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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 5

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raubflday april 20th 18j7 the acton free press mr wm maxwell of ouelph spent the weekend wltli acton friends mr george foouu la visiting with tus brother mr edward footlt in eouth poroupine mr jim flndloy who is sailing on the great tt summer called on acton friends today mta margaret harrison and mr archie campbell of toronto visited with acton friends during the weekend mrs oervmis returned to acton from peterboro ttbis week where she spent the winter and will moke her home here again mr and mrs gone of west palm beach florida visited this week with mrs fhter and miss daisy bolster miss kl utttey visiting in england announces the marriage of tier niece betty iittley of toronto to mr earl prevette of toronto which took place on april 10th mr and mrs kenney and baraba of toronto mr uoyd kenney of mon treal and mr telfort kenney of hamil ton attended the oolden wedding an niversary of their parents mr and mrs john kenney yesterday george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite hyriebirku acton sixty voice choir wins trophy continued from page one caju of thanks mrs irene marshall and mr and mrs alfred marshall and family are deeply appreciative of the many kindnesses shown by friends and neighbors when the beloved husband and son was so seriously 111 and later passed away the kindness and sympathy expressed in so many ways have been great help dur ing these days of sadness mappv in company the secret of success is certain heartiness and sympathy man who in hot happy in company cannot and any word in his memory that will at the occasion ail his information hi lltilo impertinent man who is happy there finds in every turn of the conversation equally lucky occasions for the intro duction of that which he has to say thy us for your next pair of glasses we ake sube that we can fuase xou head optometrist 58 st georges souabe plume 1529 guaxph influence of act sin as with blight upon rose the hwio green ensatures lurk hi tlie under side of the leaves and in all tiki folds of the buds and because unseen thoy increase with alarming rapidity the my fact that wo liavo faults in our character which everybody sues but ourselves mokes it certain that they will grow uiiclieckcd and so will provo terribly perilous many christian hum and woman lias the wliolu christ ian life arrested and all but spoiled by the unsuspected iniluence of secret sin no indekd sh imd you know td became on actress jler prleiui no but heard youd gone on the stage ulcounltf puther you are going to marry that insignificant little fellow why you iiiod to say you would never marry man less than she feet lilgli daughter oh know but de cided to take eft 20 per cent for cash plenty mrs ollara whatr youre afllng to sell up and marry tliat hardup lodffer of jours wliat on earth are you gain to llvo on mw mulligan ilegarra ve11 be ah riiclu ttia poor fellow oues me enough to icevp us in comfort for jeara gregory theatre muday apkill solb gold diggers of 1937 oay funny peppy song and lough show starring dick powell joan londell and victor moore cartoon sailors homo song jilt sorority blues chapter of roaring west sattjeuay may li the magnificent brute adapted from the story big starring victor mcloglefl com edy where is wall street oar toon parleys road hacc po monday may 3rd the green light itoxnontic drama starring anita louise and errol plynn musical violets in spring miniature how to vote coming may l2tlt little lord faumueroy starring preddle bartholomew fhklsg ov sympathy sympathy vi the first groat lesson uliich man should uarn it will be im for him if lie proceeds no farther if his emotions aro but excited to roll bock on hi heart and to be fostered in luxurious quw but unless lie learns to fiel for things in wlilch lie has no personal interest ho can achlovo noth ing giuierous or noble talfourd dog mao sweet tootii good doggie saotman ulio had latj lib ay on tlio alps as tound by one of ticqt bernard dogs lie helped lumelf to tho flack of brandy patted the dotf and wttllnj hlniielf comfortahly rmld noo goiur und hrolng ttie hale pack ulndik uiymi my first is in pie but not in tart my ceotida hi meit but not in part my third ty in liot but not in cold my fourths in silver