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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 2

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jim two the acton free press thursday aotu1 30th 1w uljr artun jtor teab puulabed every 1nrdy at oatario rates um pec jdllioaal staala cop icw addrwaaca bou elm year la adwaa copies jc both old chute ol scescjuption uaiterf states joe additional aod new addraaaes addrea requested cancellations find that bmi ol om ob cxtlc pwier not to hava tbelr abacriptlon interrupted ni case tkey uil to remit be lore expiration while aua acriataoea will mt be carried in arrears over an extnselea period yet unlcii wo an sotiheu to caned wfl aamune the aoaaojbcr wuhes the service continued advertising rates on application and in tirtoui column beading although every precaution will be taken to avoid eiror the frm press accept advertising in ita columns on the under atandtntf that it will not be liable tor any error in any advertisement published hereunder unlems proof ol such advertisement is requested in writing tbe advertiser and returned to the free press business office duly aisned by the advertiser and with such error or corrections plainly noted iti wrilmtf thereon and in that case il any error so noted not corrected by the free press ils liability shall not eaceed such proportion ol the entire cxt ol such adverluemcnt as the space occupied by the noted error bears to the whole space occupied by uch adertlnnt attlok dills editor teltephonts editoral and uuliiiehb qtffi ucatdence an assurance the emphatic announcement hi acton by mr blakclbck of the work on the second line us highway this year will come as good news to all in this district it is not expected that grading and finishing with surface can all be done in the one year therefore the announcement that 25000 would be spent in preparing the road this year for permanent highway construction is ull that could be expected it was the first definite announcement of thonnuunt of work to be done on the roadway and mr blakelock conveyed the impression that there was no doubt of the strip being taken into the provincial system the work will be great help during the summer the county has done great deal in preparation for the highway and the second line should soon be completed link the show to over the county musical festival is over again for another year and pupils and tepchers can relax from the strain attendant on the event acton again made good showing true not so many trophies and medals came to acton this year as have sometimes been brought home but winning isnt everything and there should be no discouragement from that fact the value of the training for the pupils is the biggest thing and the advantage of musical training in later years in the life of the children we quite agree with the statement of one of the adjudicators that music is worth place on the curriculum as well as arithmetic and geography if the school hours are too full to allow it then some of the other subjects might be curtailed but cer tainly all musical work should not be taken after regular hours the showy part of the musical fes tival is concluded for another year hut its work goes on always and iltrvalue can never be estim ated time to take slock now that the oshawn strike has been settled some of its phases can be viewed in calmer light if one read all three toronto dailies the event was most bewildering and it can be said that in many crises the news was colored to meet the policy of the paper the radio announcement on one day that told of in american newspaper photographer oliering money to strikers if they would stage distui nance bo that he could secure picture shows to what lengths some newspaper men will go in order to make new such tactics have riot improved conditions in the united states and they should not be tolerated ni canada in washington the other day member told the american societ ot newspaper fdilois that some enemies of fieedom of the press are in the pi ess itself men who give onl one side ot the pictiue who deal in halftruths or whole lies whether about gov eminent political parties labor and capital or about the poor helpless individual caught in the hideous glare of some news event siuh men put weapons 111 the hands of those who would end the freedom of the press canadian newspaper might well take stock of themselves the puhlic is not being fooled as much not very durable for road surface that was put on just two years ago the mill street section in acton is certainly in bad condition holes have developed in several places this year that arc larger und more dangerous than have ever been seen in the rondway the sides of the road have very poor levels and as result the water stands in puddles that take some time to get away after each rain the provincial department of highways