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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 22 Apr 1937, p. 2

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pads two the acton free press thursday aprtll 32nd 1017 she artnn 3to rpaa published every thuriy acton ontario suriaupnon united state sex additional blamu nd new addresses abould ba in adwaacv copies sc both old bra cbanjjjv of rates year should address ia requested cancellations we find tbai aaoat ol our sob scribe prefer not to bawe their subscription interrupted in case they fail to remit before expiration wblle aub acriptiooa will no carried in arrcar or period yet unlesa we are tiled to tsntel msubm tbe subscriber withes tb arrlc continued advertising kates on various column hcadings ppllcatloa tfad will be uve ery precaution will laxen avoid free ires accepta sdyerlialntf its columns on the uuueraismhntf that it will not be liable lor any error in any advertisement published hereunder unless prool ol such advertisement is requested in writing by the advertiser and returned to the free press business office duly signed by the advertiser and with such or corrections plainly noted writhur thereon and in that rue if any error ao noted is not corrected by the frea ireaa its liability shall not exceed such proportion ol the entire coat ol such advertt by the noted error bear to tbe whole space lent as the space occupied upled by el idverti aulof du ls editor thuhomks fcduofm add uiui edhbrjaj an improvement that should be extended last year splendid start was made in mill street improvement when the pavement was widened and carried right to the edge of the sidewalks two blocks were improved by this change the improve ment should be continued this year to include at least two more blocks the days when boulevard along this street was possible are gone it is also im possible to care for the proper drainage of watr when earth is along the sides of the roadway rather than macadam improvement more than mentted the expenditure since the municipality is relieved of all cost of maintaining the centre twenty foot strip atten tion may well be given to improving the width of the road reeve and council have this matter under consideration and hope to include it in this years program soml may advocate more than two blocks this year but we prefer the plan of paying as the work is done and in this way the cost is not burden some in any one year advertise in your local newspaper morgan eastman well known advertising agency executive said in recent address that tho cost of advertising is borne by the non advertiser he showed that four specific results were goodwill re duccd selling costs lower operating costs and adji tionul profits in advising on the type of advertising mr eastman said you local newspaper is funda mentally medium of first choice it comes into the home by request it is paid foi because it is wanted irfv your insurance that your messenger is more lively to bo seen than if he appeared in the garb of some unknown or unwanted 01 uninvited medium simcoe reformer when all cu together it is gratifying to all that the difficulties between the arena and the hockey club have been ironcj out smoothly all institution in any community no niatter the size must work together co operatively if they are to attain uccess the suggestion of councillor mason hat the rink committee have representation from the hockey club is good ont if such were the case it would form common ground for arranging difficulties that are met with constantly it is to be hoped that such committer functions next year and benefits will accrue to all most of the improvements about acton iiavj been accomplished through the concentruted effort lift to god will mid wtu uholu jiuirt tue sunday school lesson fott sunday iii tllfe ohlxhkncf op noa1i ookltn ttxt by faith noah bcintf warned 01 cod cuiiccrnlnu thing not seen as moved with kdiy tr prcpori un ark to the iiitf of hia hout ilibrcwj lesjjn text gent 17 mood iucl cliapu ilmc 4g8 mountain of arumt exposition fa iio at ltujit lf0 ytart hud irikrvcmxi twecn tlie lu lesion and tlilb nio world through these yt ars hud been belting worc fain hud tntend und kiii grows tin world