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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 22 Apr 1937, p. 1

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xt jvjtfjm ftess sixtysecond year no 43 acton ontario thursday april 22nd 1037 eight homcprmtages five cents no blame attached by jury for highway fatality inquest held in acton on thurs day night jury recommends white line be repainted and sand removed at the inquest last thursday night hi acton into too death of lynn balnea of preston coroners jury brought in verdict attaching no blame to either of the drivers tor the mishap they aha attached recommendation urging the une in tins pavement be re painted id the sand removed from the shoulders of the road the following is the vcrdtot returned on hour and half of deliberation and read by die foreman mctton aid actum april 15th we the undei signed jury empanelled to enquire into he accident which caused the death of one lynn gained of pres ton ontario the accident happened about threequarters of mile west of acton on no highway and ut about 045 oclock on saturday night april 10th 1937 prom evidence submitted it wun proven that truck driven by tho said lynn balnea and truck belonging to cheaer tlf of acton ontario and driven by one ernest segaworth of acton on tario collided and caused injuries to said baines who died on the way to the hniipit in ouelph on the same date we have examined both the trucks and the roadway where the accident hap pened on monday afternoon april 12th 1837 and we have given due considera tion to all the evidence submitted ut this court tonight and from ihli evid ence we und that we are unable to attach the cause of the accident to either driven we would recommend uiat the iaiild which had accumulated on tile outside edge of the load way be removed and that the white line hi the celltre of uw 1oadway be repainted whlteioud kept continually white as fee are of ule opinion that both of these art contribu tory factors to this accidenb and that this memorial be forwarded to the min ister of provincial hhrways tlic jury was mosaic tt mcdonald ryder gardiner mac mcdon ald it if iduott thetford is burr oiid it lchthman coroner ir mcnlvcn presided and crown attorney dick conducted uie inquiry for the crovlii dr melton ulio attended ljnti llaiiwt und examined uie body testified uiat deuui liad token place while bohier was being taken to tile luvpllal in ouelph them was fracture of tlio left frontal bone ubout lj hiclwt long and fracture at tlie base of tlie skull tilt skull fracture luul been uie cause of deatji john hunstedler aged 16 liad been paicii4cr in the cur ulth baines an uvi night of tlie accident tiiey were travel ling at moderate rate of speed nnd he hud soen uie truck as it come over the hill tlie next tiling lie noticed was uie rank of thu truck right in front of uie car lie thought uie truck he uus riding in una on uie right side of uie pavement und he taw no clearance light burniikg on uie mcbaln truck he des cribed tlie pod ion of tlie two machines after tlie accident lawrence gibbons who brought uie hvjured man into acton described qu united young peoples acton school children who are to com pete in the musical festival took large port of the program at the united church on tuesday nigho at ue youn peoples meeting the program began with the sixty voice choir ahiging lift thine eyes junior pupils entertained the audience with singing game itolling down to ilio woo the selection chosen by the forty voice choir and streams of duna was sung by the boys choir april ooes awalking was sung by lola duwkina end dorothy bayliss on duett rcggis spired sang the cuckoo clock and trio sing sing birds on uie whig by doro hansen marjorlc nelson and iuna braida charlie allen and gerald iurgoter bang the same duett und tlie girls duett ww sung by jocu decreault aikd lois dawkins tile girl double trio was also on appreci uled number gordon gibbons and jolm mcllugh ong um boys duett in tlie business part of the meeting plans for tlie closing kdglkt of the year ar wcrw discussed miss vdma murray jjujjyl islls read tlie tcripturc and dr morrow led hi prayer mr ouiton told us of trip