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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 22 Apr 1937, p. 5

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thursday april 3m 1037 the acton free press paoe flva isx sfcphexaon vlmtod in tor onto for tew days mr awl mrs mauhew visited in toronto over the weekend mr and mm george mason and babo visited lost weeic at sundrulgc mro wullam snyder of toronto visit ed her mother and other acton rdatlvei miss marion day of uockwood vulud her grandmother on tumday of this week mrs wesley allen has recovered from the infection in lier toob and is able to be about again after about two weeks illness mrs whitney of wales was visitor at the homo of mrs claytpn during the week miss grace stewart of toronto it visiting with lier sister miss katlicrtno soowari this week mr if speight and miss almwt speight of toronto spent the weekend visiting acton relatives mr allan buchanan of ftort eric visited tills week at uio homo of hi uncle dr buchanan mr and mm harold anderaon of toronto visited at the homo of her parents mr ard mrs husband priends are glad to leant that mm job mooeachie la now able to bo about again after an illness of four week mr and mw jos cowlo and babe oi whitby visited on sunday at the parental home with mr and mrs george oowle mr and mrs howard dlgnan of nla garaoiithelakc spent the weekend ob the home of lier patvnu mr und mrs movat mr and mrs ii iloy wonsbrough und family mr ii nd mrs larold wuhi brough and liobblc of toronto visited at ihc home nf mrt ft wansbrough on saturday last and with othef friends the cngagiiiuiit li announctxl of violet marlon eldirr duughur of mr archie currl and tlie iuu mrs ourrui of acton ontario to mr lvodcrick cur cnco rxiwkini of toronto clkt ton of mr and mrt win dwkiiuj of acton marriage to take place quietly tlia latur part of may an unique feature tlui swolal freuture committee of uuj havt arrangvd very lntortlnff event for ueict tacbdfuy april 37lh tlus uill be numlcul vntertulnnumt by mr herbert ktiu outstanding oumdlun nmglclaii tliomi who lkw mr kings for mane it the jboy scouty concert last year wore mybtlfud and dellghud and uaerly ifou foruard to uyelntf ful jirograw by this talented conjuror dur lny tlw lntermllan between uie two forty nilnuu period by mr klnjf uie acton quarutto comprbiod of ted clif ford grvnvlli miieilcs geo simpson und bob parktiunn ulll alnff few num beru imide and tikoom honored on monday evenlns tlie hmn wo meiiii club and thclr funuid cutiirred at uie home of mr and mrs nelon mcluutfluin for the purpose of honoring tom aid uli brido of lmt uck eucliro ujui feature of the evening and the winners we tv ladle mrs henry saycrs cent mr kurl sayerc consolation mrn tom mclaughlin mro hugh mccutclieon pi evident of uie club too uie chair for the following program paper mrs alex near piano olo mwj velnui murray recitation mrs suuart papr mrs clarridse mpi vount uo5 then called upon and shi read uie following atldreij dear tom and margaret heres to jou tom and mnruaret so newly joined aa one heres all our fondest wishes for tlie life youve now befnm wvo found you truo and wllllnff weve liked jour pleasant emits tlie kline courier jui tplrlt will help you oer uie milec weve patched our simple blejilncs we mothers of u10 farm and filled in all our hopes and joyc to jaip your future uann we hope thaj ulth the glvliu tlila clft ulll iver buid your new home to your early one and make the memories kind aluiougli we hate to lord you you uont be for away perliapfl in at her luippy groiiiv woll niivt ayalii mie day signed on oluuf of uie ciumtio club mrs burt davidson mfls mocutoiluon mrs john mconkgor irs youno mm john mcorntr then presented mr uml mis mclaughlin uith the club quilt mi mclaughlin ipllml in lib uiiud cliery maniur and invited the ojub to bptiul tlw 24uy of may with tlum in tluur iew hmnat idmlru 1w tluy are jolly otnl lvilliiwti vui then fciing mr nelson mclauglilui llien prminud bottle of uuuji tt giu the number mbwt anna xfoorvgor wirt for uuj luni and mr mcoutchoon fi uu gaiu tti ryt of uu thvnliur was spent hi diliicintf tltiiity lundi wai unrved aiwl all weiulctd uulr uay liome in ukj ww luhirt of uuj nonibi4f george wallace clothes shop 123 yonge st toronto opposite ryriebirfcs patterson ro specullat tn ey ortjmixuo treotmcnta xu wymlhun st next te luaws guelph phone 3108 qtudltv amuncy we know there are certain things thai every poultry italser should inorf about u10 baby chicks he is buy ing thcac are all inoot impor tant if profit is to be made from this stock why take chanced on your baby chicks oct our prices iiee our stock and