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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 22 Apr 1937, p. 4

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ii idtmslijtmm paob four the acton free press thursday april 22nd 1937 neighborhood news interesting items concerning other centres and communities in which many of our readers are interest oakville mrs dale and miss ruby chapman iukvc returned from lindsay where they visited oil their way home from potcrbunr fl mrs phoebe it mcankiu principal of wcstwood sclvool since its inception in 1023 lias rculnod her posltion her resignation wui received at tuesday evenings meeting of uie ookvlllo hoard of education mid won accepted with th depet regret it will lake cftect uie end of juno deadly ammonia fumed cccaplug from un electric refrigerator during uie course of fire tie ly claimed two lives bronte early yesterday morning mr aiul mrs guest camped death hi manner almost miraculous and were rescued from the deeping quarters ubovi uirir atortj by members of the bronte klrtj rrrade thirteenyearold frank iloys desire to attend sunday evening gospel meet ing was no doubt very laudable but it predpltaiod family row that ended ul magistrates court in friday allr jioons court uic boys brother burrand roy aged 20 appeared before magla trite mcuvccn on charge of assaultlne their father ftoario roy and pleaded not guilty rr cordstar rockwood lost wcdnesdoy evening ut uie town hall tiueeut play entitled ciucrl my doario was presented to fair taudlence by st albons players acton and well received each urtlst ill tlu play woj at uicir best and all deserved im ut credit for oiclr port the lm jinjnatlonu of harry rogery us mcl cliecidoc were all uiat could bo deslreo as well as lr partner ulio uir equally uood according to un old baying act well your part there ull the honor lie could be truly said of uie catt the pluv was under the auspice of st john church large representation from rockwood attended the oidlnauon service and in liinehoitse cemetery campbellville misico helen and kay saunders lornby uere the guests of iss ku hi bell on friday miss lottie moore spent couple of days last week in toronto the many friends of uuo kathleen hunter will be pleased to know she doing as well is can be expected alter her recent ojxratlon in st joseph hospital guelph ttic blair auxiliary held uielr regular tiwoting at uie tiome of miss lillian mcpholl on saturday mm hamilton and mni arthur henderson pent fcwdajji thls week in detroit mr uiwi mrs cow per and joyce lilted frltnd lii itcsumi on sunday now astafi chief limehouse mv und mr arthur lane and fomllj of toronto vlsltcd lost weekend with mrs robert lane mioses uvu trice lane and gladj pucker of toronto bpent tlio weeketui at uie liome of mrs robe lane mr ted morrow of toronto woji visitor ut uie home of mni robert liine over tile weekend mm dolton shultz and children ot parkhlll returned liome arter spending uck wiiii her brouier and nlster mr and mrs ueerman mr robertson and friends from toronto spent tlie weekend at uie cot tage mr and mn mummery uere at the cabin over the ueekeild mr and mrr polutt and miu grace of toronto spent day at uie cottafje tlie rympnthv of the community coe ou to tlie relative und friends of vs lite jrs ellfiletli fonvthe wlio pnjed away nt the liumc of lur daughter mrs iinrr broun on monday april 13th the funeral conducted by the rev st4phenron took place on tliumdav april lctli at the home and later to tlie rev thos mert ducclon of rev samuel johnston into tlie pastorate of st paul church gutlph kdin mill and rockuood prei hvterion concrecatloiir uhlch was held in st ihiul church last thunuay fienintf rev rurtej da conduct ed tile deotloiuil exerckf rev daiidion dd moderator of presby tery ind rev tlionvin clerk orduiiud tlie newly licenced mln rter and nl conducted the induction fi ice acibited by other mintrtern of guelph prebitery rev ii benne ma who liar acted interim moder ator narrated the itepi leading up to uie call to mr johiuton who hud served two ear or student nilnlter rev thomson cave the charge to the nev minister and rev ti marluill ra jjae the chnrpe to tlie conrecatloils itri jnj tlie reed of hearty cooperation selection was rendered by uie choir under the direction of mr ii rljjuy tri bute uos paid to rev ii benrile acton for lil untlrintr wurl iu intertri moderator for the pilt ilx jear the jervlce uu cloed by mr johilton pro nouncing the benediction reccpu was uicn held in the church und the ladle aid served refreshments