Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 3

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thursday april isdl 1sjt the acton free press packk thbd ifiree flreae hnirt btary many happy returns by haiuuet lummis smith hbio calendar vu ostentatiously displayed in tho window of tho corner store warren atwood carelessly in that direction looked away quickly as though to avoid tho night of eomcttilnk offensive newsboy on his right held up tho even ing paper it was not tho glaring bead llnea that caught his eye but the date apparently everything was in con spiracy to remind 1dm of wic month and the day of the month in every office ho had entered there had been on the wall huge calendar challenging his attention it seemed to warren that the big figures on the white background wera shouting uie date mocking him with tho reminder that this was ills jjwentynrst birthday as he walked with lowered head the face of tho cutting wind he thought with bitterness of tho difference between this drab reality and ids dreams some how when lie had looked forward to being twentyone it luul alwajs seemed ratlter splendid occasion ito liod token it for granted uiat ho would be the centre of friendly group wishing him well believing in him hopeful for ids future orlmly he reflected uiat ifc was just ufl well that his mother and fallicr had not lived to see him twentyone they had really believed that he liad ame thing in him that ho would make ids mark it was better uiat they had not lived to realise that lie could not even earn living twentyone and without job or the prospect of any twentyone and with no friends in uie big city and out o4 touch with those lie luul left in the litue town where ho had grown up twentyone and with no mora than enough money to provide for uio next to months twenlyone and fallurel ifctstumblixl on uirough tlie cold lump in lib throat and moisture on hid lashes it would not be so luurd to face wiui tlio truth tomorrow but uils was his birth day uippoc id belter get cheaper room wiirrm jald to himself when he luul come to uie boarding liouse on auyn street two before lie had assumed that lib stay there would bo temporary until lio had permanent position however uie mjredblc way was to spend as little as possible ha had liold occasional jobs during uiose two years but uicy had boon come to an end tlie tdiabby boarding house wm now too luxurious for dounatuielieela job less all bub pcmiue young man few hours earlier tlds same day in pleasant linme in tlu city laiburbs uniformed mold stopped for word with nurse in unite linen any change no lies in sort stupor just as jij wad yesterday im going up to tell mrs hastings that his blrthduy coke lias just been delivered you tee iw was to liave big party on account of his being iweiity one tiha countermanded the order at tlie caterers but this cake was made at apodal place and guess did far got about it anyway its here the nurse thoojc her liead too bod jmj said and moved briskly on tie maid went to room at tiie bock of the houie knocked and entered thtruoman seated at uie writing desk looked up well anna she spoke quietly and stranger could not have guebcd tile emotions slie was holding in wh anna know liouever and her voice uiook as uie said mrs hastings mr wilfreds blruiday cako lias come oil not yt maam dont know ulieuier tlwy nmde mistake or 30u forgot to countermand tlie order mrs ftattlngs sat looking across tlic room may have forgotten slie said ut lengtli yes im afraid forgot and you kay tlie coke is here mru hosungs ife all nocked in big box now let me see wluit cliall we do with it oh uuit anna let me uilnk minute to lier mind cune oung fellow she luul talkul with at wnu church alfalr ubout yar earlier lie was lad from country toun ulih an tntolluent ffice he was little shy but aellmannered and she hod taken fajicj to him you must be about tlie age of my um slie luul sild im tuviily why tluifs jilf wilfrid dge he wot tucnlv on the eighteenth or the montli you dont nuun thli moiiui the lad liad hpolumi inm didmisly us thoutfh tliat uorv out of the question why je uhy not wluts so st range nothing ixftpi uuus my birthday luie luul looked at him intently lad born uie iam day as her sou wem ed to luive certawl claim on her why tliis is wry interecung she said mid binin to ask 1dm questions tlie lonyer they talk uie belter slie liked this uly young fellow ulio luul conut to tlut city to sk ids fitftinu and van iuit slie feated htloehilng any loo uell 1miu tali toe your luune agahi she wld if youre wllfrcctw twin wed better be ac quainted my name is warren atwood she had written it down as well as his address she had meant to keep in touch with the young man but almost immcdd ately after she had contracted severe cold and her physician had ordered her oouth she had not seen young atwood a6 church again it was possible that ho luul left the city yet lier talk with him had oomo back to her so vividly that the plan wtilch took sltope in her mind luul on uimozjt lrrcslstlblo compulsion prom small book she copied name and on address on slip of paper tell george to go to this address and ask if mr warren atwood is living there if ho is leave tho cake justf say friend wishes 1dm happy birthday and if ito luul left george may taka ule coko to tlie orplmlw homo on spring avenue warren readied jus boarding iioujc ten