equipmentt talk over your problems wiui us kvery bird for generation had been licd on our own farm we have those famous heavy laying breeds rocks white leghorns new hampshires we are area tot tovvtbi equipment willowdale poultry farm jc john ion son acxon ostauio khon0 3zr3 gregory theatre 1i1ii0ay alltll 23rd afier the thin man fun mystery and action co itarrind mynia loy and wllllnm poia ell cartoon baiy bc commnnlly slug no with wen dall hall ernie hare jolly etc chapter or uie ncu terial the roaring wcit saturday alkxl 24th stolen holiday dramatic romance utarrlng icay franc ls band george hall vox neuc monday apllii 2ctu maj of affairs comedy drama with oeorce arluji plftjlng dual role com edy swing for sale novelties anlmil cunning grampys ii door oallntvvit entertainer cokung gold diggers of 193r no blame attached in highway fatality continued from pago one crown attorney ick pointed out unit there onathlng wrong in the aum mli up of the time since seffsworth had left ouelpn before 30 and uie ac cident occurred at 940 in answer to this scgsworth aald lie had stopped couple of minutes in liockwood he did not drink liquor when driving and liad tioo itad any lnloklcatlns liquor uiat day dkester mcbalu owner of uie truck said they hattier ouelpli between 8i0 and 000 oclock tlvy luwl stopped for live minutco in itockwood and averag53 about 30 miles on hour tlie cloaranco hfflit on uie truck was burning when they lcrt guclph jfe owned uu truck but never drove ho had noon uie crux give choot just as imiuiouelit it had cleared uiclr cab the widui of u11 rack was seven fpt ho felt turo tlioy were on their own side of uie road arid seemed to have plenty of room to potia john hunstedlcr wlmn recalled aald iha machine in which lie wart riding never rbvd any lurch before hit uie truck nor liad uicir machine crept lo uo centre of uus road thcco had been no uro blow out he had been with haines all day and ho hover drank in toxlootlntf liquor at any time clilcf mdlicrsotl luul been called to uie scene of uie uccldcnt at d45 iticro waa no on uiere but kcgswortli when lie arrived and wlum qucsuoiuxl kccs worth aid uiere was no 0110 with him he hod kept traffic moving and left the investigation to officer howell ho des cribed tlw condluou of the mcbalu truck and uie other maclxlile wlien he examined thcni iliere were two marks on uie pavement one about uirce feet long aid roind rnark tliere was ako scratch about two feet from uie centre of uie rood aruiur dltciifleld director of uie groh co who employed bainer hud visited uie scene of uie accident on sunday and had found hub cap on uw north aide of the hlgjiwuy he had uiixi examined uie mcbain truck und found damakcd hub cap on it hulne had been in woodbrldge that tlay he uould not be travelling fat as uie luaclilne liad just been oyerliauled and uim not yet broken in lie liad been employed by the company for three yearu he ivai careful nd steady driver and did not drink or mnoke bertie nines father of lynn balnci raid lynn vir one of uie bet of boys there uere none better ik had never touched liquor or smoked special coronation sailings from montreal to ilyiiioutlt havre and louden april j3rd almmla april 20th ausonla april aoth lancastrla rsptclal frohl queue to cherbourg ana scuthaniplun april ith emprivji of australia to havre soutlijmpun and antuerp april 3ulh montcalm from montrral to glvluew itflfau and ijvertwh april jjrtl ducheji of york april jrd andmli april 30ih oucluui of atlmll april 30th allicnlu and othrr earlier sailings xi queen mar ilfguur sail liuit from neu ynrk every other weiiuwlay kducatkonal imottatouuk uvt indies and wururuurj ilckit and all iiiformatlou re hilluuy und pajports wrights travel bureau coojrr ttluck aciaii 55th wedding anniversary was observed mr and mrs john russell have lived all their liverf in this district frlciubi and neighbors of mr and john russell younfj street gauierel at their liome on monday april 10li behy the occasion of their flityllfth weddlu umiventrj mr and mrs rtis iell were uu rccipienui of many useful and beautiful ttlfts to marl the esteem in uhtch they ure held they ucro mar ried in erui in 1082 and have spent all there life residing in uiat toumjiip and in acton for tucntyetht yean lluy liai been reildenh of acton bounteous uedding dinner is served at suthlrty uxist to mr and mr rusjll was proposed by rev stephenson aru responded to by mr russell social evening was sjient with the bride and groom of uftylle oars ago ehrring uie evening uie fol low lng guestr legktered rev and mr stephenson limehousc mr an1 mr rogerfl toronto mr and mm hutchiiuin toronto mr and mm knox toronto miss ntarln