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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 6

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the acton free pkkss tlftjrsday aprib 28th 1307 the news ppfed buuetin today tvia posted on wayaddo tree and bore cheerful bit of new where all who passed might see beard an extra called today tw shouted in joyous voice the great event is heralded made all our hearts rejoice the pussy lllows signal soft the llrst clear birdnotes happy ring sent forth the news throughout tile land ho boys and girls its spring menu hints meetptm fer new an navel dkhn ha webs ideas and oub bottles and cans by moixv mahtin the battle between the tin can and tlm gin is container havfeeen raging for years almost ovcry one lias more or less token sldrj so why should remain in tho coldwhllo the tin cans rattle and the class chimes mcrrily7 personally uke ino glass cooalncr komehow perfer to purchase my foods in containers that allow me to view the food inside know wliat im get ting and what its condition is vor my liome preserving alwajs buy glass jars because have complete fulth hi tlie ability of glass to protect all the llute flavor and quality of hiy liomo niudo duiuties afur have taken such pains niak my preserved come up to the quality on which pride myself iwlng only the best materials and tho niqit carefully developed recipe im not going to lake clumce on every thing being spoiled by putting tlicni up in contalnen mad of inferior mater ials it only natural then tliat when buy manufactured food product buy them in containers which personal ex perience lias taught hie arc the best like to know wluit im buying especial ly ulicti it comes to food so favor the glass container and cast my vote for it home is no home it seems to me uithout wellstocked pantrj and keep my cupboard ijielve graanfnz under variety of branded foods in bright glass jars and bottles ranged bklebysldc with audi homemade dain ties as these dried ap1ucot jam cup lbs prepared fruit cup lbc sugar bottle fruit pectin to prepare fruit add 3icups water to pound apricots cover let stand hour or over night tlien simmer co ered jo minutes drain grind or chop fine and mix with juice measure sugar into large kettle add prepared fruit filling up last cup with uuter if necessary mix well brine to full rolling boll over liottest fire stir constantly before and while boiling hail hard minute then remove kettle from fire and stir in fnilt pectin skim pour qulegly poralfln and oovr make about glasses fluid ounces each carrot and orange marmalade carrot orange lemon sugar dice the carrots and cook them until they are tender in or little water aa possible cut tlie orange in smallest pieces and add tlie juice and grated rind of tlie lemon measure the carrot and fruit tfnd add twotlilrds as much tugar ktmmcr tlie mlvture until it is clear turn it into jelly glasses and when it is cold cover it with hot paraffin the woman wo old and nigged grey ml beni with the chill of the winter uny the stnet war wet with re snow and the woman feet were agcdtlirr slow she stood at the crowing and waited long alone unci red for amid the throng of human being who passed htr by nor heeded the glance of her anxious down the jtreet with laughter and shout glad in uie freedom of school let out cntiiethd bojs like flock of sheep hailing the snow piled white and deep past the woman so old and grey hastened tlie children on their way did you kvkm stoi to think gaull mucgoun managing editor of the trinidad guardian portofspaln ii asks how often you hear people say wish lived in big toun nothing ever happens lere they forget that it is easier to turi up rometlung in tlie small town tlnn in tlie big one tlie only real different between small town and big oni tliat tlie paces tors of those in the small town uere probably content with things as they were and tho in the big one definitely not tliato how iti got to be big town nor offered helilng luind to her bo meek so timid afraid to stir lest tlie airrligeu heels or tlie horsey feet should croud her down in the slipiicr street at lost came one of tlie merry troop tlic gajet laddie or all the group he paused bcilde lier and whispered ov ill help you across if you wish to go her aged hand on his strong jounjr arm she placed and co uithout hurt or liann ho guldpd her trembling feet along proud uiat hi own were linn and strong than back again to his friends he went his young heart liappy and well content shes somebodys mother boys you know for all slies old and poor and slow and hope some fellow uill lend hand to help my mother you understand if ever so poor and old and grey when her own dear boy la far away and somebodys mother bowed low lier htad in