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Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), 1 Apr 1937, p. 7

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thursday april 1st 1037 the acton free press page sevbn not so learned after all lie was very learned man had travelled much in hindustan in alexandria recce and home our learned doctor was at homi all classics he had read until til very list would make you 111 fw hours he would discourse upon tu worum and tho parthenon tell troys great story page toy page descant of antloch and carthage one day hla grandson said orandad now can you 111 me what cats have had that other animals have not the learned doctor thought lot and after he nad pondered well my boy said he cannot tell kittens grandad ttio boy did say as he laughed loud and run uwuy twenty years ago chronicles of ginger farmj written specially for the acton free press gwendoline clarke now wonder ud any little chlldrin look for sanu glaus this weekend ln nteod of the easter bunny it was cer tainly cold enough to deceive anyone in regard to tho teoson don enjov tlicse cold blustery day from the issue of the free pram of so maybe it was intuition that made thursday april 5th 1017 run awoy from ginger jurm and visit ioronto fof few days ujls week tho season is not proving very fav went away tuesday and came back orable for maple sugar making friday night but was so busy ail tho pte ohas williamson of ouclph has time actually luul no time for shop been killed in action pte williamson ping not even window shopping grandparents were respected cltlbens our own for years and charlie has al copt that did take look around at katons art exhibit in their college ways lived with them farewell service was held ut the baptist church on sunday evening for the members of uio church who were home on last leave major beardmoro has ac cepted commission as second in com mand of tho lioyal grenadiers of tor onto blrett alorc but mw something chu hi re lesldci pictures you who know eaton will rtmimbcr there an exhibit of handicraft just insldj one of tho entrances cairm thn iign this door and tho hrst thing mw was basket quilt exactly like thi iruutute quilt huvc told you bo mucn uucul io till you the truth ic2m sergt if garwood was uppolntcd to think wuj seeing things had the position of janitor of tho school at salary of 60 per uiinura at big conference of bourds of trade and municipalities provincial high way running through brampton george town acton and ouclph und wet ta windsor was highly favored and reso lution was passed urging the provincial government to uk this northern route the men of acton platoon xctb mon day evening after their lust leave ther are twentynine acton boys leavlny with the 164th battalion for overseas iveveh at the home of hia daughter mrs coutta imronlo on friday livd ulth this quilt jo much thut utu iciini every place ueiit jfo inulc turo wan rlul hi possession of my itntwj ma lo inquiries from tlie salci dy about the quilt mean not my wnusund the told me tlio quilt hud been ient in to be wild on coinmlutlon uislr and tho price if jou pleaju wiu 545 00 yes rontyftvfi dollars that huli wrote so don think tliat miial jou read printers trrorl of counu ixru united the quilt verj cltxcly und let me till you the work our inutltuti hn mbers put on the quilt we made ua much finer and neuter tliun houbfcjloli hints by miuj mahy morton bpluuei cotec prult juice macaroni untl che so grupcfrult sulud banana butterscotch pie you can use nut meats luitead or bananas in thltt pie recipe ir you per fer sec liavc sugtccatcd fruity menu bftt it good for us at tills turn of year you might hervo pineapp juice tomato juice grape juice or berry julcr for first course they are all good learned to muxr outterscoum hi indiana usually make mint as follows brown the cup of browi itugar in frying pan with teaspoon of butter and little milk to muutcn once told friend who asked for tllo recipe unit it is all right to burn tills inlxti just we lit as it givi it good urine favor iilio said th juit uu jr rtylr of cookiril aruc jollb rnd whlus of two jh mix with he yolkjf one tablespoon flour pmeh of jit wiwl one cup ilk mix trh an udd tlie sugary mlxurr in uio frying pun stir and cook ui til all is smooth and lovely brown plno with vanilla and then you con udd llu nuts or batioiues and pour into bak pie shell this wcond mixture muni not burn however riie egg whites are used for meringue to day iu3cipic ihl kce of work for tile in toronto march 30tlv lt17 holmes stevens to uiy wo excited is to put it mild late of hi his 87th rt uas mcli grand piece of neus to lrli buck to our members wlio hid itkpair aguicultukal machines uor faithfully on the quut for and taki good cam ot xrajlnls our rnncli and by the uay our in stitute having toclal tenlng nex timrwla uhed the lucky ticket on each quilt will be druun after tliat mi possibly be able to write about tome agricultural implements and ham pavis repreenlj capital jnvtrtment of irora j800 00 to 500 00 on many farms tnfnb know