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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 4

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paob pour the acton free press thunsday april 28th 1m7 neighborhood news interesting items concerning other centres and communities in which many of our readers are interest crewsons corners the fanners arc being held up with tihelr seeding owing to so much rain although it hasnt hurt tlie fall wheat the fields having splendid appearance nd hvo come uiwaigh the winutr wonderfully well mr nightingale and family have mov ed to mr chester plank farm and is working for him tails summer mr herbert flecher luui moved from mr mcdonald house to stiver creek on form there and has the contract of cuwjng aomo bush umber for mr smith there will be evangelistic services held in the crewsons corner church every night for two weeks except saturday night by the faith mission of great britain ireland and canada conducted by the misses calms and miss scholey ospringe mrs kirkwood guelph spent few day uut week with mr und mrs lirydon iiss jean klrfcwood guelph mu uthlcnd visitor at the same liome mr and mrs arcliic ohlsliolm fort trie culled on mrs mclean on sat urday vliss mae atcheson of hulsburtf lfi spending few das with her sister and brovher in low mr and mx stewart sunday visitors willi mr and mrs coorgc grundy werr mr and mrs leslie grundy and babe of detroit mr and mrs wllbert kant stratford mr and mrd peter ferguson and daughter ml rce cooper mrs orundy and mr jackson alt of guelph mr and mrs robertson and kenneth visited on sunday with mr and mn jackson and mrs jackson at mimosa friendk of mrs wm stubblngton uxro wrry to learn of her sudden serious 111 iuw mis hamilton of guelph la with her und all wish for her speedy recovery mr john akltts many friends uill he wwry to knou lie liad bad spell on monday night with his heart but is nou lm proving owlng to the inclement weather the ladles aid iva uas portponed until this ueijc at uie home of mrs brydon mr and mrs mckinnon and blanche visited on sunday with mr and mn arciue thompson lullburg tile junior girls sowing clauj met on monday afternoon at tlie liome of their kudtr miss mary campbell mrs root hulburg spent monday with mr und mr ii burrows mus jean hoboruion guelph spent uie uetkend at her liome here limehouse miss helen gale spent the week end in toronto miss winnie ivens os home from toronto we are sorry to hear tliat mr steven norrio had his foot hurt on monday while working tn the quarry the rains of the post week have held up the spring work congratulations to mrs gowdy and her public and high school students on their success in bringing liome number of trophies from the musical festival held at mil ion lost week eden mills tlie mary anderson group of uio pixibyterlah church met on thursday afternoon tn the home of mls helen mcphail ulth the honorary president mrw lourle in tlie clialr after the opening hymn and prajer and the scrip ture utfon very satisfactory reports uere rtad and adopted reading were given ti mbacd blanch milne and jean lourle alo splendid papr the man uho died for me by mrs mcphail duett won given by mrj nell mcphail tmd ml helen mcpliall all of which ui re very much enjoyed after viry pmnlable bulne3 diwruslon the meec ballinafad mrs young who hos been confined to bod for uie post few weeks is not improving very satisfactorily mr joseph soper spent day in brampton hxijt week qulle number from lurry attended the funeral of the late mr marshall at erin on tuesday last mrs soper spent few davs last week visiting lier sbter in georgetown mr wm cussldy wlio left few weeks ago for the north returned liome last week we wonder who it wan that said wo were to liave very dry liot spring nassagaweya lllf installation of tlie ilydroeleclric lighting system in the ebcncxcr united churcli is expecbed to bo completed this week special service is being held next sunday evening at 730 clock villfcn tlie new llghung system will be used for tlje first time tlie united church minister at carlisle will deliver the kcrmon and male quartette from kitchener will assist in tlie service of praise hillsburg mlas lla millar or toronto spent tlie weekend with her mother mrs wm millar mr and mrs alex bassey and ermn accompanied by mr and mm will bessey and aons also mrs henry near spent unday wltli mr and mrs john near of acton mrs charles booth and little daogh tcni mae and lraicc3 spent few doyr with tlie formers pannts mr and mrs will cheync mr and mrs rt huron and little