minutes before the dinner bell rang it uas loud challenging boll and before tho ringing ceased most of thu boarders were in lius dining room kmg table extended tlirough the two rooms wlucli luul been thrown into ono at hioola uiere was practically no con vcniiion occasionally some one asked his neighbor to po him wie bread but tlie general effect was of competition to see wlio would iiidsh nrst tlio flnt course of toup was followed by pale boiled mutton soggy potatoes and carrobi like the tilers warren ou in sjlimcc und us rapidly as uiough lie jiad puuis for the evening and needed his time tlie plates were removed tuul the ualtrcss brought in lanall uedges of rinacmlc pie someone held open tho kitch en door and mrs ijine licrself npneared carrying blrtliday caku blading with lighted candles mrs lanes boarders lield uielr forks at various angles und stared warren with tlie re but uiien tlie cake was placed in front of liim the sjiock took his hreatli away he sat staring at the biipoeinjr cake wlui bulging eyeu and beads of perspiration were standing out on ills forliead you dont moan tliata for me well youre uuj only warren atwood in uus liouso and tliats wlio its for cut but who sent it tlie man wouldnt give any name he juu wild friend wished you liappy blrtliday is it your blrtliday asked young man ulu sat across from warren he liad been sitting there several months and they liad exclianged no words be yond muffled greeting now warren noticed uiat lie liad rather pleasant face why yes warren admitted its my biruulay but dont know anibody wlud send me birthday cuke an older man wlio sat at tlie foot of tlie table began to count tlie candles others too tried it and after several disagreements announced tliat there ero twentytu candlefi on tlie cake twentyone and ono to grow on take it sold tlio young man oppoalto war ren are you twentyone wliy yes twntyone qhiobs youll liave to accept tlio ro spanslbllity of uiat coke said tlie man at tlie foot and there was some laugh ter warren looked around 1dm those hidifferent faces double row of tlicm uiat for nearly two years luul been em pliasbdriff ixbj tense of loneliness were indescribably changed he had an un reasonable feeling of being among friends going to make wish arent ou the inquiry came from the girl at war rens left wish thats the thing to do withes birth day cake you make wish and then try blow out the candles if you can blow them out in uirce trials you get your wish know what 111 wish all right dont tell warned voice uiat had not yet spoken that breaks tho charm he uocsnt have to tell said another kuwodfvys fellow who basnt job udics for one and tlio follow wlio lias one wishes to keep it as matter of fact warren had wish ed tor work ho blew gusty brcaui that oxtlntfiusfliod twenty of the twentytwo candles anouicr and uie remaining two went out iaughlcr and applause fol lowed id like you all to try my cake sold wo rrcn lo turned to uio land lady mrs lane may have good big knllov she brought ono hi smiling and liav lnjf removed uio candles and uuj holders warren started cutting tho llrst slice was so rcneroos utat everybody laughed mo use to dut iti all tonight said the tnali at uio foot think tho time to eat birthday coke is on tho btruiday replied warren ho went on cutting and tho boarders seated up and down uio long tabic of frrcj jocose comments tlio coke was very large wlien warren hod served them all ulcro wart tt goodkized wedge remuiilmg mrs lalic iio said turning to uie liuidiady wont iou luive piece of cake yourself and irive eorne to uie vultrewi indeed wul mr atwood and im iiure we wbdi you many liappy returns no lack of convurti tiou was notice able us uie cako was eaten everybody agreed as to its superior quality und tho itood wljus ini ijuw liad proffered uore repeated again and again until warren found it difficult to believe in his own identity as uie boarders moved toward uie lull uio joting fellow uho luul sat opiocite warren asked golnff out tonight no im ulad to be inside outof uili wind wont you come up to my room for vlille actually luive two clialrr liave only one iauglied wuren if jou came to my room one of us would lulie lo siti on uie bed half an liour later he lieard himself saying say uenlike uungs harder for ourselves uion we need to dont we how do you mean well for tlie last six man tlu espec ially ro felt as life wasnt warui living ivo been discouraged about cr uuntf felt as if nobody on earth cared uhat liappened to me youve been ultung across from me for uiree montlis or so and if wed started being friends rbjht away it would have mode quite difference morton lorlmer smiled you were such silent clinp uiought maybe jou uouldnt like it if started talking know im uie one wlio should liave made the advances ive been here go much longer tliats why say ive made uilngs liard for myself when llrst came here uent to church every sunday and people were nice to me didnt make any real friends but could liave if id stuck but was becinninir to gut rauier seedy he looked down ului queer smile at ills uircadbare sult and uiought wouldnt eo again till luul job and could uunk about some new clouies got two or three notes asking if were sick or anyuilng and then uiey gave me up perlmpa somebody you met uicre sent you tlie cake oh no no indeedl didnt know anybody uell enongh for uiat and be sides uiey wouldnt