Halton Hills Newspapers

Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 22 Apr 1937, p. 3

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thursday apiul 32nd 1037 the acton free press paqe tluuoi shp jtfrpp flrphalhiwt tnru cowboy fuom the west iiy oeouok madison afraid le philips observed paula looking up rrom her book aa her brother tumbled noisily in at tlio door and tossed hi baseball glove into comer that your friend lew randall la the victim or overodvcrtlslni xla he conioidld you see hun ah didnt over ud vert uo him at till yes to all three ho was here tills aiternoan and said hed be back later to try to catch you home hes older ulan expected and iwlidsomcf you kould notice ttiutl looks dont count in man it ncrvj und mind and so you told xn when you came back from your ranch vacation ive heard the praise of lew liondoll till could sing tiiem if just hud tunc lloi the mast durinp rider the ropcsllrujcst cowboy tlie pluckiest wrapper the fust eat runner liavc left anything out you might odd conic laughing voice from tho doorway tliat lees recent entry hud left open that hes also the luckiest fellow in the world to find hli best friend has tho nicest sister in uic world that one trait lee forgot to men tion mr randall quick trick of the blarney wont you come in sorry didnt ket here carjlef drawled randall easily might huve learned lot about myself ousht to know well laughed valjla there ifi one thing you should know lees bragged friends und 1th ihtulas while the exciting atunta ijcu had promised were slow in materializing everyone teemed to find him right good fellow whos taking you to the junior stunt lurty leo demanded one evening jut ut the ciom of tlio football season nobodys aslccd me retorted lunula ah rutif louvo ulwuja got grant aril1 iiowi ho like you liew man which onn of tho hundred or you havent uot which uiiu would mean of all tin stullul expected of lew the last one was that hed fall for my pugnosed lstcr liut you didnt answer my ques tion thought muybeid wait till one of them asked mcttv save bloodshed think ill uo with the first one well their party is always just painful pause to hie but wonder what uu juniors ulll do for their pearly btuiit lujt years juniors just about ut record and tills year as bcnlorn theyve got lew theyll just about top anything tlie new juniors put up think its kind of ijuy custom myself grant was suspended for al weeks last year lor ills part hi it yeh and then uiey elected idm cloas president grant was just about the school liero till lew came of course tliat makes him exceed ingly fond of lewi that und you here conies lew now probably lie cume just to ask you if he does ill know you put him so much about you tliat youre going to up to it hello lew tut ho camo to have hard time living up to the rcpu the door you look rather blue taiion hes tueil you tlio standards at indigo am uii beaiw of kad tiu exeter college aro pretty high you know mr randall pcrliaps lie told you was uood student too tlio standards of mischief im ulrald im bit too old to com pete after lees stories of the wild stunts you put on out there ut the ranch why half expected to tei xes miss paula jiu1 what did you expect to lee oh ullh frank grin highheeled boots tengullon hat chapa buck skin breeches flannel shirt red ellk neckerchief and at least two slu jinoters in your belt lee all hliei juu teoslng you didnt tell her tiling that wasnt true and us far as icxellrf concerned joure ficnlor you know so they wont expect uny kid tuff from jou but oh boy wlmt uell how cm eh lewi welii lowly noting paula pre paring to ieae then he added pleosff dont let me drive jou out uis paula you look io comfurtuble alttlng there im afraid looks utre dereiiliic tlien hut xc mnkhed my setting shfcrose fcmlling bit inwardly at his orient disappointment then added so thought malv id brew pitcher or imonade or that too ueilc drink for your wild uestem consitutlon welll he drawled most glnally makes it outcn cactus juice and kick ff they take out the stlckem but if you say lemonade ill drink it rinds und all ah ruts exclaimed lee jou dont have to talk that uay to her shes just my sister whereujion for no good reason known lo lee both puija and leu is laughed heartily after the lemonade had cne the wy of all