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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 8 Apr 1937, p. 2

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paoh two the acton free press thursday april 8lh 1131 chlfe acton jbrpf publuhed every thurwuy auo ootio surstkirtlon uatestioo lr yer dvc utosvri state joe ddiliunl stngle topic jc both ol nj new uurcakt hould nin when tbiogo uldrcaa requested canciiatlonswe tmj tint mil our ub tcnlicr priler not to hc their uhcnptiuv interrupted in to they ull to remit before xjursttoo wlitl criplfon will not crld la rrer or vm period uulr mailed ti cailfl we uuaie the ubcriber wialc the acivico continued adveinisinfi liatkson piliiim ami ii in vaoou inn lcln although vry precaution will uken to vol error the free ireaa blteptit ad vet am if in lt cjllii the underlmw that it will not be liable lor any error any adverlvumt pubhhel hcrcumlcr urc rl hitlh vlvcriueniit uwrul writing by the alvrlinr and returned to the free lre bilmi ollce duly mnrd by the advcrtter and with such error or corrnuoi plainly noted wit in if thereon and that ce uny error ao iwtrd not corrected by th free lte it liability shall hot ced auch proportion ol the entire coit ol autli adverllemenl the p4c occupied by the noted error bear to the whole p4ce occupied by lib ldvere tklkjiiomks hiitorial md llutmem off ueiience aulok dills editor sucker time why not tell the good news to the suckers in toronto and hamilton asks jfioridfl correspon dent of the globe and mail in forwarding an analysis of the odds against those who try their luck with the slot machine conservative estimate pub lished in he florida press showed that thu player has about one chance in seven of getting his nickel back in test made over period of thirty days by florida judge it wa found that in one city 150 machinies took in 000 and paid out 727 icavinj profit of 5271 years operation on this scale should net enough money to satisfy the greediest operator of these machines and suckers pay despite huge profit indicated no doubt toronto owners ot confiscated slot machine looked ou iti shoofcett dismay while their little moneygetters were destroyed by authority of the police hi this city ut any rate the sucker have had one temptation removed globe the sunday school lesson koit stinoay jmitll uth the smaller towns turn indications of the move by industries away from the larger cities are not wanting hanover has secured branch plant ot the swift cuimdiuir com llltaln gmr umji whoever iwiik jany st marys anticipates textile plant barrie iy piilyinir uith the temper will end hopes to acquire an aircraft factory delhi and ylwiir thk kin of adam and livk colririi text tin mil tluii lnnitn li hull kkil hr uvon ivxt otnculi iu tlnu uiiluiovil 1luce iulfti timltlmi tin ivmplution 11 tin innt was the prlim mover in uu ntiuiiri of in into human hl tciv hi old rixnt uiu tin juvu tlicmlliv ij no jwmuii id no the tlih piard tin uuy tor th full hy mik tbnr doubt of god love and ufirrvurd doubt of clmlii rruclty thr irluckm of god vord tlw iuvnruuy to dltjljidlinrf to gtwl will sutni btijun ulth tiulh but turnwl 1l inti ih god had forbidden to rat of one lr in the carden il lvj tin jriicnt tarikd tlil into jhalt not imt of anv itie lie du llihu fiikicruu gimli proliibltloii kn aw through the iiilrcprciititlon but mad fatal mltukt hi parliylni with on uho ujtijwrtxi in nil hon sm1xes once hud full lliat modu mo un iilirloui for eight houni wlun did you full xcu ulcip ihu lu irmr wllct tin in til mclurt liiv ikhu riii tli or tin 111 oil iilly lini llllll it ucui rulltliiilt limliltlni til 11 klir unci yi iitul nul litl tu llli iii ml ilililir and thf on 111 ptnb 111 ullllt inr imd jiini answering question lost week partner of ginger farm chronicles expressed the wish that the editor would visit queens park and give an opinion on the proceedings there as matter ot fact wc have been visitor on several occasions in the ontario legislature on recent visit we made inquiry as t0 what was going on and got the assurance that hon george henry was giving it to the liberals good and hot we secured ticket of admission for good seat we listened for half hour but it didnt get so hot and then we squandered another quarter of an hour the man in the seat next seemed to have been there for some time so we tried to get his opinion he had been there all afternoon he