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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 8 Apr 1937, p. 1

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hi sixtysecond year no 41 acton ontario thursday aprilhth 1037 eight homepriit pages five cents actons thirteenth power bill gives credit of 128913 lotal commission shows profit of 402187 on the years work new water metres are needed acton has 595 services the public utilities commission tact last thursday evening with commis sioner hansen nd reeve mccutcbeon present and chairman it kerr presiding formal application for water ser vices was received from mrs bcllby for the ferryman block this service will be installed as soon as the frost out of the ground the secretary was by motlormiistruct ed to pay th following acccounta fowerllte devices ltd dead end 309 kills howard ltd insulators and clamp 0105 community electrical supply co supplies s33h genera steel wares ltd supplied 10a northern electric co ltd sup plies m1g mattliews postage and stamps 1300 to help the home owners in improvements mr hl nl irwin organizing acton so may share in plan mj irwin was in acton yester day malting plans for the first meeting liere regarding the home improvement plan mr irwin the organizer for this district and has already formed strong and enthusiastic organization in brumplm and us vera other nearby centres the first mtctlng is planned for fri day april ltilh in the council chamber when builders contractors community leaders and ull interested are invited to be present and hear this government plan explained it sexpectcd local comnilttee will be formed so that citizens of acton may understand tlie plan und take advuntuge of this opportunity to make needed improvements in their homes almoht every type of improve meiit cun be financed under this honw improvement plan and mr irwin scout leaders of district hold conference in acton 11530 the superintendent reported that ap proximately 100 meters were needed for water consumers it was decided to lake the matter up with the council as the meters in less uiau loo lots cost from 1175 to 1375 the commission suggested buying 25 each year for four years rather than purcliaslng the re quirements all in one year new offices of brampton pair elected the matter of coronation decorutions jt saturday iiuve been offered mears was left over till the commission finds retaining the pair grounds against out what the council are buying thoy foreclosure proceedings have been boy cout leaders conference in acton lower cente shows the group of scout leaders assembled in front of acton the three upper pictures show vurious activities in the gymnasium in upper let picture the lads are ready for group game tlie centre fully qualified to utbucf all questions picture ik section of the crpdat the saturday night banquet and upper left shows the uroup being addressed by and give complete explanation of the commissioner wank irwin aid vantages ii new officers for bkampton fair coronation trees for the did not wan to duplicate the council order in decorating tiie commission ifi to meet the coun cil on these two matters at the next regular meeting on monday the thirteenth power bill waj present ed to the commission school grounds initiated mb craig demanded cash payment in the immediate future of 1050 the signing of new mortgage for 7000 ut five per cent per annum for live years the yearly payment of 400 on tlie prln clpil of nl mortgage and the persorsl the regular meeting of the school net profit on the year operations responsibility of mem ben ox the board board on tuesday evening trusteei of 403187 was shown after providing of directors of the agricultural society graham blow pearen and buchanan for depreciation on the tangible plant the payment of arrears of taxes ac were present and chairamn mc lo the amount of 140800 the actual crued against the pair grounds donald presided cost of power on the books of the on these terms it was explained by letter from inspector denyes nou tario commission was 134048 less than several men uho had been in consul ta le1 tne board that two royal oak the amount of thfl interim bills xnjuon ii miss craig on the subject acorns from the windsor forest had terest of 3it5 brings actons thirteenth an bill up to credit of 128913 tills smaller than last year but very satlsfac eramosa council notified re eramosa road mutters of no 10 to be adjusted before apihmitinj arbitrator tory in view of the rate reductions of tlie year total cost of power purchased by acton was 3335370 during the year the operating