nood liinuiadc and lewis had gunc uic uoy of all afternoon callers puula remarked casually to lacund her mother you lnow rather like ou ulld westerner hut do think hes uhole lot tamer than ou promised dyou expect him to rope couple of steers olf he mantel slloot wolf at the back donr sctirnrully thats lew for you tie nts uhereer he is ilut tlumtht jou aid he uas such wonderful musician oh hes ust modest am way never said uurd about the piano lie plajs the mouth harp like nnbadjs bus iness mid he can fiddle or play the guitar till you cant swallow the lump in your throat and he never took les son maybe thats why he pluj like no bodys bunliwv what dont under stand is liow le ever found time to do ull the thing jouve tfld about you ings what io you know about the jaunty junior heard tliat prexy called the clas officers in and got them to pledge that there would be no junior stunt for the sublime seniors to equal or bust thl year what about the stunt party oh thaia okeh oil but the grand climax liad aimed to ask you to chnperon me to the party paula but it iti noing to luive all tlie kick taken out of it sorry svi eetly from paula but grant arliss now with drawl isnt tliat too bad and thought was rolng to be uble to reform right away you set me to mini another notch in my trusty revolver well laughingly if it will cave you from murder murder manslaughter and suicide not to mention kidnaping habeas cor pus thats enough couldnt bear to save you from any mora but where uttnj so fast the exec committee and the board of strategy of the senior class are hold ing joint meting to see what is to be done about the cowardly action of the juniors im on both anyway see grant arllv making footprints in this direction and im afraid ive already got tthat hes coming alter adlos come in urged paula in answer to knock at the door hello grant just the one wanted to see what this hear ibout the junior stunt gucs you know as much about it as do met randall leaving suppose im too late sorry grant told lee id try to save hard feelings by going with the first one who asked me and lee tip off nope cheerfully aimed to but didnt luuettme that randall dont let no grass jriou in his shadow run aloiu now lee from paula cirant wonder if it would be all right lor the class secretary to attend tliat meeting the executive committee and the board of strategy aro having im sure it would bo if ho went there with tho class president tlie meetings in parker hall in ten min utes tlie meeting ttos evidently in full swing when the two arrived so told irexy nolhlii doln on pledge from us senior the truth of tlio mat ter li tliat tlie juniors aro putting one over on us hi grant and paula hailed john curtis get loud of tills its kxil tin juniors are going to put on stunt tliat will put ours of last year right back on tlie pintry slielf with tlio empty fruit jam und they uro do ing it with full taculty sanction what is it yelled dozen voiced you tell me 1vo been dotectivatln all over the pliico utid about all tvc learned is when its going to come off and where its going to bo in tlio uud torlum und itll top off the morning tvbruury twentyfourth thatls the day thry dedicate the how organ observed puula yeh said john tliat wlutt bothers inc tliat und the fuct that tho organ ist whos coming to dedicate it is tho uutlt of aileell prelltul president of the juniors then tiiata it decided paula heard ivexy liaxltt u11 mr snclllntf that he thought hed have rpoclal pro gram just for the scliool dedication day and theyre giving tho juniors charge of tho progrum tliat awful junior chorus will be the first to riig with our beautiful organ und that terrible mjurtet listen fellows ive got it stunt that never will bo forgotum but doubt uny of uji liavc the nerve for it grant arils shook liu head sure we have what la it ko use itd take nerve to tackle it id do it myaoli but theyd jpot inc right away but tell us wliat it is no harm ir tliat gucrji you know our old pipe organ is slll stand ing lliey remodelled tlie uuditorimn tut its now in the corner of tlie music room where itll be used for keyboard practice ilut its ntill liooked up heard mr snclunc piny on it leai than eek ago now dont think the cliorus or the quartet will sing with our new organ tliat morning but what ttowlt