know my blruiday warren wlio luul quite forgotten his talk wlui mrs ilasungs shook ills head knock sounded uti uie door and mor ton aniuered the summons voice out side sold is atwood here yes walk in and sit down morton pulled forward uie chair he hod been occupying and seated himself on uie edge of uie bed tlu new arrival was swarthy young fellow wlio liad room on uio came floor vilttcn with wtiircn he held telegram in his liand looking for work arent you atwood warren started why yey ho said you can keep bookq of course sure uung well uils morning got position not much of one but anythlngs better uian nouilng theres little store on uio corner of fwtioui street where they want oumblnotlon bookkeeper end salesman and if you can do little typ ing that would bo welcome im fair typtet well as say got this job this morning aittl tonight hero comes telegram from my old boss at home ho put his nephew in my place and it seems jack ulsnt given tatisf action so hes wired me to oomo home in hurry if bihjs nulu apartment that uie desire for apart men la has spread to tlie feathered world has been reported ornithologists of mullum blmbly new souui wales in uie rafters of stable was found wagtails mm conslsung of uirrc rooms and kltclicn the nest had four parts reoembling four coruiecuiifj smaller nesu and obvi ously completed in one rnusun by oru pair of birds tiik kami of ieus llio word iris la one used in two or three ways in connection wlui greek nrythology iris uas worshipped as messenger of uie gods and was pai you want to turn up at fortieth street tlcuuu wuasht goddess jutut tomoxtow at eight itucot you call have of tlw icvcns she is usually the job theres uio card pictured as graceful maiden winged ho handed it over and added ho pays lind resplendent tlie rainbow whs twelve week to start with not much cloncjjaisocinted wiui lier and poets but itll keep you hohuf till you can do pictured it as the path on which she better promised to raise me if ascended to tlu god1 wltli tnissakeif was as good as claimed frou olympar lb sudden appearance iil bo thero at eight oclock said hicunt tliat iris needed it for palh warren trilng hard to smile and xro wmn tlk was drllvord no und obliged to you well dont need two jobs though ive needed onk pre tty badly for the last four week tlu held out ills hand queen that blrtliday cake of yours must liuvu brought us all luck well many luippy returns and all uio rest of ltt warren stood looking down at tlio crumpled card as uus departing caller closed tlio door uith tjom few more blruidays like uils he raid wlui choked lougli and ill feel like tlie lucldeib cliap on oaruu gk1ting ani guving satisfaction mot people fall to get from others nil the conrlderatlon tliey might have they do not realize uiat uiey would have it if only uiey would stop de manding it tlio nuui wlio gets lh luast considcrauon from every one round him is uie man who demands uin most and tho man for wliom evcrj one ioes to cliow regard is lie wlio neer asks it or even seems to expect it if ue find ourixlvi jealously noticing that certain person among our acquaintances always seems to oe made more of and deferred to more readily and wecomed more eagerly tlian we are let ank ourselves honest ly if uie reason in not just this tluit ho does more for otliew and usks less for himself than we rightsretting is cure result of rightsgiving if vc really want our right let us banish all hint of this from our lhes and our actions cause ob result man what cured fred ilymca of arguing with his wife neighbor arguing wiui his wife dont let constipation make you sick do comething about it and do it today you can take endlcf pills but just remember tliat chronic mcdiciiu takint is unhealthy luibit and often loses its etfect correct common coimtipntion nat uially by including aunicient vita min and bulk in your diet kclloitprii aixhilvn supplies tnnun ii and the bulk you need in the body it absorbs twice itr weight in water and exercises and sponreu out the system rtitl your hotly of poisons and sec how much better youll feel try kellojrjri alxhlun for week if not iintisfied jour money will lw it funded by the kellokh company kat two tulilespoonfuh day ai ceical with milk or fruits or in cooked timber stubborn cases with each mcul sold at all proccra aurl uttnran tird by kellokk in london it duapjlejinl occajlonally slie is rep resented wlui rainbow above her sometime tlu rainbow is bulled tlu sash of iris scotts scrap book by scon 11 zoufutl cmulforoii amp mambuiu llmr ittgount ajtfui whoi rue best rwcncfc ocnurs blew up afrfcrthc mx4po vlmcmau alfied dowfl rtlriapftyvalvrs feecausfc ht didht ukl ol5c hcrid wai klllld mtkibooo 5wlltsjlw laciirc tt liiahd wmri rt iovtjtff liamoo oufl africa uuuv u5t two srtmc lahcuafie om 1tamp bufm amp tktjuh or prikfs vjo ifvmw otacli valuc omi ollfclu amp omc 1m chgu5h rlowrr or hrw yuea ctvccuo doals rttttttttttttvttttj qarrots bananas lettuce jt lrm heads zidc nice size each dc nice size bunches fresh eacli it li golden yellow nice size dozen 6c cabbage new hard grccii ilcids per lb dc grapefruit lovely flavor jh audium lnrixc for iijl oranges navels sweet medium lurje doen weak llitrruck 35 spinach 2ibsr 17c potatoes cook nice and ot while pel peck ouc pineapples very choice cuban nice sie each 17c tomatois 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