has now assumed responsibility for the centre twenty feet of the roadway and it will certainly require some atten tion this yeur it is to bo hoped that therepairs will be more lasting than the surface applied two years ago abraham man op pattu golden text liy rullh abraham when lin was called obeyed to go oub unto place which lio aa to rclvu tor mi inheritance hebrews 11 leum text genesis 13 19 13 18 time 2042 iluoa luuran khwcliem ucuicl hebion exposition the oalhne abrum man had been created fallen the world cleans by hood and new biurt made but aealn man had proved to bo failure god now selects another rnuii to be the ltead of hew chosen rncv abrum mesopotamia is chosen ft uils purpose t3ui leoplo among whom lie lived were idolaters josh 24 gen 31 10 20 but abnun in ahiurp contract to them had vital con bliusieu of the one supremo being unseen and eternal the divine com ulld came td him to separate himself from them to leave home kindred nd cimiy and co out to land which god would lvc hhn god luid tirnt purposes about trulnlutz covenant people nlld the land of column was adapted for uuy end on was no oilier land he did nol evcn tell abrum whrro the land wus iicb ll he uj him only command iind promise but uuit uiu cnouch for abrum ii the promise 24 wonderful promises were connected iii industry for the first time exceeded nil others in lnc or abram he uus gross value of production displacing the pulp rind to be the hither of threat nation this paper industry from its premier position which it held for more than decade in number of em ployees and salaries and wages paid however pulp and paper still remains in first place prominent feature of canadian manufacturing development in recent years has been the growth of central electric stations and nonferrous metal smelt ing and refining these industries based on water power and mineral resources have taken their places among the leading manufactures along with the in dustries based on forest agricultural and livestock resources manufacturing in canada although canada is perhaps best known through out the world for its products of the held forest and mine manufacturing is also an important industry manufacturing establishments in operatiofrthrough out the dominion during 1935 according to figures just released numbered 25191 produced goods to the value of 2807337381 and provided employ ment 582874 workers who were paid 590233247 in salaries and wngesv the ten leading manufactur ing industries in canada in order of their importance were nonferrous metal smelting and refining pulp and paper central electric stations slaughtering and meatpacking automobiles butter and cheese flour and food mills petroleum products sawjnills and electrical apparatus and supplies in 1935 the nonferrous metal smelting and refin the sunday school lesson jxb sunday may 2ad how much seed to sow feb acre must hue bon reaj uiic on aurnms faith he war already ijnentyftve years old and uj cliildlej cf 17 ig 18 is yet todtiy we uec the israelite 1prwuj over all the face of uid carth while ow tpiritual children of abraham are liter ally number lei oft the flars of the nlaht cf 15 ilonuuir ib he was to liae an exalted name three tpneat world faiths clurkuanity judlaum and mohammedan um bear witness to uu fulfillment of thfe promise he war to liave material and rplrltual proprhy and jchovah ffledjjed himself to bless prosper tliosc wiio blesexl lilm and curso tliosc who curtd 1dm most ouutandintf of all uas the promlj tliat all generation to come would be blessed in him what mnnellous fulfillment has uili prombi found jcus tlu saviour of uie world war lineal descendant of abraham in him er nation every family every soul on earth lias already been blessed and in uie age to come will be more nbundontly blessed allelic rlcliest kilu of time and eternity lune come through jesus christ isa 44 luke 48 gal 14 kph iii tim twunir of abram 50 fmuh in god uil the supreme and outstandlni cliarncterltic attitude of abnun he proi his faith by prompt and unruitlqnlnjf obedience colnc out under sealed orders when god cajied how much seed nliould be sown pee ncre for furm crops tlie answrr to this iinjxirtant question is lielpcd con ifltlrrajily uirough title publication lv the dominion dcjiartmrnl us akticui turu of tmo clrrularn un the cubjerl one for eattcrn canada and the other for the prairie lrovhicea iii tlie different parts of kaatern canada the rate of aecinj uie cxunnuuily grown farm crops vary some wl uil according to tile peculiar conditions just lite variation in uie lrairl irovinns lt more or lea xro nountxd owlntf to uie dllfercncca in soil and clltnute inded lit uie itulrle lrovlces uiero uro four distinct noil cllmato zonci und within each zonr uirru ii cotihlderablo ranee hi solt tyic experience lias sliown that uie best ralw of sctdlntf usually vhriej from