untl tociai time wa enjojed on sunday mammjj rev johnston commenced hu labor as putor of the three churche dlth brotlier of mn rorsyuie from mmiwmkl quebec arlstel in the service beidei mm imrry ilroutu only daiiffh tir her brother and sluyr wlio are livlntr are john mereditli llme hoiua jtev tho mercdiui manluakl quebec mr jrscph meredith toronto and vr grant umehoue mm tor the wa born in this community but pnf mrvst of her married life on manltoultn ll aid rev tims meredith of manluakl quebec preached in the united church 01 sunday inoriiine last when he cho his tt ihou art nuui of he recalled earlj daj manj jearo aco whin ai boy he attended the uime church with lib parents and auier mem twri of ills fim ly he remembered belnn ljie first student at uie georgetown iuh school uhen it was opened fifty yeais io after sr ndlnff fort eight can in the methodist and later in the united church mlnltrj he li rcurln this jeir to live in ottawa he preaclud whi much strength and jiower and his mes sme will be remembered for unit time mn marshall who hu wlii pendlnt pirt of the iv inter with lur on in ge jrneunni lmproed in health an we are glad welcome her back to her home rev mr stephenjii preacheti at chief of the salvation army in canada commlsslonerjohn mcmillan has beei uplkiintcd clilef of staff for tlo organ ization toltlou iasctoiul only to that of general evangeline jj4xtli commis sioner mcmillan succeeds hitiry mitpp wikj li ulth hoh broken down tlui hew chief began liis army caror in canada ovei yean ago and ha bcrvud in uie united sttoes the unltid kingdom wid australia ilnttrd uhjurrtj at flanaba aqton pastor rev mrrw ma puj purwinagc hower avenuf sunday aphh a5ul 10jj 00 the mlnljitcr subject gods free man 1215 sunday school und blbli clajxica 00 tim lnlitcr subject quarrelling with cods irocenses tuesday boo hi young peoples union eve31ybody welcome jjrnihiiicriau enox cmc 4l ii acton itkv iunni1 mlnut kirnse willow street sunday apihl 25th 1937 standard time 1100 exaltation 54 pm the kuibttth school ttie olledicncn of noah 00 pm tule of two cltlei nt it the presbytery itallv momlay night at gult 2i tlie crtiuige daylight savin tinu ill be made suwiay muy 2iul always wkloome snjrtlbt fltiurflj acton hew baxtek pxstxw sunday april 25tll 1037 ikiyuglii kvlnr tm 10 30 dt suiulay sdvool 1130 dijt morning worship baminaf ad mrs willlttms mr cushnl of toronto ml and mrs cecil sofwr of preston were vliltors an saturday all itom the home of mn soper rev watum of cheltenham will mrs morlll of streetsvllle vlsltlpff preach at uie home of her mother mrs voting ml janet young who has been quite hi li earning nicely mr mid mn soott of toronto were vlsltorr on monday at ilic home of mr and mrs wiley mn nellie kentiwt of georgetown visited on sunday at uie liomo of mrx soper tueolay boo pm dst wednesday 00 pan dst mid week service welcome to all ospringe erin mr and mrs fred faulkner wlio spent the winter in florida uere vlsltors fjr tew days 1th mr and mrs ernie teeter mr rene ethicr of toronto is new mechanic at leltchs giiracc mr dinald mcarthur 1ilt accepted ft ikimtlqn in toronto uarace ronitting fall from on apple trc when lil injuries were not thought to be of serioas 11 iture arlhur riches 71 recent vlators with mr and mra geo robertson were mr ambler and gwcn mbji mary and jeanctte mason sheila rowc and master stanley rnwe all cf toronto tlie church was well filled on thurs died ut lil hmie at citaract on april day nliht whn uu ilillsburf dramatic club presfntetl their popular play eait lynne bach member of uie cast is to how is it on gas and oil youve heard that question asked many time regarding the 1017 ford vk auirt wo say just ask the inun who owns one we say it is rhe most economical ford vk that has ever been presented our customers tell us that they arc 22 to 21 miles to the gallon of ordinary gasoline for the 85 model for the 10 model customers report that 21 to 31 miles to the gallon speaking ot oil our customers report that no oil is added between the oil changes every 2000 miles thats the answer you can prove to yourseir that ford v8 gives most economical tiansportution norton motors ford cars and trucks fordson tractors acton phone 69 unclassified small advertisements advcrtlacnenu under this ltaodtag ttam cent per word minimum charf 5c per interfltmi five laaextloas lor lioo if p11 cli wc aadltiaoi chjirscd wbof ilea have to be compllmenietl nn tlie presentatloi the procewli were cry rrmufi iriff to the ladle aid under whose auspice it was held mlssei jean