would be if they unexpectedly wing with our old organ played by one of our gifted members with tho door locked und the window open theres pipe goer right past it to anotlwr lndow in hallway on the second floor think what tune we could tor ture out of th old organ its cliame ue cant do it but why cunt wc because paula spoke up ild be rotten taste yes to get caught at it you know hat mean grant oh sure even know why ou spoke up dont uorry hed neer do tiling like that it takes nerve east ern nerve thats pretty poor sportsmanship aril exclaimed lewis hotly and ou know it it must take eastern nerve to strike at fellow through girl so ou think havent the sand to maul that old organ lew exclaimed paula dont let him taunt ou into cheap trick like tliat sounds like pood stunt to me drawled lewis and easy as roping sick steer and know some trini mjngs tliatll make even grunt admit that mime good cun come out of the west tell us came chorus wlmt you dont know proxy cant make you fev up to in case anything goes wrong now lew began puula but he only grinned etlns over fellows come on paula came here with grant she begin intedl sure but ive taken over both of grant job come on ill let you argue at me all tlie wuy home puula did get jour point lewis agreed patiently but ctlll think its goodstunt besides you couldnt expect mo to bock down no bitterly youre tho fellow uho never takes dare as lee says hell simply dio over tills one hell tell it to his ttrandchlldrtii 1ts talk nlxjut something pleasant wlial urn voi going to wear to tin stunt party im not going not if youre going through with this ungttitlemanly jokj couldnt ucrept tlio hospitality of uir juniors at onu party plunillng to hum iliate tliem il their next all now prllla tliats the uay feel about it low ut mutter of principle with me iet certain standard for my friends if ihyy dont measure up to it see and dont measure lhirhapt youre using the wrong yurdstlck por huiis und smile lighted up his eyes perhaps some day youll tell so iiie evening of tlio junior stunt party found paula looking rather sadly ut tho guy drew she hud planned to wear tluit night le cume in and growled think youre treating my friend low down mean hej moping around like ux sick cuts why dont you make up and go with him to tho party call him up luire ill call him for you now you tulk lo him justi rcc ond lew lees doing this exclaimed paula moment later im like jou cant back down wont you please listen paula dont think mo stub morn im mule but couldnt back down if wiintcd to but lots call truce lets go lo the old stunt party tonight nnd tomorrow wo can begin our foud all over again listen wait tlie click in th receiver told him all too plainly tliat rhe liad hung up ko did not know that with her it was choice botween click and tob organ dedication day came in tho morning at assembly prefjdent davlt arose and remarkedi haie pleasant surprise for you today we are going to steal march on the public you ulll be the first to hear our uandcrful new organ played by miss prentiss pirst however you will hear some of our own talented members hut ill leave the announcement or that to alleen prentiss president of the junior closj puula dreading what was to coma had taken seat in the lost aisle all alone she realized tliat some one had sat down beside her she halfturned it was lewis randall lew nhe pleaded uont you please for my nake give up this ridiculous idea if it were would he turned away from her as lee came hurriedly from the little side door and stopped behind them programs oeen changed he whis pered its the second number now tlie school song please lew dont do it now paula dont let it worry you every woman faces this question how do look to other people ko many women risk their beauty hy neglect of constipation it often causes los of pep sallow skim dull eyes poor complexion vet common constipation can he ended so easily just eat two tahle spoonfuls of kcllnshts allhit vn vv it milk or fruit every day three timeidaily in severe cases tihh de licious ieadtoeut cereal supplies the hulk needed to eercie the system and vitamin ii to help tone tip the intestinal tuct within the body auhkan nb oiliu more than twice its wtiglit in water irently sponping out the in testines it never causes the artifi cial action