wlckcdntss luul at lait becom unendurable man hud became utterly corrupt jit ro tiled uio lord that ho liad mudo mull upon uui eurth und il rrlovpd ovtr nin tiiat ho turned tram hb creative pur pose and work minded to destroy man kind fl uut there was one man who found rtbco in qodn ocs noah 31c wai rjifhtcou and perfect noah wai not faulluti thu itory brinu miat out plulnly jl lint lit ouaht to conform bin of all citizens the future holds many more sue cesses that can be secured through the same com buied effort fruitful meld just why the undertook to organize the ienc automobile workers when there are thousands of other workers in canada working for much less nnnmdm money is one of the things that seems to ncd cod iiu ikb and did what god explanation it would appear that dues woulj he told hlm to iic ctood ulono ln 1ua ul lccinncc to god hie iontllct man per most easily to collect from such group there are iuip eiicl pl je ur ulio ever walked slats diary by ouvkit waiuieh fautuluy all urn family went to pit cher lww lul vnlng jl eo jxmm up litli lue thin mi ucct of ntayin fur llw mldnlte feutrlier at ko ma mado un uil do uiu bn kfut dccstieo suposo nlii iuxsa nt no that lu nt tnaiui wortc fonday wo hi tho nocxx nnper wlmlr forilii look ur uni thliur inudu 500 mo xcortiiik wx ltliy nk yk wlm iim round iani lleh woridy so iniu tfoln to bo xcoru when am frorw up llut wont hiru no doox1 tkmt juic 1ifralay it uiikmuf mo that jiu tutli tti to bo cum bltf hot in ur uovt at tc wood uku to vj jiio ij miuaro off witji joo ijaoln jl sfj uiui are wliat ju what uru wlio wedm lay sum umcj ijlisurt nhow all mrt human lntclcct wlien hbl lijm what docfl so jiuuiy is on hli erodo cd meno ha wxl lio dumui but xpectrt it rtjidl for inuhcgcnt jl ot by wltli it all vi iliurwlay tho tetchi visited jakcrf ma uiul jl to ivor jako has ti thin for nollcgu wbcro does lio got it jfukt mil ih ho bou hli uilrnt from hlt 10 at hte hoelletto from me which wu ntnt no bad dont you think iyiday jc dlddcnt do well in rkool today jl tho tteclicr ed mtbbo ihed brur iatd my fuehtr note replido ma oirio jellu jl am wuteini dlwllopmhiu but fcottu liuncli that win fauturcuy ua uiil lo wk in th utudtn jl at ioon ved to la til lool like day uluii tin uood bite w11 tlity wont bite jou if you keep nt uk ud pi vtltch mode mo fcrthtr be hind with my fee hlnr ili tuff uirll tea for every taste salada martin senour guaranteed iastuites industrie right iicre in ontnio whert the worker have real gicvances that need attention but op purcntly hours and wafjes are not in dispute in tie oshawu btrike the pojnt in dispute seems simply whether recognition will be granted certain group headed by mnn nnmed lewis if the question isnot the ability topay dues but really the betterment of living conditions we wonder why attention was not paid to those laboring for low the cost was not large and the wages both canada and the united states invcithc new race armr the announcement plenty of institutions that need betterment of wiik of lllc coming deinaction 120 year ing conditions no doubt it was attention to siidiv tl aluay le un unrninc he never letr places that prompted the parsing of the minimum hit judrmenj fall until lie haj riven wage regulations at the last session of the legisi ne for repentance but in spite ture not all the strikes being staged require th edly in hl unlet ho lived in com munion with gol uulked with god iu hl outurundf ttlar 1noch hud don before him ch 22 lie foundation of 11 acceptance with god hie out landing feature of lit character va that iil ua mun of patient obd tru in god not merely plou sentiment it dynamic which anil cxpr ion in obedience to god noah believed what ihrnicrs in cartern colorado are glv iiu their hlllldc najtureo permanent uave to hold uic rdn uliero it fallj koutih uaer nonnally tail an thrso colorado plain to maintain good stand of brawi hut where land eloper tlie oil imptrvioun or tliere li lac of uuiui or otliei covr to hold beating rain tlie uaur ruru into rullloa and lort to hold this preciouj moisture cnkinetrs ln the soil conrvation sei vice built sliallow level ditches on the contour of tlu hilb like permanent wave in lady hair the ditches exily and inexpcrlivejy