wne to tone and also bctwecn toll types in uie lamwi kone tlo rate of scedlnit grain and forage crops suaifcsted in tlic circulars which luivolbeen prepared by uuj weld hus bandry division are based on experi ments conducted on uie experimental farms of uu dominion department of agriculture uiroughouti iralrle and eastern coiiudu under some conditions in the irairle province lighter oiwl hiuvler rutes have irlveii tlluhtly iwtur retunis bui for mat condltloni tlu rutes mufktsted have provod moo uli factor with reurd ui eastern cau udii notlbly there are spoclal con dition where the sow in if of tlu amounts of seed different from what ii generally recommended may be desirable but for the average ull and climatic condltions which prevail in eastern canada the rate of seeding subkested in uie iau ern canada circular will be found to like rood and usually better aierage leldi uwn hcailer or lighter seedlntf some judifinent li of course ncccjiary and some experience is desirable when ralectlnjf the seeding rale for different arlehei of crops and different slat of seed clearer horizon at the meeting of the council on monday the clerk pointed out that this present year sees the retirement of debentures that have required over four mills of the tax rate to meet the instalments eachyear lets be quite clear on this point the reduction in the payments will not apply until next year 1937 sees the completion of the shoe factory debenture and the main street pavement and one or two smaller sidewalk debenture payments the auditors reports will be available for the public early next week and perusal of this report will reveal acton to be in good financial condition ruuvil as must have been uie wporu schedule of this statement will show the items tfon from old tie he was willing to pay referred to above payments each year on the de benture principal are now increasing and interest payments are decreasing last year over 10500 wnsnt paid off the debenture principal of the municipality and this year will see an even larger amount of course the waterworks installation ib the largest plettness of the severance with tlu past indebtedness but the life of even this debt is now abmmr case he tool uiui him when over the half way mark the major expenditures wece made in 1920 and therefore have only thirteen years before retirement the near future certainly holds promise of better rate for acton as well as later years it is encouraging to note in the report that principal payments arc now each year well in advance ot interest payments on debentures get your copy of the auditors report next week it gives you splendid insight into the affairs of your municipality uie price for uie lircer vision of god he uas to receive god calls all wlio follow him to come out and be separ cor 17 and if ue uould have his fellowship if vie would know uie blessing of ilia promld trace we must obey this command nou uie com lic went all that he had he left noth ing behind which might call him bade into the old life cunaan is tjpe of uie new life into which we ore called in christ when we enter upon ll was must make acjcan break with the past matt 21 luke 13 but uie initial act of falui on abnims part was followed by still further testing entrance into the christian life is not truunmuc or freedom from struggle and leniptauon we are not carried to heaven on flouery beds of ease god metied for his great purjkwe man whom he hud proven difficulties plied up jn abrums way the canjanite uas in the land and there teemed no place for him act among ulese fierce hostile tribes ch 14 moving on from pltice to place abnim lived as ojourner and pilgrim in the promised land ossiiled by famine 19 lumissed by dissensions in his own household 13 fiiu and so it mnvor kobhins bought jus own gold chain to with uw christian life we too are but weai while attending the coionation toronton hn ut botter ountrj clti not bujidd ulih human lans can not blame their high tnxation on this item hanat tlltli kditouiafrnotes accidkmt leads to majolt industhy cow kicking over lamp uicy say started the chicago fire spider climbing thread brought bruce of scotland victory but these and many other like historical incidents pale be fore the story of the housewife whose carelessness founded one of uie most important phases of the canadian fish industry away back in scottish village housewife left haddock hanging from the rafters of her cottage as she went out for the dnj she luut left it too near the peat fire however and when she returned iht fish was all dried by the smoke of the lire she decided to cook it mua and the result was so appetising tint the news spread like ildflro and smoked fish became national delicacy today uie popularity of smoked fish has spread evirv where and uie appetite for this delicacy has founded canadian organlzitloiui of international