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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 8 Apr 1937, p. 4

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paoe four the acton free press thuttsday amui bth 1937 neighborhood news interesting items concerning other centres and communities in which many of our readeni are interest crewsons corners mr and mrs george mcbaln and blllle were sunday visitors at the home of mr wid mrs proscr pltimmcr of rockwood mln agnes alrdrlc of stowarttown was sunday visitor ult the home of her brother envoy nfvuy of the salvation army hud charucsttf sunday services held in tin tiomn ofjtalrdric wo expect to reojen the church in few weeks ballinafad mm john harding who has been confined to bed for the past few weeks kith pneumonia is so fur recovered as to be able to be up und urqtmd messrs will cassldy und win mc pherson left on monduy for the north country mm icter porguson spent few days lust week vuitinif friends in kitchener mm barbaru super returned home on priday after upending tt week with friends in toronto mr olid mrs cecil soper and miw dorlne giles und girl friend of preston visited at tins home of mrs soper on sunday georgetown mr mcqueen and son jack of saskatoon sunk were visitors last week ut mackenzies mr and mrs samuel ginsberg und daughter unda of inirt sydney are lilting at mr saxes johnny tmrucrwn writing to hlfl parent from ntw york says lie is hav ing wonderful time as guest of tlie norfolk planters und columbia broad casting system 4ji unit great american city robt hull nearly ninety und hale und hearty will attend the coronation dity celebration in georgetown on may 2th dressed in brnudclotli bulb ho purchased from grant tjwmipou at co sixtyrive jcars ago herald new alberta viceroy hillsburg mrs cliarles booth und little daugh ters mac and prances accompanied by mr 3dou booth all of calcdon were sunday visitor with mr and mm wm cheyne miss margaret rourtson who has been engaged in ouelph for time re turned home few days ago tho many friend of mrs george roenf will be sorry to learn of her sud den poising ut her home here the funeral wils held on monday last at the church mr and mrs harry churcher of guelph spent the weekend with the latters parents mr and mrs wm cheyno of hillsburg wo are glad to report that mr stan ley booth who hod to be removed to toronto hospital has been able to return to ida home the making of maple syrup li the order of the day many report fairly good run for the time of year mr olutrles booth of calcdon spent sunday with liui brother mr stanley booth nassagaweya tilt residence of mr cartright of molfat blacksmith wu1 destroyed by lire short time ago cause of lire un known mr karl hancock und his brother master orval of toronto lilted rela tives and friends at knatchbull on sat urday lust mrs wm morley and daughter mlis helen of peterboro visited rela tives and friends in knatchbull recent ly mrs hurry coulsorv and son harold of milton visited relatives and friends at knatchbull recently messrs kerr and allan of nassaga weya held very successful sale of farm stock and implements last week fairly good prices were realized taua nellie kingsbury of dundas visited with mr and mrs darby last week ospringe messrs gordon altken and russell strutheri spent the weekend with rela tives in toronto friends of mr jolm lacker will be sorry to learn he strained the muscles of hli heart and li not so well all wish for him speedy recovery mr reg carter or hamilton spent the weekend with hi sister and broth erinlaw mr and mn robcrt son master douglas robertson spent thj ulster vacation wltli mr and mvs jackson muster kenneth visited wltn mr and mrs george young townlinc mrs burrows spent few dais iiist week with her mother mrs root at hillsburg mr and mrs wuliam stubblngton en tertained about fifty friends of their son kenneth at their home on wed nesday evening in honor of hli twenty first birthday mrs margaret stundish returned homo on friday after spending the last three months ulth her daughter and soninlaw mr and mrs cruft in rock wood mrs ida tovell lias obtained posi tion in beluood and left for there on tuesday mrs bruce duncan ii visiting at the home of mr und mrs james strutheri several from here attended tlie play east lynne at erin onfrlduy night plajod by the members of the illllibiirg drumatlc club friends here arc sorry to leurn of the removal to acton of mr and mrs mac sinclair aiid family they have rente their farm to bruri und mrumi nf ilelfountaln mr wm mckenzle in enpiged mr harold sunter of everton for the sum mer mr georye grundy has engaged mr george drurj of ctmtngsby for the summer muster rolwrt tresler uephevi of mr harold mckaclvrli met aithunmt ultltnl on monday ufurnotui in the birn on hli uncles farm he was help ing ui liune pitato planter when in mime way his head cume in contuct ulth the edue of lhe seat indicting uaity gosli over tlu eyes thai rnilred threo stllclui to cloie ttw funeral of the lite kutluriur mctavuh wuji heltl oji tuesday after noon lu tlwt local church from lir brothd tuncns luune in acton rev grunt coiiducttml tlie crvicid ut he church und ut the grve ut tver toa the pallbearer wrrw moosr brytton webb altkeit aitken bapue bn uupue