built ore cpaced according to tteep of elope and penetrability of coll iot oil in tlilj area ulll absorb only about 30 pr cent of inch rain falling in five hours rarmem murt catch and hold the valuable water that has be oflnuinlnr aw iy contour ditches help noah faithful preaching pet to do the job tills earth but lie found conipaiiioiujiip wftli god cf jno any other man in tluit generation could have wulked with god or well ob noah had they chowii to but the uorld was corrupt before god and thlr corrup tion uor univcra at hut tlie iniquity of the earth was fuli and god long tufferlng could not hold back no longer he revived co distroy humanity 13 pet und make frcili ttart jtli the bet man of the day to head htfl automobile industry and are loathe to let go editorial notes ke in step on stturdny night daylight saving comes into effect in acton it is question that has advocates both for and against but uoud seem tint most t0 cl hour before retiring were against it in spite of seeming opposition to the plan it ia advisable for acton to adop the advanced time just now experiments over period humanity uent right on with itr world attention of the premier of the province the lew in until the day that the iroitmatio kuittau outfit have apparently budpetld for the dues from loot came and de trojed them luke the automobile industry and are loathe to let do 271 nu student excu uhat to ib 14 22 he obted to ulcl ou tell mt tlie uai to the lecture tin utter und wi ted wll it pitlliice llalp and tetdfa tin of purpo contl to old hand rrild cm im leu ln till rlcord tint the ft indent mj elf tlni in uhlch obedlenci in een it is still gejerall conejed tint the toronto pitlenn md tr httnce ln the face of star has the best comics di murium nt ir 120 jetrs noih hull ji iure ulth lire lonr mill luorkim ni hl ark amid tin rldl god onp ultcnni and torbenrnnce tn icuil of hl mlihbor bore ultnt to lurl to ird not uilllnr that ans daylight saving time on iturda night don hi raith in he intimity or godo word houid perlh pet 11 ies ruirilled ln due niltno lul to ten of hl pmmlo ood the uaun preuiled hi iil hilun hl bcautlrul bow of on the ixth dnj c7 2i and ulfp lha when it ecn hued raid this week the school children uho ine musie ll out of the rk utri lort the ark ice land eefore our ijej ue may lirotoljiie or eur ilaton in chu niinmlnr hls eitrla tine mercy and be act noih took ull lit family coitnint ullh noah ui the into the ark nil him and dur inn of uondcrful nnd ulorlou neu ini all the clui htle tin muter coiered oou niinl lo tome heb jno 10 iil irth god uiev mindful of tlum gotl faithrulnlj hlo word ii ini fth into the ncm world or beauty and full protectionchoose the guaranteed paint you paint for beauty ant protection and martinsen our 100 pure paint guarantees you both guarantees in writing on every can that no cheap and useless adulter ants arc used in its manufacture thats why you get longer lasting protection firmer colors and better and more economical job neuglos mdum gloi enml the new sanitary washable finish for interior walls and woodwork an easy product to use dries with medium kioss obtainable in wide range of beautiful pastel shades it pavs to use martin5enour 0qz pure paint varnishes enamels wdtalbot ire music have the lloor its the ueck of the annuil count musical festival of years show that there is les confusion when day light saving time is adopted at the same time as toronto personally have always felt that junt july and august were sufficiently long period but for the sake of unifor nty the present method sums the best there will be little confusion ind ad justment to be made in the first ieek but if everyone and now the iccumul ition of sinj his ill heen inn in will just advance the clock one hour and forget thai removed from the highway through town the ck in exports of canadnn newsprint in february had ilue jf s0i 77 compirtd with sg 2g7 c05 in the ime month of last eir uiiinl ptrlsh all our hoiu five unto them llf and tht ihnll neur it ni uiki1 ttllfll in there is any other time tlie mconenince will bi minimized keep in step and we ll all mirch llon with gretter ise adopt diyliglu swing time on saturday night md forgtt about st tndard tmu until