kirlwood and be ilrin vaiinonium of guelph spent the weei nid at the tatters home here mn wnif mckenie is spendin this week at htr parents bonie on the ninh line milt 7th mn overland entertained thi united church choir last thursday evenlnc at mr and mr roy grundys to surprise birthdav partj ordered nnd don ited her niece mr mc uod gjmbleti of minneapoll iuiir outoftiwn iient who were in ebriated were broujjht before major jutice jp bj constables balrd and majtii jast saturday afternoon and ea paid hue of si and costs riven bit of rprimardin nul sent to the lepectlve homes in glen william an tt rra cotti advocate on ahlcli were recent milton on suiulii uveninir in cvclum niule oiu elianje and hi dicounes re much appreclated by all the cormreira toiu owing to the illnei of dr waller mr thas jucluin acted onanlst at johns church on sunday very accen aith r4 mr irvln of milton who wi entertulned at uie panoiiue and who pleached at churchill and glen vm llum on fonday ivcnin the school chll dn under the able ltudenbip of mrs ablv tlie many friends and acqual gowdy priienled very fine eiitcrtuii aiices of rev and mrs sawyer of meiiv at no ilsqu 5n fridi evenini lat mvt enjo able and unique enurtiinnient riven lj the bo ton churh choir under uie direction of sthnley brown cliol master and onianlst mrs ii mccoll and dauht enid and mis ii bowes returntd on friday fmn an enjoyable vacation spent at ort liuderdale florida leonard white announce the en rirenicnt of his daiirhter florence ruui to mr arthur hornby of chatham son of mr harnbv and the latu mb hornby of hatlevbury the mn riare will take place quietly on june 5ti fallini to notice the dip irture of his tr titer conuilninii valuable horse frrnn the nir of hii car as he was driving rdowntlie cond line almut one mle norui of milton ilrow nridpe brampton altutvm reach id home beffiie lie dlsiovend his ioj milton motor found the trailer on its side in tli ditch half an hour before the own everton uu hurri bttv of uee in pniver after which arlhu iave uu won hip story mi iart remit red solo give rest to tlu mast4r few who were here durirr tl nil nd saturdiv mlsji eveljn isaren toront and mrs robert croft and dauih toronto mr rod biv iumtlt mrs charles iviron aiid sbter ml jean todd tor coiurrutuuitloiis mr and mr ci ford swunston on tlie ofcaslon of uuir nctiit murriafl and wlui evirton yount people sociey held their nijjir meeting in the church on sundav eeninr tile leader je alton opened the nieetiiir with short till the scripture leson was reid by eleanor alton short jwem great wide wonderiu world was riven by tlie leader chppln were rem and question answered mabel mcleod rave report of uie youn peoples division of the trainhi school recently held in toronto at htucrest disciple church the presuient took over the mtetln and shortior service was held roll call wu answered with verse of scrip ture btrlnniiii with the letter sundav viators at the home of mr and mr hortop were mr clarus lortop and mr and mrs james hor ip of blair mr ind mr john ieldln and daurjhttr of parl mrs tovell sjient sunda with mi and mis vunorman ospringe mn awrey of guelph vistli mr and mrs usberwood on sunday severu from u1l1 vlclnltv saw the pi iy dist lvnne at osprinue church last thurdaj evenliir and rejxjrt it to be rood billy hunt ii nine earold lad llum mlj mary campbell osprinre mrs on new stre4t wanderetl uwav from his jihin alton md mrs roberuon at home on sundav afternoon and was not tended the trauuni school at fernui litft located until vondij niornini causini week the police deiuutment misi mabel mcleod spent lust week with her mother in guelph at meetini of the welfare ijurd mrs stanley stewart and litlrhter urdaj of this week much ajijireci ltloii held in the cotmeil cliamber on monday muriel sixth line siunt sunday with vvils epms4d mn gowdy for all iw artemooii it was decided uiat im tlie tin ir aunt ms suhut mis murray of guelph ls siwiulliur some tluii with lur um and daujhter inliw mr and mn fred murray after 4riuus silliuv at the giwlph genenil choice meats these prices good fkiday and saturday only choice first grade in piece bologna lbs 25c oil fresh oct ids sausage oc i1eef hamburg steak lb for blade roast ptr lb shoulder roat per lb 25c 18c 18c 23c pork fresh trimmed butts per lb sweet pickled cottage roll per lb zjc smoked ot cottage rolls per lb zdc veal boneless rolled fronts per lb 18c lovell bros quality and cleanlinch our motto phone 178 prompt delivery hog shipping saturday pliono d7r3 tor prices wo have fcw tttxxl work