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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 8 Apr 1937, p. 6

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the acton free press thurspay april flth 1837 hob and less 11 hie more kindness fc little creed little more giving little leas rced little mora mllc little iria frown lituo jess kicking man when he down little more little less little mure iuh little iris cry few nun fluurrs an the pathway of life and fowrr uruvii ut the end of th drift enu hints aeclper tr new and novel tuhr iloumboid idea and mealuiilil maincouiisk diiiis liy hetty lurcluy tajity dlhi healthful luvlgoruling mid uy to prendre ore boon to the houewife ispeclly when jiiadr without mcuti tii custom dictwtc for thl sciinn of the jeur itlch lu imis unm bciu add srrit to mich dlitilt thfno belou lima tlmualtii cuii cooktd dried jlliiui tabli spoons butter tablespoons chopped onion luiiepooiis hour cup milk in slihtly beaten tup chopped walnut tliihwll pepper tciupoon alt rub lima through toar 11 li butter add chopped onlmi oit until jelbuv add flour ur unt mooth llun add milk stir contajit lj until creamy add pureed umir vwi ji and pepper pact in tyi tiered urn bale molda or ciuurd cup and place in pan of hot uater hate in mod tate oven 3k0 decree for about jo minutes turn out and rrve ulth tomato iauce limas au grating cup cooked dried lima cup thin unite laiuce cup kraled cheese cup buttered crumb teaspoon salt arraiiktf unia nice and cheese lajen in ii bakintf uuh cover top ulth trumbj and bake in moderate oven i3 degree about 20 minutes brittle nature mr moore was entirely un ucquointed during tlie first night the pins gave way the shelving fell and the beautiful old country dlalics came to grief after apcndlng twelve years oij thin farm clearing many of lta acres for crops and mellng than of prosperity he found lilt neighbors tlio motuiewn lw nlrkllns arid the lasbys liad decld id to jell out ulid rnip to acton wliere ixtur iirojp uirr believed to exbit iipeftdly befalls flour mill uan tlirre lu operation he und mr moore tic io oo tided to ui company hrm jhe four farm uere uld and the spring of 14s they cune to itm ud the four fumilie lug run family and ttilid on fin in lowly adjoin idnr the luo older iwiyiaof the llionuu wlio wi then fourteen ivwid turlve telling of tliel ualkinfrom the old farm near veruii and driving the itlle to the new place on till llrjt line near acton it wius long tinsniiu journey of over twenty mlh and jou cm perhaps imaijine uluil the rojd or truth uere like ninety jean aio well the moore mtde me farm or uhut uiu ulltoilllltd foret ulleit they took it over ami ibie family ul raided here too there uere icien on and tuo dauchter the oru uere thomi lmu ird junili william dan iel simuel and join and two daugh ter mr william hi nvtrfet and mr thomi goudj all of uhom have pri cii auaj it circimutunce hich uould iv thoucht rj hniiuul today tliat the member of the famih ii tablkhcd home of ihtlr oun they each settled uithm to mlh of the old home roiffee and they livid ulid db ar it bibgepmue westuh ouse modlhn tlaturl 1nclu0inc sior dor kjm cuhe ice irty ad ulielf limit in vrge tme crimper mil fruil imwit fut freiig ulidf etc vou fet extra value in wcstingliouse because it is built for extra years of service the huper power unit has so much reserve power that even in the hottet of hcit wivet it is never subjected to the train of continuoik operation in addition the unit is further protected by the exclusive dualautomatic control and by being her metically sealed in permanent bath pf oil come in and get complete detail business directory mkdioal dr mcniven rhymlrln vul rorgoq oftico and kaldenc ckimer avcnuo and klein btreet dice nelson itiysielsn and harxoo klectro therapy phone jno leishman acton oniv tlisc wodio not co can wort atei in he jeuellei hdj we will imlcnu et mj pendului tmpli clock to itln pcriui iipliid the magic ciiocouat pie peps up rikwhh mknus if you want to mate tlu funilly rmile jutt kay cliocolate pie for deijartl itn festive treat that plearcs ull tajites miulc wltrlt tueetened condensed milk if iutv to cut rlht and taste rlfflit to be thick enough to itand up und docredlt totlwi hojitew and to be jujt the right ereumy conslntcncy to tictle tlie niot fastidious palate with this inaelc milk you cant fall to tcore triumph be cauc sweetened condensed milk aluays blends perfectly with th other ingredi ents chocolate sponge pie cquarej unucetencd chocolate lj cups can sueetened condeuud milk