her home that night and tlie prayer she sold was god be kind to the noble boy who lt somebodys son and pride and joy from the old scrap book on the extreme northwesterly corner of lot 32 hi the third concession of the township of esqueislng in the county of halton right across tlic town jine from lot concession three of the townsliip of krln just four farm lots from the centre of acton stood for many jean the brick church this little church was built in 1003 eeventyllve years ago this summer by kll snyder contractor and builder of acton tlic erection not yet come to them mr and mrs snyder passed away some years ago and they sleep with many of their friends of uiose early days in our beautiful fair view cemetery during tlie erection of the church the people willingly gave all tlic assistance uiey could offer they hauled stone and lime and brick and lumber they helped in various ways in tlie course of erection they made bee and shingled tlie roof in one day mrs john gamble pleased utat church was to be opened so near her tiome tluii she volunteered to scrub tlie church hi preparutlon for the ojcning servires sh did tlie work and had great joy hi it but unfortunately she contracted heavy cold in urn dump new building and after tt few weeks panned away her was the first funeral service lield lu uw jiew church the cluirch vox duly opened with ap propriate ceremonies it was an appoint ment of tlie georgetown circuit of th metluxiist episcopal church cr time it was attiiclied to llulllnafud many earnest preachers ministered to the cou kregatlou llu people were proud and liappy hi tlulr christian fejiouuiip tlivlr ltmuul ta tnee tings were uiiui of pleaiaire and rejoicing tliese were al ways largely attended from acton in 1884 the union of the methodist churelus toik place and it wa tliought by some to be an anomoly to keep open church of the siitne diiiomliuttlon within mile of alton when there wuj plenty of ac cojiimoditlon for both congregations there the olfluuls at acton realised however that tlare were strong attach ments and lialbiued mjicuitloru in the urlck church for the older people bw ixclally those wlio had worslilpped there for over tvienty jean it was decided not to disturb their relationships but to tuilit them in every way to make their work prosper time saw numerous changes tlie church was for ime years part of everton circuit llnally it uus attacjied to llockwood which nlready luid tliree upiwntmenl as the jeors progressed the old members who luid borne tlie biirdciii of the churchs responsibilities pused auay oilier famllle removed picrvlce were held only twice month vlnftuy tlve war came and deebnated largely the ranks of tlie ministers of tlic methodist church and it was found lm posjble by the conference to continue to supply the pulpit tlie church was regretfully closed and in 1020 the mem benihlp and congregation was transferred to acon church cordial welcome uv extended and gratefully uccepted by tlie people of tlie brkrk tlie churcli remained suindlntr for few ears but like all unused building soon got into bad repair and had tlie windows broken and other damage done about eight jean ago it war sold to mr mackenzie who demolished the structure for the material that was used in it the sheds were left and are now all that remain of this old landmark but time will never obliterate the fact that thl is halloaed spot in the memory of many the earnest struggle for tlie extension of gods kingdom the conversion of souk tlie building up of tlie people in faith and grace and the aspiration to good works the christian felloushlp tlie community interest all engendered here will be chershed for all time it is interesting to note that bishop francis warne late of india whose remains now rest in ballinafad cemetery when young man aolng into the min istry in manitoba preached his last ser mon before setting out on hl great and influential life work in the brick church which he had often attended as boj it was here tliat itev daniel johnston received hi early impressions of duty and called to the mliustrymany eminent dlv ines occupied the sacred desx and numbers of prominent laymen gave of thelrtalent in officiating when the min ister waj unable to be present savings swreliable service wlier you buy westingkouse refrigerator from you can be sure of complete satis faction from your purchase in trie first place uriiejue 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hours acton tuesday kol thursday is ni to 30 to higxi on request dental fdk2 follow through lie told her of ills great love when belle is told she whispered wlnsomcy ring generally follows busy tliougn iu memoers are with tlie out uiu it is to cay tluit when many duties tlieir rank and standing