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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 29 Apr 1937, p. 1

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ht jvifartt ffrtt sixtysecond year no 44 acton ontakio thursday apkil 2th iw7 eight homeprint pages five cents acton sixty voice choir wins the festival trophy nt he tenth annual event hew in milton last week winners of all classes and marks obtained in festival the tenth annual music festival for halton county was held in milton at st pauls united church last thursday idoy and saturday there were in all titty closers with entries from rural and urban public schools mnd high schools torn all parta of the county acton and the rural school from district crowell re presented in the various classes mass hunt was in charge of the acton pupils and mrs gowdy was the ac companist mr hoy penwlck director of music for ontario provincial public schools expressed his gratification at the araai inc improvement of tihe contestants and the splendid standard which hud been achieved and maintained he uns more than pleased with the work done by the cornish may song cup mo trafalgar 80 shield no tra falgar 10 class rural choir 12 room 20 voices the swiss toy girl oup palermo 78 shield dublin 16 thursday afternoon adjudicator mr penwlck class stural solos olrls under 10 whfcrc palries dance and sing gloria bennett bo jean drake 78 joy eyre 77 class rural choir combination of motion and sons cup llnbrook 78 shield umclumse 77 class hural solo girls under 12 song of the palries olive ttankln 82 eileen pickup so helen mockcridge 78 class 23 urban solos boys under 16 the legend robert arnold 86 paul campbell 85 jomes bcnuey 82 class gold medalist solo oil wings of song joan moreland joan hale 84 tliljllkoay irvfcning class 25 urban duetts girls twln hao them guessing mr and mrs who yesterday observed thei john kenney golden wedding anniversary it was night of mystery at uie cm tuesday when herbert king of toronto showed the uudlencc how do tricks of all kinds and provided very entertaining and amusing program various articles went from one place to alio the and jug on the table ocemod to liave alt endless supply of water in it prrhups uie biggest thrill camo when to all appearance scoulmostcr george mason mas beheaded yet lived to enjoy the resl of tlie program and 80away uidiarmed trio of messrs parkinson cllrford and gibson gave several good selections and uie concert orchestra under the direction of mr mason gave generous program bob ihirkinson led in community singing tho event was at ranged by the special features oommit tea of tlie uhd mr charles klrkncs uur tile chairman rural pupils and enthusiastic in his praise kle twinkle liulc star joan morr for high school choirs and kololsts land and shirley brown 74 joan hale mv eldon brcuieour toronto also ad valerie herbert 73 ptora higglns judicating drew attention to remarks maxine wilson 73 made by mr it sanderson principal class 2frurbn duetts boys see of oakvilto public school after his now the moon shines gordon gib school had been awarded first pfcee in and joim mc sancwson campbell blul austin stainer burling ton central 77 albert tost onct wrrt long georgetown 65 the 0valce choir mr stated that music instruction to ookville pupils rjo all been given out of school hours and by staff teacher that said mr bretheour is great mistak why should music be taught only out of school hours7 one would think that geography and arithmetic were gods chosen subjects actually you dont know wlngton 73 shield broni class 36 threeport choir soprano alto and bass the witching hour cup milton 75 shield strathcona 73 class 31 35 voice mixed clioir 34 rooms tin laos of xtichmond smi where vou ore with these subjects geography may change overnight but not music you always know where you are with music you he asked his audience the chil dren uere enthusiastic hi their applause another thing continued mr breth eour we are think inclined to attach tea much importance to what tlie child is dong to music it is of far greater iiipartnnce to consider what music is dohig to the child after hearing thee children king as they tisve sung today you cant tell me thai music isnt good influence in their lives mr campion smith toronto the third adjudicator also made encouraging com ments on the work done by tlie schools mr denycs inspector of public schools milton honorary president was in charge of trophy presentations and on priday night mr denycs brought much pleasure to capacity audleuoe when ie announced that robert coxe milton and doris hessey georgetown hod com peted in open solos at peel county pcs tual then in session and each brought home silver medal other contestants showing exceptional talent were helen mcoowan george town high school roth sergeant mil ton high school murray halt turling ton high school