of pills and drus that nfteil prove ineltectlve kellopp ailhltan you see is thiod not medicine it relieve common constipation the way na ture in tended so its results re iiafe ituy it at your grocers made and uftnutti vii hy kellupk in london montlu counted you every uere there nly thr must luive just about breath he took told xm was with him about every mlnuii except when took or of lib trips tlm misterums trips puula twice wek from sundoun lost to mortal must just hue burned jou turoilty burned up nothing that ihisiiwu tltmt pry into otlura ulfulri it takei girl higly to ihut although paula juughed und protesut was evident us the uvks hew that ihi uai keenly intrrested in the handsome joung westerner here to rtiimi off his siio joar ut fcneur col lege he seemid to fit vojjiy into school life and ucaaie very popular with les liiuuhed sunup till ken it up with is his potatoes cabbage firm green mends lbs for 1g ii no cmk lovely and white bananas ozen iij golden ycllciw nice laiic sic oranges 35c lettuce nice lur jlja firm meads tor jc crtip carrots lie lnio firn navkus itllllelle nuw and flesli itwl qualify swekt 33c mwliuni lirije ilaen raffruif elerv iiiituiiuus ciicuiiifwr saijb carrolls ilcally youre goings to enjoy it itv tho biggest sell thats ever been pulled ill never forgive you wtnh were ui auroof the forgive neiuj of otheri here iti sflp hi und tuko my plurc he wuii goiu in dull dnid iuula iut through tin prellmlnury uiinounce ment by alleeil prelitbut telling of uu great honor that hud been paid the diuji in giving up the yearly stunt then cume spirited number by tho school oreheitru with linking heurt puulu heard tlie next llumlxr unnounced auw the ueeompuiie1 walk to tho pluno heard her strike few chords paula presuhl her hand tightly over her earn to jhut out the bedlam of viuiid rlio knew would burst forth uij tlio flmt woixlu of the jong her liund then cume down aim turn ed in bewilderment to lee who truth to tell looked tm bewildered lul iihe low thrilling throbbing sound illlctl the room und set every corner to vlbruthig it grvw louder deeiier it fairly boomed then died away to whlptt lhut gerw and grew once more it fwelled into triumphant cull like trumpet that echoed and rcichoed then through nweepfng blended chords it swung into tlie lirrlng rlivthm of tlu school song liver old lifter why ltii lie orgmj nuld lee won tlerlngly our old organ fling puuki heard somo one shout sing they did not the quartet or the glee club but the whole school paula with queer little catch in her throat sang with them kven lee managed luiiky tenor ai tho song ended they turned to each other the blggeit sell thats ever been pulled he nald ltl exclaimed lee dont think ill ever forgive him retorted paula bub her eye were mill ing uondsr how grunt fcebil im much more interested came breathless voice from behind them in liow somebody else fccli paula said nothing but lewis appar ently was satisfied by the pressure of the hand she reached back to 1dm you see he chucled they teach some thing berldej horse riding nnd cow roping out veil grunted lee twice week from emmp to sundown and you ho jou teased me into thinking out chasing cattle ruatlera surest cash crop milk vaiuida moat impor tant yoar around crop la milk auroatsouicoof fdjui cash tho markots for milk and cioam though ollon full to overflowing novor fall to bring cash incorno to tho producer everyono in tho dairy buainos doponda on tho dovolopmont of moio outlota for milk and milk products this takos constant tolling and rotallino of tho story of quality of cloanlinea on farms and in factories continuous research and ao0o alvo aaloamanalilp must convinoo tho world that tnllk la tho moat important food borden resoarch invention and sollina of foil havo contributed for 80 yoara to tho vroild wide ap piociatlon of milk and milk products rotchauas or mux mawu ctu or mjlt mooucls thuiiauioli thtougmouf 1m1 wolld scohs scrap book by scott vuf pa em4ik cojcl4 on via cdihcy rmlnoxtitunur im 103j rb crur ztfohv vom tttt tvumkcr hill uouumow hm quihcy to ftfi4 hxuah 6w of loxf porttrav uolrx rilwom volf zlxciulcsty rfe accused you vver isolation american have been comforting tlvemselves with the reflection that if vur 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