daughter of fergus spent sunday wltli mrs wiu millar and uoyd the hillsburg dramatic society pre rented mm henry wood famous drama east truism in uie town hall hllu bunr on friday evening last under the auspices of tlie conlngsgby women in sututo mr and mrs lancelot cheyno hubert and james accompanied by mr will chryne spent saturday with mr and mw horry church of guelph the many frl nds of miss ekio lalng of hillsburg will be sorry to hear of her sudden passing thursday night last burlington mr und mn frank milne are holiday ing in virginia for couple of week mr md mm walker and daughter myrtle spent sunday in burfala mls florence dot filman leaves on friday for england to visit friends and attend tlie coronation she utll from montreal on tlie cunard liner alaumla at tlie regular meeting of the fire brigade held on wednesday evening last it wtls officially decided that the brigade would not sponsor kenlor lacrox team uilu veor mr coleman lias been appointed cluilrman of tlie home improvement plan oonunittee for burlington and dis trict and it is expected meeting will lield iiiortly to uect an advisory com mitter on friday evening last number of rtlativei und frieiitl gathered at tlie liome of mr and mrs jamej iambr head xkaple avenue it being the eie of tlie tu entj flf tli annlverkorj of their wedding over seventy were prerfnt to mesra george lamb and alfred latbot liave been elected as elders or bffer ulc coruratulatloil and good members of session for tlnve years in gazette ebenezer united church mr john wilson of knatclibull vlnlt ed relatives and friends in guelph list sunday mr bert nightingale of orangcville relumed liome last ueei after ijiort vacation with mr and mrs arthur nightingale of knatclibull rockwood rockwood kk0 uell known rildent in the prron of mrs uobert stumpf last friday in lier goth year slie passed au ay at tlio liome of mr and mrs arthur aylea wiicro uie liad been stay ing for tome time tlw late mn stumpf liad been ailing for unne time past and mrs aylea luid been caring for litr ilia funeral took place on monday wltli brief service at tlie liome of mr and mrs aylcs folloucd by service in tlie united church ulth rev taylor tn cliarge tlie pall bearers ere measr mcmillan prod hamilton arthur aylea william gray guelph frank yooney acton jaa paton toronto in terment took place in the family plot in rockuood cemetery among tha left to mourn lier loss are arthur and wel lington and marjorv of rockwood jo of cochrane son john uqi killed in action durifig the world war tep son william reside in tlie village tlie lloral ureatlu bore silent tribute to the deccarcd some of thoc pre cni at tlie funeral urvic tttu from guelph acton hillburi ami other point mrs fred hamilton and ml jj ethel sntlrb cgtnuctj at canuiiu acton pastor rev uftrrow mju pbj purjoiiagd bower avenue sunday may 2nd 1037 daylight saving time 00 tlie minister subject llie window of your soul 12 is sunday school and blbh closcca 00 rlw minister subject tlie spiders web tuesday 00 young people union everybody welcome jlrreliytrrietn ilnox cnwroh acton oev ii bknnik mlnute manse wulow btreot sunday may 2nd 1037 daylight saving time 10 30 am the sabbath school 11 jo urn consider the lilies 00 facing tw future hi mi mix special se rvice nrxt sui day tit 11 30 am always welcome aptibt 0uurrl acton itev baxter putof sunday may 2nd 1037 dayuclit having time 1030u djjl sunday school 11 jo ds1 service of wor hip subject gladness in gods houho lord supper tuesday 30 mov ing pictures taken in bolivia by rev win tc mute of gutlpli welcome to au milton lug cloed liearty vote of thanlci ttndcred to tlie mcpluiil for the use of hamilton attended the annual nuctlng heir liome of the worm auxiliary at hamilton duo to the inclement ueather the la uek mn ied hamilton alro jclil litnlnc held in the honu of mr lslted rev and mrj sawjer it ujid mrs john milne wuur uie au pll caledonia betueen neloru of the ladle aid the pre byturl in recent and utek end vlmtor chur was not ho largely attended mv and mr robert nudum of vint ixiieul bit vtry enjovubh tlmt mu land reported georgetown geortetoun coi on daj light saving sunday may 2nd mr and tr mackenzie are leaving tomorrow for england uhtre they ulll attend tlie coronation of king goorgc vi they roall on tlie duchess of york from montreal on friday there appears to be wme foundation to the rumor that an aerodrome and broadcasting station will be erected on the wm near farm eighth line fcames ing surveyors are at work on the land and it lr quite apparent come major