limehouse mrs jai mcgowan spent few days last week ulth her mother at cookf lown master nillle mllllcrc visited for few days during the holidays with his grand mother mre wm mllhre mbw winnifrcd wens of toronto was home for few dya lost week after spending easter at brentford mr and mrs mummery spent thj veekend at their cottage here communion services were held at both the united and presbyterian churches on sunday mr leslie campbell moved to mv pred packers farm the first of the week tlie roads around the village arc in very poor condition it li to be hoped that with the arrival of warm weather they will be looked after limehouse womens institute held their regular meeting at the home of mrs gottdy on april 1st with the pre sident mrs smcthurst in charge rind an attendance of fifteen ladies after the usual business meeting mlss sybil bennett of georfjetown gave an inter esting talk on tlie womens court toronto mrs govvdy was in chare of the music for the afternoon her pupils performing miss helen mcgowan contributed uell rendered solo und ocal trio consisting of inez scott owen hill and doris mitchell was also much enjoyed mlts winnifrcd liens poured tea for the dainty bulfet lunch at the close hearty otes of thanks ucre ex tended to tlie speaker miss bennett und to the hostess mrs wm gowdy mr xrcd packer held sale of goods on tuesday last as he li planning to leae limehouse for lime mr leslie campbell li taking cluirge of the furni during hlv absence we shult mlss freds fjenlal face and hli splendid talents but uish him everything that is good mlsses cairns and sclioley who have lieen conducting services in the village are now at churchill every evening miss nellie swackluimer of detroit islted her mother and slstcr for few dojs mr und mrs tiiunton and mr und mr arrousmlth of toronto were ul kuests at mrs duid suackiiumers retently other iltor noted ucre mr and mr alex grant mr and mn mtimmery mr and mr jtobln snn all of tonntt their respivtive cottages mr leonard mumfoni with mr keir stejihcnson mr jui kdwurds at mr gisbys mr and mrs wm gcmdy spent mou du in toronto stmrul of the mnuhouse brunch of lie womens initltute attended tlie kulherlng at the parish hull acton on tuesday afternoon spiclul prohni man given uiien miss wallace hpeuker from toronto took for her subject im portance of diet on health itemi were contributed by dublin bunnnckburii acton und liiuehnuse brancht on tueiuy uftenwion jjime of the united church members attended the special truster meeting of tlie george town womenh mlsslonury society aux iliary uiwt enjoyed huppy time mm tult mbwionury from hltuli columbu liave an account of lur work among tlu jupuivesf and chinese ulustruung with klidcrt here is the hon bowcn tlowly uppolnled lleilteiianugoiernor of al berta following the sudden deuth of the hon primrose ut government house kdmonton burlington smith local grower ha been elected director of the royul wlnfv fiiir toronto at recent meung of the sons of england donation of was made to ass bit tlie coronutlon student edgar duuphin to attend the service in eng land mr gordon rusby left on tuesday evening for halifax where lie will com mence his duties with mr walters the contractor at the local post office who has large contract in that city the police department were yesterday notified that boys luid started lire in some stumps in bush on tlie pcttlt farm on the middle road for tunately the fire was discovered and extinguished before any great amount of damage was done mv and mrs camp indian point have been entertaining mr harry town or england who han just com pleted 100000 mile trip by air around the world covering 22 countries mr town is returning to england by the queen mary the alumni federation of the uni versity of toronto has announced the award of two war memorial scholarships in the ontario college of education tlie ilrst war memorial scholarship of value of 200 is awarded to reff cogens ba of burlingtarr son of mr and mrs cozens burlington avenue zone meeting of the canadian legion was held in the halt of the local branch last nlfllit when 125 representa tives were present from fifteen branches of the zone which extends to shal bourne on the north and mimlco on the east the meeting was ui charge of 2tone commander mcdonald of acton other heads present being zone secre tary gould acton col brown george town and capt innes port credit qazctte rockwood the rockwood young peoples union held their weekly meeting in the choir hancel of the united church on sun day evening the topic and theme for the evening was sunday day of iyeedom and fraternity dorothy simmons read the worship story messrs george day und gerald clemv as rendered an organ and piano selec tion mr ben hosklng gave very helpful and thoughtful talk on the topic fur tile evening and the meeting was wed uttenctc comrcatimiul meeting in the in terests of rockuood eden milli and st pauls presbyterian church guelph was htd in the presbyterian church here on friday evening rev il bennle of act was present and conducted th meeting mr kcuun cf knox college to oiilo conducted services in the presby terian church on sunday morning schools reopened on monday aftei the easter holiday as result of the rains and mild weather over