rcpuu some of hit hoa been established for century and more the canadian climate has been found ideal for uie traduction or this delicacy and other cured fish and today the dominion holds foremost place in world trade in the export of dried smolcd and pickled lish dust of uie earth so shall uiy med be numbered and abram as possess ing the invisible believed cods fitxim tses he is uie spiritual ancestor of all who trust ood sight unseen known through till succeeding centuries as uie father of uie faithful romans 11 with your car safely in the garage sems though you arc prepared for anything that can happen dont even need telephone any more but are you certain sickness fire accidenf whatever it may be and some of them things come occasionally to all of us is your car quick enough sutt enough maybe the roadi are blocked maybe tire flat in emergency what ou need most is tele phone dont wait for something to happen to find that out new low ates for farm telephone service are now in effect for bigger business advertise get this and you go to the coronation at jv mmmm ljm jhbsb coronation sjlumnyiftjp their majesti ksssmmju king george vi loibm mm vaffl i3iiiectbdtdutvii tfw totxprcnrtwabbclfckij umnu ijto dc hjnnkffii iihn here is the official hivllatlon card whlcli has been issued by uve dojiii of norfolk earl marsliaj of england for the coronation of king aeorfc vi at westndnstcr abbey at top centre or uie card ore the ulleldrf of england and scotland at lekt ue shield of uio king and at right uie shield of uie queen heading down at left and across the bottom are the shields of ireland uie union canada new zealand uie royal cipher south africa australia india and wales tlve floral emblems around the shields represent units of uie empire ofticrrs commanding canadian military contingent at coronation premier king has gone to the coronation cere monies and is quite pleased that the industrial dispute has been settled ununy he nuisance hvlaws ot the alumupiilit have li jii nnsohdated uulu one liliw and passed hv council tor the guidance ol the public they aie published in this weeks im pui ss it supplants nuinbei ot obsolete hvlaws he alhltaled kailw ayniens oraniation ol on tano lias piotlsted the 25 pei cent reduction in lnliise ices lor public coininercial vehicles didnt hear of the liausputt owneis objectinj to the increase in wages for the railway men and sending delega tion to oppose the change as some of them would believe the qircuhi tion managers should not dictute the policy of any newspaper if it is to do the greatest good once public confidence in the press is destroyed it will be hard to rcguin und certainly canadian newspapers do not want to lose the public confidence it is coincidence that mayor gibbous of georgetown pointed out to county council that georgetown had more area than acton and milton combined and at the meeting of the georgetown council lust week special regulations wore passed lor tuxutioii of lutids us furm property further comment is unnecessary ml olwdlelire is ul uajs expensive und it seems ut times if when vie enter the path of gods iervlie our dllfuuluc ixln multiply lo inert muii dllrleullh is sore ttsl ot our failh but tht tilth piet ikl in cod si and our iliivtnlj lather dois not forttel his oiui uf kliuts 17 jn jt ill acts ijj 11 31 111 abnun nis tihied cm1 iv 7l an his liili did not uimi nt rilti in all the iinuilltuiw ot 111 ue iml is to him the one rjr it ivlltj iv in ihmuni uf riith lt mm one thlni uj kiil pb us in thl jituv abrnm uw altir vs ii 13 llli wht river he halted uhatever trl bulilk it and irlil iwi hlni abrum built un altar to jrhniuh in illl art of jitvuuie teaifjlnn uneu to ills unf il lerliur fiilh ami wltnes in to hi name ihe invariable suit is fr levela tnin of god reinwed eoiuacration iji lurked ipuuy for eudimiiue und ui vlre wliatever the lavmluu coutnuhr iton of nature or ivusou ills faltil slul fist did not falter cf owi ch nt ivviud ajwl protvd ood rvurwh hi pmrnb llu liuxth and tlu ad tli of the ltiul ulll lve it uulo uire if itiuli ouh number uu lleie ls the lusaitjuarte sfatf of oliiftrn wlia will oi nund the canadian military coplliuiejit reprrjeiiwnu tin uomlnion at uie coronation ttu oifieer and uletr rerlmeuf ntf jitont how iut to ujoht ijeut colitut 11 lihiti dilo mo vi iuaforui highland it of cjiuuiu staff orflcer iji ut colmwl luiimi vd ij hiilllen tlu lib laurent wuulbi eonimioid cjlonel iitrelht ht cavalry urlitade comiuundant ijmit cokmej jiru loyal caiuuiuui artillery adjutant miijoc willoaf vat go vernorgnl nils hoilmi ouardav axiuunc adjutant itaclc 1w3w ijckr to hlohl uomoolonel donovan vd uoyil ciuiudiiui army medic oorpn nuduu otfker liiut quun royml ouiduii army li4y corps paymuslr and major jf webber itoywj cunadlm cmp of idju4a quartertnaster

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