to uie north and illustrated hi tutk with lantern slides home improvements now made possible and financed explained by mi irwin district orkanizer tjocal com rnittee formed for acton with councillor maaon as chairman hon arthur roebuck three prominent figures in tlie ontario lebiluture who have divided on tlie oshuwj itrlke isiur premier hepburn dernurlded tolld cublnel on tile luue und the resignation of two of lib colleagues who fulled to fuior hu procedure in dealing ulth tlu cio in ciinuda ti hon david croix remainder of tlie cabinet is solidly belilnd tlie in lib land on tin lviu and ut thlr thne it uould uptear that public opinion ulo bucked timily hi urm jeuder hlp in uie crbli dubun society visits greenock on lylday evening april ftth thd greenock literary society liad as tlieir yuests dudhi literary society the dublin society giving the following pro gram selection by the orcllcstra reci tation by misi mora saycrs reading by miis prances mullui duett by misses wlldu mcglaughlin uid dorothy steel kdeecii on tlie urip to ottawa by mr walter lhiliam recitation by mrs roger burr lutlo by miss wuda mc gluughlin reading by mrs wm broken walker lodge on monday annual event in the masonic lodge itanquet served in gym or showek and ttlrthday party list evening tlie lakeudc chapter of the iodk honored mrs hilton tw mujj vula ilumsliaw recent bridfi ulini uiey rrntliered ut lur home and tendered hr uiower of kitchen and tiler ocuutlful giftu there were ubiut thirty members present und games con itxar firlur telling and program cunld tlie flmt port of tlie cveltu beuutifully decorated basket was loided with kitclien utensils of cream and green and ulso included many otlicr iluts mrs hilton replied to the kindly feeirus vhlcli prompted the shower and exprttid lur appreciation of the ai vjctatlorui and frlendijilps of tlie lake side chapter the cenlng wop ako the occaclon the tuentynrst blrtliday of tlie lakc rlde chapter and prominent in the lun cheon nnd social time tlali followed was uol nrogram lunch was usl and lus miu ulul tu 21 candes gordon wlui patt mosurc jtuel mpj im hafl juftont of afur tluj lodge uork war ocer the ch aiul otlwr officca bn members of the fraumity adjourned to ln ulc wcrk and uu membcn aro uie gym of th to partake plmmd lndmd thftt shc wi coniinue of dainty lunch wlucli had been pre rcs tn rtor pared by the ladies and toant liit pre of tlie boy scouts aiociation headquar uia ovcr by numlcy fo gn monday evenhig about 125 niem bcn of uie masonic pratenilty gatiicrcd ut walker lodee to lionor uie disbdct deputy grand matur right worship ful brother mcfayden is member of alma lode gait and number of brctliern from uiat lodge acconipanlcd him on uils ids official visit during tlie ork of tlic evening wr comet solo by douglas vunk and olo bro mcdonald on belialf of by miss anrue black after udd much enjoed program 3u social lioor ftpent blue springs scout camp mr ii irwin und mr flicliurdson county support for militia is just liow tlic notional home improve ment iln will work in acton in btlmll luting cmploynicnt and assisting noma owners to do nevded improvements to their propcrtits uas explained by mr irwin at meeting bx tlic town hah on imday evening wtien citizens azid business men ot tended councillor mason presided ut tile meeting and in troduced mr irwhi any liomeowncr can borrow up to j10oc from any chartered bank ut dis count rate of 25 this is equivalent to ail tntereat rate of 23 tlu lowt1 rule of injutrest at whiclt money eve lias beetiuvalluyejor surh worthy purpose tlic ovkflcr wllf have uiree years if heccv iury in which to repay tlic loon owm15 may also borrow up to 11000 with tiv years uuoued for repayment owners of more uuui one building or buildings with more than one section or owners of summer rytiaaes may borrow to uie exunt ofjiono for fcacli together with an additional flat amount of 1000 to obtain such loans from banks io collateral is required instead only twj ww important quulltu aro needed cliarac ask6q 111 ocllloll lr ttnd ubuity to repay any bonkef wlio insistb upon endorsement of uu georgetown request that county nau by ttnj ixbiyu take over road in bad condition