tlie weekend the ice on the river is disappearing owing to break lu the gate at the dam at the woollen mills im reault of tlie february hood condition the lro on tiie river has presented brokonup upjwarance along the valley road bu the recent rains have swelled the creeks and river and currving all the rubbish uwuv euste vbltors not mentioned in last wreks issue und few who were her during the weekend und sunday mrs roberts and family of toronto miss elizabeth mephedrun or orunue ville hlih school mlss minnie nlckell of toronto miss dora fllilmmoiu of mooretleld mlvas mae and mjrtle wutson ol aikell mrs clias varmui und iv few others of toronto mr and mr mcmillan attended the funeral of the late mr fred new lionse at brampton lust week mr fred hamilton hlghuay oversee and his men were buiv early in the week eleunlmf the sand otf the hlghwiv thrcuuh the village mlss janet utile wlio has been out of town for some time returned luune on monday mr und mr dunby retunifd lione on monduy from hum lion oakville sparks from chimneys lighting upon woixieiishlnglcd roofs caused two fires in oakviluf during the past week john mcphcrson was elected pre sident of the oakville club at tlu clubs annual meeting held in tlie clubhousj on tuesday evening arthur hillrocr luw been rrcleeud treasurer of the ontario buseball amateur association being one of three officers acclaimed applications arc llow being received for the position of 1ostlnustcr ut tlll oakville post office to 1111 lie vacancy created by the deuth of tlie lute cote who held the position for many years oakville toduy llnds itself without customs otfice for tlie first time in nearly century despite prou su on the part of oakville citizens the lv partment of nutlojial itoveiiuu ut ot tuwa has carried out ibt intention of closing tiie local office utmouueed ubout month ago recordtar ktart at on ok one of the inmates of certain prbon vus colled into tlie governors office you were sent here believe for writing glowing urtnpectus for on oil company yew said tie prlsoner wiu utile ux optimistic well went on tin governor uui autluiritlrs want rrixrt on conditions in tliis prison ive dccldel to let you wrlu it just iioiin hit wealthy htthtr what am ti tiiitlerstund yuir income will bo ab uie time you txpwt to marry tlie young man well sir er hirdly like ut put dellniu figure on four generosity i1kcome voub own lioss qulk sales big fronts repeat orders on lino of 200 otnururateed nces silles pnifl table ofler monthly bar gain sales no risk no experience needed exclusive territory mm wltli auui preferred ut travel steadily over country write immediately pamilex co 570 st clement st montteu kaiain salk ok 2wkkkou ttwkdihj ciiicks while they last new hampshire ited cockerels j5w barred iiixk rockcrcls 195 fjglwm tuliels 2020 new hampshire ltel pulieli 23 05 barred rixrk pullets 23 05 new hampshire ited pulletu and cockerels mixed 15 35 3werkoui ji0o ej hundred more all chicks rrom government approved blixxjtt ted breeders plume wire uf writ immediately for these grnutno bar gains hear ixtr rmlio program ovr cilct toronto every monday wrd tirujiiy und frulay ut 12 30 noon old time music twkddiik chick hatchkuy urnited head otflr fergus phone 405 el eden mills pleasant event took place last vccl when the friends und nelglibor of mr and mrs row argo guuiercd at their home to honor tliem on the eve of their departure from tills district tile first part of the evening uai spent in goms und commuulty singing then noss and mrs argo were asked to come forward and mr harry rohson read tlie ad dreii at uie proper time measrs ron ald burrows and lindsay tolton pre sen ted them wltli an end table lamp and reflector aluiough completely talc en by surprlte ross on behalf of his wife and himself tluuaked their friends for their tokens of esteem and expressed desire tliat they all visit tlicm in tliclr new liome in guelph rev mv clarke woii culled upon und spoke fe well ctiosen words fltilng for tlie occasion lunch was served and the remainder of the evening was spept in dancing music being provided by mrs early and mr ramsliaw mr xi borthwlck was floor manager mr and mrs argo moved on friday to their new home much regret is felt at tlae removal of this pioneer family the ancestors of raw having cleared the bush from the land which is now the northern part of the village master lloyd and mlss jean ramsey have narned to their home after spend ing few days with relatives here mr and mrs ben fields of toronto and master jack were sunday visitors in the home of mr and mrs milne the trailer ranger group met in tlie liomo ofmastor lloyd burden on fvuiay evening with mr dyer in charge erin ford leads the field all canada passcnjjer und truck sales for the year 1937 to und ot february as shown by official registrations just released are ford chevrolet dodfe plymouth each day the popularity of the 1937 ford car is increasing such popularity is deserved for this is the finest ford car ever built see it drive it 1037 1930 1850 271 3505 2720 2218 1102 1873 024 norton motors ford v8 salts and service acton phone go flnttrb erjurrij at sanaba acton pamor bey btetjir ili rktx parsonage bower avenue iiunday april uui 137 1100 the plrst in series of thren sccmons