ilrrv5 for war prank holmss rok kau mlxtl wood dillverod rcuiy for ttio uivr cord i1s onkil main slrott aton tou sai kuh1 ijrd and sprhik in al mdl tlon and ouirr small artlch apply mits mcgeachiu mil in striot kalksman wanted man wailud for rawlrlh itoutc of boo families write today rawleighs tvpl 11isad montreal canada you sau um clover scod s1500 jnr bivilul apply nklson andkitsom lot jj fiful line kajsiawoyii ou cajls wantki highest prlcti ikild for ciut trucka madiinery for wrcklnf wo also buy txaap meloli and rug call or wriu jack gxlx1ert aetoii qtvtarlo fou kale bv tenutt at jciiutchbull liclhel church hd 22x32 fcl tenders clo may 1st chas darby no rocjcwood sorter tlie acton beauty parlor will be closed on saturday april 24th from 12 oclock noon please make uppolntmcnis early lev pliono i5s auction sate an nuztion taile of the entire houa liold ictfecl or jjic late mrs lliabeji conboy will be lield on saturday april 21ui at 3c in erin villace roy hindlky auctioneer ritu ned hore im miss lts mm champion flshit teacher helntr chairl idy chirus uninjured in burlington ciudonla former rector of st alb ohurch acton nnd 6t jolins church and solar by renior and junior puplk rockwood enjojed uielr brief vllt here were milch enjojed also double trio last uiek alien uuy attended uu plav duett and were riven bj indents put on by st albans plajer acton of tin grrilouii hirii ho helen mr sawjer presided nt the paiw for the runmv helen mcgowan illn national anthem at the conclusion of mm dlth and the stepheluion rlrls pour the concert piano numberj contributed much to the last week meeting of uie votiia pleasure of the hearers all the number people union of uje uulud church riven have been prepiiivtl for conuft in hls parents was held in the sunday iool nxmi ai the halt on musical festival to iw held much worry monday vciilnir mr arnold cantel in milton on thurstuj iyidaj and sat cuve the topic on church mljaunalrlei mbs marlon dav lei the uonjilp wr v1n with the rcsporuive readlm of work and iwaultful boslet of oarna hrt of muy all nlief vouchen would isalm mlectlon elsie gordon ljj lions was present to lur bj the riri nit the seretarj uu alf school kirl lntrueui to uale the lellef reelpleil lmftuase uiu well represente at lle tll it was exikct4d that rellrf would georcetoun cnofal concert in kno end lv the llrst or juru pn bvtiriui urch on tmsilay evcijinr ulien their exeilunt entdrtahiment uei 1fw mrs norton mluu helen mcgftaan ihln meruilth msrr will norhni harry devereuux sani gisdv ilarrj smlthers and mrs 11 suiford all took jvirt in tlu slnin and contributed tt towards ui uicces mli norma supheiijjm held two very suetrul niuileil txmrei at glen wlt llami town hall friday evenulf anil ati ionie scluuil on tue eveii hxspltal ijlsi friday ht the jounj iieople of ro4uuid and viclnitv jjathered at the tlub house at party in honor of the roninilloii student ld dauphin after ver pleujjutl cviliinir of datlcliif mr riuir pnssented rd with ub taut il of tlie pawns in news vllud at tho their eu4mii in the ijyiu of liome of hi sister mn viler hut wee ten dollar note help make hirnjp to ind furi uid more enjojuble wliit irov4d to im false but humor georgetown iae editor arid proprietor ivciplenlh of numerous preienl at hii wlwn th ptlmi rwi their return fmn th widdhui trip on momuy uvfiiliu at the towil hall movbitf pleturea wee put on tlu ireen by carl read und co llmuvd of lklle vllle travrlunrf tikokie concern the chjc feature wuj trvkiruf on sialn centring around madrid liorit chool ehlldrei tilti and mihvi ucqultting tlijiiulv4i in very creditable nuuiner they will be ivr nled at the halton miiilcil ivtlval on thnrulay und siluruiy of thl week mrs arthur stuuht aiul mni mc ivrmld ore atundliitf tho hiimilt in conitence branch nuetinj ininj hid thl week in st andrew oils burclary alarm wilr tunnel into tin loiil ikilite department on suiulay iven iiir ubotit ten oelock in chief smith unltitl chinch niagara falli ivelv4l call that him ian wen at wtirtc he joilliu ladiea of geortjelowu in the ii illlday co yackirj on iknb united church held ery enjoyable av nue it ipvars tlmt hile nuklutt enlnu list friday wluji uey rnter bis roiuidf the ulftlit uatrlutuiu in the talneil at slrchwm in uw bailment ll rhnei and son planhu mill tlu ihueh the jjicui wui held for mr robert nouuhly wlio luus hpnl ani luilseti in uie halllduy build tie puma or foimlng iuu tlub fo wuitr wiji friendii in toronto liat lni imnumllitely lmumed th pouee the 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