tlie april mtinjr of uolton county borroucrs wife thiit banlclr tuilomutlc ally dliuallll hlmuu as loaning atnt undtr tiu plan mr iruln stixijica tlu fact uiat uc puui is not dlslnrka to encourage rjeoplti council iis lifkl ln uie court hooie to lnlo uc milton on wednesday 1u all axmben lla adpcafcd to uu ccttors prfrncnt pitou tkaifc ekpcclf banks to jtalloulne uu ajjal routine buslmss nmuy to whom yoa muwu councdl rcumcd in uie nftomoon whln piw cnhiil yourself icveral deputations were lieord dominion covemmant liatmod colonel muqerakl on belialf of uie provk so llm jiooooooo utlt lie canadian militia appealed to tlie council available by uay of joans at banla for for financial aw ln reonranklntf uie ow1w of ilomi wkhlnb to umicrtllk amolfamaltd relnients of uuj county prams to make it un nou known as uie lome sootuah svj necmjalry for nt to insist upon eol dulferln and ilalton reelmenu aovernnnt lias colonel piucraid staled uiat ills de ters in toronto were liere yesterday ln jjjj connection ului uie blue spring pro wor bro clias darby propased ui tmrty ulllch was rvccntly purciiised irom grimd iiaaarine th tlie late wm mhirray tlie properly will klnt um pona to by be knoun now as blue sprinicj gcout xf mcfajxlen he spoke ery reere hlft ot ule lau orand secretary dm tlie first ocllvlues at uie camp lusre uan wlio had passed auay about tills juir ull oe from july loul to mu nu bso uc ato praised wor bro wlien scout leaders training ooursefrjo kncy ulio lias been past ulll be held vor uie present uie lllasu for over nfly ior uu spl bulldlnss now in uie property will be dld uay ln wluch lle put on hli uwd and uils year uie camp at ilrontj jy lodee uork ford will also be used for port of uio wor nro mcp uieine foi summer acuvitlea of uie scouts tlie tlu evening twus to practice ulien out blue springs reserve will however soon uli clrmt hofj prlnc wlucli ae become tlie centre for scout camplnc lnsuhod ln uie candidates ulien uiey ae initiated he pointed out uiat kins kdward was uie king wlio gave ills oldest con to uie welsh people uiereoy creaung uie first prince of wales tlui motto of uie prince is icli dlen ulllch ulien translated into english means saie lie said we should judge with candor admonish ului friendship and reprimand wltn mercy uiose ulio did not keep to lie straight und narrow paui if he aul we could get all tlie iast weeks winner commission may conduct range plan willing to dlicjiaj plan with loeal dealers at next meeliiie government agreed to guarantee 15 of ule total partment fcelr uiat uie canadian wlltta nmount borrowed uirou uie dominion sliould be taigj enough to defend ou incidentally in the united state where oan shores should ulc necessity arise j500 00o ua unkr untu uch ume as great britain could pliul lai almlllltal 05 cc to our uould appear onlv at uie outside it is estimated uie gov mi jt uiat some such ineuns be cr cannot lose more uum lialf the answer to bust weeks puzzle poem adopted when uc consider that u0 cost mttum qn uu umd was llnliy male quarulte tlu tint of great britains defence policy is cx or 50000000 in luime lm crrec rnhr opened at 30 on satur bo per capita acollist j103 per pr work probably will induce cy afternoon war from jean mcmillan capita in cansdn thejieginnt as it clr of funds amounting to 250 and she rccehcs tao adult admission now stands is made up of one company 000 000 llkcts for uie local theilre there were lrom pee onc from dufferin and tho pum uab ar number of correct answers and sonie iroln 1in the efficiency of local ranbcd to wl out umml hat uerent several uiouglt uiat music rglmenta in ik post 1ms been mainly mmu tlw miaiure of succt wh in acton antral in uie acton ban due to help from ue mumipallues and mixls acum dcprtldii airmuy upon ru this weeks poem is on page seven the would appeal once more for your co onc rson or croup of people instead nrst correct answer opened on saturday operation in mcreoslng our defence mea coowmtion of everono will be neces wterncon will again win uie prize asures box of chocolutcs jujj so long as ln tlie next to be heard was deputation ures ln maintained in uits feature we georgcloan wlui mayor will be glad to continue