told us and it had been about the same harangue it seemed he was frequent visitor and we confided we came from the back fifty and were used to town and county council debates and frankly we were dis appointed at the exhibition being put up he nodded we stayed another quarter of an hour and left the next morning we were anxious to know if the debate we had listened to was front page stuff believe it or not it was and had pretty fairsizel caption on it perhaps youve heard some folks say that foster hewitts broadcast of hockey games is oftentimes better than the game surely we have conveyed our meaning without elaborating too much most any difference of opinion of an elected bod will provide good heading and under enthusiastic guidance can be well played up but is such news in the best interests of good government and tlu public welfare wc leave the opinion with you partner to llllll till ilvll iiiouchid fcvu uiin in uiu ulone tlu lillsonburg have secured large tobacco processing inoim wla uc lllx ttiono ofl iut plants it looks as it the cycle of concentration in him lit txit opportunity huvinc met the cities is being reversed labor diliicultie higher him cod uoru tin uoman umiill muni clojtd the interview nnd liitenid living costs and many other factors have brought no lonr slr not auolc cod about the change in the past the big cities have manilmriit exactly uie added to rather monopolized most or the new industries butjief ch noumcr uhen ami commanded ui not to cat it is uell today lower taxation the same advantage for work from toucinnq cor 17 ers are more than the city provides and quick trans th rt of disobedience iwu to ifc portation facilities make the smaller centres more deuth tlil ua primarily phyjlcil attractive location for industries lth in cry cue of the uord lr tu result of sin rnm another evidence is seen locally in the moving kph col 13 hev 21 this year of the office of beardmore co to the acton in conmtiuence of thlr flnt in death riant after all doesnt the smaller town provide upon tlll wolc hlimnn ruct rom 12 no one eer injure him lot of advantages and cheaper livrnj costs theic when hc sln5 bul ciult arc no car fares to pffy the costs of amusements the recond adam broujjht back life to are much less and just as enjoyable and in thj uho locl ln thc llrt adam co 115 22 whether or not this resurrcc case of acton if one must visit thc city it is only an hours trip my huoiund ul iirhabli th diictfir told him hi hud better take miration nnd when hc aid ho couldnt dic wild then hud letter take one aint doctor funny tiirhi now run any lwy iv me entente iilnc the uord dliuleni puplt pioph who drive cureli imii rilluiiy truck diidiin liht quicker limn thoj who top look suid lln uobtnim who uu the man nn just rulfd jour hnt to green that oh that iur my burber lie oul ihl bottle of hilr retmr month nco and uhenever mrel him let him ie what fraud he the landlady broujht ln plalfful of extremely thin jllcc of bread and butter uhlch rather dlmayed her hunery boarder did jou cut these mr brown ye cut them came the stern reply oh went on the boarder all rlfiht ill shulfle and deal aste this in youit call another credit tlon life that the ccond adam has brouiihti to all prober blejjilnk depend upon ounjlver john 28 29 horn 23 when thc devil had been foiled ln his nl tempt to mhquotc 0od word the thirteenth power bill of any municipality in his next move uas to deny it this lu rater how hc lr thc father of he john especially infidel llei thc the hydroelectric system is always one that eagerly anticipated it foretells really the procedure uevll was the nrtrinndeland the nt for the year ahead deficit is signal that the unhcrcnllst the doctrine of judgment rates are not sufficiently high and credit usually for 5in one that he apliuly tlelight to deny jer 13 kxk 13 22 signifies that rates are adequate and accumulation the crpclu imxuted to aod eelfuh of credits eventually means reduction in rates unullllnincrj that men should bceom power users and domestic consumers in acton enjoy hluhmt desire for us is the year previous iiko ultmtilt ch 2c try salada orange pekoe blend salada tea um ksawunct lidy interview ledle mctucj uldi held iiitl thoiuand in id in rmrhly peaklnir then jour knn must coer mi iii miss simktiiis iftir iin ultlinp liu il lllf iii iv wilv tlmrt jliip iliir well muiiinn ux inltlnr utn mi our rmiti old allllj iclipniulinlb