the curtilns fall on the may 12th celo impirt britains ruling family ore often jrutlr us when the captains and tlie king seen togetlier homemaking queen and homeloving king head little family eroup tliat has won nlclie all us own and apart from the glamor of tlie throne in britains heart today as their majesties rush through tin final preparations for tlie tjlnniius if fatiguing lageant of their coronation less and uvji of their time can be devoted to their home and family and the king and queen will feel tlie lass it can be classed perhap as one of tlie penalties depart and tho coronation into history to the qiiw of their home and family this king and queen wul turn for brief respite before facing htaln their lifelong task the little family group that lias be come such cornerstone to tlie empire has not jet been broken up or its mem bers separated to tread the varying paths iijiur and queen are here with child who will one day perliaps lierself sit upon the throne jet here is huia family group wliose regal rank lias not been permitted to mar its complete charm and affection tlie khur la not the king here but loving husband and an adoring father tlie queen is not ler majesb but tlic quiet efficient wife and mother wlice ijreatest caro is for her home and her brood england mil hope unit serve though theyjniist buchanan denial sarrwrn orrlce in irishman block hour until kvvnhif by appointment gas for extractions cicuuhi wednesday afternoon phooa 119 pearen denial saieoal moved to our new quarters in the symon block phone 30 mill street aotoo vetthniauy young veterinary surceon office campbellvliie onuria phone milton 146r4 that are before tliem and wliue tills still arduously and long tlie demands of duty is to the picture we present today is iii nut intervene to lessen the happiness particularly appealing and unity of this charming group general ufc fire health and accident automobile windalomi plat glaas boiler fidelity bonds farm insurance annuitiea and all general lines insurance aio ocean steamship tickets lkauino comfanikfl txchijlknt taclotiks uoi of cuaja foe wi ely fred wright office cooper ksiack canadian wrktv puhlisli of ontario am oueber hold annual conivrrncr thejw always sonieuiliu wortnjthb church and the owon nation or whue in the unall town if jou care to church society was thl knock at uie doors when jou do the graoiou ut camp i1mun town ixcomes big ode too th in tt he uitt nwpl mall town has till adanuge ivopv ttcmjl ihc nuid from ch do not reent callers in uie big town in ground hi ourj ulij are too biuy to welcome tlumi churcli becau piirtofspilu is small seaport butlfor brick 60 000 lnliabltaiits people come anil it if ou arc not allvi jou miij ml tlielr niosiage riie oilier gay doctor came in uud put up bras plate no one worried 11 cliancv one night uiere wiui fcliwt uccldeni all injured woiiu was lirriil lulu hi urier afterward tilked with the doctor he told me that he wa tijlug onlj for slum while he had been working for 15 jeir oji lumrcli work in fummii htkpttal he uiuited liuuui dloitr just how the tropic alfecte tlu bluid slieam wlun he htid the da he wanted he wai golitr to liiroie to mre cuiuer our small toun luui ikii si leced for tho last touch to tremendous ek jvilnuin whleh we mlght nevvr hav known luui it not bueii for strvt ac cident just one of ojo tldngrf uutt may hapikii any tluy in twry jmujl touu alujl tlieiv iui guarantee of street accident to lead you to it was called the brick it was the llrt church mihs around there uls not brick church in ac tan even ut that time nor until thirteen or fourteen jcin afterword wlien the present united chuch uui erected it matter of favorable omiih nt as to hi skill and liability jul the builder of the little br church on lot in 1002 wus also the ntractor who built the acton methchlhl church in 10757g the iridmi of the ihick chiieh wu nil ltiiportmt ecnt 111 the iuinil rf uie community the fimllle mot liitim iti ij oc ted with the nti rpri wen the ihijdm and lit the 5ohutoiis and allan the hrowiu and tin lu ciainbli and mosaic am whom un unable to thee dhty jeiri liave iuivdi built he driving for the sike of eaiuenllncv he and mrs mnjder nccupu of temporary rtm hi uie corner of tlie shed tluy illiarp and others ember after jed mr shed ilrjt and tlu work couple north weet youiitf tvmjud tlu tim tauiuy of lm want to sell something llu aiinu uinintliiii of thr nnlirlnqiiijir dtliufi of th cuiiuium tlu inlr hiuilsuu ontario und urtkc ivirc i4ut 1muiiiit ww wilij nuhnwr ajiw latliu vm wui in ijiiuion oularlo ivciitly tili itfnnmt illiunw onturlo cfiiljv luw nun rlit to uiout an ii public wi tiilcn nt prtiiilcr mltelvll hrivbiunw llnnw 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