it and mr gibbons and leslie en warden ns coles assures us uiat he enjoys writing spokesmen their appeal wtui for uie rhymes and will furnlsli several ccrtun section of road ln tlu vicinity of mon georgetown to be taken oier as county itaad mayor gibbons asserted uiat part of the jeur uils piece of road was abso lutely impassable making it impossible oldest surscriker lindlng of uie tiamoged trucks and help ing brhig bahies to acton at uie fortnightly session of uie public masons to campaign for peace uie world truffle officer howell luul readied mllitu3 cannniiion on tuesday ccii what ic uie dictator ukc tcvnt of lie accident about 10 jo hi commiisloiwr ilinfirfi ileeie tlio maclihies vre about 320 feet apart mccutciieon and chairman ii kerr tiniest srworuj drir or the mcbaln uero pnvumlt truck uiat evening told lie did not kmu hydra cpjttaie4it what liapiciicl or alwre lie uas on the bell telephone co services highway when uie colllion occunvi ont hydro commlsaton march the lights on boui maciiuies uere uorc poer lei credit ing and uie ctosii on uw truck was in community electrical supply co tlu corner uheme uie clearance liirlu inipplleri aliould tw tliene uas brocket and mcdonald electric ltd supplu wires liunghig uiere hd liad examined and trunrporlr boui maclunc hi daylight und lie de it lashbrook uater heater crlbcd ule hijury done to uie vohlclci tylers tramport expreiji thire uere marks on uu pavetjjont on uie north tide there uas one oyep tcratrh about two feet from tlie ceiitn line the haleruorku ipartient biurks appeared fivji illere uere io hjdro dpartment pouer at marks to indicate avy upplltatlon of and miclias have to ctlr up uar he lauded the example uiat canada and uie uere teltlng the rest of tlie uoxld uhere no soldier guards the jj boundaries betueen tlic two oountrle we uiould be brouiers for aw tliat cw llool bums cald wor bro giorge gordon proiiored the tojit to uie guctf uhlcli was responded 42 37 vcr war bro cannicliael gruul g7 river lodre kitchener lit wor bm 8co iliwihiy gueljili wor bn rolhermlll grand ither lodge wur bro mcnubb si cluir lodge milton brakti eriujt sjhuorui drlir of tlu mi bain truck eiid mr mcbaln uu ui tuck uui him on the iiluht of uie ar clfleiit comlnu lrom luelph they hul left guelph btupen 00 and 20 uial nliclit tlw cuaranre huh uoh working us it cast rehvcilnn in uie uliulshleld und lie knew uoh lljjhted lie hud hod lhiutreurs lleiue for ihe an and was drlvlim betwivn 30 and 35 inllr lier hur ut ilw time tif uie accident lie llriir droie wr tliit siwed when 111 accident cucunftd lu uuj wutchbig uw rluht dltth at uuj catoiii und kiei ing aj cku to it ai poa 3l hi liln uueh uk ollu uiul didnt iciilm whcuur bjhu was iui hi rlullt de of uu rmd or not utter he ijjd the other cur uiitutl lu lurh it was opposite uu ttck uj if the rar had strjtk bump after uu linpit toll of upiing bucx jrd usslilny in ycllii li4ihut into actti ituiunud on lvg vive ruiu 48 canadian llrav co itd siipnllit 71 nt turrh opira hd diiurtm jus s3 173 711 1llrcha of water metrei war je ferred until uu liext meeting when the vail ijji nmkci of met res could lu 771 03 wor ur i1 alma lodge gut wor bro ttcadheud campbell lodue canri belhllle uiul wor bro llurnip ii clulr uuln milton the um1 to the liulle war njopuavl by wor bro 11 ulichlr and uie junior wonleni uast by it willuui vmim womkns club mekt lx week mr geo wilds reneued his for farmers from uiat district to get into fhcc phev subscription tor uie fifty georuetoun or for uielr children to at elihui time and wc bellve lie ranks as lend georgetown high school tlil uie oldest subscriber to uie pmke pwc necessitated brampton being used as mr wilds remarked uiat he ilnt tub chopplnc citre uhlch you will agree is scribed for the rii phess wlien lie uas married und that uan jiuit nftycicht ears ao and he one of our mst punctual subscribers iir man uj yearn of ace mr wlldi quite remarkable in his younger day he uas ball plojcr of some ability and enjojed hunting nnd trapping mr wilds uttribuuj hli rood heolui to uin fuct that he never drank lntoxlcaung lumor or smoked he tells remlnlsentv how in the ola duvit of boll bamco lie luul hi pockets full