will hill not in nuiiinci to imi mi li iniir tli it niphiw iriiiirliiill dont ill li li thit iiii you kiimc jou ul lit nd dam kohnt li iiii hut lim arm bin diuctinir gowns for lrv lourt pnvrnlalii people uho drive cars should rend the newspapers they should watch for the result of some of thc many court enss in which motor accidents furnish the central theme they might icam ureal deal mr justice jcftrey gave two decisions ln damage claims in london in one case retired farmer and his wife had been struck uhen crossing street london and the amount awarded there was 12000 the other was related to an nuuiino blle smash near wlnghnm in june of 1034 and thc amount involved there was 20500 the uerage man docs not poscss ilk hlmlf the truth tht 0jd s0 nor eould ho ralr it the num that uo bocom uho uup or any 10 evt cuniulutlng tliat amount is small the cevll hlmlelf tell lhc are ulng dealt with ln auto smash casei inct through the dclre to take gods place ezk 20 theat ct da thc cmrtr what effect these changes would have was rathe a0 31 ac 22 anxiously awaited it was therefore gratifying to where he hlmseit doun there learn this year that the rate decreases were correctlv un element of truth hi the lellr he vv 22 when their cjes were opened the firt thine they dlrcoerei wiir that they ucre naked and ed cut in rates last year rebate had been made power c6sts have been reduc ed to the municipality during the past year rom 29 gauged and credit of nearly 130000 was made on the years operations of course it is not nearly as large as last year and the policy is to come as close as possible to giving power at cost it is doubtful if the credit is sufficient to allow any further reduction in costs this year but it is reason able to anticipate continuance of the present rates it mirht do no harm to stick uioe luo lltures ome place in thc car mhere ou can look ill them uhen you are in clined to tep on the itar and take eeu rmill chane dunnvulc chronicle ctinadiniifi aire movie fank motion pictures which provide popular medium of entertainment to both the rich and the not rich lorm the basis of lry substantial industry in canada figures released by the dominion bureau of statistics show that there were 85g motion pictuu houses in the dominion in 1135 with total of 10 7ti500 paid admissions and 27 173 uk in receipt exclusive of amusement taxes compared with 7111 theatres with 107718000 admissions and s2533h 100 in receipts during 1131 the average admission price was 232 cents in 1135 compared with 235 cents in 1131 motion picture theatres in canada have com bined seating capacity of more than half million and each seat is occupied between four and live time week on the average it is estimated that the average attendance at the movies for canadians is about once month for everybody old enough to go the per capita expenditure on motion picture enter tainment in 1035 was ih compared with 31 in ilvv and 377 1130 to the average theatil patron this amount seems small but the per capita expenditures on motion pictures aie alfected many factors such as rates of admission distribution of the population ages provincial regulations governing the admission of juveniles etc attend ance appears to be dependent to large degree upon convenience and nalurallv is higher in in ban areas where the theatres are close it hand the elfect of the knowledge was to 111 them with fear 10 when mar liel knouledlte of aood and evil conscience hi first discovery is that ne is sinner inum9lm 20 thou aod seesl me is im appalllnk realiza tion when reconciliation has not bevn enjoyed at least thc figures given in the report cttectcd sinful man must needs hide at the meeting of the public utilities commission from an offended god thi pall 12 hole rapidly sin urous isle listened to satan insinuations recardini gods editorial notes hardness then she followed this uronj step by another she looked at tliit which god had forbidden then she ication of expiration of radio licenses was ultwl fjr too shl veiy prompt they greeted license holders on thc ale then he nave to her liusfland ti inst date of march and these are generally regarded wl himself lie nest as nuisance levy sin love company on the other hand when one is ied hlmelf he ut mire at this tunc of vcir evidence of the need of ihc wurk ui hti the fur second line havinn another road surface to he luit lirl the mesh cotwl for mk1 