nevtseptenibtr up is in improvement and ipprciated by all among oui uelkh iilvsp ip eth inges we found none who opposed the st ind taken by premier hepburn in the present ihor situ ition in osli iw it will stand inspection at lcawt information regirdmg th home improvement plan is soon to be available for every citizen of alioii after listening to the explanation of the distrirt orguilizer in acton it viould seem that the municipality would be out of step if it did not operate and form link in this nonunion uide plan whether ue agree with such plan or not it is ict th it today uitomohiks uashmg midlines radios and multitude ol othu things ue purchased on the instilment plan many lolks squire articles whilh would nevei be slcutlii if the total piymeiit hid to be met on delivery ie home improvement pi in simph extends the same method of tin ineiug to home improvements as is eiijoved 111 the purchase oi articles ihe onlv jitterence is th it the mteiest is much lowei tlilrt ue no doubt iiumlui oi improvement due th it hive been issld iv dm mil the past le ii inulton migistrate innounccs he will impos jnl terms on drneis who ittempt to piss irs jm hills 01 prides ihey ie luekv if they get off with th it in nil he of numicip ill ties telephone wires ire hein icmoved from the 1111 streets and pi lecd iindei ground wondei when this improvement ill apply to acton ist pnnj it is two nun in mine who mid the hcidlines ihis spnng its eoltple of american visitois who elnm the spotlight alust line some thing lutviilii tlu hockey md iseb ill seasons it steins the time the million in lovtment im in is lelud up to i2s million will hie lu with funds available im these iinpiovenu nts hch indie itcs how in idi ins like lo tlie sttmuhis to ill business tint will be piov ded when woik is undcrtikeii is obvious it will woil both is in improvement ihe iloun improvenilii pi in merhs the interest jf every eitien we doit idvocate the undertaking of uoik beyond the ihiliu to make piymeiit but ecrtamv the ertdit pi in tended to home owners his not until the pre nt kept pace with tint of otlid nicrclniiidisint meth uls the mil post iii limit of tile iii lite it is stun ited tit ii 11 sj ii ill in id icp up nt world that noih looked btditncl to gotl id wuu torth out of tin ark it uorld waihtil chin tn nnd iuiiutiful bt of all it wa uorld from hich sin had bi blotti out xrept for liu tb it in tht lit ire if nub md hls fuilllv it tvp the ii iijk ulilrb wi eillir tbr ui tin ri chri noah and hi imilj bid plil ihroin li the imptkm tin 11 mmi in urncllin lift ii noih whole fimllv wmt with him into tbl ntu lift wi luuld do to tui till it irt old hij litllt vt on tin ixird ji cbrl 4iul lb halt he iul nd ii hotlsl art ll 311 hi llr ihmi tb it noub did uftt it ivliij ilu arj wis to hulld in all ir unit ji ih and olf up burnt olft rtm hlm ih hi ippi iclud cod in hi owti ij on tlu und of ill liloid ulib hi tip chrm acrimi foi il ph 1u imhl 1j 17 lit aln ib wid hi ilth in his oh dli iu hi oiiiiihl uil ihl unto th it swt hi unut him bit ilu of ji mini ii hut in tin mi til nl inli till iiii ihl tin iilliiii ui ti st in in lib ui ii id lulii it ii 111 ill ui mii ml tit or tvt rn mu jou iay jou havo da jou know wlint an alibi some bo utrt gntliered about th judj tiitranct to their boat club or bov an uiht putd ltadlne donkey why nro jmi holding on so tirhtlv lni nuis ihurt sour honor all to our brotbtr aked one of the lm to pro that was at tho joutu ciuich nu tin where wnnt and not so that won join jour club tin pi wlure tht chicken un wertd tin boj quiet wbkb wiu oshawa strikers hear cio organizers ir un ihl ihlhh il ll iirlin ih ihi ilu in in ul tlu il iii iii mud km lnjn th mil nl sislll iilliiii ilu 11 minis ip wi iiiilsi mhllllls rhi itll ii ru nt tlie ti iik lii mull mis tlinil unh 12 pti iliit himi ixniikj onfv in liiilind iikii siipplilil 2i pi 17 ll lli1i tun mil sunkii uith un nil hi in un uiul th uui in in ui hi ii in nth 11 ill ui ii unh li thin un nun mil iilnii hlm hi hum niiuri till in until thut lu 111111 ii ulii til hi inn mill hi irthl tliiilukl wolnn iihmt at iu in tun imsuutf ur allows ox io ii hiu1i1 lljimr muillii plttim ut u2k1

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