of cigars after gjine and of the trljv uith lianas to plav ball giunes hi nelghboihig towns poor policy for the county georgetown siid mayor glbbpns covers larger ara than acton ind muton put togeuier which should be taken into considera unn mr lelle corroborated mayor gibbon remarks and asked if uiey might take bark some assurance to uielr council that uili rood would be token over mr victor hal chairman of uie good iloads committee told uie deputation it uould tm lmpasslbu for councimo give derilou unliy it would first tm necewuirj to ihid if uie proposed cliangc concluded on page eight planning coronation celebration committee appointed at meeting pi in for artnni celebration of cor tlu public utluuer commission wll una linn day ou may lliui are well under cooperate in having colorod lights for mill street und it is expected uiat busl sary popularity of uu iihem is indi cated by uie fact that already number of loans liave bevn made in acton seveial of tliose present expressed uielr viewpoint an uie matter and uie mat ing won of uie opinion uiat acton cliould join in uie movement and form local committee this will provide all wui un understanding of uie details tlie rolloulng is uie acton commlwee honorary chairman reeve mr cutclieon cliaironm mason secrltury graliam oommlttee wlln chil mers rosxcl duls and reeve george gordon noaasaueya six team itasebaljj league at luubull league meeting lield hi milton it wulu decided to form dx umih lruue uilt snunn to compruo acumi burlington campbell ulc muton oeoreetown and brampton itcprcseu tauves from ull teums were present mrar ielihnmn dron ured storey terry and colca preuitcd uu acton club willi ireddcnt it leishman and vicclresident dron acting as delekutck ttic season will open on may 15th hfien ganio scliedule will be forwarded to each club und represeiltuuvefi will ml hi muton ugidu on may 4th to confirm it tlie rlrst four teams will be hi uie play orf wriei flnt und uiird second wnd fouth mat unun to liuve irefer inci hi ealllngduunond for lili and third gultles good ixcal play tlie local play clieerw my dear presented by st aibahs mayers was well received by fcood audience in the town hall last tliursday evening it was in three ucu and under ui direc tion of mrs matuicux musical numbers between uie acts was cupplled by ule mason orchestra it had plenty of good humor in uie presentation and arnuing coinpucatlorts werw tnet when young rnan who wm engiuird to three girls met ull uireo at once tlie following wu ule cast of characters melchbaedck harry rogers deamond esuier tmylor sue graliam phyilu mackie cherry hok au taylor dick gruiuun harry wore sophronut spatchett grace almas mil ann holmes tommy tarrant bui blanche mrs jcrferson jolins bar bant taylor gwenncui john oliv rogers lard cuuibcrt tuilunglmm geo holloway snodsbury pred turner knox ypa closing meeting last tuendtj knox tmwtlnx uas uie last for uu presentj iason tle srlptnre was taken by bert patrick tlie program far uie evening was hi ue nanus of the executive rd una os fl lou gj mrjs orr mouui orii and auto haro election mrs hall reading bessie rawllng selecln from uie dlscorderu oafr5icd of wright blow hassord agnew mouui organ duett mrs hall and nor man wright ajouier selection frotn tho dlscorders and selecuon by mm hall on uie mouth organ and uulo harp uere uie evenings feature alter uiu nieeung gajne1 under uie duration of uie prjdnt misii halt were played following uie tmwa very deugntf jl lunch uas served by social committee tin farm women nituilhly in t1ii ut uie lumie of mr ii mccuicluon for the numth of april ihe prtfulent ocvuplug the chair the mij r11 lull uas answer by proverb the ijretai report uas read an ului alitur ol ui inks from mn stephen all lulk ietrd hr frriaii was instructed tuiu fer j0o from the opeimlhue account ilir waerwork ti the general acromt tl corimirution litter nun the ilvdro cominlwloi itiillmd the pi for tie 1037 ran ampaign ilu icl conmilsiion ills ufil the plaiia nne length it wa decided to have the ul luvilcrw utleml he luvt melhu in order uiat uie plal tluildge uilo mrs bljiup uld lu ih ti ilu siiiurlntoiident was given iwrml itll to buy tuble or the vrvkvji