lound in hundreds of holes in its entire length lut of the cjs delight to th work on it cannot start too scon and the win lory of hf to diled 10 iimke one icf john school ta act whether repealed or on the are indeed very acceptable to actoninns notifit whole carden the llrt curm was pri nounred upon the erpent but the othes did not ecupe enmity should exist be tween the erpent eed nnd the ecd of the woman igil luke 3135 jcmi ttius not the seed of the man but of the uomun only the llnal outrnme of the conflict would be victory for the seed of thc woman satan has uruhed clirm heel but chrhl hall cnih hl head thi preuction 15 the hnt gospel proclamation it con uilns thc whole iopel truth hi rvneral yet men cpiestlon the hiiplrntlon nf gemiiis norman hartnell younu brltuh drts deilcner hiis been entrustd with the tau of clothing her miijtstj qui en lhzabeth of eniiland for the coronation eiuon here art his tdetf for two dreajs to be ujxd at court pieenlatlons during hhe miusoji at the le1t town for the dibutunte nnd at the right rouh fjr the lady who will present the debutante to their majesties moiiii kir canadian paining iiihifilil for onlli africa the statutes means practically the same thin in halton county wonder what the heathens would think if they could read all ahout the fuss it stirred up lortnfive hotels and twelve licenses in ontario they had and con tinned similar actions the liquor conm roard would he appreciated in most citizens ot thc province hi temptation nunc mr ihiininh ejis ut eh josh lil sal 11 matt jill if jou would lei from mil dont even look at evil likii at sin in the movie has been the dor throiiuh which sin his enlciel millions of lives adam was nol clubs lost their if ll1 fruit he ii to blame fur lltenliii to plenty of warning hl cuu lm ulv mstueied nllelnev alan tr iriliu ta eolei his inin shanu hut neier siuci eis ia mi hi clad lie 11 lime ill if iiiili llllllll in if ill 10 li imagine chief mclherson and reeve mccuiclieon creating such public fuss over sundn selling as has been done in toronto rccentl helween lla the imhmii and chief of police and acton is small town ahl el nan apparently some truck drivers have little thought op boulevards ut this time of year the damage done by ihcin should be churged ugainst them and perhaps il would have the desired elfect of course heres byluw providing for such destrnltiou at wtiikegan illiois nen dollai lull mas placed ciictllitiotl luich ineichailt who teceivcd it was expected to attach circlilai explaining the buyer use or piithasc in ll dax the hill imd been us tunes in paying salaiies tunes lor tobacco tunes for lags times lor candy twice foi men furnishings tuoce for shave once for auto acces sories once lor bacon one for washing powder once tor gaiters and once for toothpicks al though spent 27 times in two weeks not once did it get into the hands of church treasurer says the kxpiisitoi uf tin ll lie 111 jf jelii kirlin souii hill alii ij eiiini 11 liefiu lis jell ailiiai nl all ihit il tiil iriil also ih ull filled ilia id 11 put to ada an upon tin alls ill it aij til had all lid laid the win tun id his slnliin kriiund uf hi edla uf ill lllile slu pilttltii quiti art thou fear uf ciud teal his niic llnil shun ailim in an tlur si iitlln iputlun tlue ills uiui nurds hail eiiseit lib sin ad un iiiulii tu ihruu tin blame uf hi hist iijiuii tlie iiuiiian uiui tu ulll ciud itlin of fur he said jie uomun ullulll thou ml all the hmer exiusii 11 the dual uliullh eiiudelilli onil lly lalliitf uf the line fin hulden tree the iiuiu and the nuniali lot tile ilier uater coliii by um tvtcr haworth ixironto wlntir in quelkc by juknaii ixiroiiui ulilo lluvell nova tiesitlu by arlhur uainur ajiacla tormiyl toronto the laiug uarn by george pepper niitltinill gallery forme ly if otuniu but now on the auut of the ontario exhibition ut tli tdiiplre collee of art turotito uid cmnberry lajce by inhibition held in johunnenllrtf unit lahr trulmfrrrtid tsioikllll cariitlchae ahca toronto tho picture tllo caiiuiwn the iiahitlnus ure cmnircuctit ijiu llarn reproduced abovk in the llril liiiimrt nit inirehuii of canadian art norks by public uullery ilnre lojd ule nulltina gallery of lioiith afrla cupeliiun luui purchiuuil live canadian lialutlnit the pictures purchasist part of the uroip uaiiiuilsl by tlie of canada unit pluesl

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