con structlon ulll be the result mn gruy uho has been con valescing from her recent zcverc lllne at her home in bala arrived in town on monday and she and mr gray are now fettled in their apartment in the glbbeaa block main street wc welcome her or citizen to our town tlie concert prcnted bj tlie george toun clioral society in knox pre byter lan church la evening proved to be another grand loiecefj tlilt ua thef tlitrd of erlea of annual concerts ghen by tlili society and ua marked by continued step touard jreatrr improve ment in uie uorld of better mulc herald congtatulatioil are fxteruled to th pupils of kvi natutfaueva on tlillr bplctidld contribution at the mu leal thai ivekftn milton this being tiulr unit year great credit is dm mrr ratnruon tlu mule teachi al mr 11 idle the tiochcr of the chool nie tna comraile mil rung mp met in tin lmnn mr jo dyer on saturday night iiil ymiiath of uil immunity ixtonutd to itv nui mri clark und tholr family in tlu iio lm uvuy of ll fonnerh agd father in hi rold ufttr brltf tllnt in his nlni lxth muratulutum ur xti tuli to mu lanliy avillliuiu me mk jean phirkon from tlu junior girls of tin vlll ile lui music puiill on tlu iu lm of her murrlim in gmlph ntly hi april im tint the ialita aid til die pnbpu ihin cuii uui in id in tin mn of mrs monro with the mn wtidrnt mrs url in cluirgtf 11u bcrlpturi uili id by mvjj 0ou rhomaa and prayer by mi umrle afur uthy uiliie du alulon social ilf hour uot ik nt uiul lunch bervid by tlu hou uo twi by mrs oeorgw iluuna und mmviu otrbertaon tar wm lowrle sc weekend visitor with friends hue ml doru royce of toronto mr douglas patterson of toronto mr ived day of hamilton mr georfio ivirranc of hamilton mr onllle corn 11 of port credit mr ahx clark of st citlnrine mr and mrs elwvn uitlcvr of guelph mu katliluu illicit of st jotpph hospital guelph lit mondiy ivuilng it lu home in mr and mr andy meliai of gui lph utrt ul in tlu vlllnici monday veiumf hi re uli nts of the vlllagi and com munlty uire shnekeel to am of the muliii diath of mr llarrle mutrle on fmdty ivtuln in lutt mr mutrh luul biin ullhig llttlt of biti anil dur ing sunday nluht tiok tick uiulng aw iy the following dining hi ympathj oij tlu immunity gw tit hi ti mr john uuti ulth whom in mad hl lumu ia ivuluy nliii uiuli tlu uii pin tlu if tin unlli church mr ituhuid crulilwk ma tit lltlati si ilf im an iii ulruti addr in du tlu tint uhl wi in uiti ting vint ml mi rd pr hi nl un ui iin yl lid in prayir at tin dtihlon if th lulling irty voti of thank ua4 nd rl to mr croiiuk for liu tulk forif th adilrwi klitm of mortal wo1 maruaril uiu iii ui plan oakville mlm rattle loui hagamun ivy strei nil mber of one of oakvllli oldiftt iimluc died tuddt nly on sunday hi roclie ttr ny while on vl it to friend plan for oakvllli coniruitlmi ci bru tlin uwveel up forward on monday iieniru win ii the town council at its nxrular mm ting voted th mm of 1300 for tlu progrim exjvnaj high inor luus4nu to thn young oakvliu ill pliyir win have beta uhi ciiurut to pi bill lu ni liuul diirluu th miinm montl for tunau ulll un norman cirtir cllf ird id and din guibrullh mn iiunn tlu nidi idi nt of il rm und lu futhi run lit fn nd or broun on mmi iy hi ilvtd in my in wh mu fr in til irt of onni to con tritulati iijm nlni ly hunt blrtlul iy king nl liu ur ptid tin ti inli 11 inn ii un build luu untrietoi oakvllli fur tin rutuai or it uiu ulnui on tlu hlgli uay tat in tin aiuhirugi irni hi pi in ujiil ik iii itlonn ure pre pmd by mi auk inn tlu junt itirtmr lu 111 linn rk will un hum ii uly rihonlitur no llll lllls4 irlli lut all my tn ill ev nny lu tlm irul and 111 it hi lh ll tp hat wwi maki any dltfi uc tj ur ir iii liiv yimi jiko hi nun vu tlu uult in vi ti you uuatu irwin was in milton jcurday making puini for tlie flnli meeting re garding the home improvement plan iu etta telfer wlio underuent nerlolu operation in guelpli horpltal lart ueek ue are pleased to cay ro ooverlng clement returned home lait ueelc from three montlis trip to points in soutli america hi vacation waa enjoyable and interesting mv and mr quirt of milton imve returned liome from north bay where they attended the funeral of mr quirt brother moglveron quirt wlio died on april lgth mr and mrs lyed finn announce the engagement of their daughter marguerite lobel to cameron thornton anderson of mr and mrs william anderson of milton tlie marriage to take place eirly in may milton ulll be represented at tlie cor onallon ml lola and marjorle buck and marion clements will leave for eng land tomorrow friday and