and harold icnox toronto mr and mrs rafael acton mr and mrs aruiur suackliamer and isabel mr tmd mr irank swackhamer mr and mrs ruell mr arid mm robt kerr mrs arrhio kerr uul betty ann mr brown mr and mm fred mccutrheoi mevru harej gordon tuul jack mc culclumui mr and mrs butler and wllma mriind mm mcdonald mr and mrs thomas mr and mm januv douglui georgetown mr januv rujll mlw udn1 rusu miijj alberli brown mlj jean akitt mliu kaumriue stewart mb margaret brouii mr austin james notice to creditors the creditors or mary ann ulalr lata of acton married woman who died on or ubotit the eleventh day of januar 1034 and all other parties having clulu ui ililil lir ftute are required to send to the tmdt rsliintd villritor their full niine iiddivt and derrlplion full particulars of their rlatms und tu nature the securities if any held by them and this notice being given pursuant to sttlon 51 of the trustees art rflo 10j7 chapter 150 notice li hfreby ilven that on and after the elhth day of miy 1037 the administrator will pro fted to distribute the ojeli or uie 11ui tkcisel among the parties legally en titled theeto und he ulll not be resp slbli fur any rlalniji of which he has not then received notice hated this eighth day of april 1037 william rohkht krktt bljmu ailmlnltitrator by 1hirmer acton ontario hh iudlcitar il2 ml ml ml ml ml ml1 ml ml 1w ial jn l1 mt l1 af mt immmawsimmmmmmmmbsmmm ensational ltiht in be face of advantinj ericcs comes taljjots anniversary sale of hardware theres no need lo impress ilie opportunity it afford to slock up not only for present but also for future needs you know the values just kead the ericea and profit sale prices from april 22nd to may 1st paint demonstration owing to the future adviince in paint now is tlii time to buy your paint for tliit house job and save the advance to help you with all your paint problems we hnvu arranged with our different paint companies to have this paint demonstration here to demonstrate the different lines with color schemes etc for your benefit on april 30th and may iki mr patterson op crown diamond paint co will be here to demonstrate duiiolave the new washable water paint for interior use bring your problems get his suggestions in beautifying the in terior of the home on april lolh mr mckinijey of benjamin moore will demonstrate ijtilac in cooperation with betty moore special offer during this demonstration you can purchase pint utilac 30c and brush 25c for 2iu by signing utilac coupon on may 1st mr borland op martin senour will demonstrate martin senour products quality paints for every purpose all three men are experienced paint men and are capable of advising you on any paint problems you may have get their suggestions for coltir combinations for interior or exterior use there is no obligation aluminum specials double boiler double boiler fj no 52 ffeg 75c for d4c double boiler double boiler no 53 reg 85c for dc potato pots keg 85c for tea kettle lea kettle no regular 100 for tea kettle tea kettle no regular 130c for saucepan saucepan no uk regular 50c for 59c 89c 39c 34c saucepan no regular tioc for saucepan no goo saucepan ntf isaucepan regular 25c for 19c saucepan saucepan leular 30c for saucepan auccpnu regular 35c for nu saucepan no saucepan 0i percolators regular 85c for spade wj regular 125 for jh vif cultivator points yt regular 25c for each ciic harrow teeth 916 regular 10c for dc 58 regular 10c for whiffletree ends 1a regular 15c for jic for 25c formaldehyde reg 25c lb bottle for 1c curry comb and qo brush reg 50c for ucfc heavy mtooth cxr garden rake reg 85c olfc spading fork rj tt regular 125 for jly egill1 reg 22c per package stick fast ice 1c housecleaning needs lemon oil 25 oz bottle regular 25c for 14c floor wax on regulat 25c lb for ljc floor mop regular 50c for clothespins fk dozen for 1uc fourhour enamel household fourhour en amel in all colors made by martin senour fully guaranteed 14 pint for 15c pint for 25c pint for 19c quart lor 70c coronation beatty electric washer its special mode made with stainless steel tank beatty washers priced ns iow as 5495 see the anniversary sale demonstration of beatty appliances at our store from april 2gth to may 1st coleman lamp free waffle iron with every putvhase of 50c customers arc entitled to guess on the number of iteans in the jar in our window the winner will receive choice of coleman ijunp valued at 925 or beautiful electric wallle iron the nearest juess wins one of these priyes get in as many estimates as you want and win one of these prizes talbots hardware at the post office cornet phone 76 acton

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