but not in gold my fifth in proper and also it prim my idxths in paper but not in urn my ium tilth la tn anne alio in kau my eighth in eaten but not in ate my uliole is name ue ultrnhould lenou ttie name of person ue all love tut aiutwur peter pan the gknyu nfinistwng hand klndneu ivuinbus longriilferlng in rinding ltd chkf objects in tlw civil and unthankful but while uu latter paa he and if contained klndru it vi active busy virtue alie la moivmr of hiunbltj ami uiyiu spirit btooplnv to tlie lowtst reed thinking nothing to hinoll in whlrh she may ivlp tvady to live buk blejutlng for curbing bcuiil for liarm and uronu icliulmwi the uioughtrul itiblkht the dwieuu uct tho grntl in lnuli ring ltaiul of love plnduy about tlie lott place wlicre one cjc pccui to and on animal story is in tlie pagci of company report but ano appeared in such report not lanff ago at railway station near london ouo clincolatc machine for some unaccount able rvason uos doing far more buiune tlian any of the otliers tlie automatic company uus emufled but puzzled and sent down rlprecentathe to find out tlie reason tlie fitatlonmastern doff an lntelll cent varkahlre terrier provided him ulth the solution one day tlu dog had been given piece of chocolate out of the machine and had since guarded carefully in viting each paurby to put penny the mot and nfteruardo share the dcl lcac ultli him ills cnthunlasm and talluaggint utro renerally rewarded ciative condition of mind your vvholo thought current niuit be hi tlil direction of your lire purrkw tlie ureal miracle of clvillijition are urouuht by tliought oonoentratlon uv in tlie very wm of exrkvctatlon of batter things in tlie conviction that whtif thhig large and beautiful will await you ir jour effort lire intelligent if your mind kept in creative condition and vnu struggle upward to your goal live in the conviction uiat 3u ure otor nally progtelng advanchig toaard inic thing hlgiier better hi every atom of jxnir being filth i1uigadi hfxps dkntiftt denuil opimtlon which laoed de liouni tnd required tlio serviced of tlie tire brigade hiui jut been performed in lnigue hu patltnt was peter the hlpiwjolamui at tlie troja ao oiul one or hit teeth rubied uiortening ue foie the iwrtjtti could be performed peu hati to be enticed into narrow enclosure thn ennrmous mouth had hi opiied ami he had to le gaguid with plecof wood like uleraph pole ttu help of the tiro brigade was nec tiiary before the putlent wot fttlel to the diiitbtu satlmfmtii able to uor with cc ilai wiw and an inth woh taken off iee uxjth 15 voices oup btratlicona 78 ookvulo wcstwood 77 class olrls doubje trio st alphece ocorgetown bo burlington east 78 class 14 piano solos under 16 the dancing doll betty speight 83 dor othy wilkinson 81 isobel stephenson 80 class high school solos olrla under 18 rose in the bud ituth ser geant bo betty white 77 elizabeth cleaver 75 class 3t urban solos boys under 13 the last itoc of summer john maxter 78 sam brunell 76 walter mitchell 75 ftu day evening adjudicator mr penwkk class 44 high school duettsjunlor olrls under 17 sing little banjo norma marccllus and evelyn vanlckle 80 shlrjcy hickman patricia mitchell 78 gertrude worry and maydlo hall 77 class 45 high scliool duetts senior olrla under 21 there is green hill wllma johnstone and muriel smith 76 muriel and isobel stephenson 75 marlah pox and betty white 72 class 43 boys unchanged voice hark hark tlio larkallan hali 78 class 17 comot solo boys under 3l joseph wilcox 78 clark crawford 77 bruce matheson 70 qlass 41 high scliool sjolot tenor under 21 green pastures grant prater 82 prycc tlumisoti 80 murray hall 79 high scliool soloe baritone under 21 tlie sea hood lloy oliapman 80 stcuart maclaren 76 hobcrt cooke 77 class 46 high scliool double trio the lilacs ore in bloom cup bur lington 80 leader gertrude worry shield milton 78 leader ruth sergeant class is violin solo umhr 21 el fantons george bolus 85 ela jolm stonc 75 class 4fl high scliool boys cliolr come to the pair milton 80 bur lington 70 clans 48 high school girls cliolr sllopliords dance burlington 7fl muton 75 class 39 high school solos olrli under 31 sopraiui down hi tlie pbrest muriel smith 80 class 40 high scliool girls under 31 contraluj tlie kerry donee dorltf bessey bi class 50 high school orcliestra diadpm herman burlington high scliool saturday morning adjudicator