cup uater pew trraui talt efripi separated teutpoon vanilla bkcd pie fjiell inch melt chocolate in double holler add uectened condensed milk and stir over iwillnif water flic minutes until mixture thicken add uatcr salt and sllnhlli beaten ore yolks stir until thorouchly blended remove from fire cool ileal ieff whiles until itltf told ufihtly ulth rlioeolate mixture add vanilla pour into baked nineinch pie shell bake in moderate oven 350 decree tuen tyflve minutes rr warm or cold villi hipped cream if desired chocolate coconutpie lj cupj cvvcetenwl condensed milt can squares chocolate cup vv iter cup coconut teawn ill vanilla wafer pie crut it it choctilatv in uip or doubli dd weetened cond used mill mil tli lue mtiuit over ulini water until mixture thirkin itemnve frmn tire add water toiunut ami ill and blend hurouihl pmtr into vanilla wafii pie in1 di ttt top of pit withwhipped put tlinnih pa try tube the father of the home died aft piolonind illnej in utfiv hut mr unhid him until november 1081 if their father hid little inouledie of canidun uond ulicn lie settled hero the son learned uell their value and leren for the titer ue shou vtr love the sprintf relative uorth vive or them eiinaied utnnt for the strucide victory hi the lumber and shinrle bujlnev with wed never lni lucct mr and mr moore uere task uere aluajs easy and their christian people and uum their ln akig li it worth while if it if it ml jiudler the cilitoiuer unwiipj the tteller mi in uu content hut till no order to mend the clock the whole tblni vouv the pendulum well replied the ciutonu it onh the pendulum rf tin outcome plain to iv and if failure ni vtr thieatened life ce for the inculcation or christian uould verj ttdlou be principles in their fimily tliey were nmonir the founden of the methodist had pr uc ntfllk church here and for over nlm ty jears if cveruhlni ined without uori famh to the fourth and fifth rcii inc we could net erutlon hn been active in its service neve uf tlie moore children all attended school in act the older member beinc pupil in the firt school they uere usroriatruith the llnt temperance uere tnere onanled lu acton nnd re if ue never made blunder fered from fall were we never disappointed life would hnld no joy at all if distinctions uere abolished neither poor nor rich were the ul and foolish equal and no ml ion the stor toid tclllnj which was which how thomas moore and six sons uont were there no sucn things as duties to stcuurltoun ulien the first tem needlnn pitience strentrth nnd we should lhe like garden cabbage ued nevtr knou thrill itt liocauw we have to slrumj because ue often fall its because our cares are rukred our pleasures nil so frail its beciuse there rood to cherish theres evil to revile and perfection is denied us tint mates every joy uorth uhlle tta and and perance measure the old duncan act was submitted to the people to vote in its favor lr ninety cnri the moore family has been clasely associated ulth acton nnd vicinity and taken all in all theyve been pretty decent citizen if they did come originally from ireland le clow tha if jou know ue iv than it vuti know it vour 11 jou urr vuih folk who iep up with li hilly have the lj will 11 voll voir aim vu ur own aim in life jm lhe mijorllj of people mill alnuultdne it to braver than in mj thi anlmatlm nmllvti to et alu of woiil totiruce to saj so in take into account the tuixndou isiiulith of human in to admit th ii join urn onlj in ike certain amount cf monej is tin iui cuitt miitlble in tomparlon with what joirhould luspln to that vou houtd haui jour lu ad in haine i1it of all have an dm puijitise lir hv about as ulinve mh lis boat witlinut lir hi of drlltlni to harbor iitimv th it ni ai 11 nut want to uni for on to in live rhaju uu k1 chanci ud uuilj 1m proud of bv and tliit when tiie ukason vouailt ut her what do jou by pluyliur truant wliat make tav uwuy from hchool ton clu hutird lutlur tliomos moore one of the four families which came to acton from nlchol and pllkinjjton in 1845 settled on the farm immediately in rear of the lasby farm on the first line this is lhe farm which richard johnston purchased nearly forty cars ago to uhlch he took his bride and on which he and his family have enjoyed flood measure of pros perity nnd have had very happy home life thomas moore left belfast ire und in the early sprlnc of 1033 ulth lib ulfe and two children thomas moore father of moore resident of acton and agnes ho was the wire of william hemslreet he uas born at lame and his wife nancj cunningham was native of