george holus burling ton high school thtf stephenson twins georgetown hig4i school joan more land struthcona and joseph wilcox young georgetown public scitool pupil who played cornet solo with excep tional ability worthy of special mention was tlu performance given by tlie burlington high scliool orcwtru led by mus kathleen dick ultli murray hull as ac oompatiut even mr penwlck found it difficult to find uords to express his appreciation of tlie boys fine piece of orchestral uorfc and uie civdlt due to mu dick ror lier lwlderslilp nurllruj ton being tlia only entrant in this claw imd not tliought it ncceitary to bring back tlie cup which had been auarded to them last yarl tribulu uas alio paid to the music in structors in tlie arlous tclioola uirough out uie county for tlie very fine training ylvrji tlie children lartlcularly pvaing uere tlie numbers featuring dramatization of ings by khidercjrten rooms anil also by grade and trophlei and donaliorui uere ulen by tlie folloulnc scluvol luuirds ortiuniiu tluns ard individuals cuiss 31 high school solos girls un der spring comes laughing helen mcoowan 80 norma marccllui dont you dont 78 speight 75 class 15 piano solo under 18 iji murray hall 75 helen mc jonglciiie gowurt 74 huil ay moitning adjudicator mr campion smith clobs 13 piano solo under 14 don tu brook pair muriel stephenson 73 beaty 71 joan nicholson 69 class 13 piano solo under 13 minuet shirley sergeant 76 dora hanen 75 margaret somervule 74 clou 18 urban solo glru under 10 the linnets secret curmel thomas 77 barbara donald 70 betty gibson 75 clam 10 urban solos boyi under 10 have clock doufilas williams 78 tukly white 76 kendall tancock 75 cbtis piano solos under 10 music box marjorie jcbb 76 patricia tlllcy 15 jui drake 14 vtuiay apnlnoot adjudicator mr campion smith clais 50 urban solos girls under 12 sliix sing birds on tlie wing shirley brown 70 georglna bridle 78 margaret kemp 75 clasx 33 urban solos girls under 16 april goes awalking valerie her bert 76 ho hphlck 75 margaret craig 74 clai1 30 junior cliolr 25 voices uni son tlie woodpecker cup milton 78 shield burlington central 76 clasi 28 kindergarten singing game continued on page prve relief in erin township stops on may 1st auditors iteport accepted by the township council crant to horse show married fifty years ago in esquesing mr and mrs john kenney have been lifelon itesidents or acton just iltty yars ajjo on april 27th john kenney and miss barbara nlcklc ucre joined in tlie bonds of lioly matri mony at tlie home of the brides parents mr and mrs john ntckle at lot 23 concession esquerting township tlie itcv jos alexander presbyterian min uter of norvol performed the ceremony lialf century has passed rjnce that day headj liave nllvered bit but on wednesday mr und mrs kenney were liappy indeed in marking their golden ueddlng anniversary mus pannie norrie of guelpli uas uie bridesmaid and still resides in tlie lloyal city the groomsman mr duncan llmondson passed away several year ago yesterday was liappy occasion tlie three cons linton of toronto lloyd il of montreal and ueut telford of hamilton and one grandchild bar bara of toronto uere all home to cele brate this important occasion many other friends called to extend congratu lations during the day mr and mrs kenney have spent their entire life in aton mr kenneys birthplace war acton and mrs kenneys the township of eyjueiing for sixty one sears tlie name of kenney bra boat and shoe merchants as known in every household in acton and for miles about their business uas successful ahd year ago uie brouicrs reured and have been greatly enjoying uie time of leisure right in tlie home community and among life time friends and actonlans at home and abroad join tn their congratulauons on uils oc casion and uie uish for this esteemed couple of many more luppy years to ircuicr arid that uie glitter of the golden ueddlng day may but be the mark for shining earc of the future labor rights equal to those of employees tlie titular meeting of btoomsbury literary society uas held in uie school agitators arc to be tail tuesday evening ulth about ninety oebarred foreign efficiency illoomskury literary society experts should alio in attendance tiie president mr manull nelll was in charce for the entire pronam tlie roll call uas ansuered by question pride in the leadership given by draw when regular butlnens uas com premier hepburn und ulioleheartel plated uie follouing nuhitierk uere glicn upport of hb uttitui in deollnb with harmonica ilectian by mr cecil w1i tlie invasion of the cio hito ontario son duett by mlut lje und audrey uere expressed by niaktltyk wauon spelling match conducted by and hughes clenvcr mp when mlj mcpiiedran the winrien being mrs uiey addressed the fouru annual llb kitching and wallace lasby iolo by eral progressive gauiering in uie town mv rosa gordon unique feature