mr ejdon bretheour cloui hurul boys solos under 12 planting garden jack pbrd 83 bert barber 81 george bullock 80 cutis itural girls 10 old pash loned town beatrice clements 83 phyllis pish 8m doris elshy bo saturday afttlrnoon adjudicator mr eldon bretlieour class tturol solort boys under 1g plow gently sweet afton norman wood 81 james pish so gordon ilury 70 class 10 nural duetts santa lucia beatrloo and ifarojd clements 83 jock pord and wllma jolinstono 81 olive jrankin and hope mcmeeldn so clald 32 15 voice boys cliolr unison gootlp jnan gtratlicona 7fl bur lington icast 74 class 20 grades and pramfltiz ing of song cup muton 80 smallor cup stroilioona 77 class 33 25 voice boyo choir unison duno cup oakvllle central 85 shield burlington central 83 class 34 40 voice choir twopart rolling down to itlo cup burlington central 05 sliicld oakvllle central 80 class 35 govolce clioir uft thine eye cup acton 05 shield burling ton 03 the govoice choir brought the music festival to aiiocesfiful close keen competition wan evident in every class but very little rivalry mr denyes in his cloj4ng remarks paid tribute to the late mrs minnie moore of acton who gave so much of herself to bring out the best in her pupils mr atkins president uianked ttie board of management of st pauls church fo the use of the church also the cxocutive and ali thoe who had contributed in any way to make the halton county music ivstlval the suc cess it had been coronation representative miss nora oladstono above 17year old indian maiden of tlie blood tribe near cardston alto yvho lias been clioseii by uietrootional council of edu cation to attend the coronation mlsa gladstone whose indluil name id 0mukalomil meaning big eyc is clever und attractive student at st puuls hcsldliitlnl scliool one of the vjiva famous indian ncliools she is he daughter of mr and mrs jimmy gladstone and granddaughter of the late chief joe healy famous indian kcout and interpreter for the mounted police puzzle poem from london note from mr taylor of lon don ontario says have tried my pren tvce liand ot what you do each week could you edit it and use it here it is direct from tlio flood area my first is in hamilton never in gait my second not in pepper but always in salt my third is in laxy and abx in loose my fourth is in ttag but never in moose my fifth is in onions just like their smell my sixth hi niagara but never in swell mfy next is in river its two several ends my eighth li in twlsta bit never in bends my ninth in tlie midst of rifle la seen my tenth not in fat but always in lean my elevenths quite easily found if you please by turning douil hatdslllp and thinking of ouse my twelfth hi the world makes ter rible din by being leading component of sin my whole were liear quite scotch at tile core but tlie name has been cliangod and wo hear iti no more mr taylors puzzle lias been amended to meet the cjialiges wtiicll liave token place since he lived hcrt use coupon solution name village of acton nuisances bylaw bylaw no an bybvw to ktevke and conejidau the variouw nuuauee byuws tlie municipal council of the village of acton hereby enacts on follows it shall be unlawful for any person to deposit filth or any othtr substances or liquids on their own premises or on the premises on wlucli tluy reside or upon any street lane or place or in any drain within this municipality which may at the thno or thereafter endanger tlie public health it rjiall be uie duty of tlie chief of police to notify all parties who may violate paragraph of this bylaw to have removed tlie nuisance thereby created wltliln twentyfour hours after notice lias been given falling which re moval tlie chief of police shall lay in formation against tlie party or parties so offending before any justice of tlie peace so that they may be summarily dealt wth liereundcr subject to paragraph licreof it shall bo unlawful for any butcher or oilier person or for any proprietor or tenant of any house shop or outhouse to use any such house shop or outhouse at any time as slaughter house or for the purpose of slaughtering any animal therein paragraph hereof shall not apply to slaughter houses established as going concerns upon territory which was out side the limits of tlie corporation of the illaro of aton at tlie time of tlie el ibllshmcnt of same but which lias sitbsquently been annexed to tlie said municipal