mls mary rtld ulll leave ulth jiirty of toronto young women at tlie end of april champion italuain 1iucks for may on luc watkins barred rock chicks uc vllxod chick umr ui nix tlun old at loo cacih ollmlnats all yfxir uorrn utxrtit atartyl llaby clilcka all lialched from our own obb fjldc ullixl und ll khi lvouxl lor ooven years with twelve years breedlna behind ulcjn for hufh ewv producuon as well as extra good market poultry if it ix sbirtud llaby cliickh llaby iullebj or llaby cockerels see iih lie one of our hatiufled customers our lrleo on llrauder htoves tar nreoder 8upp4lm if yoa ore 1a need of any watkins loultity farm 1l iu acton mile west of acton on no iufnway cadesky orrokorutt wiu be df acton ob monday may 3rd anyone suffering rrom eyestrain defective vision or headache should not miss the opportunity of consulting this eyesight specialist appointments may be made with mr brown druggist consultation free office hoora tat tlu pm suitauijf young gent want to buy preenb for 4nyvoung lady teleplione oper ator wliat could you nuggeiit jewellef ear rings bargains furniture bargains wc arc listing below bcvtral real specials for this week end that you cannot afford to misb complete bedroom suite complete bedroom suite including steel bed walnut finish heavy cable spring heavy cottonfilled lq oc mattress and walnut timsh dresser all for poci77j limited number qnlj so come early window blinds an assortment of window blinds in standard size 36x72 ranging in price from 75c to 50 mf all to go at tlfc you cannot afford to mimj this special coronation lamp shades your home is not complete without coronation shade in bridge or junior limited number left regular 50 and 125 aq no to clear nt ipijoand pj70 inner spring mattresses large assortment to choose from regular 15 50 tor the weekend only dont torfifel lo put in your vote for the conolcum rujj wc are givinp away 1350 johnstone rumley rurniture phone 30 funeral directors unclauified small advertisements advcllata under till one ctt per word mini on caari ajc pr mftcvtioo five in tioa paid csbii lot kddilioanl cluircd wbert itcni bv to booked rs hocl shirring saturdat vlxxr 07r3 for prices wo have few good work horses for sale frank holmea foe saix quantity of mixed lay itydek farm flfui line nusogaweys for sale tlmouiy beed no oo per bushel tunothyalslke mixture 10 alslko no 1c 11 00 per ct bogs free john alexander 44 route georgntou ont totjittv copftll ttjb eltcxrio 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paint for tint house job and save the advance lo help you with nil your paint problems we hive lrrnnged with our different paint companies to have this paint demon trillion her to demonstrate the dilferent lines with color schemes etc for your benefit on april 10th mid iy lut mil patterson op crown diamond paint co will be here to demoiistrate durolavi the washable wutei paint lor intenni use bring youi piohlenls gel his suggestions in beautifying the in tei ior of the home on april tilth mil mckinlly op benjamin moore will dcmnnsti ite u1ilac in en operation with betty mnoic special olter diiiiii tins demonstration you can puiehiise pint utilae 10c and brush 2sl fi iijl by signing utilae coupon on may lut mil borland op martin sen0ur will demonstrate martin seiuuii products quality plllllls lot every pill pose all tbite men are cxpciicncld paint men and aie capable ol advising you on any paint problems you may have gel their suggestions foi color combinations lor iilerior or exterior use there is no obligation bfjw bui now tor all puture hardware needs price caiirfot be duplicated when thw stock depleted free lllc tiiic waittije ijton coleman ijimp er 50e purchase entitled you to guess on the number of beans the jar in our window sonleone wins one of the if so pnes why not you talbots hardware eftbramtosotmtobng alcxjon sa1u wilson campbell ulll hold clearing sale of his furniture and xlouchold effects at his residence main street erbl on saturdai mav lfct casli roy hindlev auctioneer phone 15rfi erin fok ket well fenced pasture farm uitli ncver falllng waur supply immediate posses sion at reasonable rent for further particulars addr gamble 1j3 treinaine ave kenmore ny 443 farm fo sale at limeliouse teventyflve acres good red brick house furnace hvdro franuj bam clote to school tpring creek sacrifice for immediate sale wrluj outicr akiceruan 103 sherwood avenue toronto gooo flticis faid for ilorbea irjured catue or anytlilnrf culublo for foi meat witli injured 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