report and balance sheet gives many interesting figures the total value of the acton plant and equipment lines etc is now 5433502 acton lias on equity of 50320 80 in the ontario hydroelectric system tlie total assets are 11807738 and the toil liabilities 73531 some ligurcs on power purchases dur ing the year will also prove interesting domestic services earned 1107083 wiggins and gordon robinson should commercial light services 4712 30 be given full powers to negotiate with commercial power services 2353517 miss craig for an agreement in the municipal power g6470 street light test interests of the society ing 187683 merchandise und mlscel board to consider automatic stokers for heating the buildings the council for the toy nshlp of eramosa met in the town hall rock uocd on monday at 30 reeve ii storey presiding over full at tendance of members in the matter of the proposed addl lions to no 10 it was agreed by the coufurli and by representatives of the three sections concerned that efforts willing to stay proceedings to been allotted to acton to plant in thcj muue lq muucrs foreclosure but tlie agreement would be school grounds on this coronation year 1ucn tne before appointing an uorded in such uay that she could the board uas appreciative of the olfer iirl3 trutor immediately reopen her action to take pnt and care for these coron poseviton of the ground should the hon acorns directorate of the society default any tllc womens invuule were granted of the terms of the agreement permission to plant coronation tree in final decision of the meeting was that tlp school grounds the ne board of directors consisting letter of thank from 1rm iii of pty he fully protected before water or of crashley president alex mc the high school was received expressing rlghu arc granted at the river at kinney jr and william bovaird vice appreciation of the acuon or the board lhe l3urtn llnl presidents proser clarence hut ln arranging details that permitted them the claim of george mack for the ton melville ackroyd bull to witness the shakespearian plavc la bounty for killing three dogs caughti bates herbert clark smith toronto uorrjing sheep uas laid over for con offlclal resignation of trustee praser sideatlon at the may meeting acton school honor roll for march pupils of publit school who wo iihwt slandink uurinff past month senior fourth polly porty 421 jean prase 396 the clerk vvas instructed to write ta tle deputy minister df linds and forests requesting that the rights tuid privileges of the public and the munici charles london nelson lindsey watson fred mcllrfde haddon peg james mc cracken edgar uons brcnnan was received by the board tlie re signation was accepted by motion and regret expressed it his removal from acton messrs coles and gardiner interviewed the board regarding the purchase of coronation decorations and supplies for the school tlie board by laneous earnings were 63003 making social evening total earnings for the year of 42 qp friendi circle molon authorized the secretary to pur there are 480 domestic service chase coronation shield for each room and is mlrc nt both schools tlie secretary was instrucud to ecun pec 111 cation and quotation on auto 40d7l 01 commercial light cervices power servicer in acton dublin literary society tlie regular meeting of the dublin literary soclet was held at the school on friday ev enlng th the president walter unham in the chair the pleasure of tlie dublin society to have as tlulr gueitc for tl evening tlie uloomjbury utorarj sorlet tlie minutes and otlier business was then attended to walter unham then fcpoke few uortls of welcome to tlie vvtutlng group and called upon mr mjinsell nellls to take the chair for the following uellrendred program selection was given by nu orchestra followed by reading by mus flsle watson entitled the mustard plaster number was given by the mixed quar tette mus ruby mcplierson gave an interesting talk on this canada of ours followed by vocal solo by mr hou gordon humorous reading was given by mrs alex ntar entitled the genius of johnnv another interest ing feature uas club swinging by mism ruby mcphe son and ahuu watson the melody bovs guve selechm fil loued uith short play entitled tuktns isilhers place tlie mixed quartet guve another nuiulxt fulluued ulth selection by the orchestra lunch was ervrd and solal time pent tlie ladles friendly circle class the united church met at the home of miss murg arnold on wednesday even ing murch 31st miss arnolds group had charge of the meeting and as there was no business everyone played games the winners uere miss