of hall last priday evening but both uie evening war uie prescntauon of two speakers also exprfsed sympathy with clialrs und smoking stand to mr and labor and were anxious in peaceable mn tlios mclaugluin recent bride way to make uie lot ojt the working man and groom after uhich tom replied belter thanking all for the expressions of good mr blakelock pointed wiui pride to ulll and uie beouuful gifts speeches the record of the liberal administration nuisance bylaw consolidated liability insurance increased council also decided to purchase ivew fire hokc may also huy smaller road crader will not tamper with cloninj houra of ifoverae rooms were made by uie following messrs alex of uie past few years and uie promises near george gordon nekon mclaugh he imd uc fulfilled he said the lln cameron nomshaw vangoozrn minimum wa legislation would be in and miss mayme near at this time uie eiiect koon am would have been oldest number of the uterary society ln et1cct at uie present time except for mm near was presented uith plant lne oshawa strike affau mr blae altliough greatly surprised mrs near locc ni0 announced uiat grading ad exprexd htr appreciation of uie gift uidening uie second line would bl and also of tie associations and friend unue this year and about j25o00 shlpr cf the society all joined in tlhrlng for tliey are jolly good pel iouji tlie contest for tlie winter monuis was ended nt this meeting and uie points uere so close it uas called ue and all joined in providing uelner roast as special treat danclnc uas enjoyed for uie remainder of uie eventnif dduessed acton womens conservative club ward acton womens conservative club had their regular meeting on thurs day last tlie business uas transacted by tlie president mrs ii lindsay after uhlch mrs ritchie chair man of ward introduced tile guest speuker miss sybil bennett who poke on womens place in the conservative party our need is for real states men ulio live for empire tradition and not personal appeal uas among mlis bennetts statements mr dessurcaull irae recitation and piano duett uis rendered by mrs salt and florence and solo uis contributed by mr chlstmlm after the pro cram social hoifr mil eiijojid bj all pent in preparing it for provincial highway briefly mr hughes cleaver outline uie ugirjauon passed at ottawa thli lar nnd uhich would be effective in making conditions beter in uw domin ion he agreed wiui uie suppression of lauless strike methods nnd agltatom from other countries but also felt uiat foreign efficiency experts should likewise he slopped from making unbearable working conditions ln canada the hall was packed to capacity with the croud attending this event prisus for tuchre uere won by mrs locker and mrs davidson and kents prizes by mr pred kentner and mr ii allen lunch was served to all and fivepiece orchestra supplied music for the dancing messrs pack er and davidson were floor man ngers the event was arranged and car ried out by the acton liberalprogres fie association and mr dills wai chairman and uclcomed uie visitors and introduced uie speakers it is tlie fourth such event held in acton and each year the croud attending has been larger uian eier iast weeks ansver thu erin tounship council met at hlllsbunf april loui member uere ill preent tlu follnulng refill tons uere iused mr it holwrtmn upimlnttd tflephone coin ml loner lor the balunci carries queens train of 1037 the rnul suptlnti mu lit in st uctcd ti notify all patrolmen hut if june all patrol uork mirt hac his uiprovii high school bfurdj gcorgctuu mil ton and burlington public school boards acton george toun nurlington milt in strathctmu riihers corner bell pine groie palermo umehouse tursley zimmer man and no niuiuuru womens iiulltuu iiahon count acton mountuln union and scotch the count crtniid lliot bjrg iiprlng hjre shnv that the council inspect lhat alter yi 1st will in given vt ii more relrf rim em ooo to hul john milton chapter t1uiviidanta chapter burllnguin oakvllle senior clupter and oakvllle junior cliapjer dr ii watson cvirgtt ju pmluy matluanp burlington and uie eaton coniany toronto reulu nre as follou tiiuksoav moktnhso adjudlcatormr pnwick cusu rural solo boy under 10 graaahopper areen jim wimtioe 7a tin rn ihlp ls and at thf bridge in the tou cull of llie ititevc l7ie auditors il4imirt for lojil uus iu cptl also their hidings deficits in the rolu tif 104 iouj und 10m the follouing at coimls wrr ikad mtscellaiithhls reluf ltods 11 le council 47 ib 100 403 70 uijouriwj to one if uie qiuvns four trulnburrr the coronation next mtuiui lady iiucf ut elizabeth ivr djujliter of the duehei huuburg on tuesday may 2ui us of noruiumberlund and elder daughter raymond servur tt curettcf pord 7tf curt of itevbaoi on uie atacrt of the prseiit dilke shouu above 111 cuas rjrural choir lit voice unkon roll arid or municipal biulnra her lutt portrait another