corporation it shall be unlawful for any person to engago in charivaris or aid or assist other so engaged to blow liorra ring blls sliout or make any other distur bance by firing guns pistols are cracker or squibs or other firearms or fireworks or in an way to annoy peaceable pe sons by using profane blaspliemous obscene or grossly insulting language or to amnilt nny public nuisance by ool locting loitering or standing as idlers on any public path sidewalk or street within this municipality so as to obstruct the use thereof or to expose his or her person indecently within this mun icipality nothing son dad ifa some dent put hi your fender dad oh son but you should liavo keen tlie onci your matlier uod to make is itt david aged nine is struggling with physics tell me daddy lie asked the other day what mokes tlio world go round is it the fore of gratitude good stufv guide this is exactly as it was mra when wolsey lived llerc visitor goodnefajs me hasnt uie llnolum worn well tavofclte papa to johnny four years old wont you luivo another pleco of duck johnny johnny yes please fatlier wlll ducka my favorite chicken ccpt tur key plenty of bait keeper here my lad you cant fish hi tlil pond without permit tommy oh itu quito all right thanks im getting on nicely with worm not extkta laugk waitress to customer an egs sir yes sir how would you uko it customer well tr it is no bigger tlian tlie one liad ycaterday id uko it as ticpin send account specialist im sorry but cannot do anything for you as your complaint is hereditary my ee li ten dollars caller thanks send the bill to my ancestors qurrting mistress diving new cook instruc tions am cutting new griller for the kitclicn cook then dont want tlie job ont liave one of those big hairy monktjs jumping aroud my kitchen cling lo kelfcukspkcy if ivery thing else liad to ro would till cling deperately to my selfresjicct iir though on may deceive yoursef some of tlie time and tlie rest of the vuirld all the time you cannot despite liopular belief to tlie contrary deceive vourumf all the time your conscience it shall be unlawful for nny person to ride bicycle on any sldmulk or to engage in ball playing or any other game or activity on any street or high ay ithin this municipality hiclt might endanger the person or property of any citijti lb shall be unlawful for any person to fire olf or dkcliarge within this mun icipality any gun platol rlfto air rifle catnpault firearm of any kind or other instrument or thing the firing oif or discharging of uluch may endanger the lierson or property of any cltiven tlili paragraph shall not however apply to any officer or otlier person using fire arms in the lawful course of duty it shall be unlawful for any person to bathe in any public water or within uie public view within this municipality unuli he or she wears bathing suit or garment sufficient to prevent inde cent exposure of uie person it shall be unlawful for any person to past or put up any indecent placard riling or picture or write any indecent denuuids satisfaction and if you can not sutbfy it life li no longer uorh or immoral words or mnke any indecent living godfrey winn vision ulllcil thrills picture or draulng on any public or private building wall fence lgii monu ment pot sldewulk or ivivrinent or in any public lavntoly within this mun icipality 10 it shall be unlawful for any urson cubas womens aumy uniformed women anny tlu flrt in cuban hlitnry luu attracttd 5000 of the atuabonlan wonun of tho lilnnd tn deface destroy disfigure or lii any tlu mllilarj authorities lti havana way intertere wltli the proper function behiir recruited bv the ilng of any part of any public lavatory iht un ln ncrmimi uy uu iii iitii ui ti mllltiirv reurv corns lie women tlie re no man luiwever humble hi birth or environment who stniffulei per sluntly bring out tho best thuti it in him who will not in some senu be or other public building wltliln uili iiaud to believe mr henpeck my uifo lias dl ed contuble wlien fortnight ago why didnt jou come to us before couldnt believe it at first tliought was dreamlnii genius uequkued ilrst inventot im going to invent an auto brako uiit will bring car goliut 40 mile an hour to dead stop within 20 feet second inventor ilne then 11 invent adget to keep tlie driver from lining through the whidshleld hen it dot grout man the vision which thrills