bennetl and mrs adamson lunch was then servj it was tlu cvcnmb brought to close lltomry malic stokers the matter 111 be dealt ulth at future meeting tlie secretary uas instructed to notify the principal that the arrangement for the gjmnaslum at the had been completed and with the weather now suitable for more outdoor physical training periods this would be discon tinued for the present with dr buchanan us convener the board ugreed to act as committee in the arrunglng of transportation for the yjt filfgli iri to tn mu5lrui istlviu in milun leishman is president tlie road superintendent uas jack chapman 387 ujis dawklns 384 gerald pargetcr 381 elmer majnprljie 375 total 500 bennett principal junior fourth dira wood 50c inez mclellan 470 margaret lasby 4g3 rena bralda 450 olga dyriw 458 marjorle nelson 454 total goo fouuer teacher senior third eveleen bralda 547 pern fryer 490 betty mann 485 man ritchie 471 dorothy foottt 453 frank toth 452 total coo orr teacher junior third masales 418 howard eai masales 418 howard kllllck siructed to arrange for the removal or 417 jack mainprise 407 lamb safeguarding of barbed wire fence at 30g mae spires 388 mickey mcmillan dangerous curve on the hill on tlie 372 warren wood 372 total 500 fourth line anderson teacher the by law requested by the bell tele phone co consideration the reeve uas from the clerk 01 ship surety bond deposit them in placed on file for further authorized to secure the peace all town in his custody and safety deposit box at keys to senior second joce dessureault 45g freddie crew son 440 helen holmes 435 leonard crlpps 432 dorothy pallant 421 norma marzo 415 ljoid robinson 415 total 550 macmlllan teacher the royal bank rockuood be in control of the reeve the road suixtlnundenti uas in structed to procied ulth the usual 44 prances ivyer 237 tnelhnd of advertising for tenders for lamb 232 aldo bralda 2j crushed iavel for the 1937 season kentner 229 total 300 official notice was received from the margaret young teacher department of highways thaf the lra niau road was assumed by the depart senlor tirit maureen 0roure 250 dolores lap dtmajd jack meeung held at on trioay and saturday banquets featured both iays with irom inent speakers last friday and saturday sixty or seventy of the boy scoul from tills dis trict made the in acum their headquarters they were troop leaders in conference und planning methods of improvement of scout activities in their various communities mr paddon of tlie scout headquarters staff was in charge of activities and while it was study for leadership there were also many lvours of play small groups concentrated on various problem they were addressed in large groupi by the leaoers they held group games und were seen about the town on observation tours we asked for an outline of the program but found it just sort of developed as it went ulong but never was there any lack of develop ments tliat one would notice the lads uere billeted in the homes about town und arrangement made for the local part of the conference by scoutmaster mason and the first acton troop tlie two big features uere the banquets in the gymnasium of the and provided by the scout mothers auxiliary and just how good thosr banquets were can only be realised by hearing the appreciation the boys ex pressed ln their votes of tlianks dirk vangooxcn of the acton troop presided at both events and arthur paddon led in the singing and made sure there wasnt dull moment on friday evening scoutmaster geo mason officially welcomed tlie visitors to acton and suggested that if other troops did not have seoul mo tilers auxiliary they certainly should have one formed as the acton auxiliary wus great help to the acton troop he thanked the auxiliary for the splendid work which they were doing and hoped they would continue to do so scoutmaster mason requested that the boys who were billeted in the homes would show the citizens of acton how scouts behaved so the clllyens would be pleased to have them return mr elliott member of the district commission was present from milton and he had few remarks to make but he did not uant to say too much as he as the guest speaker for saturd iy evening assistant deputy commissioner for south waterloo mr wheeler of gait as then introduced to the boys by paddcn he spoke on the patrol spirit in the troop he said you have to live in the present not the past to get any thing out of scouting scouting is no different today than it was 30 years ago but one is always learning some thing new if you are going to get any thing out of scouting you will have to instil