine select one mac azine mactans 24issues yr national home monthly yr canadian maprlne yr chatelaine yr pictorial review yr silver screed yr american boy yr parents magazine mo can horticulture and home marina yr liberty ma52lssueslyr judge parents magazine true story screenland house garden lyr 1yr lyr lyr gma this offer fully giuxr anteed all renewals will be extended take your choice one magazine from group and one magazine from group and this newspaper offer no three magazines from group land this newspaper picas cno genuemcn rt so lov and time tables nadian at acton going east lxiily except inday dollp vxx pt hunday dally txcept uiulay sund iy only caolng west daily pt uiulay dally except uiuly dally exct faunday dally exe pt bundity hue bundiy only 00am am 23pm 10 43ani 2jbi os jn 1233 am 11 32 pm siakdaltx irmk ijlled niljiul ii il ltd rkn is fin fit piny in tlu th mi mini ii ill in ri wir of iditul im iru imll vi ml qu want the trade advertise vtwuound eastbound 15 12 15 noon 15 pni 15 in 111 pin 35 pin 50 10 20 in 05 pin 100 in 00 in 00 in uu rnioumation harold wiies central pntkriikrkilwayb ins fire car accident sickness etc harrop representative goto duihi maiaaj norwiob ualott canadian fira iltuarabcc compaeny tlui alkianow ajhavmbmi co th cabualiy nt cwuscu ajbnranc company tha mcfvhjuilm cajrtlty co whats the news news is cluiifihik con klantly evliiir happen font and uiiiiks change over iuflit only an alert newspaper eun keep abreast of thole happenings on many local fronts the aelon free preaa offers its readers complete mrvuce in news reportins and editorial features it answers the question whats the news regularly every thursday subscribe now ana keep up with the times the actonfreepress acton ontario xiii lows ol iii 111 ill 111 ll 111 lu uu rlw un rn li ii il 11 ii ii in 11 11 ill 11 ul ull at 11 iw nil il ill nhoixj 111 11 ll ill til ii ii ii il ell it il nil ul triril 111 it in 11 subscriptions for all magazines taken at the leo press ouleo muggs and skeeter wall bishop tl cj li thin mi thiir mud und tiin bu ln tlu int ill tt ull it mlihr urr nt tl iw luiu lo ilu in illd dun in few ir it will it with wl of vl if tkl rluelc it ut il muutli it is mil that wlun tin tbb it can jw yji uu in tu tlu oc un ui oti tlu muui tr orin wo cfntliunt iuv jtimill its wuy tr cliuutdntl lls dlretion for tlu thousand ktrruiiui that fall inl it on th rllbt hand tuid tu tl1 left but only lulnif tiumi to iticrihm 1u irtv and bearliuf tlurm uwurd in 1u iistleu chtiniu1 henry 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