balljinena both or these towns are near the famous city of bel fast the first child born in the new home in canada in november of that jear was named edw ard edward moore sptnt hi whole life un the lint line farm and in acton when he married he took his bride elizabeth hemslreet to their new home on the site of the pre iiiii xtiorecroft and here tin ir family all had their birthplace the mrstborn are lie lug the editor and publisher of tur the piiii phis fur flftj tars ii moore here he died in 1170 and from nial moorei roft hi hi lovid partner uh survlvi him ovt 10 je irs was car died to pairview to nst bi ide him an just ik jears ago the remain of the late mixrt were ixirn fioni mixre troft tothelr lat resting place in the old home hind tlumia moore was shoemaker he iiillir to canada to furin without knowhdge of the umtrv of etller dfmltw or of fannlni after or st ven week lu irovliig to canada lie in life ids unj wtlilnton countj and tinallj he select ed hi firm tin whu now the tina hiad the farm uhuh vv afterwurd the liome of the malllaiids and for mmj eir entri or the omniuiiitj with til wife and twu little hildren jie went into the forest bult tempor irj shuk and tin log cabin he lnew nothing about the native woods but selethd what st enied bo to him fo building and furnishing the abln ai commodate the mm hpried chin trnkery brought from the old home land shell ts were provided along the log walls the shelves wtre supported on uooden pins driven into hob bored with an auger in the log uhlch mm paed th rubtn uill the pin uere nuule rrom the timber of niie uhil rrom trie the new til had fellci anil uhlih he riumi vis silj whkd whin the shelves re com peted mis moore bwded hum ulth hfi old countrj dish und was nalumljy pnilid the iirlmitlie arrangement the pins ueie of bl of uliiw nosous calvin coolidge once said that no man uas ever honored for that uhlch he received honor he said lias been the rcuard for what he gave some of you young people have not us yet rcraiped that truth vou hold your heads high because jou are wellborn back of jou are generations of men und women ho were outslmdlng in their da and made uorthuhile contribu tions to the life of their times tllit is something to be thankful for bejond doubt but nothing to lie conccitod over the mast ridiculous form of snobbery is that exhibited by the joung people who think themselves superior to ot liars because they hnppen to have welltodo pirents the drev well but they never bought ns much as pocket handker chief with tlilir oun earnings they enjoj very possible advantage but they lowered on them and to regard proof of siipi rlorlty is absurd advantages given jou should jou humble instead of looking on thoe its luckj jou should ood that vou have been single out for suh mid fortune if jou aplre to lnuior do not epect to obt iln it this uaj this villi pme not because that which vou have recelvitl litit be iitle of tllit whith oil have gllitl oiuuiim io un ukiiu one vvaj to know is to obej eieii uur prlnuirv onci ptlons of moral duty tit ml loi uu ir vigor and cleariu up out tied iltituile touird dutj nolhliif chars hum doing what we ln to be rlht and hiwing vihit we know to ix wiling tliit brings us to solditj and simplicity of cmivc ion hich vi an riic neither bv iti crvlng nuns perliiice nor by ioricui usiiitn it keep is in touch ulth ruilllj iiad cbipite fhevaiors uhlch iinall ir iidermeit said in must have onh brought bright wont the otiieit gmi tw jouths utnt to see billiards match in which two wellknown pro uere plaj ing after watching one ol tlu in silently pile up huge break one said to the other what do thej call this game a1p why billiards of course replied alf the other man was silent for tew minutes then he whispered again to alf well hats the name of that game we plajed jtst slisgsiiot with grinding of brakes the oihcer pallid up his motor car and shouted to ii htue buv plijing in the held iv onnj have jou seen an uero plme come down anjvilllre lie ir here no sir replied the boy trjing to hide lii tinv lingshot ive onlj hi en hooting at iltle tbv ad khe if jou reflect an object uhlch is be hind jou through magnifying glai into mirror jou ulll observe that the object is not only magnified but shown upside down now how has this hap pened the rajs of light by uhlch we see all object travel on straight lines from uie object to the magnifying glxss having passed through tlie glass thev meet on the other side having been reflected in their passage but they have to contluuc and so they go straight on