the patrol spirit in meetings and carry that spirit out in your games and work in the open re requested that the patrol thould welcome new members as one of tlie bunch and not to be too formal in dcal ingv with new member he gave an instance where the leader of troop of scouts had left the town and the patrol leaders carried on that uas the spirit of scouting not throwing up the sponge if leader leaves there are pilnry more justi try to find him mr wheeler pointed out that the scout movement was not military or ganization but group of boys who uere trying to make real citizens of them contlnued on page plve sammy brunelle shot by rifle on saturday accident happened an ijedfl were target shooting on saturday eleven yearold sammy brunelle narrowly escaped death when lie was accidentally allot with 23 rifle by companion jack holmes the bullet entered the body just below the heart struck rib and followed along the rib to the back where it came out the wound is however lieallng nicely und it li hoped no permanent disability will follow the mlthap but perhaps sammy will miss participating in the musical pestlvul this year which will be dl to both himself and his teacher and fellow pupil us he lias won several awards ln tills annual event the accident occurred at the rear of the acton machine shops where group of lads had been target shooting with 22 rifle jack holmej liad tlie last cartridge in the gun when sammy went to call him to bring the gun into tlie shop jack turned about and in some way the gun was discharged and sammy was shot he was ruslied to the doctor und the wound dressed and examination made he has been renting comfortably at his home since und his progress is reported us favorable chief mopherwjii investigated the accident reeve and mrs mccutcheon honored surprise party utj held on frldiv evening at the home of reeve aiul mrs mccutcbeon on the occasion of their twentieth wedding anniversary during the evening games of progressive euchre were enjoyed just before the lunch was served beautiful hall mirror uis presented to mr and mrs mccut cheon and the friends extended congra tulations to them on thls anniversary occasion and wished for them many more hapy jears townsfolk too join in best wishes for their reeve and mrs mccutchcon nient at noon on march 31st release of claim for damages for personal injury caused by ice on side walk uas received the claim liav lng been tlie secretary uas instructed to secure satisfied by the payment of 10 00 by tj necessary information from the lloyds of london offlcem elected at tuesiday nijjht teachers on the pupils who uere talcing bulletin ontario legislature meeting balance lfcft part mlilsed that the province will pay to the from iat year the fourth report or the committee township during 1937 sum equal to ion finance recommended payment of one mill on the dollar provided the sav the annual meeting of the baseball the following account lng is passed on directly to the tax club uas held in the dominion hotel beandmore as co filing cabinet 10 00 payer on tuesday evening and was well at freight on coil tended by enthusiastic players and funs musical pestlvul donation il rumlcy presiding hassard supjillcs the financial statement showed good central scientific co supplies year uith total receipts of 200 91 and beares ltd supplies balance of 17 00 to start the new acton public utilities commls season slon supplies 17840 accounts amounting to 102091 ueic 10 00 uassed lor payment and council acu 55 journed may 3rd ut 30 vimy pictures shown u03 at knox meeting one of canadas prorukmn miss bennett gave wry inte eating and informational yuper ol moitdmy evening on canadas immlgru lion ivobum it was presented at the regular meeting of tile duke of devon shire clu4pt cr or tlie held at the home of the regent mr blow during the busliuu hour arrnngcmcnu were hiude for the coroiiatlon biul tlie usllal kvclal hour and luncheon were feature of tile meeting officers elected were honorary presidents mcvrs rumhy symin talbot mason mccorlck hit hie dills mrdmuld ii kllloll ii holme president leishman vicepresident dion sicretarytreamirer coles executive ctjinmlllee masters coon sumy manager to elected by eeutive bat boy woods scorrr teller after lengthy 1ucusa1oii it us de cided to luild meeting of player and radio service co sup plies synion ijartiware supplies smllhers und bmiellle suppllis el jones teaming coal ii mrdonald insurance custenis und excise dominion of canada general insurau co bond 30 59 500 vport us adopted qhjivr obvious angler youve been uutchlng executive in the