to lli luiwa it was iwiultw for work way follow in tlie nuetuig of citlzmis coitnlcl and representatives of orgunizi club lieui uielr iiniu in the council chamber lau nlgnt rieve pre luj iilaces and citlisena wilt decxirate buildings and homes at uiat time not cutcliton preslditl uij only for uie day but during tlu montli it gave various idea and of may sent lu coe for the cjullt uie their ume of trouble alter tlw bushic the follow ing pr utam uas given radhig un broken pltnn ado mrs ellot paper by mr tlu ion lovr dllfennt kinds of appus wa wu by mrs wmry murruy und mr tyur tlu tlw wing closed wlui god save the king alii which mb stewut stlons for lions iiarliclpation mr mcdonald uan uie uiianim ll us choice of the meeting for chairman 1he tmuiihe plan is for parade of of the follow in committee jones hool children and ull organlxutlnis if err ilr iluriumun mn voiuig iuot whii thu wfi during uu minum uuiii is und uie tjcul llliu oiniulttie uvsj unit at 10 00 or 10 30 on the morning of may blow mlv rider mrs gamble ijlh ihe gathering will parade to the cobs rev llrilllnger mr rhool ground where iervlce wl bf maeru mlvi beimett mr bert liekl aul corona lou trrei planttil i3e llluton ii miliiaster muiaui mr talis of the service and twarr are being alger mr spiel vitrei tlu scr urrangtd and will tie aniunmcwl later ia of the eoinmltti mr colo eeh sclujol chilil in the panule will annuu meeting of uil comiiiitl will recewi coionutuui medal during uu lk hekoon wiilmday ajru 2ui ut live service und il is also being plaiuud to oylow ub tlu high sclwiol it in liotkjj have the children take part in uie eviry member of uu tvimnilttee will oe vrlc thit ulll imptesi it upon their nwiit to cottipli te plans for ai ton oilniu cvitonulitui celebration elliott president of hockey club oniccrs elected at the annual meeting on tuiday farrtll tj secretary at the annual meeting of ihe actoi hockey club held on uesduy cenln in the council cliamber uie following olficrs uire elected for uie year 1037 1930 hoiuirary presidents dr nelson mv amos mison mr william llnrton mr it harrison mr wm arnold mr itltcllle mr ii holmes mr kohl mr pranltuni mr iiby iresuleiitmr it ii klllott 1st vicepresident mr ii icumlev jlld vlceprtsulent mr talbot nvusuier mv 1c ariiliam isecnturj mr lurreu eiiqiitlvemr mcdonald mr coon mr it lrlluiun mr clujlon mr mccartllrk tlbt manager ilaln und coach ir uppolnted by uie exicutlie dui1lin liteftary society tlie regular meeting of uie dubun literary society wab lield at uie sclmnl on friday evening wlui uie iveident llnhain in uuj ciialr after opening ccrcmanjes and bushwjj dlscmslon uii following program was givn mixed choir by uie school children followed wiui vocal solo by wuda meqiautfhili piano solo uas given by margaret somcrvule and vooal dutt by vema webster and raciiel mulun was another feature mrs barr uien gave reading entitled just llko lady fouowod uiui solo by gladys mulun frollo was put on by uie junior sclvool childei und uie concjuding feature waa cornet lo by dodglas frank luncji was served and social ume spent hi con cluding uie meeting coming events ua ui utrtumg or cr kvriitb umlr thu cliaruil 10 cent pr itiuiiiiiiu charct for any of ate uiwaull lisui what ever made you uunt to take job dovui inltie lut im liolng to be steeplejack alul im worlini my way up from the bot tom tlie street called illiam uirveacb play in lil muu iyyay aprli 23rd by tlie maglcl mystoryl mr herbert king magician extrtunxllnary will pre sent his iroram of magical nnlectalli ment at uie yuca on imivalay aprl 37ui ut 00 oclock ejieelal treat for joum and old adults 2ie cjliklnn lllo the hillsour dromatlo society 111 present mr henry woods famous druma kast ijiine ln the town hull acton on thunday apill 201j1 under umplces of acton ulvpo club ad mlvsioii adults ir und children 15c tile ummul diikp und lurhre under tlie auspices acton ubral1rogrh ilve association ulll em in the acton town hull on eyiduy april 23rd uood sori veiling fir all mr ilughei cleav1 xi vi makrlock s111 ulll boa be present oood clutra lunch iuiwm am iitertuuinnnt there ujll be no udmlulon tluirge

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