crossing each other at certain point thus uhen they reach tlie look ingglass the object is shown upilde doun semconceit thoe who either from their own en gagements and hurry of business or from indolence or from conceit and vanity have neglected looking out cf themselves as far as my experiences and observation riaches have from that time not only ceiuutl to advance and im prove in their performances but have gone backward thej nuij lie compared to men who have llvtd upon their prin cipal ill thej are reduced to beggar and hit without resource nktissauv afte ti linn ut her longui riling mil the lnihd nit sild lhe hut doctm vel evin ion no plli it wi lis fair patient to put the doctor continued prescription when turned lo his patient that will do protested the huh vou li at mj toniiie tin it wan wanted jou to kei ite tlu pn liplion cthi rui hei loud tin iiilntl other pto ma biing us uthi hl right action the illotlv action lie mnet wer to go diiclustous whim and help tu tor as cleorg wait of dohu foruaid to rlgli hlth more dilliuilt act idln vi ici ci mil joluuile aid mot in vou must it make ill tbit nuie when vmi come dovii stall co up unci ome down qui lj johnuii went up and came down vuihout making sound and hl mot hei wi dellghut now that how little gentleman liould come down the talrs she sail vis slid down tin banisters th it time liuiimn leplled johnnie proild ills wavis luuut trail liiglli ito ti amp vou iiiliiht uil of jour ikukeb will the triilh pair brace joure lieggln it list ttike jour pipe tobacco for mild cool smoke dr wm cullen ih ylc bin knd sarreoo oirici honrv and f0 ihindavs by appointment wilbur utrevl juul north of mill street tehphone vjtt moal aitilt ninnlk mllcii two lot iui were tllsnisdng afte dinnir cnit the one told of sopie hue sjuithe lie had heard and praised tin eloquent wit ir wtllknoun ptor the othtr wound up the dlsciljilon ulth well dmt now but the ilnnt afti dinnir speech ever heard was put them on one bill waller tv waf tjf rn ttfvz 5ri fxoj en ltht coronation juaui rif ivv jir ii ii if it abive we prtiint hell mijisties in nir or lhe happli si nioinonts ot hull live ihl is theli wielding pictue and ills majetj going but ome ukiii ii hi dijs of war rv is alttnd in tin unifoim of group taptalu of the ihev weic nuiniid hi aiil of lijl in httoiic wtstmlnsler abliej with the aiihblhop of caiilerbu riot ming the teremojiy untl sui ablv inugh the pitniate of sl it land asislin in the seivice along with the arcliblshop of york si of hi tluiit deiitls weie briciiinuild for uuh lhubeth while prime hcillj now duke or glouttster and irlni cliorge now huke of kent supported tlie duke it was out nf the ablej mo eoloiful and pleisanl cereinoule but gieatei vm than the pageiuilrj of iln witldlni uas tlie unanimous up roval givni the union bj the jieojile of the rialm that the kinj eiond son wa maiivlng fellow ubjelt and that that fellow subjeit was the daughter of fuullj tint could claim loin and morabte oiiiicrllon with the hisloi of lughuid und iicotland as well as dl llngul bed war rceoid to vvhlih the ludj herself had added aught the pipular imagination as hie few events of moduli tliues even in the annul of lowil rojal houe ilnm the hlghel to the lowest of hunditch or tlioiisand who packed london stietts see the proccvlop befoie and ufter the crrciuoiijv tame lldlj enthuslasllc tilbute that uiiiilud the lu in of the happj touile and hit touched the lit art of tlu ii peojile it leiorded tlmt luiy lllaulh pjaced her twiuqiiet of white loses uimi the lonib tif the unknown lclli ij she entered the abbev and thai witldng gift of some 11 olio wiu utllled bj the couple to siipplj outlni hi children hi large industrial imas two events unimportant in themelvt ptrhapi but iudhatlve of the klndlj thoughlfulne that has endiaied thv couple to the lmphe 1erh uhen thej travel llmiligh tlu theeliiut theuujiudi who orowd uindou on may 12th mi mot able tnildents of their ilirlj llvs higelher will return to gratify tlu li majestic us will tlu ni ninry of their longappr tiatt harm the people thej mle ii farmer sdhcuor notary kubllo coiiveyanoci ou acton ontauto hnun djo to id oo noon oo ji to oo widm day and ijaturtluy j0 noon only limited amount and clua of work undertaken client cannot be een or uork done after hours excuot by previous arrangement kenneth langdon llarruirr kidlrltor noury pablfc offices acto aeortretowii overt sejnucts cafe main strwtb tor appointments phone acton 68 oeorhetown cij office hours 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