lot of you lunp in eastern canada to secure th been foovlnr story of the quilt it grcaust uinount of tehvlce from thlfl interert haven you equipment it is very important that it on wedne day had sevcml buslnci bo kept in good ftate of repair little nppoinm tt right iu the heart of th attention and minimum annual ex wuhjl cftjl uuking ul lane or peiidlturo will be found uell uorth plch fai niough apart for me while as rule there li juiflcient time to lt mj rhocs kjn ue unt my avullible during the winter to examine unronuortubly molt you uu agricultural implement and put thoujiu could do without rubber in them in good order for tho rprlng and the civ nd left uie at home at 30 buluilia butterscotch pie three ektt pa ruled one cup durk brown sugu otic fourth uuipoon bt four tubk bpooni piutry flour two cups milk fou tublcip30u butter one teaspoon van illa combine beaten egg yolks brown sugar will hour milk und butter in double boiler cook over boiling wuter tlrrlng con tonily until it thlckei then cover and cook 15 minute stir ring occasionally cool and add van ilia line baked pie thcll with rllcc of banana pour butur otch tilling ino till und lop with more banana slice cover ulth meringue made from the wlll cg uhltes and bake in flow oven tin of the drivers delicate brown it happtnkd on the bus wh are the tussle it ubout bus driv lug nun or women according to arrow bus drlv rs llu ladles ure well hut the mi uri just the nuts not long uto mun came up to me tupped im on the shoulder and mild young how you rr going much too fietl recullid oni ofr uio drivers but thut iltwrn happen very often th public is gitting more accustomed to bus truvil and being ablr to seo cveryullng on roud wluiout trying to baci sut driving tlie same man two days luter not on in better frutno of mind asking how ubout some kingcr in tlie driving to night old ladies ure tho pets of the drivers believe it or not even though they gi on loaded with parcels for uio children when uicy go vlsiung uiey ur cheerful and call be depended on quiet fretful babies who drive their young another crazy in lastj weeks icy ipll there was mother with three mull bojs going to kitfhcner tlie children were noisy and troublesome and besldis trying uio pat ten of their mother hud tho driver und the posse gers on tdgc then ut acton litue old lady board ed the bus und in five mbiutes she liad made minds with tho youngest boy in ure ted the otlii two in metal puzzle made of two rings und gulncd the grati tude of the mouier getting back to men they are more strict ubout schedule and are inclined to blow up if they have to wait fow minutei furmcr up on the guclph highway told one of tlu oificlali of the arrow company thut lie tets his watch by the bui as it goej by lilt furm ladle like to treat the men at the wheel ai they uould their rmall son iy oine of the drivers there in uoman who vl its tor onto rthiilnrly for hopping rpree and ulma always come into the bin und depo it half her bundles on my lap hile he lewikr for her ticket juld one jurt grin nnd bear tacts and tancits anne shirley likes to add tcatpoon of prated or uirc rind and little nut to her waffle bitter you might the unc with pinciiu ouk good tkmfrs he wo eldom rtully aw ike before noin ua reid ome one he looked for wurd but he vcvnt out for ood tinn summer operations all teniiwrary re boarded yonge street car and houl nlglh nfur nlkht he ua out late in pairs should be gone over to make hue leachm st clair in halfan hour good and 1uting repair care should but th trifflc uu co lou and heavy it wher7 ihebu im be taken to protect all equipment by the re clock before reached hoir promote liberal use of paint and oil tor those cold fltlff and uet and believe ne miou uhao ment keennt was not darts thot cannot be painted on thejuu trivtliln ui mich that the qnlj befo hi choir of good urn pjrnhwm lxperlmental station the old ll vho rode in comfort was the con what are your good time doing for oil removed from the tractor and tin ur dei old connie the rame of th it one or the mo important automoblll is kept and the pirl tlntntii rame in tcn ca but uhi cannot be painted uch plouglishare dlfi in ptrnallt one man just luirrou uljts and cultivator hovels arc about barked ot me and looked so pug oiled this layer of oil riven with ft it he mul have lo hlr collir briuh it an excellent prole lion again rurt tvery inti nn txamin ith is mad of the hurne which wu hid oiled and finally grta ed all orolten or un jovm parts are repaired in till ij the liarne in order when the pring uork begin und there is no lo of time if this examination made and tlu implemcnls and hatne repaired iiti ih in notirr uai no pleasan and oblli lng and looked at each pasren er is if he were per sillily intere ea in 111 welfare th wa quite orf to nit out uf hi car and now la in tell you bir joki tin mielf tin day morning thr now ua quite about lx inche nild sin an il re is uitho nibjr ill ti iseritelj mvlous lie named the contents of woman imruc ulthout one lip up compact liandki rchlef roupi up tl memo pid lette from