cut in the cost of electricpotver ontario hydro announces cut effective august let and to lie passed on to the consumers s3 per liorsepouer reduction in uie interim rate for pouer supplied to oast municipalities of the niagara system revision of rural pouer service charges in all systems the niagara georgiin bay thunder bay and eastern ontario ulth summer cottage consumers particu larly benefitted and general early re distribution of uie various rural system so as to provide consumers ulth battel ervle than at present obtains was on nounced by lion mcquesten hjdro commissioner on behalf of till provincial pouer commission tlie per rate reduction in the niagara system ulll come into force on august thls year and uill apply it announced to all power purchxohl bv the civl municipalities until july 31st 1038 it supplements the 50 per hp rate cut effected by hydro in november 103fi toijtther llico reductions not onjy nprtsent money saving of over 10000 daily to the jieople of uie cost munlri pilities of the niagara system but carry assurance thul they ulll not be lixlmi provide power below cost to the lurg indulrli of the province uhlch have ccntruils ith hydro lilts maltrial saving tp the ctiuutuer ol the nlagura jstem hon mr que it explains in formul tatenu nt to the prei has be made pislbtr by the git at avini in uie en of queber ntnut pivitr lesultlng from canceila llon and retlruflng in the case of the rhlnal ciatliuau iciuniiquebrc and otauu valhn ichul hill ureenunts durlnr the pres nl veur mr mcquesteil lati the comnilslon ulll pay to thea lime quebt contractors 1mm uluun piatr being tuken sum of approxim ately sjbauooo instead of jioocjooo whl 11 uas obligated to pay under uie origin il contracts uhetlier or not the iwiutr could utllifahl hydro mr mcqueten statis fxpsct thr savlngi in the uhiueale ctkt of power be takmd on ut once to the ulumav cojisuiiuri of the niagara sybtem und hon still lrduc above minister of uiat tlie luteal ctiniiilsiilonii uill make ur millet for ontario wui timik over tetn roiigemenu before august lht to fcttrct warily uie dutlej of attorneygeneral unierul rat rrductliui in uielr resper formei ly handled by hon aruiur lloc llve jurudhtions buck tiie ansuer to last ueeks puzzle poem uas daylight saving and the first correct unsuer opened on saturday uas from mrs locker uho uins uie box of chocolates offered as prize mibscribcr has suggested that uc offer some groceries as prize so thl xlvcjl we olii the amount of the ouier auards in enceiis at carrolls grocery store the jhiem miggestcd by fhee puiv uhcriber in iondon and rearranged by mr coles it will lw found on iagc pive of thls bsue succeeds roeiuick at uie fortnightly soian of acton council on monday evening councillorji mason jotit tiiac gibbons and mcmillan were present and hecvo mccutclleon presided mr glen wilson of tlie wilson co was present to dueujul wiui uie council the liability insurance if pointed out that acton enjoyed very favoruble standing und uie lossc pu14 hail not been large the pasx year acton luul enjoyed liability limits of 55000 for one person and 510000 for more uian one person thls year the firm prepared to olfer ut tlu line figure limitr of sioooo und 520000 tiie mun icipal buudlng town hall and parks were covered by uils policy acton uai now enjoying uie minimum premium mr wilson was not sure whetlier uie arena was covered by the policy but promised to advise the council concern ing this coverage tlie local represen tative of uie company was mrs mcdonald upon motion the liability insurance was renewed with lloyds of england mv wilson also explained insurance for municipal employ eea and gave rated in his compuncr plre chlcr vt mcdonald requested that the council purcliase 200 feet of fire liose he pointed out uiat uie price would go up on may 1st and he deemed it advisable to purcliase nov there liod been no new hose purchased since 1033 the price wan from 4100 to 125 per foot it was also pointed out thai since the death of uie late norman mcleod the brigade liad no one to make repairs to the hose councillor gibbons uiio was experi enced at uils work agreed to do tills uork for the brigade motion to purcliase uils liqte was passed unanimously by uie council mr ramsliaw requested uiat the queen street roadway be repaired it uas badly washed out he agreed to fur nish the grave necessary for the work this matter would be given attenuon in the annual repairs or tlie roads in the municipality mr ramshaw addressed the council regarding uie municipalitys liability insurance the rater were pre sented by clancy jl sons of toronto he asked the councils per mission to put in couple of tenders for uils insurance he pointed out that savings had been made in ouier mun icipalities in uio county tlie policies covered tlie entire legal liability of uie town and uie coverage was uie same as any