on tlie subject ood emancipation of man 1215 sunday school and bible cuue0 oo tim minister subject the mlrgr of life tuesday bd0 youru poplel union everybody welcome jjrrfllnjtrrtaa knox cuuilcil acton ukv ii knnie mlnutw manse willow btret iiunday april lltli lt37 oo and 00 mr johnston licentiate toronto presby tery 30 tlie sabbath school the sin of adam and eve note the easter thalik otfering on monday 800 pm hi scliool room mrs stewart toronto the young people guild tues day dvotloiiul committee always weloomst actom rev baxteky sunday april 11th 1037 1000 sunday school 1100 in service of worship sub ject strength in weakness monday 800 pan annual congtega tlonil meeting tuesday 800 pm cf wednesday 800 midweek ser vice welcome to all well known and highly respected resident of erin township passed away suddenly from heart attack nt the family home lot 14 concession erin township on saturday march 37th 1937 in the person of samuel bingham beloved husband of sophia ellen burt aged flo years mr and mrs ii frankum and two daughlxra inez and kathleen of ilar rlston dr hutchinson and mrs hut chinson and two daughters ireda and ruth of brampton spent easter vaca tion wltli mrs jennie hull all four ministers of erin churches part pat ed in the passion services held in the church of christ disciples on good prldos movnlng these service uitl good fairly well attended and ap pititeu on friday evening all again joined lu he service in the anglican cnurch fne of liikniun origin did an estim ated dn nuke of 3oo0 to the liome and coitrits of mrs ilarrls 537 st clarens avenue torajito on sunday the damage water was considerable mr harris mother of messrs and ii hiirls of erin fortunately lint its hapicned to go to the city and got to his mothers home ubout the time the tire broke out coitutulatlans are extended to mlss ci mi knirht who successfully competed in the acme farmers rudlo program over crct on thursday evening or last week when she competed in the amateur program for high school students of the province and was awarded third honor und medal advocate additional nelfblxmbtmi news es save weeks feeding get weeks extra eggs by buying brays started pullets also 3weeksold pullets ok n0nsexed cmcks at attractive prices the key to success in poultry keeping today is the early lay in pullet the hock that lays the most eggs between july and decem ber had tlie double advantage of highest average egff prices and lowest average production cost we sold more early cldckn this season than ever before now we offer you cliance to catch up wltli these early birds and get in on the big end of this opportunity gwecksold new huknkhirc pullets 50c each these pulletr belong to andrew christies famous splznerlnkum strain famous for vigor and hardiness they are nil hatched from eggs weighing j5 ounces per dozen and over they are well grown and well weathered they should be laving oy late july or early august if uell fed through the balance of their growing jieriod and right at tlie height of thir production from september to christmas they will sae jou weeks feeding and give you weeks extra eg during the highprofit half of the year pullels or nonsexl chicks weclm old these chicks are past tlie critical stage or brooding so they wont take much time during the seeding rush uhen minuter are previous they will save jou weeks of feeding tile pullet will give you weeks extra eggs during the most profitable half of the jear and the cockercls can be finished and marketed in time to catch the high touristseason price 3ueeksold seed pullets 00 guaranteed xlraproilt grade 29 00 per 100 3vveelsold male and female chicks nut sorted xtraprollt grade 10 30 per 100 your choice of new humpshlres white rocks while wyandotres or rhode island recls at tlie above prices staudurd grade chicks if available 2c per chick less leghorn pullet various uges write for prices order oireot from this advcrlbiement the above prices apply onlj to chick now on hand for immediate delivery act quickly ordei direct from thlr advertisement or phone us to reserve chicks for jou dont forget that we ubo hue constant supply of dayold chicks jour choice of seven breeds xtraprofu and slundard grade fred bray limited john street north hamilton ontario georce i1rown arent norval ontiirio unclassified small advertisements advertisement under this hcllwj thie cent 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25 head of good grade shorthorn cuttle on wednesday april hth at 100 pm frank petch auctioneei salessian wanted man wanted to supply rawlelghn household products to consumcrs we truln and help jou good profits for hilstlen no cxiwrience necessary pleas ant profitable dminifled work wrlle today rawijcighs dept ml11153d montreal canada notice am prepared to liurehuiwt old clothes mattresses or housclwiu auclri discarded during tlie jiprina cleaiilng at veteran of the ltutli uatullon would appreciuu tlie opportunity of making you an offer just leave word at mi iwdencd on willow street aetoa tveatlgo whuwr notice xtidependent order of oddfellows no 5o4 members are requested to attend hireling on tuesday april lltn pm for special business vih attenrs uice la requested uzntorf ko

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