munlcipullt jour being uiat longing of your soul iwrsnn to do something slgniticunt that dream convictel of breaoh of the provisions of uie byluw la subject to tine not exctisling js0 und coats of high big thing jou can dothe uc otfeiuv in the desrntion of uilngn you ulll do if jou get your higher the presiding magltuite or guol rui jlf ti work for ion if yott struggle ir any priikl not exceeding uenty glve ochlevi nit nt which luiunts yotir at host he hnagltmtion li iut mirage delusion of tlu snh it ls prophecy of the practical form to your ideal and bring it down to earth one davn pushed in counril this tweutyilxul diy of april 1037 signed mccuxclluon itmvt pallmult clerk mtulary rewrve corpi dlvllon or the corp was created hi novemlwr 101 to cooietite with the army when national sowreigniv the ripublluin form of government und tlu noniiauy of life ure endangered orgahlition similar to that of tlie regular army composed of companlth battallojlc and reglnit tili off hvm tire ranked hi eight gnuiui with the lllghejt that ot hitsi vuu the eoulvuhttt of 1u uteuantcolonel how is it on gas and oil youve heard that question asked many time regarding tho 1937 ford vs again we say just ask the man who owns one we say it is the most economical rmjrd v8 that hos ever heon presented our customers tell us that they arc getting 22 to 23 miles to tho gallon ot ordinary gasoline cor the b5 model for the go model customers report that 20 to 31 miles to tho gallon speaking of oil our customer report thgt no oil added between the oil changes every 2000 miles thats the answer you can provo to yourself that ford v8 gives most economical transportation norton motors ford cars and trucks fortlnon tracioru acton phone 69 doublebarrled opportunity for poultry raisers official forecast that kgk will be scarce from september to january chicks and for may delivery at prices you dont expect till june there always has been money in may chicles when you bought iuickerowhi stock that would develop to laying at tlvo montlw old xhvft months from may october wlilch la right in uio hleheotfprice toason tills years opportunity for may chicks in probably tlie bt it tv btcn you can buy clucks or sturuxl pullets today for may delivery at prices you tkwvt expecb till tho middle of june you liave tlu department of afirlculturos official forecast thao ehfl will bo scarce and tlvercfoie hhthprlocd from september to jomiary and tliero is uvery llkellliood tliat feed prices will drop uway down as soon as this seasons crop is harvesuxl ilia fellow wlvb has tgjpi to tell between september and january sliould be able to more tjian make up for tlie past wlntcra unfavorable ijt nation buy slatiea pullcia that will lay in sptemw we can supply you wltli mllletji uiat ire well started and will bo taylns in early sepunbjr or before if weltfed uiroujill ulo ranae period tlmy are now three to 10 weeks old and they are from our famous xtralroflf stock which lias built up countrywide reputation for rapkl development early eggs laree etfjej and tlie neceiiaary nhjbvdnesa to fttand oonunued lieavy laylne wltliout moult or tetbacks we liave any number of reports cliowlne xtraprotlt puuets up to 60 production at nix months old and continuing at sc to 70 production through tlio entire lall and winter wo can give you your cliolco of seven popular breeds pullets three wek old and upward in all breeds and up to 10 weeks in some breed some prims reduced 700 pr hundred wo are rolnjr to clear these pullets in may at prjees away below our april quotations we can also supply dayold chicks and scsted pulleu in all breeds at correspondingly low prices for immediate delivery some of our may prices are 00 per hundred lower than previously published in tills paper they ore uie most outstanding values we liave ever offered to uiejioultrymlslnb public dont buy till you see this may prfoo list and ret full particulars about tne rapid development of llray xtra proflf stock call write or plione totay fred bray limited geo brown agent norval ontario queen and princess attend concert shown allovi in uttmtke ijs ur queen kllibelli and lw uuhter irlnciu uuibelli iu uuy utleniled ililldrrn concert at uu central lull imihu ivlnri mariiaret ilore jounivt daughter of uie queen ulio uherwusl tlut ivrfornumce for bigger business advertise

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