oilier policy the company as lloyds of london but anouier group council pouued out uiat uie pdhcy had already been cuen and uiey felt uiat uicy could not rescind uils motion they concluded on page eight mr mason president of childrens aid annual meetinp held in hrampton yesterday itanquei in evening speaking at meeting of tho chil drens aid society for ptcl and halton vejterday stewart sutton member of the staff of the york county orcanlxa tlon stressed the imporlancettf protec tion uork among rthr societies in differ ent ooiintleii dallng ulth the protocuon work ho stressed the necessity and importance of investigating homes where neglect of children uas reported by dealing wiui minor ultuutlons in lime more serious sltuation could be avoided he said at the met unix uie resignation denies president of the organlka tlon aim as sin re it lncepuoii over tuenty years 1140 wa reluctantly ac cepted and lie was named honorary pre ldent other olticers tlected ut the meeting utiv president ama mason acton vicepresidents tlionuison ilruiiipum and austin buck trafalgar dlratnniycl mrs colloton mvs hood and mm dunntng ton hal ton dr it wutson gorie toun mrs atkinson bronte and mis blulr trafalgar vvallowlng the mealing banquet uas id ut uie lloyal hotel und among the wutssls uere mills director of uu toronto childrens aid society bert beaumont dlrisctor of uie hamilton society dr ivlce inspector for duf ferin county hugh crooks of uw guelpli and wellington county society and mr mckeowu or tlut hainllum stcicty united young fisopmre feting on tuesday night the united sfoung iwiplea union held their regular uoekly mreung tlie first part of uie evening viu1 spent in busineg dlusslon the main unilz uas planning for the closing meeting it was decided uiat thu wolld take ulc form of banquet taenu program and crokinolc party were plan ned hie program was in cliarge of iiim jean barbour the scripture was read by mis laura johnston mr mansell nellls took uie topic his treasure which included stories of plorence nlghu ingule and william wilberforce an in teresting reading was uvll given by switsser filling in oij0 yard steam sliovcl und crew wiui dump trucks hiivu been tilling in an old auction unused vul ut uw tannery for uie pant week wlien uie building covering thls yard war torn down uie vuu uere left uitliout filling und now uibt fill ls being made and the ground levelled bank of eorui hear uie old radial right ofuuy has been used ln supplying the maenal for uie fill tlie roads about the beardmorc plant have uho been im proved nd pordion tractor ls used for hauling the uagons formerly employing several teams of horse 1938 markers ontario 1938 license plate will reach new lugh in brilliance it was loomed ulicn hon harry nixon provincial secretary received sample of uw markers frofii tlie ontario reformatory tiie backgrouivd color is royal blue with oriel letters royal crown hi toavict divides uie figure 1038 set above uus license number ttiey are being manu factured as usual at uie ontario re formatory ln guelpli rockwood minister to move rev taylor ulio has served tlu rockwood and eramosa stone church congregations for uie past eight years has accepted called to uie united church at dorchester in uie london presbyury tlie vacancy at rockwood will be filled by rev harold lawson of thedford fire at poultry farm eire at uie poultry farm of duvul as paplllon lost thuriday owning destroy ed several birds but uos soon under control the plre brigade were hand prompljy but it was not ncceary to turn onthe hose and dainage was slight the lire was caused by soma live cools falling out of brooder stove in ihs eavott tlio scots minister luulpaujalotig call on an invalid parishioner at last lie rose well jolm lie remarked must be getting on my way the daily round you know gleam of interest flickered ln uui nick mano eye im glad youre golfer ho whis pered thats something in your favor anyway coming events aniimitiirmciiti ol meetings con irii ur otlirr kveut uiidr tlm lieadiiiff are chart 10 cents prr line with tmiuniuiu charge ur any aiiiluiiiiiridnil ol 3jc dont forget east lynne uie play under uie auspices or the upypo in town hull tonight the true blues ulll hold euchre and dance in the parbli hall on may 20th lucky draw for quilt moving pictures at the baptist church on tueday may 4th at 30 pin by returned missionary from bolivia rev ii whitemlite the monthly meejlng of the womens institute will be held at uie liom of mn gamble thursday may tli ut 220 saturduy may 1st tlie coronation in uu from to ti lveryone la welcome and uie udmissloji is 25 allspices of duke of devonshire chapter uf an event uie month coronation tea buklng sale and sale of homemade candy under auspices of st ban sunday scliool oftlocni and teacliersi hi parish hull saturday may 0h ut 00 tn 442

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