council clialnber on tiir tluve hour why dont you tluirsday fcveiling ui discuss tlie advls ruhlng yourself ability of waking iiew groupuig onlooker aint got the patience last tuesdays rigular icnox young iples guild meeting uas held in the 2a dy of tin church tlie scripture vji j3 30 taken by miss ic stewurl tlie pro 15 go gum opened ulth selection from tlo 37 12 public sclipol 60 voice choir who ire ai tlctpaung in the coming hullni mulcul rvstival the main event it the evening wtre slides and descriptive 32 talk on the vlmy memorial these vtie present and described by cupt marshall uho was oucol the many ir veterans uho vistled the unveiling of the memorial ut vlmy tlie plctun me uere taken by captain marshall per try sonully ii ley were enjoyed by all llioe uesent vote of thanks was extended to capt marshall junior second armand bralda 337 may dyriw 307 wilfred duval 304 jack harris 283 kenneth paplllon 282 marjorie norton 200 total 400 sekuw primer alleen mclsaac walter imrty jeaii massey joan coles barbara nelson barbara kllllck bruce teacher junior primary ull zajac marlon fryer jlmmle ronald salt stanley kil chew teresa hunt teacher the winner list weeks winner of the puzzle poem in tne phil phuss wus mrs kllllck the correct answer uas schrlstopher columbus the auard wlirt cor liiullun shield given by the author of the pems mr coles this weeks pudc ptein will lie found oh page hw of tul fhcc phlsk we ure going to give some time for the folk on the rural lines to solve it the hnt correct an swer oiwned on saturday after one clock will receive pound box of clmice chocolates remember every correct aauwer that at tine fklk iklw befuie ode oclock saturday lias un equal chance of ulnnlng the prlke mr coles thinks this one more dinlcult to holve can you get the hilstarr the auditors present report to nassagaweya rood liability iuhiirunce plucel accounts pakred at the meeting monday nasagaweya township council met un monday members all present the reeve presiding tlie folloulng uccounts uere passed for payment by the treasurer relief vouchers 80 13 township of eramosa nassaga weyas phare of relief 2400 relief road work vouchers 27300 road superintendent ordinary vouchers 29142 miscellaneous und supplies 10814 thos carglll wood for hall 30 80 thus richardson commission on arrears and uvslstunce ut audit 30 00 auditors salaries and expensed 2m00 the road liability insurance was plac ed ulth moore of campbellville for the coming year the auditor presented their report on the work of 103j the clerk wiu instructed to rnak en quiries ugurdlng uie rfirlii of the ivlwuihlp kafe tlie council uiljourned meet on monday may 3rd at 00 woments institute euchre the womens institute held very successful euchre on monday evening in the in aid of tlie building fund there wus large attendance tlie prize winners were ladles mrs fred denny mrs dr buchanan and lone hand mrs fred denny for the gents prices mr frank holloway and mr james wuds and tone hand mr holloway tlie door prixes were won by mm holloway and mv lialph and the travelling prizes by mrs gar diner and mr harris horses brought good prices auction sales of all description con tinue to go uell in tlibi district tha furniture sale of eccleshall on sat urclaypwas one of the heaujlield here ln six years and lome of die article brought price almost equal to new goods on taiesday auctioneer kerr got 228 for fouryearold horse and 205 for another aniiuul of tlie uutw age twoyearold brought 16o and uw group of horses offered by reeve storey of eramosa brought well over 1000 there was big crowd at the tale and the entire offering was disponed of coming events aiinumkfiiieuig cl utftltlgtf co trri ur utltj evciitit uuucr ihn liailiig tat clmrrj id cciita xr line wiili luimuiuui ciarg fur tty aiitiouiicrjtittiv ol 3jc coronation tea may 1st uusplce duke of devonshire chapter ojte may 24th oala weld day rockwoad park watch for this big event ttaccsl prizes monday april 13th ttoo phi knox presbyterian spring meeting mrs stewart gut ipeuker wel come to ull threeact play clieerio my dearlo pivseiited by st albans havers in tlw town hall thursday april mth at a15 sharp admlsilon adulu 25c children 10c oui lime and modern dance to be held in town hall acton 611 friday april oth music by oraueys fcntef tjuners ouelph floor show at bitef mkiion admission 35c plus lii dont liiiai tlie lakeside cliapter blnjo party lu the legion hml on wednesday april utli at 115 15 prltes lucky door prias will be lamp admuslon 25c special prba 5o extra

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