home cigarettes and lighter when tlie ticket ls dkcovered in the lady pocket she invariably aj that too rtupld of me the only time men really complain out loud is uhen their favorite is taken then ore ninny who travel to toronto rcrulirli and like the mine nit rule thej imply plunk them the in the bu eat and hope lot prettj blonde ulll olt be id tliim pa si ni er pit to know and like their rei ula driver the wife of one of tn bo had just been through slcil kii and he ua ked about her every ij ivequently he would be handed pine and it often turned out that the jircil wa honu baked pie jar of jthj and once it uar fro ted caki when he un iran ferred to another runt tin ion chipped in and prc uittd him with on electric toaster and re li till wu in appreciation of quitlon tint can be ked bj thl tlu mj tim he had honked at ome mni ipli of to day some of your otli qualnumce are ure ling character id rutninp reputation their pood tim in the co of other pood time sewing circle the driven call ire undermlninp he ilth and dccrcorlns thun ore nit infrequent occurrences on hi kney other ood time ore re illy tin bu4s one it of nittlnp needle rerreuticm hi me in rimued bill of wool and two lady pa jliiitr the lie id of bu inc aid re entlj of one of the young men in hi employ he ha too good time he in noticed that when the young fellow in que tlon houcd up at the oiffee in the marnlng eyes ut re fly red dened und tlmt before ten clock he war yawning frequently he ua nit dl ipated in the ti en of anai1a sikar but production sugar beets in canada arc grown uiuli contruet im tween growi rr and niiiliiifik inn uie mutter of price and ur am lx ing urrunyed within uie 111 itiutry caiiudlitn uur be production in 1d3h is er li muted ut 5g0 000 tons as mmpurol wlui g5 000 tons in 103j un hit reuse of approximately 33 per ocnt although ontario pluntlngs tkcreujud ilightly from 311o0 atrcs in 103j lu j7i00 acres in 1030 production wu htlmuted ut 316 000 tons in ll3c us compared with 3j7 000 tuns in 1035 alberta planting in 1030 exceeded uiose of loii by 4ril0 acres und producuou inert used by 47 per cent to 304 000 tons us compared with 13si300 in 1031 mttut of ilit rump wu on better off onil hup wh was thut lint tramp hi day sat onuii hot tove aprilopluati wliut an uppropriuti ltmiklng hotdog luiidl yi il ltmd of tlogwootl and cov uiil with biuk ite in tlie morning or waited mimiu while tlie late one da lied fi the bu tillty urprulng uhit little cot nt died wn toun hi inl my brothi in and the lmpres ion will ken th tt law say he wis inj to tlu ir ne inl new equipment ha been purcha ppin ntn for snnu thini djilng tin ru period uf the prlnp him if hi uould tak my shoe alon tn mime it will be found mdy with him and it pair of rubbers hn mme it harm md implenunts und reidy to list lit im marir vt gu treu ih eitli in li driiil ni will li his bun ailed in uatir nuki it ft iu tu pin thr inch tlu ih ut rl hti angles to ach tin in this iy tin pin will fo ni cros with tlu ii in the renin on the point of the pins put in ill oit or cloely priced bread which an much larier thm th head of the plna ulll nou rtqulre tube of umii kind and you will find that one of tlu piper trau used for drinking or pit re of macaroni will do very uell iti your ilea on the top of tlu tube and holding tin latter uprlht jlari to blow ijintly tin ptu will tny inh tin air ju iilmiut in inch above tlu tubi tin blow mile harder and it wll sturfc tit uiund ut tremendous rati and continue to do ju iu long ui mil tan keep blowing if you hold th tube li uiily you ulll und tint hi you stoj bhmlni to taki brt uh the pi fait just on tin up ii tube anil is din ieidy to up uid pin ilu koun vl looii iml in in wis ir wd on in mi ni ly hi usl dur dirli liukfrii pi nd hi ii ii tin ilf ti ukn ih ijli th li iu in in nt th vi nit ihn ih til ii tin ni mil ilu th id whi till it tl inn tl tph it in ti id hi did but when he canu back li sild hi uu orry but tin stnnxiep iiin iny blj mough ohoh tin my in law ed uhut iu it id him but ti llin yiu md in tint ltd tint ui ir hi rnbbirs and did jut of uiur nij in luv viry small feet si unit iliwn town and in tin in ir noliud my feit uii eu it il liui ti to he eople who wire ullni mw paper did mind nut bit ired for nobody and nob wly md for mi but did il mall rip iloni ulth nu and found it co wnknt ror tlu rubbi to the dk ip arlni trick in tin tity while wi ut lri peopli next iy tin rubbir and earn hoini md miyb ua iu is wi ausi hn oni luis livt in unit to knp ubn if tin tlm no ih ke to knew tin ull if the stanley cup play oils my friends hive rr ridio hut they just tu on rindun if tluy tune hi on th all iu if tliy dont will it doisnt niolti but when honi first th chili nn win tc lllne me ibnut ih pin iir and thin ie ird the prli win crap li tlu piovlncii lou nd hi msiir ci mnii ih it sum ip pirtiur il dre in mtioti tin tditir irtount hi in in pius if lll trip ti otlu mil ht nlirni th iti llu ii imih dl ud tl hi ally th nu ntaiv pr dun th fi as ir is llu rdln ir ii of 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